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First description and testmini

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At first, here do I have a backgrounddescription about this army


The Frostaelves of the Frozen Serpent Cult are an Aelf tribe from the blizzard mountains of Ulgu. They are composed mainly of troops from the Darkling Covens, sects of the Daughters of Khaine, including the frost tribes of the Melusai and and the royal elite from the ranks of the Serpentis Order, who ride on ice drakespawns and ice dragons. They are led by the dreadlord Satras Dragonheart and his queen Anvenna. During the Age of Chaos, the Frostaelves also spread in Ghyran.

Yesterday I also painted my first testminiature.

The Army used to have ice-blue armor, greyblue cloth and violet skin.




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4 hours ago, Thundercake said:

liking the theme!

For some reason, the pictures didn't show up and I had to edit the blogentry.

Here are 10 of my guys. Also I made another highlight on the cloth with "Blue Horror"


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