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About this blog

The official blog of the Hampshire Hammerers 

Welcome warmongers to the official Age of Sigmar blog for the Hampshire Hammerers, a wargaming group from Winchester, England.

We meet monthly at the Railway Inn, Winchester for club nights, as well as attend GW & Independent Age of Sigmar events across the U.K.


Our aim is to support the growing community of Age of Sigmar wargamers by providing a relaxed & accessible group of wargamers who enjoy the social side of wargaming.

Within our Blog you can enjoy battle reports & Event reviews, Projects & Painting attempts. Most importantly, we will bring you coverage & feedback on both Games Workshop & independent events from across the U.K.

To join, find us on Facebook: The Hampshire Hammerers

Entries in this blog

(Year) End Times

(Year) End Times And what an incredible year it's been too. Such an exciting time to be in the hobby with surprises around every corner to excite & inspire.  I started the year with a now failed hobby goal to attend 12 events over the course of the year, beginning well after attending three between January - March. Then life got in the way and implemented a six month gap onto my hobby ambition. Oh well, resolutions & all that! Someth

Hampshire Hammerers

Hampshire Hammerers

Blood & Glory 2016

Bloodied & Glorious The Hammerers embarked on another new adventure in the mortal realms in November. This time we attended the 'Blood & Glory' matched play event, run … https://hampshirehammerers.wordpress.com/2016/12/13/bloodied-glorious/

Hampshire Hammerers

Hampshire Hammerers

For Glory, not Honour

For Glory, not Honour  Saturday 8th of November was the first official group event attendance for the Hammerers. Solent wargamers club were the hosts for Honour & Glory, held at the Royal British Legion South in Portsmouth. We would play three randomly determined games all from the matched play section of the generals handbook. Including the four attending Hammerers, the event had a total of 12 gamers. Our armies were: James - Flesh Eater Courts Chris - Devoted /

Hampshire Hammerers

Hampshire Hammerers

We, the faithful

We, the faithful  Hobby goal month 4 - South Coast Grand Tournament, Waterlooville. Just Wow.  First, you may be wondering: 'what happened to month #3?' -well the goal is twelve armies, twelve events, twelve months. So I guess one month will have to be a double! Anyway, back to the agenda. The South Coast Grand Tournament.  Accompanied by veteran Independant tournament go-er (& fellow #Hammerer) Will, this was   the first time I'd ever play Warh

Masters of Aqshy

Masters of Aqshy    Hobby goal month 2 - Rise of the Seraphon doubles campaign weekend, Warhammer World, Nottingham. Six weeks after attending my first Age of Sigmar event at Warhammer World, I was back for an action-packed weekend of hobby in Nottingham. My doubles partner was fellow Hammerer Mat (@MatMaslen) who brought his awesome Fire-Cast Eternals to aid my 'malignant' Seraphon led by the ancient Lord Kroak.           With just shy of x40 players for th

Skulls for the Skull Throne!

Skulls for the Skull Throne    Hobby Goal Month 1 - Throne of Skulls event, Warhammer World, Nottingham Turns out, there is no better way to beat those new year (hobby) blues than by attending an event at the start of the year! Exactly what was needed to ensure I am commited to completing my hobby target for 2016. - 12 AoS events over 12 months.   As my first Age of Sigmar event, I was really intrigued to see how the Warhammer world team would c

Embracing the Madness

Embracing the Madness My 2016 hobby goals January invariably brings out the blues in me, especially concerning my work/life balance in relation to my hobby. I never know how it starts, whether I just feel a little older, or just a bit defeatist that there's too many projects & not enough time to commit to completing them all. My job in particular is high pressure & very stressful, which actually makes having such an immersive pastime invaluable to my sanity.

A brief history of (Hammer) time

A brief history of (Hammer) time Let's start from the beginning. Not my own, or my hobby experiences, but with the beginning of the Hammerers. Back in the day (well, 5 years actually) having moved to the cathedral city of Winchester, I regularly attended 'veterans night' at the local GW store. The upside was knowing that every Thursday night I had a place to game & plenty of clubmates to play against. The downside was that the store would often be responsible for introducing &
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