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About this blog

A blog to note down all my AoS stuff, from hobby, to battle reports & event breakdowns. 

Entries in this blog


My first small peice of self wrote lore

Hey all, I’m partaking a local narrative campaign and I finished my first short bit of fluff for it today. Thought I’d share with you all!   A impossible fortress, at the heart of a crystal labyrinth. A tall, winged creature stared into a book that was open but not yet written. The gaze of the creature so intense, Zicottle watched his master at work. The lord of change was observing actions not yet acted upon play out. His master had been gifted the art of foresight by the eternal schemer, the daemon hoped one day by good service he would receive such gifts. If not, he would have to plan his own scheme and weave his own web of lies which would see him be granted them.     As the thoughts of Zicottles overthrowing blossomed the book was snapped shut by Dukhin. His gaze turned to Zicottle, his stare revealing his ambitions and schemes. Dukhin almost showed a grin before he spoke “There is a war brewing, the thunder of Azyr has been cast down. The rat things hinder the soul hungry elves and Khornes blood hungry fools swell at the scene of it”.    Zicottle replied “Must we intervene, must we change the path of this war?”   Dukhin waved his rod of sorcery before him, strands of fate like DNA left behind the rods swing.    “This is not the way, this is not how it is meant to appear. This must be changed, Zicottle”   A warpflame roared in Zicottle’s immaterial body, a chance to prove him self as a worthy Herald of Tzeentch. He would do what must be done for his Master and for the architect of fate. He would his summon his legion and muster the tools that had sold there souls to Tzeentch local to the brewing war.   A new plan sprung to mind in the heralds mind , a new route to ascension and to show his dedication to his lord.

More creatures of the eternal schemer!

My first unit for Tzeentch all wrapped up! I'm a very average painter but I  must say I'm rather happy with how these guys came out, there cute in there own cartoony style. Now I'm unsure what to work on next! I think I'll work on a battle line unit, maybe 10 Kairic Acolytes to get some flesh done.

My first model down!

I finished up my Magister recently so I thought I’d share. I’m a very average painter but I’m happy with how he came out! The first of many for my Tzeentch. Next up I’ve been working on 10 pink horrors. I’m not saying I’m a slow painter but it’s taken me 2 weeks to get a basecoat & wash on them. I can finally start highlighting and shading them now, maybe in the next 2 weeks I’ll have them done 😅

The changer of ways has.. changed his ways.

So with with Age of Sigmar : Soul Wars slowly seeping out more information I don't think it's anyone surprise that Disciples of Tzeentch got hit with the nerf hammer and GW did swing hard. Nearly everything in the army, bar some of the weaker deamon elements & enlightened saw a price increase and some fairly hefty. I've noticed on here and on FB that the DoT community rightly seem a bit shaken by the heavy point increases.  I think as followers of the grand architect, the eternal schemer, the constant change we should embrace the changes. The army has been shaken up and will see change from the a typical Changehost or 9 Skyfires / gaunt on balewind. I think it's exciting times for the future of the army, especially with the endless spells (Hello spellportal & balewind). As well as that who doesn't love creating horrors, spawn and tzaangors as the god of change is always giving. I've mocked up a potential list I thought I'd drop on here. Lord of Change - 380
Gaunt Summoner - 180
Tzaangor Shaman - 180
Blue Scribes - 140
Ogroid - 180

Kairic Acolytes - 80
Kairic Acolytes - 90
Pink Horrors - 200 6 Tzaangor Skyfires - 440 Umbral Spell Portal - 60
Balewind Vortex - 40 The list can create Tzaangors & Spawn for free, because why not and should reliably get 9 spells off each turn, being able to throw them through the spell ports (It's a lot of mortal wounds). Mobile skyfires paired with cheap chaff can be used as blockers while you bring in more cheap horrors. 

The grand architect of fate plays his hand..

So time is getting closer to pre-orders! I was planning to go in on the new Nighthaunt for my Tale of four warlords but my Tzeentch have pulled me back in, the Tzaangor guys are just so much fun to paint that I'm going to rock with them. We're kicking off at 500 points with 1 battleline & 1 leader.  I'm going for a Tzaangor Shaman, 10 Tzanngors on foot & 3 Tzaangor Enlighted on Discs for a nice round 500 to kick off with. I'm going to start painting my Tzanngor Shaman soon, updates to follow

A introduction to who I am

Hello lovely readers of TGA My names Aaron Wilson, I'm 26 from Harlow, Essex in the U.K. I've been playing tabletop games since I was 11 and I'm still going strong. I love rolling dice, I love the hobby, I love the strategic challenge each game represents but most of all I love a good weekend surrounded with like minded people full of good laughs. I play a fair amount of game systems right now, playing mainly Horus Heresy and Guildball at my local clubs. I like playing competitively and I'm currently ranked 34th in the world for Guildball, using the other games I play to kick back and play more relaxed narrative style of game. Age of Sigmar for me is all about the gorgeous models, fulfilling that awesome fantasy game.  Locally AoS is very quiet for me, I play maybe once every 2 months if I'm lucky. With the buzz of AoS 2 I've managed to organised a tale of four warlords (There's eight of us) at my local games club I run. I'll be exploring that with the new Nighthaunt goodies!

I'm hoping to attend my first AoS event this year, which would be amazing. I'm going to use the blog to post my hobby, keep you all updated on the TO4W and battle reports etc. Thanks for taking the time to read this today
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