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Warhammer Achievements Table 3 - Nurgles Garden (part 2)

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The Polluted Pools

These are made from the old 40K craters. I picked a set up and they were cheap, but they were a bit broken up. Before I could do anything I had to fix the holes and clean up the dodgy centres. I did this by replacing a lot of the areas with bark and then filling in all the the remaining areas with the air drying clay (I'm becoming a fan of the stuff over filler for different things). Once this was done I sanded the edges and based them onto some hardboard to make them more rigid. Once this was done a i glued a Reaper Bones Pox Worm into the centre of each pool along with some hobby craft half beads. I then painted them with the spray cans. Again it was Caliban green for the water before the bright green went on. This time I poured some woodland scenics into the craters to make them glossy. After that dried I then quickly painted the worms and glued on the aquarium plants and the tufts and flock to finish off the pieces. 




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