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So, here are my first characterdescription to give parts of my characters some background. I wrote these in german and translated them for this blog in english. Hope I didn't make much disspellings and grammatical errors. I think there could be some controverial points about some things, but I think there would be a possiblitiy in AoS. And even Stormcast Eternals couldn't be flawless ^_^ The three Liberator Primes have there models, but these are not painted yet.

Judicator Prime, Yelena Stormheart


Before her reforging, Yelena was a sister of the verdant cycle order. The order had build multiple monasteries, sanctified to Allarielle, in Eloni, a continent of the realm Ghyran. Yelena was assigned to the spectral monastery, which was build next to the spectral gate, a Realmgate in the realm Hysh where several aelfish brothers and sisters did came from. Next to their studies, Yelena had chosen the path as a ranger and mastered the art of archery for hunting in this context. When her monastery was attacked by skaven, she warned her brothers and sisters and fought against the hordes. Despite the situation seemed hopeless, she fought heroic, shooting dozens of skaven until she hadn’t no arrows left and was ready to die with her hunting dagger in her hand, when Sigmar called her to Azyr. Because of her arts with the bow, she was reforged as a Judicator and assigned to the Celestial Vindicators. Through her good results with the bow  in training, she earned the right using a Shockbolt bow and accomplished the rang of a Prime. By chance she found out that another sister of order, sister Verena was also saved by Sigmar and reforged as a Liberator. Until today both cultivate their friendship, which they had back than in the order. When there Thunderhead Brotherhood was sent to the Scabrous Sprawl, she recognized the parasite engine, that had the shape of the mole rat, which she had seen in the distance when her monastery was attacked and she aimed to commit vengeance for her dead brothers and sisters.


Vanguard Raptor Prime, Ramir


Before he was reforged Ramir was a Gunmaster in the guildsity Mithrilrfels, in the realm of Chamon. One quarter of Mithrilfels was built into the mountain by the Duardin, which could be assured by a massive twenty metre high door and get access to there mine shafts, while the remaining of the city range over multiple square kilometers of land and was assured by massive walls. The city got her renown by trading armour, weapons and war engines made by the Ironweld Arsenal. Many citys in the continent Eloni were there most important costumers, which through the Mithrilgate outside of the city. Ramir lived there since he was a apprentice and turned out as a gifted weapon builder and excellent marksman, whereas his favorite gun was a Long Rifle. To test his weapons he had gone hunting several times, where he was supported by his tamed falcon he called “Caroline”. Nobody had thought, that an enemy force would dare to attack the city. Then came the age of chaos. Through the city was besieged by Slaves of Darkness, daemons of Tzeentch and skaven artillery and they were cut of the Mithrilgate, came skaven of clan skryre with the help of their warp-grinders into the city and sabotaged the defences. After Ramir has shot three Stormfiends with his long Rifle and killed dozens of acolytes and weaponteams with his pistols for three days he was out of ammonition, cause multiple ammo dumps exploded by skaven sabotage. To survive longer Ramir was forced to used his Long Rifle as a club. The Duardin had abandoned the outskirts of the city and sealed off the montainpart, whereby the retreat to the mountain was cut off. During surviving two further days of besiegement and slaying two dozens ratsmen with Carolines help, he was confronted by another unit of Stormfiends. He was sure, that he would die that day, but decides to die fighting. In that moment he was called from the battlefield by Sigmar and Reforged as a Vanguard Raptor of the Celestial Vindicators. Through his excellent performance as marksman with the Long Rifle, Ramir got entrusted with a Longstrike Crossbow and was got an Aetherwing to his side which he called ‘Caroline’ after his old comrade, when he was promoted to primestatus. Besides his hatred against the skaven, Ramir had developed a grudge against the Duardin, for forsaking the rest of the city.


Liberator Prime, Samuel und Riko Stormclaw


Samuel and Rike had grown up as the sons of the chieftain of the stormclaw clan, a warriorclan in Ghur. There heraldic symbol was a stormtiger, a 5 metre high creature that rides on the winds and his roar causes storms. Tales suggests, that the first chieftain of the clan had slain one of those beasts and the first blades of the clan were crafted by the teeth of the beast. Due to the tradition both learned fast, like all other boys, how to handle a sword. Samuel, the older of both brothers was more calm and focused while Riko was often guided by his wild nature. Both achieved the arts of mastering the two-handed sword whereby Samuel achieved it four years before his brother because of his calm nature and was promoted to the rank of a Greatswords Champion inside the clan. Together they fought back several rival clans, but it was the encounter with the Greywolf Clan, that should change everything. It was a hard blow for both to see, when Beowulf, the chieftain of the Greywolf Clan, slayed their father in duel with his warhammer. Samuel ran in blind rage to Beowulf and entangled him into a duel. It was the first time in Rikos life, that the saw Samuel in that state of rage. When his shock dissolved, he ran to his brother to support him in combat, since Samuel wouldn’t survive this alone after their father had failed the duel and both combatants had shown some cuts and bruises. The Battle felt like hours, as the booming of drums and stomping of feet let the fighters pause the battle for a moment. All warriors knew which meaning the sounds had. An Ironjaws Warclan got attention of the battle noises. Both clans were exhausted by the battle against each other, but the imminent arrival of the Ironjaws let them forgot there rivalry for a moment. As the Orruks arrived, they cause a bloodbath between both clans. At the end only Samuel, Riko and Beowulf were standing in a triangle back to back and achieved it to fight back several Brutes and Ardboys. Near to exhaustion and just before collapsing Sigmar saved and reforged them. Both brothers were assigned the Liberators and chose a Grandblade as there weapon. Samuel got Prime of the so called ‘White Shields’, a unit of Liberators that wear white instead of torquoise shields in dependence to the Stormclaw Clan as a trademark while Riko’s unit is armed with two Warblades to fit his wilder nature.

To their surprise both noticed, that Beowulf was also reforged as a Liberator and became Prime of a unit. Everytime Samuel and Beowulf got close to each other, Riko had the feeling, that his brother would mentally transform into a beast and he or members of Samuels retinue had to hold him back. In such moments it felt like both brothers had swapped their behaviors, as Riko in contrast to his brother had resigned with the fact that the feud wouldn’t bring there father back and his hatred more apply to the Orruks who slaughters both clans.



Liberator Prime, Beowulf


Beowulf was the chieftain of the Greywolf clan. Tales inside the clan claim, that Beowulfs mother was a werewolf, what would explain his fangs and his wild nature, but nobody knows whether these stories are true. Its only known, that the clan founds him inside the steppe and received him to the clan. In the age of 16 years, he got into a dispute with the chieftain in that process he slayed the chieftain and took his place. From that moment Beowulf was fears inside his clan and from rivaling clans. He ruled his clan with iron hand until he was about 35 years old and encountered the Stormclaw clan, what would change everything. Beowulf had gathered his clan to attack the camp of the Stormclaws. With the howling of wild wulfs they charged the camp. Beowulf slayed everyone who got in his way and involved the chieftain into a duel. After multiple contacts between two handed sword and warhammer he overwhelmed his opponent and slayed him by crushing his skull with his warhammer. He just had shouldered his hammer, when he heard an outcry behind him and parried the blade of a jung Greatswords Champion with the shaft of his hammer, in the last moment. Beowulf could see the burning fire of hatred in the eyes of his opponent and recognized his face as one of the sons of the chieftain. He was surprised about the wild combat style for a moment, but composed oneself quick and continued the battle. His enemy incited his own wolfish instincts. Both took bloody wounds from the battle, when another warrior of the Greatswords engaged the battle and he had to defend against two. The battle felt like eternity, but all warriors paused for a moment, as the booming of drums and stomping of feet got louder. Beowulf knew that they got into massive trouble. An Ironjaws Warclan got attention of the battle noises. Both clans were exhausted by the battle against each other, but the imminent arrival of the Ironjaws let them forgot there rivalry for a moment. As the Orruks arrived, they cause a bloodbath between both clans. At the end only Samuel, Riko and Beowulf were standing in a triangle back to back and achieved it to fight back several Brutes and Ardboys. Near to exhaustion and just before collapsing Sigmar saved and reforged them. Beowulf was reforged as a Liberator and chose a Grandhammer as his weapon. Because of his postition as chieftain and his wild combat style he raised into the rang of a Prime. After he noticed, that both sons of the Stormclaw Clan were reforged, too, he tried to avoid the confrontation with them. They were rivals and he had never thought, that they would ever fight side by side. While every confrontation, Samuel had to be restrain by his brother or members of his retinue, so he didn’t charge at him. Beowulf felt compunction since he first met Samuel after the reforging. He wanted to leave his old life behind, but he didn’t know how he could do this.


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