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Troggoth Hag in action - battle report

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There is an upcoming small 1000 point tournament, so no Braggoth Beast Hammer this time, but for a long time I have wanted to paint and play the Troggoth Hag. So I squeezed her into my 1000 points and had a couple of test games. Both against Ironjaws and with slightly different lists. First game we played the scoring wrong and it was a short game, second was bloodbath. No pictures, because Troggoth Hag has not arrived yet, so I used a proxy. Summary is at the end.

1st game

Battleplan: Scorched Earth

Armies: Destruction vs Ironjaws
Points: 1000
1 Weirdnob Shaman
2 x Warchaner
10 x Brutes
20 x Ardboys

Troggoth Hag Destruction:
Allegiance: Destruction
Troggoth Hag, general, Might is Right, Rockeye
Grot Shaman
3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas
3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas
10 x Orruks
10 x Orruks
1 x Grot Rock Lobber

Pre-battle strategy: use 1 unit of Orruks for holding an objective, put Rock Lobber on center objective to score points and bombard enemy heroes, be on the defence with line of Orruks and keep Troggoth behing them to stop first charge, the puke and pile in. Gore Grutas as mobile distraction/sacrificial units/small tarpits.

I t was a rather short game:
First round I moved a little, positioned my Orruks and Troggoth a bit, moved my Gruntas a bit. Ironjaws ran forward, except 20 Ardboys who were just sitting around due to Mystical terrain.

Second round 10 Brutes charged my Gruntas, one was left standing. Troggoth's vomit was pretty good, but failed with all her casting rolls. Rock Lobber killed the Warchanter.

Third round Troggoth killed some more Brutes, failed casting roll and at the end of the round it was clear that Ironjaws have lost pointwise.


2nd game was longer and the lists a bit different:

Battleplan: Knife to the Heart

Armies: Destruction vs Ironjaws
Points: 1000
1 Weirdnob Shaman
1 x Warchaner
10 x Brutes
10 x Ardboys
4 x Ironskull's Boys
3 x Fellwater Troggoths (they really should be in MY list!)

Troggoth Hag Destruction:
Allegiance: Destruction
Troggoth Hag, general, Might is Right, Rockeye
12 x Ogors with two clubs
3 x Ogors with two clubs
1 x Gorger
1 x Gorger

Pre-battle strategy: try to get charge vs Brutes with my 12 Ogors, ambush and kill Weirdnob and Warchanter with Gorgers. As the battleplan requires 5 models to control the objective I had to table him - not enough models to score.

Ironjaws: I gave initiative to Ironjaws. They moved carefully forward, nothing special.

Troggoth:  Troggoth cast Mystic Shield on herself, Inspired 12 Ogors, but failed with Destruction move. Ogors moved on, Hag stayed right behind them. Gorgers came out of ambush. Gorgers failed with 12" charge, so did the Ogors, which put them dangerously close to Brutes. And initiative roll was 5 for both of us. And the 5 again for both of us. Then I rolled 2.

Ironjaws: Fellwater Troggoths moved and vomited on 12 Ogors, killed one. Boys moved to defend heroes against Gorgers. Ardboys charged 3 Ogors, killed one. And Brutes charged 12 Ogors, killed 5. I think I saved one wound...

Troggoth: 6 Ogors were dead and I was quite unimpressed with them. They hit back, but did 2 wounds. Other Ogors did no damage at all. Gorgers ran and charged, but even two of them couldn't kill the Weirdnob. Hag failed with a spell, but vomited and charged the Brutes, was extremely lucky and did 16 wounds.

Ironjaws: From now on it was simply rolling the dice. Weirdnob retreated, Boys killed one Gorger. Brutes killed an Ogre, so did the troggoths. Ardboys killed 2 Ogors.

Troggoth: Troggoth failed the casting roll, vomited on Fellwater Troggoths, killed one, killed Brutes (last one ran away).

And we called it a day, because Ironjaws had no chance to win.

SUMMARY: Troggoth Hag was super fun and good, but mostly due to command ability and artifact that gave +1 to hit and +1 to wound for melee rolls. Her spell is nice on paper, but hard to get, as it I failed ALL casting rolls with her, maximum I managed was 6. Her vomit is really really good against high armour opponents, in melee she's not that good, without artifacts just bad (4+ to hit and only few hits).

12 Ogors were nice tarpit, but offencively didn't perform - while damage 2 is good, the lack of rend and 4+ hit... don't know. Probably they need a Butcher to hope for that +1 to hit lucky dice roll. Also, the Iron Fists are also outdated and two clubs better, because it's rare to meet a unit without rend. I still have a feeling that I could get the same tarpit for 240 points with Savage Orruks.

Gorgers were total waste of points, they weren't even a good distraction.

Out of the two lists first was definitely more versatile and the other lacked units - it's too hard to play objective game with only 3 units.

And while waiting for Troggoth Hag, here are my Gore Gruntas, just for illustration :):



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Recommended Comments

I used her against Khorne in 2500p game as a Gutbuster ally. Artifact was given to Tyrant General, and in this game she was hardly worth her points. Missed all her hit rolls, hit 1-2 times with vomit and couldn't cast her spell not even once. So give her some artifacts ;) .

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