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Extremis Chamber.

Ben Johnson



Hi all,

Here is the story of the first strike of the Knights of Azyr Extremis Chamber followed by a ton of photos of them in all there glory, I hope you like them. 

"At the same moment as Traylorn was battling the Changeling for control of the the Celestial Compass Dracothions rore could be heard all over the Celestial Realm of Azyr. The great Drakes rore was followed by the sound of a thousand chambers coming to life. 

First forged for the Knights of Azyr was Lord-Celastant Branatar Drakerider of the Extremis Chamber, once a Wild man in the Realm of Ghur, Sigmar himself heard his plea for vengeance against the Chaos Gods. 

Branatar himself never speaks of what lead to his hatred of Chaos other than to say he won't rest till all traces of them have been banished from the realms forever. Just as Archaon was instructing his Varanguard, so was Sigmar instructing the Knights of Azyr Extremis Chamber.

“Drakesworn!... The compass could be our undoing, in the Archaons hand it could cement his victory at the Aightpoints. Find it or destroy it”

Many battles they fought, over six Realms they campaigned, the Drakesworn Temple Annihulus, many stood in their way friend and foe alike. Nothing could stand in there way not Realmgates, Stormfronts or even Fire and Brimstone. Even in the battles they didn't win they ensured that the enemy were whipped from the field. 

In the end the Celestial Compass was in the hands of the Spiderfang Big Boss Chitinous Scuttlefang, who tore it from under the nose of Kairos Fateweaver and the Gautfyre Skorch Enginecovens of Clan Skryre before they even knew they were a threat. 

Chitinous Scuttlefang new not the power or worth of the Celestial Compass, he cared not for the lives that were lost fighting over its control so tossed it into the Arachnarok nests hidden in the Underway. It lays there now hidden from the gaze of Archaon, whose wrath could be heard all around the Varanspire"

This whole bit of my Stormhost was a complete labor of love to get finished, lots of late nights painting green but it was totally worth it now they are all done. Having played a few games whit them now I have to say they are a brutal force to fight with, Fulminators are very quickly becoming my favourites. They kill Bloodreavers by the hand full. 

On to the photos.

The first Extremis Chamber of the Knights of Azyr


Lord-Celastant Branatar Drakerider.


Drakesworn Temple Annihulus



The Dracothion Guard.


Thunderwave Echelon


Lightning Echelon.











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These are amazing!  Although I am disappointed that your trademark crumpled backdrop is missing! 

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7 hours ago, Ben said:

These are amazing!  Although I am disappointed that your trademark crumpled backdrop is missing! 

I did them at work, the crumpled backdrop was just to small to fit them all in. 

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This is fantastic Ben, I love the way you have maintained a high quality and uniformed paint scheme over every model. Such dedication and patience, massive respect.

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