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Gaming army SCE - Anvils of Heldenhammer

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I started collecting this army as I heard about the Armies on Parade. While keeping the scheme somewhat the same, the early liberators were painted with edge highlighting (not the best at that), while on the newer I tried going for a more battleworn look, trying out different weathering techniques. I can't really decide which I prefer, but the latter is the fastest, so I'll probably stick to that. My idea was to use the wings of the prosecutors and prime to create a background, and place them in a blue lake to contrast the red in their clothes. I've used bloodletters as enemies on some of the models to make them more dynamic, and the scene was supposed to be the stormcast protecting a free city located near to a lake from an oncoming Khorne invasion. I'm not sure I ever get to make the whole scene, as don't really have a spot to either make or store it in my apartment, but if I get more space a some point I might still go for it.  Until then I might redo the blue water bases on the prosecutors, as I don't think they came out too great

This is the army I plan to take to tournaments and any feedback is appreciated!
Back in 2017, as many others, I quickly discovered that Vanguard Wing was absolutely broken. I didn't want to go for a 30 lib unit, but in the old battletome, the Stormhosts each had mega battalions, and the one related to vanguard wing wasabsolutley bonkers. It gave you the option to make a charge move without having to finish within 1/2 " of an enemy model. The more you think about that, the more you realize how good it is.
So I started the army almost 2 years ago, with that in mind, but had to change as the rules changed. Though the new Sacrosanct units are great, I've decided to stick with the basic idea, changing the tactics a little.
The core of the army is still the Vanguard Wing, however it'll now focus on the dmg bonus on 6's on the judicators, with a 10 man unit, firing twice thanks to the Anvils' command ability. Any 6's add + 1 to dmg, which again synergizes with the shockbolt bows d6 hits.
I don't think prosecutors are particularly good as chaff, but they do have some merits, and is one the only choiced not looking at allies. Their javelins are actually decent for hero sniping, and the 3d6 charge provides better reliability when they drop from the sky. I'll probably use them to tack big units on two sides, as that is something my list struggles to kill. So far I have the first 1300 pts locked in:
2x 5 libs 200
1x 10 Judi 320
3x prosecutors 300
1x Vanguard Wing battalion 140
1x Celestant Prime 340

That amounts to 1300 pts. The last 700 are up for grabs. So what do you think I need? Personally, I think I want to use a power unit and a wizard. I've been through different possibilities and might go with Stardrake + incantor+comet. Stardrake is great with the command ability, and debuffs enemy wizards + with ethereal amulet is pretty tanky. But this makes the army reaaaally elite, and probably lack some bodies.

Another option is 10 evocators, as the'll blend anything if they get to double pile in with their mortal wounds. In that case I would probably add a heraldor and relictor to help with movement. I could see higher movement being more important, but I think 4 dracoths are too expensive, and 2 a little too soft. Dracolines or palladors might also be an option. Anyway, what do you think? Skink and Morsarr guard for Cheese? I think something that synergizes with the command ability is preferable.



































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Recommended Comments

Your army looks great,  I really  love the Diablolike effect of the hoods, did you make them with greenstuff  ? I also like what you did with the bloodletters, it gives you an idea of  how strong stormcast are supposed to be compare to mere humans, well done !


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