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The story so far.

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Ben Johnson


Hi everyone,

My first post in here isn't what most would expect from me it's a old fashioned bit of fluff!

It's something I have been adding to a bit at a time after events and games to give them a bit of a place in the Mortal Realms. Also the campaign we are playing at work gives you points every month for a piece of background ?


The Knights of Azy got their first taste of the Mortal Realms alongside the Hammers of Sigmar and Vandus Hammerhand during the first of Sigmar's tempest's, to regain the Realmgate on the Brimstone Peninsular located in the far off lands of Aqshy, the Realm of Fire. They helped to stem the flow of the Bloodbound reinforcements by holding the Obsidian bridge that crosses the river Magnus. 

After weeks of hard campaigning and after scores of the Stormhost being returned to Azyr the fight was won. Vanus Hammerhand stood victorious with Matthias Hammerstrike as the remaining Khorne force were scattered into the wind.

Sigmar looked on, he was pleased with Matthias and his Knights of Azyr, after the reforging was complete they would be tasked with a matter of great importance. The time is right and the the constellations have aligned….

There first real war of the Knights of Azyr began in Gyran, the Realm of Life. What the Stormcast remembered of the heat and fire of the Igneous Delta had been lost to the Six Smiths and the sound of the Reforging. 

Lord-Celastant Matthias Hammerstrike lead his Thunderstrike Brotherhood deep into Gyran, in his way where the chittering Masterclan and Skryre hordes lead by the vicious Arch-warlock Quikk-Arkks arkks and the Gray Seer Snichh-Fanng.

Hard the Stormcast Eternals fought, each yard harder to claim than the last. But the tide of battle was quickly turned with the losing of a single Star Fated arrow and the Beaks and Claws of two loyal Gryph-Hound. These attacks killed Gray Seer Snichh-Fanng and Quikk-Arkks arkks in quick succession. After the loss of their leaders the fighting spirit of the Skaven was quickly lost, leaving a faint smell of fear in the air.

The Knights of Azyr fortified their position and waited for their next mission. 

Back to Gyran they were sent reforged and a new, more of Sigmar's finest were added to their ranks in the form of The Knight-Venator Dragnnar Vestied, his soul was taken from the depths of despair after the extermination of his people at the hands of the great sorcerer Tzeentch. 

A strange figure had appeared at the edge of their village for days at a time unmoving, his face shielded from the light. Then one day he was gone. That night he returned a blur of limbs and blades killing all those that stood in his way, seemingly unstoppable matching then besting the skill of each warrior in turn. He grew a shrank as he fought until finally Dranar was alone his body going cold, the last thing he remembered was a faint song as the figure disappeared into the shadows.

“Shifting flesh and solid thought, words can harm but weapons naught”

He joined the Celestine Brethren, Prosecutors of the Angelus Conclave. Swearing to have vengeance in the name of his lost people and to try to ensure the same fate won't happen to others. But Tzeentch is a master of fate and who knows what strings in the great game he has pulled to see to it that Dragnnar Vestied has been forged…

In the Realm of Death the Knights of Azyr were asked to remove some of their of their own kind, after one of Sigmar's first forged Stormhosts was turned by dark powers, we know not where they came from or to who the are aligned too, we may never now know how or why they were turned. 

It was with a heavy heart that Lord-Celastant Matthias Hammerstrike called on his brother Lord-Celastant Trembrar to form a host of Skyborne Slayers from the ranks of the Knights of Azyr. Lord-Celastant Trembrar took no joy in the victory but he made sure that the only Stormcast to leave the field this day where one of his brothers, pure and faithful. 

At the same moment as Traylorn was battling the Changeling for control of the the Celestial Compass Dracothions rore could be heard all over the Celestial Realm of Azyr. The great Drakes rore was followed by the sound of a thousand chambers coming to life. 

First forged for the Knights of Azyr was Lord-Celastant Branatar Drakerider of the Extremis Chamber, once a Wild man in the Realm of Ghur, Sigmar himself heard his plea for vengeance against the Chaos Gods. 

Branatar himself never speaks of what lead to his hatred of Chaos other than to say he won't rest till all traces of them have been banished from the realms forever. Just as Archaon was instructing his Varanguard, so was Sigmar instructing the Knights of Azyr Extremis Chamber.

“Drakesworn!... The compass could be our undoing, in Archaons hand it could cement his victory at the Aightpoints. Find it or destroy it”

Many battles they fought, over six Realms they campaigned, the Drakesworn Temple Annihulus, many stood in their way friend and foe alike. Nothing could stand in there way not Realmgates, Stormfronts or even Fire and Brimstone. Even in the battles they didn't win they ensured that the enemy were whipped from the field. 

In the end the Celestial Compass was in the hands of the Spiderfang Big Boss Chitinous Scuttlefang, who tore it from under the nose of Kairos Fateweaver and the Gautfyre Skorch Enginecovens of Clan Skryre before they even knew they were a threat. 

Chitinous Scuttlefang new not the power or worth of the Celestial Compass, he cared not for the lives that were lost fighting over its control so tossed it into the Arachnarok nests hidden in the Underway. It lays there now hidden from the gaze of Archaon, whose wrath could be heard all around the Varanspire. 

To be continued...

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