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#project365 January Review





Painting and Modelling:

January has ended and its been an interesting month. First off I've hit the target of a model a day, painting 46 models so far in 2018. These have been a mix of units and a character. Horticulux Slimux has been by far the most interesting of the models I've done. He was really fun to paint, and there is a lot of detail that gives the model character. I was pleased with the final outcome so he will be the model that I will submit to the PMP End of Month review run by @Vincent Venturella to see what they say about it. I decided not to put everything I do up as some of the things I intend to paint will be done quickly. The units were for my Tzeentch and Nurgle forces. I managed 10 more plague bearers, which gives me 30 now, and I finished some Pink, Blue and Brimstone Horrors. I also made good progress on getting models built and undercoated ready for next month, as well as getting some thinking into my army for the South Coast GT this year where I want to do something for the Coolest Army Award that they do. It will be a Maggotkin Army of some description. 


I had two tournaments planned for January, Heat 1 at Warhammer and the Sheffield Slaughter, my local GT. The Heat was great fun and also very successful. I managed to qualify for the final with a 3-2 record combined with some good soft scores. In the end I finished 13th, which is probably my best finish ever at a large two day event. I was also fortunate enough to take the Best Painted award at the event with the Lords of Change Tzeentch list. I was hoping this good run would continue into Sheffield, but unfortunately I had to pull out from the event. 


I bought the Maggotkin book when it came out along with the cards, and I picked up Sloppity Bilepiper, the Scrivener ad the Lord of Blights. I also purchased a Pusgoyle Blightlords Kit. I managed to sell the Stormcast Host from the Blightwar Box, so the money from this and the refund I got from the Slaughter covered the costs of what I bought. As usual l also had to stock up on 32mm bases and Tajima 1 got some business from me as I ran out of a few tufts and grasses. 


Bit of a rough one. I got ill before Christmas and haven't recovered throughout January. I've had several days off work, which is unusual, and in the end it got quite serious as I was admitted into hospital at the end of the month suffering from what turned out to be Pneumonia. This has led me to another week off work. I have also missed an important basketball game, and I was also training  for the Manchester Marathon which I have now deferred until 2019 as I will not have done the training required to run a time that I would be pleased with. Overall this has been really disheartening as I enjoy sport and being active and not being able to do things has left me feeling a bit down. I would rate January about 3/10 in terms of a good start to the year. Lets hope things improve in February!  

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keeping my fingers crossed you have a better February. 


Fantstic colors used on your Miniature !! it just makes it so fun and looks like you had fun with it !!

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