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NICon 2018 Tournament

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The North Island Convention, or NICon, was held this year in Napier, New Zealand. For many players NICon was the last tournament they would play in using the General's Handbook 2017 edition, and with the tournament organizer looking for a good narrative theme with unconventional battleplans most players took lists very different to what they would normally run. The battleplans were constructed by using the Open War cards Games Workshop produced earlier in the year, and they made for some very interesting matches with armies usually not favorable in the matchup prevailing over their opponents.


  • 1st Place - Fraser, Maggotkin of Nurgle
  • 2nd Place - Matt B, Legion of Blood
  • 3rd Place - Jesse, Clan Skryre
  • Best Painted - Matt W, Destruction Grand Alliance
  • Most Kill Points - Matt B, Legion of Blood
  • Best Sportsmanship - Lee, Sylvaneth

Fraser came out ahead with his Maggotkin of Nurgle list, winning 5 out of 5 games. Matt came in close behind with his extremely elite death army (only 19 models) after killing almost every enemy army he faced completely, and Jesse following up in third with Clan Skryre and the iconic Gautfyre Skorch list. Best Painted was won by Matt W, recieving every single available vote except his own, a class act. Lee topped the Sportsmanship votes, while still managing to finish in the top half of the field defying the best sports pattern.

The tournament was considered an overwhelming success for the community, particularly because while it was situated in Napier (3 hours drive from the capital city) and not a single Age of Sigmar player was based there, we still had a solid field with everyone that could making the trip. Everyone put in and got a place to say in nearby Havelock North so we had the whole field of players drinking till around 2am on the Saturday night of the weekend which made for an awesome tournament. The majrity of the players who competed in this event will be attending the Call to Arms tournament in the first weekend of August so it will be interesting to see how things go and where everyone finishes up.

Full Tournament Results

  • 1st - Fraser, Maggotkin of Nurgle
  • 2nd - Matt B, Legion of Blood
  • 3rd - Jesse, Clan Skryre
  • 4th - Lee, Sylvaneth
  • 5th - Aiden, Clan Pestilens
  • 6th - Shaun T - Khorne
  • 7th - Brendan, Sylvaneth
  • 8th - Cameron, Seraphon
  • 9th - Shaun B, Stormcast Eternals
  • 10th - Nick, Ironjawz
  • 11th - Matt W, Destruction Grand Alliance
  • 12th - Seth, Destruction Grand Alliance



Aiden - Clan Pestilens.pdf

Brendan - Sylvaneth.pdf

Cameron - Seraphon.pdf

Fraser - Nurgle.pdf

Jesse - Clan Skryre.pdf

Lee - Sylvaneth.pdf

Shaun T - Khorne.pdf

Shaun B - Stormcast Eternals.pdf

Matt W - Destruction.pdf

Nick - Ironjawz.pdf

Seth - Destruction.pdf

Matt B - Legion of Blood.pdf

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