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Warscroll Spotlight: Lord Skreech Verminking

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Something a little different this time, we're reaching out of the pestilent pond and talking about the model that literally made me want to play Skaven as an army (Pre AOS even), the dreaded lord of all Verminlords, Skreech the Verminking.

Royal Introductions

Skreech is the skaven named character that does a little bit of everything. He has a solid combat profile, he has a toolkit of abilities that let him recieve a small buff of yur choice each turn based on each skaven clan that switches up his utlity, and he's a spellcaster packing the infamous Dreaded Thirteenth Spell. He has a command ability that will be at least slightly useful no matter what type of skaven force you take and he's exceptionally reasonably costed at only 300pts.

Boons of the Rat-King

The reason to take Skreech in the old edition was his surprising kill capabilities in close combat and his unleashing the Dreaded Thirteenth Spell to chunck a unit for between 5 and 10 wounds on average. In this edition, said sell now summons free clanrats because I don't know, it wasn't strong enough before or something silly. He also went down in cost and contributes as a spellcaster to deal with the new Endless Spells. He no longer has to be the general to use his command ability, a relief considering he can't take a command trait or artifacts.

Drawbacks of Monarchy

I mean, Skreech's only reaal weaknesses are the same as all the other Verminlords. He only has 12 wounds and a 4+ save, which honestly isn't even awful. He can't take traits or artifacts being a named character, but given his comman ability isn't tethered to being the general that doesn't come into play.

Beseeching the Lord

Taking Skreech is a no brainer if you've made the call to not use Thanquol and Boneripper (don't use both, it's cool but its 700pts). The real dream however is not taking Skreech, taking a Screaming Bell and summoning him for free, then instantly using the Dreaded Thirteenth Spell to kill a bunch of enemy troops and throw down a line of Clanrats in front of Skreech to cover him from a charge. Mixed Skaven can awlays find a home for the Lord Skreech, do so often and without hesitation.


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Recommended Comments

Thanks for the write-up!


I was inspired to look at his warscroll after your post, and saw the wording on the 13th Spell says it summons Verminus units, not clan rats specifically. Does this mean it can summon Stormvermin? That would be insane...

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Hard to know, in the app it says clan rats, but the warscroll on the website says verminus units.

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hey guys, the new GHb18 has listed it that he specifically summons clanrats now. I used to use it to summon a single Verminlord Warbringer in the middle of people's armies.

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It has been both faqd and updated in the printed rules to show that he summons clanrats.i actually think the nice thing about the Verminking is that you don’t actually have to try to kill models and summon units. You can just lay down an average of 6-7 mortal wounds on a single model.

Edited by Vaeron

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