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Crushing defeat

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Yesterday i had second battle with Fyreslayers preparing for next weekend turney, we played 2000 points. My army

Infernal Guard Castellan (120)
- Darkforged Weapon & Spiteshield
- Artefact: Crown of Conquest
Infernal Guard Battle Standard Bearer (100)
Daemonsmith (100)
- Darkforged Weapon
Drazhoath The Ashen (320)
30 x Infernal Guard Ironsworn (240)
30 x Infernal Guard Ironsworn (240)
10 x Infernal Guard Fireglaives (100)
10 x Infernal Guard Fireglaives (100)
Iron Daemon War Engine (180)
Skullcracker War Engine (200)
Magma Cannon (140)
Magma Cannon (140)

he had

Runeson on magmadroth - obsidian coronet + exemplar of ancestor
4x runesmiter
2x 30 vulkite berzerkers - warpicks & slingshield
1x 20 vulkite berzerkers - pair handed axe
1x 30 auric hearthguard

Some pictures from it






Short story with list of my mistakes. He started with all units underground only big lizard on top, i deployed my skullcracker and castelan to far and they died in first turn of shooting of dig out hearguards and vulkites rest of the battle grinding with two of his units of beresrkers (wtf naked dwarfs with 4+save, 4+ ward, 2 attacks, rerolls and 20 points more expensive than ironsworn).

To add to the list of the mistakes, in one turn i forgot about mystic shield on my ironsworn, rerolls 1 from bsb, i need to invest in some tokens.



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