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Troggoth Hag painted



I finally finished my Troggoth Hag. Very nice model, but a pain to put together - lots of mold lines and hands didn't fit together at all, plus the joints left great gaps. I used a lot of greenstuff to fill in the gaps and make it okay to look at.

But otherwise the model has many opportunities to try out different painting techniques and colour scemes. Blending the belly, trying to give everything slight greenish tinge was very challenging. 

Base is Deathworld Forest with Athonian Camoshade, drybrushed with Karak Stone and Ushabti Bone highlights. Slough is Averland Sunset plus Reikland Fleshshade, tipped with watered down Ushabti Bone. Bag is covered with several layers of green glaze.

I'm pretty happy with scales - Sotek Green with Biel-tan Green shade and lightly drybrushed with Leadbelcher. The latter gives metallic shine to scales. It's not seen on pictures, but if you turn the model, then the shine "moves"; so that sometimes you don't see metallic at all and scales are greenish-blue, but at some places there is metallic shine.








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Fantastic work! Had my eye on this model for a while and this is great inspiration.  I agree with @AKING, the whole thing looks great but the eyes really stand out!

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Thank you all, much appreciated!

Interestingly, I didn't put that much conscious effort to the eyes, I had thought out how to do them and suddenly they were ready and just as I wanted them to be. 

Although I must admit that the eyes are quite big, so it's easier to paint than on smaller models. 

Edited by Kessler

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