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Suneaters Battletome: First Look

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So here's a first look at what is the basis for a sleek and more refined looking Suneater Tribes battletome. Latest revisions include the newly refined Allegiance abilities for the Faction along with revised prayer and a newlook warscroll layout for 2.0


Along with a handful of screenshots I have enclosed a PDF for everything i have written thus far if anyone wants to do some playtesting for me with proxy models or give feedback.



2018-07-06 (2).png

2018-07-06 (3).png

2018-07-06 (4).png

2018-07-06 (5).png

2018-07-06 (6).png

2018-07-06 (7).png

Download the current WIP tome here: Tribesinprogress.pdf

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