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A Noble Hunt, A Savage Flame (Aeloran clash with Suneaters)

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"They come like thunder and fire, like savage beasts driven mad by ravenous hunger... they are the volcano and the quaking earth... these savage beasts, our enemy, our quarry" Huntmaster of the Shatterflock Nomads

The aftershocks of Nagashes malignant Necroquake still reverberate throughout the realms, tremours of nefarious magicks that shape and distort otherwise harmless beings into nightmarish monstrocities, but worse still after the effects it has wrought on the Maelstrom at worlds edge. These primal and shifting magical energies know no master, the insult of the wave of death that encroaching on their riotous storms only serve to stoke their ire, and in turn what had for so long been safe harbour for the Aeloran Nomads hidden beyond the edges of the map has begun to decay into arcane madness. The Wyld that they had for generations sought to mitigate though the soul blends seems to have risen once more, cancerous within the very skin of the realm as flora and fauna alike are overriden by the vicious carnivourous change of its ancient and knowable power. Once content to conceal their presence from the denizens of the Realm the nomads once more find themselves forced from save haven, ejected from their hiding place entirely exposed to a world that has changed much in their absense.

Isolated, alone and oblivious to the developments of the realms in this new age each of the Aeloran Nobles strike out with their hunters, leading a great hunt across the realms in every direction that they might find new harbour, allies or benefactors to weather the storm that robbed them of their own. And yet no matter how far they travel from the primal storm of worlds edge they cannot escape the Wyld that has taken root within every member of their populace, driven ever onwards knowing that if they ever stop for too long the very jungle of savagery they have fled will begin to sprout around them. 

It is a young noble of the Shatterflock that now finds himself in the path of an oncoming Suneater Migration, a wall of fire at his back and this new foe bearing down on his people the hunt has once more been joined, let arrows fly and battle commence.

Wordy bit
Tomorrow sees the first playtest of the newly written Aeloran Nomads rules that form the heart of their battletome and a chance to experiment with their unique allegiance abilities including the vicious Wyldshard Brambles that sprout from ever barren dirt when seeded with the blood of Aeloran Nobility:

An army with the AELORAN NOMAD allegiance gain the following abilities.

The Savage Heart – To survive the Wyld is to understands ones place within the food chain, the Hunter must consume the prey, and the prey must be consumed. Roll a dice for every enemy model that flees due to battleshock whilst their unit is within 3 inches of an AELORAN unit, for every roll of a 4 or more the AELORAN unit regains a wound, if there are no wounded models in that unit you may instead restore a number of models to the unit lost earlier in the battle with a number of wounds upto the wounds restored.

Wyldform – The eldest of the Aeloran populace have begun their final descent into the Wyldform, every drop of their blood carrying the changing taint from world edge with them into battle. Should a precious drop of this blood hit the ground it bears the spores of the predatory plants of Ghur, erupting forth to reclaim the lands. At the end of any turn in which an AELORAN NOBLE is wounded but not slain, roll a D6 for every AELORAN NOBLE that was wounded adding the number of wounds lost. You may add one base of WYLDSHARD BRAMBLES within 3 inches of that model for every roll of a 5 or more. In addition is an AELORAN NOBLE model is slain, immediately replace the model with a base of WYLDSHARD BRAMBLES.




Its also a great chance to try out some of the newly fledged aspects that function as the command traits in the Aeloran society, each of the nobles bear a specific trait from their blends with their beasts of affinity, over time managing to manifest those traits they find most benefitial in an arcane evolution of their species:


In addition to their command abilities, if they are a Hero, the general of a AELORAN NOMAD army can have a command trait from the list below. Pick the trait that best suits your generals’ personality. Alternatively, you can roll a dice to randomly determine a trait. If, for whatever reason, you must select a new general during the battle, immediately generate a trait for them.



Command Trait


Aspect of the Scorpion – Your hero channels the poisonous nature of the monolithic scorpions at world edge. Pick one of your heroes weapons (this cannot belong to their mount), if your hero wounds but does not kill an enemy model with this weapon that model suffers an additional mortal wound at the end of that phase.


Aspect of the Stag – This hero channels the grace and speed of the great stags of the forest. Add 3 to this models move characteristic.


Aspect of the Raptor – Channelling the great raptors that claim the skies of Ghur these heroes descend on wounded prey with unrelenting speed. You may reroll failed charges for this model if the charge move will end within 3 inches of a model already wounded that turn.


Aspect of the LionThe nails and teeth of this hero have sharpened to the needlike points of the feline predators of their homelands. In the combat phase you may add one to the rend of and attacks that roll a 6 to hit.


Aspect of the Hydra – This hero has gained a sliver of the mighty regeneration power of the Hydra, seemingly regrowing lost limbs in the heat of battle. In each of your hero phases you may regain 1 wound on this model lost earlier in the battle.


Aspect of the Ironhide – Channelling the tough hide of the Ironhide Rhinos of the Ghur mountains this heroes skin has toughened to deflect blades. Roll a dice whenever a wound or mortal wound is allocated to this model, on a roll of a 6 that wound is ignored.

 Finally my partner gets to show off some of her in progress models on the battlefield (nice looking WHW table booked) including the Wyldshaper on Griffon, Reavers and the new Wyldrunner Chariot featured below:





And for the clash here are the planned 2000 point army lists:


EXALTED VOLSUNGR – General, Leader, Behemoth (400)

Gothi Fyri – Priest, Leader (80)

Gothi Fyri – Priest, Leader (80)

Gothi Herald on Carrion Drake – Priest, Leader (200)

3 x Gullveig Ogors - Battleline (120)
Crusher, Bellower, Banner Bearer (1 x Great Weapon)

20 X Ashen Grots - Battleline (130)
Spark Bearer, Standard Bearer, 20 x Burning Bows

2 x Aldin Draken Battleline (180)
Huntmaster, Tracker

2 x Aldin Draken Battleline (180)
Huntmaster, Tracker

2 x Bal Kasta (200)
Ignitor, Fyre Stoker

2 x Burnin Bomb Catapults - Warmachine (160)

1 x Pyre Belcher - Warmachine (140)

1 x Waaghkart – Warmachine (160)



Aeloran Noble on Wyldrunner Chariot – Leader, General (200)

Aeloran Lord on Wyldmare - Leader (220)

Aeloran Wyldshaper on Griffin – Leader (260)

10 x Gladeshard - Battleline (160)

5 x Aeloran Reavers - Battleline (140)

5 x Aeloran Reavers - Battleline (140)

10 x Forest Shades (160)

3 x Centaurid Hunters (120)

3 x Aeloran Chargers (200)

5 x Melusari Blood Stalkers (bows) ALLIES (160)

3 x Kurnoth Hunters (bows) ALLIES (220)




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Recommended Comments

Latest two Warscroll revisions sees the Wyldshaper move further from the original Amber wizard scroll and the Aeloran charges renamed with a new scroll replacing the placeholder Pallador one:





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1 – Preyton Horn
Carven from the cruel Preytons that lure travellers to their doom this horn still contains some trace of the magic that kept its original host alive. If your hero is a WIZARD you may add 1 to all casting and unbinding rolls for this model

2 – Pelt of the Moorbeast
It is said that a blackened beast made of shadow and claw lurks in the moor of Ulgu, savaging those who dare encroach on its territory without mercy. To wear the pelt of the Moorbeast is to become one with the shadow itself. Shooting attacks that target this model subtract 1 to all hit rolls, if this model is wholly in terrain they instead subtract 2 from all hit rolls.

3 – Toxins of the Steel Heart
There are plants at worlds edge that fill the user with vigor and strength all the whilst draining them of their lifeforce. Desperate Aeloran heroes can in their final moments drink the Steel Heart toxin as their life begins to fail, lashing out one last time as though unwounded. If this model loses their last would whilst in combat you may immediately attack with one of their weapons (But not their mount) before you remove the model as slain.

4 – Wyldshard Flute
The coursing, unstoppable infestation of Wyldshard brambles has beset the Aelorans for generations, some heroes carry with them flutes hewn from the brambles themselves that when blown can lure the infestation in their direction. If in your hero phase you elect to use the Wyldshard flute you may move all Wyldshard Brambles on the battlefield 6 inches directly toward this model instead of their normal move.

5 – Last Blossom of Ghyran
When the Nomads fled Ghyran so many centuries ago they took with them seeds that they might grow a forest anew in their new homes. However the lands at worlds edge as savage and such simple plants were pretty to the Wyld carnivorous fauna that dominated the region. Still some blossoms grew, their life giving energies still radiating. Once per battle in your hero phase this hero may drain the life from their Blossom, restore D6 wound lost earlier in the battle to this model.

6 – Bramblehewn Shield
There are those nobles who carry mighty shields carved from the brambles that lesserkin fear, these great bulwarks rebuff those who would charge them impaling them on the arcane shifting thorns. When enemy units charge this model roll a D6 for every model that ends its charge within 1 inch. On a roll of 5 or more the unit suffers a mortal wound as their momentum carries them onto the shield.

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27 minutes ago, S133arcanite said:

Love the command traits, so much character!


Might have to steal this...

Cheers, the aim was as much to have tangible benefits of modelling uniquely as for rules. Aspect of the Scorpion wyldrunner may look hewn from carapace with a mighty tail pulled by beetles. Aspect of the stag would be sleek and nature like whistle aspect of the lion would look more akin to the old white lions

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