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Breaking Of The Storm

chris swift


Where to begin, I've been inspired by the Age Of Sigmar since its release just over a year ago, in that time i've painted odd models, i've recently painted a small force of Freeguild and Devoted Of Sigmar, both of which i'll be expanding in the near future, but since the breaking of Sigmars Storm there was only one army for me, The Stormcast Eternals, when I first saw Vandus Hammerhand sitting proudly atop his majestic Dracoth I was utterly swept away, and now i've devided it's time to get myself in to gear and get an army of these noble warriors painted.

 The reason for my sudden burst of enthusiasm and energy is simple, a hobby challenge between friends, a week ago a group of friends and I travelled to Warhammer World for the day to take in its majesty and play some games of Age Of Sigmar, and we where all left utterly speechless by the Ironwarp Citadel display, of course we bought the accompanying book to go with it.  We've now decided as a group to paint all the miniatures we're going to need to be able to play the battle for the Ironwarp Citadel at Warhammer World on The Fortress of Kah'Rahkel board, it's a stunning gaming table and provides a more than worthy substitute.


 Now on to the toy soldiers, I've volunteered to paint a whole host of Stormcast Eternal miniatures, admittedly I may have bitten off more than I can chew, but what's a few models between friends, We're going to be painting all the models we need between us, including all of the Batallion Warscrolls found in the Ironwarp Citadel book, meaning as well as painting a massive army of Stormcast Eternals, I also need to paint 4 Stardrakes, A celestant Prime and 25 Retributors, but if we're being honest I didn't take a lot of convincing, to get the ball rolling here's the first few miniatures i've got finished, a unit of Retributors.

You can also see my opening purchases, split of course with my girlfriend as she's going to be painting and playing with a large portion of the Bloodbound miniatures, and my Work In Progress Lord Relictor.





Retributor Champion.jpg

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