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Greenskinz and Necromancer

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I managed to finish all the odds and ins details on the first 8 orrruks that I managed to salvage from my Bitz. One even has googles from a deff kopta pilot.  

I also decided that the necromancer Arborius will be a deathlord much like the woman from Lord of the Undead novel.  He being tasked with the spread of blood cults for the Legion of Blood on Arranoc.   Secreted onto the island through the years from various realms Arborious has gathered vampire husks  and hide them all around Arranoc.  New death cults arise everyday as the influence of Shyish has taken its toll on this Season of Renewal.  Plagued of the walking dead spread quickly through cramped cities only to to swiftly put to the sword by thr various militant factions.   As a deathlord he would still be represented by a normal necromancer but I am going to theme the army to be around him and his Legion of Blood allies.  The dead do not stay long on Arranoc so legions of skeletons would have been reused by the ravenous Life Magic that permeates the island always sprouting new growth, hence zombies and the recently dead or spirits of the damned as well as either soulblight or ghouls to fill some of the roles the army is lacking like a hammer unit and more expendable troops like zombies that can tie units in place for a turn or two.





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