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The Stellar Champions Vanguard Raptors

The Golem




It's been a looong time since I last posted in this blog (nearly two months!). Well I haven't forgotten about Port Stellis at all, I was just working on some other projects meanwhile.

Anyway! Here are my first vanguard stormcast from the Stellar Champions stormhost: three Vanguard Raptors with Hurricane Crossbows.







Back then, when I started to assemble them, I had the choice to equip them with Longstrike Crossbows or Hurricane Crossbows.
When we look at their stats and ability, the Lonstrike Crossbows are obviously meant as some sort of sniper rifles: with them, the raptors can shoot once per turn over a long distance and with great accuracy. They are perfect to snipe at enemy heroes without taking too much risk. However I dont think it is particularly exciting to play with sniper stormcast who sit on their butts and shoot at the enemies from afar. Which is why I preferred to equip my raptor guys with Hurricane Crossbows: more firepower (6-9 attacks) but shorter range (18") and lesser accuracy (4+ /4+). That way the raptors will have to get quite close to the enemies and thus more exposed to danger.

On another topic, I have slowly started to prepare my corsairs aelf from Port Stellis. And I decided I will convert all or most them, using a few bits from WH40K dark eldars, to make them look like a motley crew (by the way, the corsairs from WHFB look a bit to homogeneous for my taste). Here is a preview of my first Port Stellis corsair:



That's all for now! :) I will probably paint my Vanguard Hunters next and continue to assemble/convert my corsairs meanwhile.

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Awesome. The stormcast look great and the white plumes look really cool and blend well with the color scheme. The corsair looks good too. Are the corsairs going to follow a similar scheme? 

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12 hours ago, mumperpa said:

Are the corsairs going to follow a similar scheme? 

Probably not. I haven't completely decided yet and I will do a color test with a single mini later but I know that they won't follow the same scheme as the stormcast guys (or the classic druchii corsairs, or the dark eldars from WH40K).

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1 hour ago, Lysandestolpe said:

Looks great! I hope you'll keep going and finish an entire army in that standard.

Hi! Thanks for your comment. I too hope to finish painting my army with that color scheme, but I'm a slooow painter. That's why I decided to cap my army at 1.000 points and after that I will paint another faction set in Port Stellis (either some aelves or the duardins).

I am currently painting a unit of 5 liberators (you can see one of them in my first blog entry).

1 hour ago, Lysandestolpe said:

Any thoughts on basing yet?

I want to try and mimic the texture from my battlemat: http://www.playmats.eu/img/cms/wizualizacje mini/am.jpg

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