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Started from the bottom.. aka bases!




After many hours of experimenting, failing, cursing and praying to the chaos gods I finally made 11 whole bases! I know right?! amazing so here they are!13313648_1086890374683380_1714210990_o.jpg

I am so please with how these came out, personally I think bases are far more important to the story of a miniature than colour scheme.

I really liked the idea for my brayheard that they lived in a vast dark forest, seemingly never ending, but the happened to stumble upon a long forgotten and decaying ruined temple to the pantheon of chaos gods. In the centre of a ruins stands a realm gate which is where the true story of my army will begin. I wanted broken runes and the idols of chaos carved into the stone floor that has been broken and weathered and almost receded into the forest. I used the dark runes textured rolling pin on super sculpey to create the effect I was looking for.



This project was unbelievably both fun and frustrating in equal measure, wrestling with the super sulpey and my oven so the thin sheets came out just right so they were brittle and could be snapped for the ruin effect but not burnt by the oven took a hell of a lot of failed attempts, but it is so much more satisfying when it goes right after such a struggle. Painting was simple and then adding details like the static grass and leaves really brought the bases to life and the end result was better than I expected.

Thankfully I also took delivery of my beastlord model and I really love this sculpt, the name of mine is Gor'bix and he will command my army! I decided a shield looks much cooler in my humble opinion and a plus to survivability is always good for generals so after a very simple conversion here he is ready to be primed!



Thanks for stopping by! Hopefully next week I will actually start painting a unit!



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Really nice bases. I'm trying to decide on how to base my models. Up until recently, everything has been based on clear bases so that they work on any surface, but well done bases do really make a model pop

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