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About this blog

Hey there,

I'm lightbox and this is my blog to store various pictures, lore writings and other such things of my countless AoS projects that I do.

Hope you enjoy and thanks for stopping by ^_^

Entries in this blog

A queen's weakness (1st draft rambling writings)

So I decided to do a small story to start fleshing out some ideas for my Ashen City characters, I feel that since chaos is always represented as hate filled people who abandoned their humanity that it would be quite fun to try and explore those that couldn't quite fully abandon everything that made them then, to explore how they deal with repressing that tug of it. I figured it would make for better protagonists to not be completely devoid of humanity and emotions. This is very much a first draf


Lightbox in TheAshenCity

The Ashen City (Slaves to darkness) [WIP]

The realm of Aqshy can be a desolate one, especially toward the dangerous outer edges. Deep in the north of the realm lies a vast ash desert within which a pocket of civilization exists. An assortment of settlements that lie in the shape of an 8 pointed star with a large and imposing city that stands at the centre of this empire. The Ashen City itself is built atop a long dormant underground volcanic network, dead for millennia and now turned into a large mining network to obtain the valuable or


Lightbox in TheAshenCity

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