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About this blog

Math of Skaven units and other tidbits. Essentially convincing people to buy Ragling Guns.

Entries in this blog


Part two: are Monks a Plague?

Since they show up in most competitive Skaven lists and have a bad reputation: are Plague Monks overpowered? Breaking down the damage (Pair of Foetid Blades, vs 4+ AR, damage per model)                                       with Bale-Chime            (without)              100 pt efficiency          (without Bale, cost 300) Base                                 0.56                                (0.50 )                  8                                      (6.7 ) 30+       

Part three: Club 'em? Stab 'em? Slice 'em?

What does a fashionable gentle-rat choose when it wants to kill man-things? The choice is yours, but there are some options that are more efficient than others. Monks (damage per model, vs 4+ armour)                                      Blades                         Staves Base                                 0.56                          0.51      30+                                  0.80                          0.84 +Charge                         1.20               

Part One: More, more, more ... Power? - Ranged Weapons

I've decided to cut out the math bits, put them into a separate entry and just give the results in order not to dilute the text too much. None of the spoilers are essential, these are just some thoughts for specific units that I tried to keep as general as possible. Summary: Stormfiends and Acolytes are bad investments without buffs, in particular MMMWP + Spark. Jezzails are decent without buffs. Doomwheels are a utility piece. Warpfire Throwers and Cannons have their niche.  Give Ratl
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