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In the beginning...

Tim the Enchanter


Another blog! Yes indeed ;)

I hope this will be the perfect tool to help me keep my hobby on track!

Many years ago I started a chaos army and the coming of AoS has thrown all kinds of fuel on my hobby fire!

Initially I started a slaanesh force. I knew the current fluff of the dark prince but I've always loved the garish and excessive nature of them.

So I've got a few of my slaaneshi goodies pictured below. image.jpegimage.jpegimage.jpegNot much admittedly (that comes later!) but I love painting them.Oddly enough I hadn't really looked at the AoS starter box, not sure why, and had only looked at the Internet pics of the stormcast and Khorne bloodbound...WOW! The Khorne models are awesome! I was sold and picked up a set of the starter set models and set about getting them ready for paint...

Then I saw the new Bloodbound "heroes" and was totally sidetracked! I just had to paint some up!image.jpegimage.jpeg

In a freak chance I won some bloodletters on evil bay ;) and so after dipping them in dettol to remove the "pro painted" finish I set about painting them.

Before I knew it I had all these done!


"But it's such a small force" you cry!

And this is my problem. Like many the hobby is way down a list of important real life things like marriage, kids and full time job etc...so I squeeze it in where I can.

I only get to paint at work on my breaks so army painting is slow going. But AoS is perfect for me as you can play incredibly fun games with only a few models!

So what next? Well, I have some more characters to work on, blood reavers, war hounds, Khorgorath and a shaggoth!

Plenty to keep my hobby juices flowing :)

I'll write more on this blog whenever I can. Before I sign off I'll leave a little something I got lost in recently. 

Such a great model I had to paint it! Not quite finished but I couldn't resist adding a picture.


I'll be back soon! :)


Recommended Comments

Lovely work, and agreed on the time crunch issue. I have found that AoS gives good games even down at the two units and some characters level, which is great as often that is my only option!

Great painting and hope to see more!

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