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Da Big Blue Fist: Introduction

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Long ago in the Age of Wonder the Bonespitterz that would become Da Big Blue Fist were just one clan among many that roamed the jungles of the Plane of Beasts in search of their monstrous prey.  This all changed when a great blue star fell from the Heavens and crashed into the jungle. The prophet of the clan saw the star fall and thought it might be either a sign from the gods or a great celestial beast to slay and led his Bonesplitterz to the site where the star touched down.  They arrived at a huge crater with a warhammer at its center, engulfed in magical blue flame.  Fearful at first, the prophet eventually leap into the crater and claimed the hammer in his hands.  When he did the magical flame washed over him filling him with a rush of magical energy and changing his hands to a deep azure blue.  On the spot the prophet rechristened the clan, Da Big Blue Fist.  The Fists began a rampage across the jungles of Ghur using the power of the hammer to defeat all who crossed their paths. However, as time passed the hammer began to exert a strange influence over the Bonesplitterz of the clan.  Gradually the boyz began to loss the the call of Gorkamorka in their hearts.  They slowly lost the driving need to chase their prey and test their worth against the beasts of Ghur.  At the same time the intellectual curiosity of the boyz grew by leaps and bounds. No longer did they grunt at each other with crude rudiments of speech.  Words came easily into their minds and soon the clan was filled with the constant chatter of intellectual discourse. This continued until one day the prophet stopped the roaming of the clan deep in the jungle and declared that Da Big Blue Fists were home.  There in the deep jungle they built a magnificent city out of stone cut from the nearby hills and enshrined the magical hammer in temple in the heart of that city. As time progressed the Fists gave up their warlike ways and turned to intellectual pursuits.  They made stone sculptures of exquisite beauty and learned to study the movements of the stars in search of the origins of the hammer that had so impacted their lives. They learned to cultivate the land around their city and create aqueducts to bring water from nearby lakes.  In less than a decade they had seemingly created a complex society from nothing. So they existed for centuries hidden in the depths of the jungle left to their contemplation of the universe and themselves.  Then almost 500 hundred years after they had found the mysterious hammer from the heavens, fate intervened again in the lives of the Fists.  Gorkamorka finally noticed the the fate of his wayward Bonesplitterz.  Looking down on the society they had created he screamed in rage.  Reaching forth his foot he brought it down upon the city of the Fists in a rain of destruction.  Their buildings were laid low.  Their fields were turned over.  What was left of the clan was scattered into the jungle.  Their sacred hammer itself was shattered in a storm of blue fire.  In the years that followed the Fists returned to their old savage ways.  They rededicated themselves to the hunt and the cunning and brutal ways of Gorkamorka.  However, they never completely forgot their past.  The prophets kept stories alive of the blue magic that fell from the sky and the power it brought.  So in an attempt to invoke that power the clan uses the blue blood of squigs to adorn themselves with blue tatoos, particularly their hands. Also, no matter their wanderings in search of prey they always return to the ruins of their great jungle city somehow unable to totally give up the memory of what they were.


This is the back story for my Bonesplitterz Clan.  It covers the major modeling decisions I made while putting the army together.  I went with blue war paint to compliment the green skin tone. With my basing I went with a ruined jungle city theme. I greenstuffed tiled floors and cut up various lizardmen bits to give it a lost world feel.

With this blog I hope to chronicle my completion of their painting and the battles we shall get into.  Right now I currently have painted:

Savages                                               x10               

Arrowboyz                                       x30         

Maniac Boarboyz                         x10

Big Stabbas                                       x8

Savage Big Boss                             x1

Maniac Weirdnob                        x1


I am currently working on the Prophet (along with his custom Balewind Vortex) and my Wardokk. I will throw some pics up of them as I finish them up.  

Thanks for looking all, I hope you enjoy seeing a little bit of my hobby journey. 


2017-09-08 17.52.04.jpg

2017-09-08 18.14.06.jpg

2017-09-08 18.03.48.jpg

2017-09-08 17.58.47.jpg

2017-09-08 18.07.54.jpg

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Finally took a picture of my completed army. Got to about 2500 points. I might add a few things later, hopefully when the Bonesplitterz get some love.


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