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Side-trek to Stormcast and Frustration Plateau

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The orruks still haven't arrived, so I got a magazine from our shop with one Stromcast Eternal mini in it. It seemed interestingly different from painting ogres, so I tried it. I wanted it to appear worn out, a bit rusty and battered, lonely Stormcast left behind deep in enemy territory.

And I just couldn't manage to make it nice and well painted. The colours are off and it looks like dirt, but not in a way I wanted. So SteelStrongs post hit the mark pretty well:

I have no idea how to make it look better. Other colour that blue? Red? If anyone can comment how to make better, I'm all earsIMAG1168.thumb.jpg.bdf2b7e45ca4ea5e68bb8447bbc83657.jpgIMAG1169.thumb.jpg.412574ec1070c6b26b286b2055d1845c.jpgIMAG1172.thumb.jpg.a1c89efd2324097d7796e722880fcece.jpg.

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