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Eyesight getting worse? Might be fly maggots inside your eye sockets

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After playing a few games recently after a longer pause where there was no interest in AoS in my gaming group, I'm found myself fumbling with the allegiance cards.

Dim lights, late at night and my eyesight is getting a bit worse every year (not because of parasites I hope), I needed to pick up the cards from the table if I wanted to read what this ability does again.

After creating an expansion pack for the Space Marine Datacards (seriously, not even the Chapter Tactics on cards like in 7th?) which I matched with their size of 63x88 mm, I made a quick version of the recent Maggotkin of Nurgle cards in this format.

Although it does take a lot more pages to print (8 cards per DIN A4 instead of 15), I could match the backside better with the battletome cover, because white font was now readable in this size without an outline.

The font size of the abilities is now 8pt instead of 6pt, which should make them a whole lot more readable from a distance.


I might be biased though, so what do you think about this?

Alternative version?

Replacement of the smaller cards?



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