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Lion Rangers. The beginning

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So, the beginning of my Lion Rangers were mostly models I had in my old high elf army, rebasing some of them and buying a new box of Lion Rangers to get new Command Units, leaving some old models I started painting (so I didn't have to decolor them) and building an hero for them because GW didn't. The result was this:

  • 1 Lion Noble (using the Dragon Noble Warscroll)
  • 3x10 White Lions
  • 3 White Lion Chariots
  • 6 War Lions (don't having a Warscroll at all)






After that (mostly because at the moment the War Lions don't have an Warscroll or a real hero) I started to work on my Fanmade Lion Rangers Battletome:

In the next stage I give my army some new Units like the Lion Lord on Emperor Lion (made out of a Manticore) and the Lion Riders Cavalry.




The next goal will be finding a interesting color theme for them that will fit into the fantastic world called "the mortal Realms".

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