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1: Unboxing: Dark clouds on the horizon

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Nat Westwood


Aqyshy flowed strong in the mortal realms as an inferno globe hung over the my chamber when the package arrived. A metoeric payload landed in the City of Six Towns and I approached with growing excitement to claim the heavenly contents for myself. With two outstretched hands I went to grip the Soul Wars.

Mock Heroic aside, I took delivery from Element Games quite happily.  Its a great box set. The slip sleeve art work is sensational, very evocative, and of course production value is high. Once that had been slid to one side i unlatched the box, and exposed the sprues inside. The quality of the sculpt and the ease of the snapfit was brilliant. The best I have ever dealt with , plus a good colour instruction booklet for how to fit the Griff-Chargers tricky head. I did wanto personalize the Stormcast units though, its a desire i have with every army I have ever collected, i want to make my models mine in even the smallest unique way. That is one of the joys of the hobby for me. The creativity and personalisation of kit bashing or converting.

I wanted a few more faces than is usual in a Stormcast Chamber, inspired by the Core Rule book art. A figure who oozes charisma and depth and character. So I wanted a few faces to put tribal tattoos on and be more expressive. I had some Space Wolf pieces lying about so repurposed some of these.

The new heads had Futuristic space marine details on the though so i shaved down any technology to the bare skin level. This meant one head had no ear. I am not very practised at green stuff so rather than sculpt a new ear i clipped off a bobble on the blank sprue, shaved it down with a knife, and glued it wear i thought an ear should be. In the centre of his forehead between the eyes.  No.

So I gave the Lord-Aquillor, three Evocators and a Prime Sequitor the bare heads. These were from, the Old Empire Knights sprue, the Eldar Guardians sprue, the first Space Wolf upgrade sprue, and the current Space wolf sprue. But they fit me aesthetic well I think. I had completed building the whole Stormcast army in just over one hour with only seven dabs of glue the entire time, due to my kit chopping. I also gave the Prime Sequitor the decapitated Tzaangor head left unused from the excellent Darkoath Chieftan model (one of my favourite sculpts in the current era....or ever!)

The main area of concern for me was the gaps on the shoulder pads, otherwise mouldlines and gapping were minimal and expertly hidden, i tried to fill these with liquid greenstuff but looking at them it doesn't seem to have been effective, must learn harder the skills of green stuff. 

I don't have a great camera on my phone or a competant light source so i apologise for that, also I apologise profusely for my chubby sausage fingers.







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