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Holy Wars 2018 Coverage

Thomas Lyons



Heya friends!  As many know, this past weekend was the Holy Wars 2018 narrative event in the Chicago-area.  Holy Wars is the premier narrative hobby event in North America that miraculously balances the highest levels of hobby with the highest levels of competitive play.  This year was certainly no different.  I've posted some photos at the end of the page with stand out armies at this year's event.  Photos of @Holy Hammer Hern's beautiful tables can be found in my Holy Wars 2017 posts from last here (found here, here, and here). 

Vince and I have done a lot of coverage thus far so I don't see a reason to repeat those details here.  On the drive home from the event, Vince and I covered each of our games in a blow by blow coverage over the course of two videos.  On Wednesday, we had Steve Herner (@Holy Hammer Hern), who is the creator and driver behind this event along with his club the Holy Hammers,  on to Warhammer Weekly where we talked all things Holy Wars and his experiences as a ringer for the event.  Finally, last night we @Rob Symes's Honest Wargamer show where we talked about the event and our experiences (Apologies to David Griffin for getting our score wrong on Rob's show; it was 14-6, not 20-0).  The links to all of this coverage can be found below:





While I didn't perform as well in the games as I would have liked, I was honored with the Hobby Hammerist Award for a second year in a row.   I was super honored by it as there was such stiff competition at the event in the hobby categories.  



Thanks for such a great weekend everyone who attended and participated!  Now enjoy a handful of the awesome looking armies that were present at the event!



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