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Blood Bowl and New Ogor Tyrant

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Haven't had much hobby time for a long time, but now the mojo is back and a little bit more time as well. I had few games in the meantime, tried out my regular Gutbusters list (Tyrant, Butcher, ogors, ironguts and leadbelchers) and irongut heavy list (Tyrant, leadbelchers, and lots of ironguts). The last one feels good, definitely want to try it out more. Ironguts really need some luck to be effective, but if they have luck... wow, can they up the carnage! From the last tournament my ogors won a box of Blood Bowl. I had never played it, but it was interesting enough to paint the miniatures. That took ages, from May to December. But now both teams are finally finished and I am especially content with the orc team - yep, seems I really enjoy painting orcs more than those puny humans! I tried out some freehand on their shoulderplates and worn look on armor. I also converted one 40k ork and bloodreaver to star players. Pictures below. Now I'm in the middle of converting second Tyrant from Blood Bowl ogre (very cool dynamic model) and plan to paint an Ironblaster and convert a second butcher for ogors.

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