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Lucius Tirone



Bring the menfolk forward, boys too. The Lord Commander requires replacement across his ranks. Lucius dismissed his guard captain in one swift motion, turning towards the clutter of wooden buildings that were arranged along the near bank of the river. The Rumbling Fist had seen heavy action on their current patrol from Tempest Eye, first green skins, then those damned spirits of undeath, and most recently those skulking rats. In the Flamebloom, men had be picked off in ones and twos by poison darts. Now, with the cogfort looming behind him, Lucius was out on the plain, sent to collect conscripts for the gear works and rifle battalions, if any showed an ounce of talent with arms.



This guy is complete at least until I get around to painting him. Up next are a unit of 10 heavy infantry. Typically used as a heavy assault force, they serve as Lucius's bodyguard. Lucius will probably end up  using a freeguild general warscroll. Below are some WIP pictures of the heavy infantry for the cog-fort. They are waiting on more scion power swords and marauder horsemen shields. You'll see one model has a ironbreaker axe. I was planning on using Ironbreaker axes and shields but they are just too small for these guys, who are supposed to be imposing, hulking enforcers and griselled veterans.

Originally I was going to use freeguild great sword weapons and arms with these guys but the poses and ratios were just off enough to make it look crappy trying to use those bits.






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