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Progression as a painter

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So, I finally got to rebase all my ogre models. Instead of plain black painted square bases I now have round bases with agrellan earth, stones etc. Looks so much better.


I also completed Stonehorn and Thundertusk, both great models and lovely to paint. I will post post pictures of both round bases and new painted models as soon as I get some pictures done.

To sum up this year hobby-wise: it was surprisingly fun. I painted my first model ever in March, this year. I took a look on it today and it was pretty funny to compare it with my last model. As I recall, it was pretty hard to paint, but it turned out better than I hoped.

Inspired, I youtubed and googled for some time, watched some tutorials and started to paint more and more. And I  must say, as an encouragement to all newcomers, the learning curve was fast. And simple. I learned some tricks and after 9 months I think I manage quite well with decent tabletop quality models.

And here are the pictures of my very first model, Bretonnian Bowman, and my last model, the Thundertusk. Just to compare. Merry Cristmas and happy new year everybody!


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