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About this blog

Hey there,

So I, Lightbox, often like to build and paint things and show everyone my wonderful works in progress and swear that I will one day finish them.

Well time for me to swear again! Umm swear that I'll finish projects I mean. So that's what this blog will be! My projects as well as my attempts to play games with lists which will even include lovely pictures (though not the pictures of me crying when I inevitably lose)


Hope you enjoy reading and thanks for stopping by!


Entries in this blog

Vindenspite: WiP Adalia Neverfall & Big Jim

(So to clarify the title big Jim is what I lovingly named my incarnate champion in divinity original sin 2 with my friends. Which is also where Adalia comes from, this was very much my attempt to bring the pair into my AoS army as one of my common opponents is one friend I play DoS2 with)   Here is the finished models for my outcast Vindenspite character Adalia and her beast, once painted they will share the same base. I will also update the warscroll I had been working on for them to


Lightbox in Vindenspite

Vindenspite Lore: Adalia Neverfall, the burning Pariah (WIP)

Vindenspite is home to all manner of people, from righteous warriors to dubious scoundrels, from cocky duellists to cunning tacticians it truly is a city of different people all united by a desire to survive and flourish. Though even in such a melting pot of people there are still those who are looked upon with scorn, fear or pity. One such individual is the woman known as Adalia Neverfall, the woman who should be dead many times over, the woman who most believe is damned, the woman who's innerm


Lightbox in Vindenspite

Vindenspite: WiP Crimson Guard and the Frostqueen

So whilst for Vindenspite we have the wonderful crimson watch, the deadly gunslinging sisterhood of elite shooters their numbers just aren't enough to fill out the entire armed forces for Vindenspites attack and defence, and the Chosen and Silent Ones are far fewer in number still, as such the bulk of the Vindennian armies are filled by those of the Crimson Guard, all the brave, daring or downright crazy soldiers who train in different roles to create a well rounded force, though most of Vindens


Lightbox in Vindenspite

CoS Project - Vindenspite - The Crimson Watch and the Silent Ones

The Crimson Watch Amongst the various soldiers of fortune and swashbuckling warriors in Vindenspite there is one regiment that stands above all others in both renown and skill, the Crimson Watch. The Crimson Watch is a sisterhood whose origins date back to the founding of Vindenspite, a single squad of Aelves who were the loyal retinue of the Frostqueen herself. This sisterhood train using rifles that magically enhance their shot with flame and frost, working to unleash their volleys with d

CoS Project - Vindenspite: The Chosen

Within the city of Vindenspite there are occasions when those who are chosen by the Glimmergate emerge victorious, having made it through to the Frostflame glade and been forever changed by their experience. These individuals emerge back into the city wielding a mastery over either fire or ice alongside a powerful elemental beast that has formed an inseparable bond with them. These warriors are magically sworn to an oath of silence, never being able to speak and risk giving away the secrets of t

CoS Project - Vindenspite - Initial Lorecrafting

Vindenspite Magical gateway city of ageless swashbucklers This wonderful city name and tagline was gained from Army Name Generator - Cities of Sigmar — Realm of Plastic and once I saw it I knew it would be an amazing fit for working off lore for my next project, the project that started off simply as 'Aelves with guns'. I have put together some initial lore ideas on this city which will be cleaned up and expanded upon in later entries as I continue on this project. Vindenspit
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