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About this blog

This is a blog for the lore and models of the City of Sigmar of Schwarzerden.

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Part 1: The Schwarzerden Military

The Free City of Schwarzerden is located in the realm of Chamon in the Spiral Crux. After its original founding for the purpose of the exploitation of nearby natural ressources and magical places of power, the Schwarzerden quickly became home to one of the Mortal Realms most influential universities outside of the major Cities of Sigmar. The College of Schwarzerden is most know for its advancements in the realms of engineering, magic and above all alchemy. This alchemical know-how has also contr

The Method of Alchemy

An excerpt of the Methodus Alchemiae by Magister Atersolus of the College of Schwarzerden:   The first step is ULGU, the impure state of the substance. It is the task of the alchemist to divide the impure, flawed parts from the pure, perfect parts with which they are intermixed. The second step is AQSHI, the calcination of the substance. Heat and motion are applied to the base substance, disrupting its structure and dissolving its bonds. The third step is SHYISH, the putrefac

Part 0: Re-Interpreting an Army

Long ago, during the age of myth called 2nd Edition, I started a Cities of Sigmar army. The Cities had just got their battletome not too long ago, I had just got my Legions of Nagash/Tomb Kings army to a pretty solid state and I wanted a bit of a change of pace. I had a list of a number of requirements for whatever new army I would start, and Cities of Sigmar met them all: A different play style and aesthetic from Legions of Nagash. Something that I could build and paint "as intende
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