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About this blog

Clan Prepnik is a Skaven clan farming enormous fields of black corn and stockpiling tremendous food supplies in prevision of the Black Hunger that they intend to spread throughout the Mortal Realm for Skaven and weaklings alike. The cult is led by Bouldrak, a persuasive and megalomaniac Grey Seer completely terrified of starvation. Would you dare challenge Clan Prepnik to try taking over their great treasure?


This blog is dedicated to my Skaven clan. Please excuse me in advance for the language errors, as I am not a native speaker. I am French but I will do my best to share my clan tales in English. I intend to combine fluff, hobby and play in this blog with stories, pictures of my models, battle reports and list building. I warmly welcome any feedback and hope you enjoy the read.

Entries in this blog

Clan Prepnik (Old World adaptation)

The explorer who dared to venture outside Pigbarter, along the River Ruin and then south, would come upon an amazing landscape. He would see fields of black corn stretching as far as the eye could see, but would find no farms. "How could such barren, polluted land support such vegetation?" he would ask himself. No matter how hard he searched, he would not find the hidden caves in the middle of the fields that led to the underground farmland of Clan Prepnik.   For there is nothing natur


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