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Stormcast army in a week - progress report



This weekend I'm going to the Throne of Skulls at warhammer world.  My original plan was to take my death army with me, however sure to the more narrative and fun orientated nature of the event I felt it was the wrong choice (it's set up as a very competitive list).

I was struggling to work out what to take instead when I remembered on Friday that I'm not limited to one grand alliance, just to 30 models.  I decided to do a force inspired by the Josh Reynolds audio dramas.

Writing the list was easy, start with Manfred, Tarsus (celestant prime on foot) and Ramus (Lord relictor).  Fill rest in with standard foot models - no prime, no deep striking, nothing from the extremis chamber.

That left me with seven days to get 29 models finished, I got everything built sprayed and eleven finished on Monday leaving me with the target of six a day so I could base them all on Friday.

Currently I on plan with just six left to do, here are some photos of my progress.







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Thank you, once army is actually based well try to get some photos with better light levels. For some reason they are all coming out really dark.

Also got more progress pics to add.  The bull heart himself and the rest of the liberators.



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It isn't unfortunately, too sick to attend.

Absolutely gutted, was super looking forward to it ?

Edited by Rob

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