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About this blog

Hey there,

I'm lightbox and this is my blog to store various pictures, lore writings and other such things of my countless AoS projects that I do.

Hope you enjoy and thanks for stopping by ^_^

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Preparing for narrative: Battleplan WIP's

So soon I will be running a narrative path to glory campaign with 3 friends. Our general will be made using Anvil of Apotheosis and we will each get 4 starting picks/rolls from our tables. The armies so far are looking to be: -Soulblight (Myself) -Lumineth -Ogors -Undecided (Choosing between FeC, Slaanesh & Soulblight) I rolled for my starting choices so I end up with: -20 Zombies -5 Grave Guard -1 Corpse Cart (Yep, rolled corpse cart instead of vargheists or blood knig


Lightbox in Narrative

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