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Skirmish Order Warband

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There is an upcoming Skirmish campaign in my local shop. I didn't plan to participate, but on the last moment I reconsidered. Which also meant I was in a hurry to get some models. I didn't want to play with my usual Destruction and I have always wanted to paint some Stormcast models.

I asked from local community for spare Stormcast models and got few Liberators, two Paladins and two Prosecutors with hammers.

I converted one Liberator to Lord-Relictor and one Prosecutor into Knight-Azyros, still WIP. I changed one Prosecutor's hammer to javelin, Liberator's Hammer to sword and added some existing models. I still don't know if I should take Relicttor or Azyros... Here's my 35 renown list:
Knight-Azyros/Lord Relictor
Prosecutors with Javelins
Doomfire Warlock (old model that I rebased)
Freeguild Handgunner, marksman with sniper (borrowed from a friend)

I wanted to make the colour scheme similar to Handgunner (red-green) and the armor either battered steel or bronze. Steel didn't match well, bronze was better, although it still looks too much like gold.

I hope to get Lord Relictor and Azyros ready this week.






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They look great. Mortal Wounds and shooting are really strong in skirmish so consider that the knight azyros can basically create a crater around him that will kill most models

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Thanks a lot! 

I took Azyros, mostly because of Lord Relictor's movement 4. Battleplan was clash at dawn and my opponent had fyreslayers with two heroes, so it was easy for my shooters and high movement guys to stay away and shoot. 

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