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    Well...a mate of said if I want to enjoy newer armies I have to upgrade my hobby and invest in hobby materials, like storage etc. Which I did so...I decided to do kharadron. Always said I wanted to do an army of em, which I am now doing. So...yeah hope people like this. 

    Chapter 1 

    The air was murky as always, it was slightly dense and thick in the sense that it causes you to breath more harshly. Even if you are wearing a helm, the eternal dusk and night of the twilight plains makes journeys difficult as well. But such challenges are meant to be taken head on, defeating challenges while making money is the only way to earn mehret. Ulfar turned the wheel of the ironclad, he looked up to the look out he shouted at the old Aethric-Navigator and his friend Thungi Khazadson. His silver armour glinted despite the darkness, wind currents swept around his form as he clutched his Zephyrscope. “Thungi! How close are we to Daleshire!?” The Aethric-Navigator looked down to him, he removed his helm displaying his aged countenance, his brown beard also holds grey hairs. “No need to shout. I am just several metres above you.” Ulfar shrugged, normally he has to shout because he has no idea whether he is praying or not, his form of praying is listening to the currents seeking out the voice of Grungni. 

    Such a practice has been long forgotten by the Kharadron save those of Barak-Thryng, they venerate the ancestor gods to this day. It’s partly why Thungi is serving on his ship, no one wants him due to him being so old fashioned. But he liked that, he prefers to work with those who will honour their word and seek profit without tarnishing their duardin spirit. 

    Their skyport Barak-Dum are far more pragmatic compared to others, some call them cutthroats and even Barak-Mhornar turn their noses up at them. He personally hated it but it had to be this way since they live in Ulgu. A land of shadows, half truths and unknown horrors. It does not help either that they have a trade deal with Morathi the Shadow Queen. He had to admit it’s a lucrative deal, but there are costs to shaking hands with an aelf, an aelf that worships a god of war and blood. 

    He frowned “Well at least you are not praying, we have to be focused.” Thungi placed his helm back on, he left the look out and walked down the steps. Now that he was with him at the helm the old duardin shook his head. “We are only doing this because Barangor desires to seek out more lucrative tasks. This is a distraction.” “Aye, but what we are doing is important. Daleshire harvests gloomsweed, the medicinal properties of the root works wonders on injuries and having a great amount of it is useful for long voyages. They stopped trading with us recently and Barangor wants to know why.” Ulfar then heard the clanging of magnetised boots, the ironclad’s Aether-Khemit Mordin Logansson strode up to him, he shook his head. “We could seek some aether-gold on the side. I can smell a stream a few miles away.” Ulfar sighed “No Mordin.” he said firmly. 

    Mordin cocked his head slightly, the gesture looked strange with his helm. The long tubes used to aid in sniffing out aether-gold always caused him to shiver slightly. He stared the Aether-Khemist in the eye “Honour is everything.” he lived by that tenet, breathed it. “The task comes first, we won’t wander off the beaten road. The Admiral placed his trust in us.” Thungi nodded in agreement “despite my issues with the Admiral, Ulfar is correct. Honour the work before us, honour the agreement. If Daleshire stopped trading with us due to outside sources then there will be grudges to settle.” Ulfar grinned, that was another thing he liked about Thungi. He also enjoyed settling grievances, Ulfar even has his own personal grudge log strapped to his belt. 

    Then came another voice “I just want this to be done so we can return to the fleet.” A endrinrigger floated towards them. His aether-endrin strapped to his back gave off a soft hum. Ulfar grimaced, he was lucky that he was wearing his helmet so the Mizzenmaster could not see what expression he was making. As captain his rule is absolute, but Durak Hergarsson questions him all the time even when a course of action is agreed to. The troublesome endrinrigger is only on his ship for one reason alone. He is a black sheep among other captains of Barak-Dum, Durak’s endrinriggers were the only ones of the Endrineers Guild who had the desire to join his crew. But it was clearly obvious to him that Durak is Barangor’s eyes, for he had to admit he has not bought in much profit since becoming captain. 

    That was one fact he wanted to change quickly. “We should not do anything hasty when we arrive. I say we get a gauge of the situation and report back to the admiral.” Ulfar snorted “It seems you would like to lead Durak.” The Mizzenmaster’s red eye lenses fell upon him. “It’s just a suggestion captain.” “I heard your suggestion, now get back to what you were doing before.” Durak shook his head “fine, I will go back to doing check ups.” He flew back over the edge, Ulfar could hear his rivet gun firing, he nodded in satisfaction. 

    Thugni sighed “he is the problem with our sky-port.” “Nothing will change Thungi.” Ulfar said in slight annoyance. They had this discussion several times, he personally did not place much stock in gods they were never there when they are needed. He always believed at the end of the day you had to rely on oneself over other people fixing things for you. The old Aetheric-Navigator clutched his staff. “I know, but don’t you think Grungni is sad looking at us? What have we thrown away for the sake of shares? Barak-Dum doesn’t even follow the code properly either.” Ulfar narrowed his eyes, he had to agree with him there. The Admiral council use the code only when it suits them, but all know they are focused on lining their pockets. 

    Saying such a thing out loud would ensure you would never walk on another air-ship again. You would be reduced to a dock worker which is more or a less a death sentence for any of the Kharadron within Barak-Dum. The life of the dock worker is hard, you struggle to get by. He knows this, he had to watch his father waste away because he failed the musterpress three times. 

    His sky-port worked his father to death. Which is an an eternal Dammaz for him. It’s why he could never respect the admirals, the councils or the guilds. It’s clear also he gets stuck with all the poor jobs since he has a feeling that his Admiral desires wans him to fail. Modrin shook his head “stop thinking about it.” “I know Mordin.” Ulfar said dryly. Thugni chuckled “Calm your nerves captain, Grungni will give us a chance one day, I know it.” Ulfar wished he could believe, but a mix of pragmatism and being realistic he knew that his prospects would not change while being a part of Barak-Dum. 

    An Arkanaut at the aftcastle shouted and pointed to the distance “Captain we are here!” Thungi rushed up to the look out. With the aid of his Zephyrscope and spy-glass he nodded. “Aye! We are are few miles from Daleshire!” Ulfar clutched the wheel of the ironclad. 

    “Now let us see what the problem is…” 

    Ulfar stood before the town Mayor, the houses were damaged like they have been under attack and all the people were hiding away in their homes. Only the Mayor has decided to meet them in the plaza, Mordin sniffed around. “Magic is in the air captain.” Thungni nodded in agreement “Aye, I can feel the currents have been pulled and bended.” Ulfar shook his head, “So tell me Mayor Balvor, what has exactly happened to your town?” Durak flew down, to him. “I think we should get to the point captain…” “Be quiet. I am talking to the Mayor.” The mixenmasster looked away slightly “very well.” 

    Balvor looked frail, his fair skin was ashen. “It was….shadows. Shadows came and took our people away.” “Shadows?” Ulfar was confused. He knew of the shadow-daemons that lurk in the dark places of Ulgu, but they never attack towns unless someone directs them. “We have no one to farm the gloomsweed. The shadows keep coming and snatching our people away. M-Maybe...we angered Malerion somehow?” He snorted as he said that. “Doubt it, gods tend to move when it only interests them. This smells like someone interfering with our trade deal. Know this Balvor, I will get your people back.” The Mayor looked at him in surprise. “W-Why?” “Honour is everything that’s why. The one is attacking you is harming both of us, we need the gloomsweed and you need your people. Your livelihood is being attacked, our livelihood is being attacked.” The manling started to cry, he wiped his face. “I never expected you to help us...I thought…” “That we would abandon you?” Ulfar spat on the ground. “Others would, but not me. I protect our trade partners.” Ulfar removed his grudge log from his belt, he opened the small cylinder container holding his quill. He flicked through to a fresh page, he then wrote. 

    Let it be known that I Ulfar Grumsson will hereby avenge the attack upon Daleshire, these “shadows” attacked the Kharadron, attacked Barak-Dum. Punishment shall be meted out. 

    Mordin gave a small chuckle “you are taking this seriously if you are writing a dammaz.” “I am. Our fellow duardin underestimate the need for gloomsweed but I am damn sure they will remember it when their crew is bleeding out after an attack.” Ulfar closed his personal log, he returned the quill to the cylinder and attached the log to his belt. “I swear to you Balvor, I will end the people attacking you, if I can we will rescue those still alive. ” The mayor nodded slowly. 

    Ulfar accepted that, he placed his helmet back on. “Let’s go, we will follow their magic. The attack looks recent.” Durak looked like he wanted to say something, but one look the endrinrigger held back his complaint. The parameters of this job has changed, they will end the shadows for trade can’t be restored otherwise. 

    At the moment they are sailing to the south, Thungi can sense a great amount of shadow magic sweeping through the currents. They sailed under fields of gloomsweed and according to arkanuats looking down from the rails the roots were covered in blood. Thungi then called out “camp in the distance!” Ulfar removed his spy-glass from his pocket, while keeping a grip on the wheel. He would have a first mate to take over so he could use the spy-glass properly but considering his position he does not even have that. 

    But he could see the camp, it was full of female aleves wearing gold and red gear, their hair was white while also baring red streaks. But what shock him even more is that he spotted mutants among them. Aelves who slithered around like a snake, they did not have normal legs. If he was not wearing his helmet he would spit on the ground with disgust. He removed the spy-glass from his eye. “So these are the shadows….” Durak came flying down. “We should report to Admiral Barangor, those are aelves of Hagg Nar.” “No we are pressing on. I am taking us to firing range.” “Do you know what it means to attack them!?” “Of course I damn well know what it means! Our sky-port is trading with an aelf who allies herself with mutants!” The mixenmaster removed his helm “in times of war, allies must be aided unless to so would prove pointless. Waste no duardin blood on unguz throlt.” Ulfar fumed with rage, he shouted at the endrinrigger. “Artycle 4, point 5 of the code! You think I am wasting our blood!?” The mixenmasster, looked young. His blonde beard was not all that long either, he flinched at his outburst. “Be silent child! Our sky-port wastes our blood allying with a back-stabbing aelf that works with mutants!” Ulfar brought up spy-glass again, they should be approaching firing range. The humans they were coming to save are dead, their hearts torn out, their bodies hanging hooks from macabre statues belonging to their pitiful god. “Honour is everything…” he hissed. “It seems you have forgotten that Durak. They attacked our trade partners, they are our enemy. My rule is absolute on this ship...unless...” he removed the spy-glass from his eye he swept his gaze over the rest of the arkanauts. “All of you feel otherwise?” They said nothing, those not wearing their helmets looked grim. He could tell they agreed with him. 

    Thungi then shouted “we are in firing range!” Durak shook his head “there will be consequences!” “Then let them come, I will take the fall. Open fire!” The the aether weapons sounded, the rattling of carbines the whoosh of torpedoes. Durak did not stop looking at him even as the sounds of shrill aelf screams greeted both their ears. Ulfar looked Durak in the eyes. 

    “The Dammaz has been settled.” 

    Dammaz - Means Grudge. 

    Mehret - a combination of success, profit and experience. 

    Unguz throlt - a lost cause; lit “undrinkable batch.” When a error occurs brewing of alcohol and good ingredients are lost, it is regarded as a tragedy among duardin. 

    Musterpress - Captains arrive to observe the drills, and they may choose to recruit new crew members by purchasing contracts, often to fill the places that have become available through death or injury. Those selected join the Arkanaut companies will endure any number of rites and rituals sacred to their new fleet, ship or both. Those passed over after three musterpresses must instead settle for lesser positions, often on mining or fishing vessels, or as dockworkers. 



  1. Remus Prime
    Latest Entry

    The noble Gryph-Hounds have fought beside men and women of Sigmar for thousands of years.  Those that accompanied the General and were trapped outside Azyr were forever changed.  Beset by foes on all sides, the General made them stronger, awakening old blood within them.  They fed on the necrotic bats of Shyish, becoming something more.  Taking to the skies once more, and feeding on the blood of the living, hunters of darkness.

    Counts as fell bats!




  2.  The special weapons that the grund grundcorps are famous for costs a heafty price. Even due previous successfull jobs by the Rereksfjiord  company, they can only afford to equip a small force with mortars,  decksweepers and cannons, and as by the skyports tradition wearing ancient chain mail and shoulder pads for protection. 


  3. Here are my ideas for rules to a Krell/Mortarch Kit conversion I'm thinking of.
    What do you guys think? OP? or Okay?


  4. "My colleagues want to see concrete results before we can decide whether or not to renew our support to your enterprise. So you know what you have to do, your Lordship Somberheart..."
    — Moryelle, Loremistress and Eminent Emissary of the Eldritch Council of Azyrheim



    This aelf, who came directly to Port Stellis from Azyrheim, plays an important role in the city as an emissary of the Eldritch Council (she is at the moment the only member present in the free city). Although she is not a member the Conclave of Port Stellis, she attends their meetings as an esteemed consultant on magic and all things supernatural. A role that sometimes puts her in competition with the Astromancers' Guild and its Grand Master, Caius Lorentius.

    In addition to her role as emissary, Moryelle also works for the dreadlord Sicath Somberheart, commander of the Order Serpentis army currently stationed in Port Stellis. She officially assists him as an advisor and provides him with magical support. But what everyone (except Sicath) doesn't know is that Moryelle is a double agent. Although she is a member of the Eldritch Council of Azyrheim, her allegiance goes first to the Darkling Covens. She acts as the liaison agent between Sicath Somberheart and the sorcerers of the Covens. Her mission is to help Sicath and his knights of the Order Serpentis to regain their lost fiefdom in the north but also to monitor them and send reports to the Covens who are closely observing the situation.

    If Sicath succeeds in taking back his domain which is currently occupied by slaaneshi, then the Lord-sorcerers and the Queen-sorceresses of the Darkling Covens will begin a large-scale military campaign, with the help of the Order Serpentis, to reclaim all their lost territories in the realm of Ulgu.



    p1030745.jpg?w=150&h=169  p1030747.jpg?w=150&h=169  p1030748.jpg?w=150&h=169  p1030749.jpg?w=150&h=169


  5. It's done! I'm a very average painter but I'm happy with the level I've got my Sylvaneth to and this evening I got my last 5 Tree Revenants done for my Gnarlroot Wargrove to be ready for the christmas Bravery one British open :D



    Gnarlroot 1.jpg

    Gnarlroot 2.jpg

    Gnarlroot 3.jpg

    Gnarlroot 4.jpg

  6. During the Age of Might the Kingdom of Odentia in the Realm Of Death was a quiet fiefdom far removed from the main population clusters of the Realm.  The political power in the Kingdom centered around the Order Of The Bended Knee, a loose association of knights who controlled the local countryside from their scattered feudal holdings. The Order’s political power was buttressed by their role in the religious ancestor worship/veneration that dominated the cultural landscape of the kingdom. The populace held deep respect for their ancestral dead, raising the most honored of these deceased up to the devotional level of Saints, who were prayed to for guidance and spiritual intercession. The knights of the Order depicted themselves as temporal stewards of the Saints, carrying out their spiritual will and taking over the Saints’ martial protection of the kingdom. The most popular Saint in the devotional hierarchy was Saint Simeon, patron saint of penance. In the early history of the kingdom, Odentia was decimated by plague. As the community began to fall apart due to the impact of the epidemic, a young monk by the name of Simeon led a spiritual resurgence that focused on personal penance as the whole community looked to the saints for forgiveness from whatever sins had brought the great plague down upon them.  By leading communal ceremonies of confession and penance Simeon brought the fractured community together and helped them cope with the devastation that the disease was reeking throughout Odentia. As the plague eventually subsided Simeon was revered as a savior and quickly entered the canon of Saints when he died a few decades later. In the wake of Simeon’s death and canonization, the Order adopted him as their patron saint and linked his popularity to their political power. They took on the new role of spiritual guardians of the kingdom, as stewards of public penance and enforcers of communal worship.  


    This was the state of the Kingdom of Odentia when the forces of Chaos surged into the Realm during the Age Of Chaos.  As it was not one of the central kingdoms of the Realm, Odentia was not pivotal in the War Of Bones that saw Archaon invade the Realm Of Death and defeat Nagash. However, the tide of Chaos finally reached Odentia and the kingdom was besieged by the forces of the Dark Gods. The armies of the Everchosen overwhelmed the castles of the Order and ravaged the saintly monasteries that dotted the countryside of Odentia.  The Order fought gallantly to protect their charges but in the face of the Chaos legions they were decimated and the entire kingdom was set ablaze. Refugees from the settlements of old Odentia struggled for survival, scavenging for whatever food and resources they could find.  Slowly their humanity slipped away as they were forced to do unthinkable acts for mere subsistence. It began with stealing from each other and the consumption of domesticated animals like dogs and cats, but quickly escalated into grotesque scenes of cannabalism,    


    It was this depravity that drew the Carrion King to Odentia. Unwittingly freed from his prison by the legions of Archaon, the King came into Odentia and rallied its people against the forces of Chaos.  Gathering the remnants of the Order Of The Bended Knee and the rest of the kingdom’s refugees the King feed them his flesh and corrupting blood and the Kingdom of Odentia was reborn.  The derangement of the King swept through the minds of the Odentia refugees and forever altered their reality.  The refugees came to see the King as Saint Simeon reborn, come to them in their hour of need.  They had sinned and brought down a great punishment upon themselves but through Saint Simeon and the path of penance they could be atoned.  The Saint forgave them and through a holy communion with him gave them the spiritual strength to free their kingdom. With a renewed Order and the Saint at the lead the forces of Odentia fought back the wave of Chaos and began reestablishing their homeland.  The  Atonement War was long and bitter but with the power the Saint provided the forces of Chaos were expelled and Odentia was rechristened. In wake of the Atonement War Saint Simeon proclaimed that his work was done and that he was needed elsewhere.  He anointed the Knights Of The Order Of The Bended Knee as his spiritual successors and they drank deeply from his cup and were filled with his holy power.  He claimed that through them he would watch over Odentia and when they needed him most he would return and ensure the prosperity of the kingdom. Throughout the Age of Chaos the Order and their penitent knights keep the forces of Chaos at bay and carried on the legacy of the Saint.


    As the Age of Sigmar dawned Odentia was awash in optimism.  As the forces of Chaos receded, for the first time Odentia was not besieged on all sides.  The Order took it as a providential sign from Saint Simeon that a time of renewal was at hand.  They were being rewarded for their devotion and were the chosen, destined to lead all into the new glorious dawn.  Thus Lord Belisarius, Grand Master Of The Order Of The Bended Knee has called a Grand Penitent Crusade.  All the forces of Odentia, the military orders, the penitent flagellants and the devoted monks rally ready to spill forth from the boarders of Odentia and bring the truth and prosperity of Saint Simeon’s path to all those in the Realm of Death.         

    Welcome to my FEC work in progress.  Since AOS 2 hit I have decided to finally finish my FEC army. Above is my fluff and here is what I have completely painted so far.


    Here is Lord Alexius the Steady, Field Commander of the Order Of The Bended Knee. He is one of my Varghulfs Courtiers that I converted from the GW giant kit.





  7. Managed to get my admiral and her doppleganger cloak painted up as well as a good start on some of my arkanaut company. Happy with my paint scheme though.










  8. Painting the Celesta Ballista easy to build kit now. Going to have two of these including the one from the Soul Wars box- they're slightly different designs so should look good sitting next to each other on the table!







  9. Battleplan: Knife to the Heart

    Armies: Beasclaw vs IronjawsIMAG3928.jpg.5c3fb7e86decce3e11d3e40b672d9d75.jpg
    Points: 2000
    1 Megaboss on Maw-Krusha (Ethereal Amulet)
    1 Megaboss
    1 Grot Shaman
    10 Brutes
    5 Brutes
    3 Gore Gruntas
    10 Ardboys
    10 Ardboys
    +Redtooth and Brutefist or something battalions and Maw endless spell

    Beastclaw Raiders:
    Allegiance: Beastclaw Raiders (Shyish)
    Frostlord on Stonehorn (420)
    - Artefact: Ethereal Amulet
    Huskard on Thundertusk (360)
    - General
    - Trait: Everwinter's Master
    - Pelt of Charngar
    4 x Mournfang Pack (320)
    - Gargant Hackers
    2 x Mournfang Pack (160)
    - Gargant Hackers
    3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140)
    3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140)
    2 x Mournfang Pack (160)
    2 x Frost Sabres (40)
    Braggoth's Beast Hammer (230)

    Total: 1970 / 2000

    Pre-battle strategy: Opponent left 20xArdboys and 5 Brutes to his objective and other units to the right. Seeing I had no chance to break through that 55 wound Save 4+ wall even with ALL my army attacking it, I went for minor victory. Put 2 non-battalion mournfangs to the left to bait the Brutes to charge and then counter charge and attack from the wings.

    1st ROUND
    Beastclaw:  had to go first. Did not do much, just moved some inches and used Huskard's bird.

    Ironjaws:  Shaman Mystic Shielded Brutes and moved to the right with Gruntas, Brutes and both Megabosses. Others just huddled around the objective.

    2nd ROUND
    Ironjaws: I won the initiative roll, but Beastclaw is too slow to get to charge range, so I gave initiative to orruks. Brutes, Gruntas and Megabosses moved forward, Brutes and Gruntas were close enough to make the charges. Brutes charged my two non-battalion Mournfang and blocked the from Gruntas. Brutes attacked, two guys with special weapons killed both Mournfang with ease. Brutes reroll all misses against Beastclaw.

    Beastclaw: Didn't get to re-roll wounds, moved 3" instead. Used a bird against Maw-Krusha, Huskard iced 1 Grunta - actually I wanted to kill Brutes, but just said the wrong unit name...

    Moved Frostsabres to block Grunta move to objective,

    2 Mournfangs and 3 Beastclaw Gruntas charged Brutes, Frostlord charged Maw-Krusha, did 5 mortal wounds. Frostlord attacked, could not kill Maw-Krusha, regardless of +1 to hit and re-rolling 1s to wound. But finally killed him thanks to battalion one time power to attack once more.

    Brutes killed Mournfangs and wounded Gruntas. Megabosses attacked Frostlord, almost killed him due to my rolling seven 1s and two 2s. Great...

    My Gruntas kill two Brutes.

    3rd ROUND
    Ironjaws: Didn't win priority. Ironjaws killed one Grunta with Maw endless spell, which left a hole for Brutes, who retreated to my objective and had more models than me around it, so MAJOR LOSS for Beastclaw.

    SUMMARY: Cannot really see how to win that battle plan with Beastclaw. Just not enough bodies and not enough damage output. Maybe just stay arounf my own objective and hope for kill points.

    My clear mistake was leaveng the hole for Brutes to retreat. Even 1 model would have blocked it, but my Huskard was just a bit too far away. Also half of my army was too far away and could not keep pace with Ironjaws - I know it sounds weird, but Beastclaw is not really fast army. 9 inch move is nice, but no boosting whatsoever, Ironjaws clearly outpaced them and in last game the Breyherd did the same.

    I think next time I might try to exchange Huskard and cats against second Frostlord. Or Troggoth Hag.


    We decided to play the variant of the ritual battleplan that was played out a couple of times in White Dwarf this year, where the Aelves are stealing souls from one of Nagash’s Soul Siphon’s. Unfortunately I don’t have a game board like the one they used at Warhammer World so instead I used the ‘chained stones’ objective thing from the recent objectives set and placed it on top of a hill.

    The IDK started and the Leviadon headed for the centre of the board with the Soulscryer and 2 Tidecasters using him as cover. With the potential threat of units that had been set up in reserve popping up behind the Aelven battle lines, Volturnous and a unit of 6 Morsarr stayed behind. On the right flank a unit of 30 thralls and an Allopex advanced towards the opposing black coach.

    Nighhaunt began their turn by casting the Purple Sun and Quicksilver Swords and they headed down the centre of the battlefield. Lady Olynder and the chainrasp entered the fray and the ghostly horde descended upon the Idoneth.

    The ethereals decided to go first in battle round 2 and had to endure the Purple Sun crashing in to the Chainrasp horde who were locked in combat with some Namarti  Reavers after a very lucky charge roll. This didn’t prevent the Aelves being wiped out in the preceding combat though. Olynder, Reiknor and the Black Coach went out wide to the left and after magic and yet another high charge roll easily wiped out the Shark.

    In their turn the Aelves responded with charges of their own despite it being so close to high tide. The Morsarr demolished the chainrasp whilst on the other flank the Thralls formed a meat shield for the soulscryer who was about to start his ritual. Magic had seen the unbinding of the dreaded Purple Sun as well as the death of the final Glaivewraith who had dared to charge the Leviadon. This left the giant turtle open to charge in to a tomb banshee and form another barrier to allow the ritual to take place.

    The Aelves won initiative in round 3 and opted to go first, everywhere the quicksilver swords went the emerald lifeswarm followed ensuring the Soulscryers’ safety. The ritual began and immediately 7 souls were stolen. The ensuing combat saw the Idoneth go first and again do a lot of damage as several units were wiped out.

    Another 7 souls were stolen at the beginning of the Nighthaunt’s turn and things were looking bleak for them as they had been decimated. However there was still hope on the left flank where Olynder, the Grimhailer and a black coach were still lurking – plus a gap had opened up where the Thralls had been gradually whittled away. It was now or never as the Black Coach hurtled towards the exposed Scryer. Yet again a 10 was rolled and this meant he could fight in the charge phase where a double 6 saw him defeat the Aelven priest and win the game.







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  11. All models now assembled it was time to put splash a little colour all over them.

    I had some idea of what I wanted but I asked around, as I am very unsure when it comes to colour choice and colour scheme, and this can cause pauses in painting that last years or the thread never gets picked up again, because i can't decide what colour the sash should be or how to highlight from the base colour I've sploshed on. If I can cut out this indecision and consternation before I even pick up a brush perhaps it will help me finish a project, which is a mission statement of this blog. To get me over the finishing line.

    So I had some options I put out there for opinions, and finally went for a Dark, British Racing Green with White accent and Gold spot color. I would do all weapon hafts purple, extra robes, belts etc black. Weapons Leadbelcher to Stormhost silver. The Soul Grenades I haven't decided whether to do Blue glass or Fiery red to show they are explosives, so I will do a mixture of the two and see which I prefer.

    The model I had converted most heavily was were I would test my scheme because I had invested the most ambition into this model my motivation was at its highest.

    The model is a Sequitor (Sequitor Prime?) that I swapped a Blood Angel head onto, chopped the hand off, replacing it with the Darkoath Chieftan's Silver Tower, trophy Tzaangor hand, doing a rough green stuff fur/hair to hand but I'm not very good with green stuff, hopefully you can't see the join.


    I'm not sure the black with blue sash, works, I went for an Ash Blond hair on this model, but think I'll do Black, grey on others. Made a wash from Fenris grey for the white robes but think I went too blue so tried to rescue it later.

    This after trying to plan my paints before starting model to prevent exactly this happening, but I guess I minimized these sorts of hurdles for myself by planning in advance.

    Not great photography, sorry.


    I attemped to go Blue Lightning tribal tattoos on his check bones, but I think he looked better without them. I do not know how to paint the Soul Grenade vails, I used the technique for space marine lenses but i think I'll have try something else and perhaps Blue on the next model. And I'm ****** at horns.

  12. When allies fled left Chaos to roam,
    and evil pillages farm and home.
    When cries of aid met deafened ears,
    our people suffered dire years.

    'Twas then when our need was most,
    when hounded by the endless host.
    Our forebears sought to hide below,
    Through paths they could not truly know.

    'Neath darkest hold and hidden forts,
    through halls of stone that came to naught.
    Past seams of golds and jewels of wonder,
    lies the darkness of the Under.

    Vast halls echo empty across the Realms, a mere relic of times long since passed where stories are still told of vast carriages of gold that left the mountains to flourishing civilisations of Man and Aelf. The oldest still remember the days of the Duardin might across every realm, vast bastions of strength and wealth that formed the bulwark against the tides of Chaos in the early days of invasion that Sigmar might pull back all those unable to defend themselves behind the walls of Azyr. These mighty halls became islands of civilisation in a sea of chaos and death, and for a time their great stone walls repelled all who sought to pillage those that lay within. Yet as months dragged on to years the duardin within began to realise their part in Sigmars great plan, with his gates now sealed they had simply been discarded, a neccessary loss in a war that was only in its opening days. 

    In Ghyran the besieged Duardin of the Mender Conformation turned to their ancient crafts to tunnel beyond their isolation, with chaos on all sides they began to dig deep through the realmplate. So dire was their need that vast seams of gold and jewels were ignored, every man woman and child wielding pick for every moment of their waking life. As supplies began to run low, the hope of ever emerging from the great work began to dwindle, yet seemingly failure encroached on their task the mountains rewarded the perseverance. The Menders emerged in the darkness beneath the realmplate, a vast and empty madness that even the stars dare not stare upon shielded from the light of Hysh by the vast realm of Ghyran above this desolate landscape stretched seemingly endlessly onwards as little reward for a lifetime of labour.

    The only life that flourished in this deep and unrelenting emptiness came at the Hub, a massive mountainous spire jutting down from the Realmplate above, here seems of the Realm stones that invigorated the lands above allowed some small trace of green and life by way of a nourishing fungus to perservere even in the Under. The Menders set to task building their new home here hidden from the realm above, the Hub becoming a network of vast new holds as they sought to cultivate the fungus to feed what remained of their populace and for a time they were sated.

    In time the Menders sought to revisit the vast network that has lead them from their holds above, finding that years spent staring into the vast emptiness of the Under has robbed them of any joys the gold and jewels once bestowed. Yet deep within their heart the Duardin greed still lingered, hungering for something they could as of yet not truly understand, they turned their hands to task and made the seams of metal into a vast array of tunnelling machinery to widen the chasms through which they had made their escape. It was only as they emerged, the searing sun now offensive to their very eyes and bleached skin, turning their gaze to the changed world around them that they truly understood that which they craved. In a world where wealth was in an abundance it had lost all value, the only thing of true value was life itself, it was a currency without comparison and valued beyond even the rarest of jewels.

    The Menders looked upon the realms abandoned by Sigmar, upon those who had been felled on the field of battle and tried to save the wounded that were not beyond their talents. Those who could not be saved on the field of battle were instead taken to the vast depths below that they might be worked on hidden from the eyes of the Hosts of Chaos.


    Key Characteristics:
    Pressure Suits
    Sunshield visors
    Medical Gear
    Axes for amputation instead of Mining Picks
    Mechanical Arachnid mining constructs

  13. Hans Sturm was an armsman in the service of House Reike-Woerlitz, long before the present day- back when the Horse and Rivers still flew proudly over Ghyran, more than five centuries ago. He struggled long and hard in the service of his patrons, rising to be second-in-command of the Household Guard, the elite musketeers tasked with the family's defense.  These were the waning years of a time of peace, though there was always a brushfire conflict flaring up somewhere- be it a nest of bandits that needed to be cleared out or feral raiders from the deeper, darker corners of the Realm. Thus when the end came neither Hans nor the Household Guard were caught entirely unprepared. It wasn't enough, though. It was never enough.
    Hordes of invaders smashed the towns and keeps of the Horse and Rivers, and themselves, bloody, sending waves of refugees fleeing somewhere, anywhere, looking for safety. By and large, these desperate souls collected at the fortress of Eisenstulpe, ancient refuge of the Woerlitz clan and one of the few points with an intact port capable of transporting the desperate fleeing masses to Azyr. Hot on their heels came the legions of the enemy- marauders, cultists, demons, and a vast, choking wave of those who'd fallen before. 
    Marching at the invaders' head was Fritz Grauber, formerly first in command of the Household Guard, fallen in the opening battles of the war and raised again as Nurgle's pestilential servant. They encircled the fortress, trapping thousands inside its iron chambers with a rapidly dwindling supply of food. Among those trapped were Hans, the Household Guard, and their lord, Frederick Reike-Woerlitz. Fortunately, there was good news- a relief flotilla was sailing its way up towards Eisenstulpe, one capable of transporting all the refugees to safety.
    The fortress was carved into a mountain, with the majority buried underground. Only two ways in or out existed- one, the River Gate, which had been sealed and flooded at the beginning of the war. Even if Nurgle's servants could swim, they couldn't pierce through and enter. Two, the High Gate, which was set halfway up the mountain, at the top of a winding road, defended by a bastion. It was here that the armies of the Plague God directed their scabrous attentions first.
    Again and again, the defenders beat them back with ranged-in artillery, until they ran out of shells to fire. When that happened, they lobbed barrels of flaming oil in a crude catapult, until it was destroyed by vile Nurglish sorcery. Then the Household Guard proved their worth, standing their ground for three whole days and defending themselves nearly constantly with nothing but powder, shot and faith in Sigmar. Finally, though, their supplies of ammunition began to run low. Worse, in the final attack, Lord Frederick was badly wounded. Hans ordered him withdrawn inside the fortress, and took on the burden of keeping up the men's morale himself.
    Traveling constantly up and down the lines, never stopping to rest, he encouraged them to stand just a little longer, saying that the relief fleet couldn't be more than a few hours or a day away. In the last attack, when the Guard finally ran out of bullets, he was at the front and had to be dragged by his men back inside the High Gate proper when the walls of the bastion were breached. Even there, he could be found in the thick of the hand-to-hand fighting, turning the tide wherever it seemed that the elite soldiers might be giving ground. At last, the poxy swarms fell back, giving the Guard a moment to breathe.
    It was not to be enough, he realized. Faith and valor had carried the Guard this far, but only at the expense of two-thirds of their number and all of their bullets. And there were still legions upon legions of the enemy massing for their next strike. There was one more barrel of powder left, and Hans knew what must be done. Ordering the rest of the Guard to retreat inside the fortress itself and to hold until death, he sat down at the narrowest point of the High Gate passage and played his fife.  It was not long before the awful clatter of the demon-horde approaching reached his ears, and his old commander came walking up at the head of a parade of plaguebearers.
    "So confident?" Fritz's face had mostly sloughed away, and his remaining flesh was riddled with decay. "Or have you finally known what despair is? No matter. You will know the Plaguefather's touch when he crushes your people beneath him."
    "I did not come here to despair, nor to be defeated." Hans drew a pistol from his belt. "Today I will show you what it means to be a true Freisoldat."
    At that moment Fritz saw the barrel of explosive powder set up against a support column, but before he could do or say anything Hans had fired. The explosion shook the chamber, but not so much as the tons of rock that fell from the collapsing ceiling. The dull Nurglish daemons barely had time to comprehend their doom before it was upon them, and they were buried under the vengeful mountain.
    It was not long afterwards that the Reike-Woerlitz flotilla reached the River Gate, and by means of secret signs made itself known to the defenders. The refugees were saved, snatched out of the claws of the Poxed God by the bravery of one man. Today, there is a statue of him standing in front of the Reike-Woerlitz estate in Azyr. More than this, though, he has been reforged and reborn- a truly noble spirit, an iron warrior of Sigmar.
    The storytellers call Brother Hans the Iron Warrior, the Unflinching, the Defiant, the Hero of Eisenstulpe, the Venerated, the Resolute, the Exemplar.
  14. Building a Skaven List

    Clan Pestilens


    The only Skaven clan with a “battletome” (it doesn’t feature any of the stuff modern tomes do, only warscrolls and a small handful of battalions, you need the General’s Handbook for the rest), Clan Pestilens were one of the first armies in the game to receive a book and their line repackaged into the new boxes with round bases and so on. Pestilens takes the existing theme of Skaven being mostly high damage, low durability and escalates it severely. Everything in the book is a melee powerhouse but lacks any form of self-defence.


    What Makes the Perfect Virus

    Plague Monks. Everything about this army hinges on and builds around it’s most numerous battleline option. The army features a whole SEVEN warscrolls (people with other armies will think this is a joke, but only Clan Skryre has more options than Pestilens), and all of these bar one are either Plague Monks, or something that makes Plague Monks more useful. It’s unsurprising that the exception, the Plagueclaw, is awful and almost never sees use. Plague Furnace and Plague Priests have access to prayers that buff Pestilens units, or debuff the enemy to make your army more effective at harming them. These prayers are also integrated into the army’s allegiance abilities in a key way.


    Allegiance to the Great Corruptor

    Pestilens have 2 allegiance abilities, one is extraordinarily simple and the other is somewhat more complex. Strength in Numbers gives 2 bravery for every 10 models in a unit instead of 1, which makes I far more viable to take 40 stacks of Plague Monks. Echoes of the Great Plagues is where the thinking comes in. Every natural roll of a 6 when praying allows a once per turn use of one of a selection of super plagues. Bar one, all of the Great Plagues hit the nearest target within 13 inches and have devastating effects like body blows of mortal wounds or even making enemies pile into each other. As your army will usually feature a stack of priests who will all be praying their maximum amount every turn, the odds of receiving these are good.


    MC Corruptor, Straight outta Ulgu

    Malign Sorcery gave us new artefact tables to draw from, and these come in handy as only 2 of the Pestilens artefacts (Liber Bubonicus and Vexler’s Shroud) are useful. My personal favourite is the Sword of Judgement from Ulgu, which causes d6 mortal wounds on every hit roll of a 6 or more, which single-handedly makes the Verminlord Corruptor the best Hero/Behemoth hunter in the game. Play around with these tables and find what suits you best. Ghur and Ghyran have some gems as well.


    Unfurling the Plague Scroll

    Given I’ve actually played well over 100 games with Clan Pestilens and started playing AoS with them, I feel somewhat confident in writing an example list. Over the course of my time in the NZ scene, I meant from 5 Major Defeats with this army to maintaining a win-rate of 3/5 games or better. While most wouldn’t consider this an impressive brag by any stretch, I feel it’s pretty good in a meta that mostly only features the battletome armies.


    Allegiance: Pestilens
    Mortal Realm: Ulgu

    Verminlord Corruptor (220)
    - Trait: Master of Rot and Ruin
    - Artefact: Sword of Judgement
    Plaguesmog Furnace (180)
    Plague Furnace
    - Artefact: Liber Bubonicus
    Congregation Furnace (180)
    Plague Furnace
    - Artefact: Doppelganger Cloak
    Plague Priest with Plague Censer (80)
    Plague Priest with Plague Censer (80)

    5 x Plague Censer Bearers (60)
    5 x Plague Censer Bearers (60)
    40 x Plague Monks (240)
    Foetid Blades
    10 x Plague Monks (70)
    Foetid Blades
    10 x Plague Monks (70)
    Foetid Blades
    10 x Plague Monks (70)
    Foetid Blades
    10 x Plague Monks (70)
    Foetid Blades
    10 x Plague Monks (70)
    Foetid Blades

    10 x Gutter Runners (120)
    10 x Gutter Runners (120)

    Congregation of Filth (170)
    Plaguesmog Congregation (140)

    Total: 2000 / 2000
    Extra Command Points: 2
    Allies: 240 / 400
    Wounds: 166

    Plan here is simple. Charge the enemy with the 40-man unit of Plague Monks with both the Bless with Filth and Rabid Fever buffs active. This unit will likely die to counter charges, but the active buffs will ensure it takes well over its own point cost with it. This is followed up in the next turn by both Furnaces hitting the enemy. Both will get full chance to fight as the one activated second has Doppelganger’s Cloak and so can’t be fought till it’s activated. The small units of Plague Monks and the Censer Bearers are there to follow up aggression and take objectives, and the Gutter Runners coming on behind the enemy force them to split their deployment, so they can’t present 100% of their defence against the front charge.

    I myself have ran this list several times and can confirm it will have no trouble taking down combat armies, but has trouble against heavy magic lists. To counteract this, utilize Gutter Runners to harass backfield mages and split the enemy’s focus. Don’t forget to remember the Plague Monk’s once per game activations and the radiant mortal wounds on the censers and furnaces. Go forth, and embrace the 3/2 glory that only an army getting absolutely murdered by Tzeentch can know.

  15. Thundercake
    Latest Entry

    Yorn and his men were not used to doing things gently. That's how the old man had ended down on his knees in the mud. These folk were reluctant to serve aboard the Iron Fist.  While it offered relative safety, compared to their village, their conscription did not include passage for their families. And with the strongest of them gone, they stood even less of a chance against raiders than before. The old man knew that and had resisted Lucius's guard pulling his son forward.

    And now here they were. A mob of villagers, who ire was quickly rising, shouting and spitting at Yorn's men. He didn't want it to come to blades. If that happened, the conscripts would be relegated to cog pits, scarcely better than slaver laborers. Suddenly, a handful of rotten vegetables hit on of Yorn's men square in the breastplate. The infantry man dropped the torch he was carrying and drew his sword. 

    Have the first 5 of the heavy infantry mostly done. Still waiting on power swords. I also found out that  Marauder Horsemen shields and Ironbreaker shields are the same size in diameter and circumference. Marauder Horsemen shields are a little thicker and I felt that their detail matched these gus better than Ironbreaker shields. Not totally pleased with the stance of these guys, turns out Scion legs and arms are a little static. Looking back, I probably would use Gor arms instead and leave them unarmored, since I have those laying around. Oh well, too late now!

    The next five will include the banner and musician. The damn champion may look like more of a general than the converted commissar in the last blog post.


  16. I started on my first unit of Prosecutors and it occurred to me that they may have a serious issue in the new rules.

    From Units:

    "A unit must be set up and finish any sort of move as a single group, with all models within 1" horizontally, and 6" vertically, of at least one other model from their unit."

    From Measuring Distances:

    "Distances in Warhammer Age of Sigmar are measured in inches ("), between the closest points of the bases of the models you’re measuring to and from. If a model does not have a base, measure to and from the closest point of that model instead."

    If I'm reading the two correctly then when measuring the distance between models in a unit then one measures from the bases. Prosecutors, as part of the first wave of AoS design when everything was measured from points on the model have those huge wings. I did some measuring and dry fitting and unless you make a conga line it is very difficult to get them into unit cohesion. Not impossible, but annoying enough to be a hassle and delay play while trying to ensure you don't have an accidental split unit and lose models at the end of the turn as a result.

    Simplest solution I could think of was to elevate the Prosecutor-Prime. He's the central figure for the unit so I figured it would stagger the models enough vertically to get them coherent in most orientations. One piece of cork later:


    I'll cover the whole thing with crackle paste to make it look like sort of outcrop. I know the "cool" thing to do is give the Stormsurge Trident to the Prosecutor-Prime so I very carefully drilled into the spear handle and the trident head:

    rAyZN4xm.jpg   VAIsmsJm.jpg?1

  17. I wasn't happy with the Summoning cards I made for Nurgle initially, but was lacking any inspiration.

    With AoS 2.0 and the flood rewroked Summoning abilities, I made cards, because getting the abilities updated was time consuming enough.

    As I'm reworking the old cards into the new layout (see Realms of Battle, Core Set and Artefacts of the Realms as of right now), and the old cards are still up to date, I can take some time.


    So here's the first mockup for the general style and functionality (see attachment for download).



    Fix them together with a rivet, a spare X-Wing dial rivet or these clips (no idea how they are called, we use them in Germany for cheap delivery (no glue, post office needs to be able to open the envelopes):


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    • 123

    Recent Entries

    I have been piecing together some units whilst playing Path of Glory at my LGS, so far so good, my spare skeletons seem to mesh well with the old Glade Guard models.


    I wanted a Necromancer and the Wayfinder just had that look about him, i removed his bow and quiver, fitted him with a spare banner pole that has been trimmed down and i will be adding some skulls and extra fetishes to complete the look.

    Image may contain: food

    Blood Knights are being represented by Sisters of the Thorn with Wild Rider weapons and helmets, this gives them a decently armour look without losing the elfness.

    i managed to get a lucky bag on ebay which contained about 40 Glade guard and 6 glade riders (but no horses) the riders are perfect for making Black Knights in the same theme as my warriors and thankfully the glade guard had a hand full of swords so i have enough for 20 skeleton warriors with swords and boards.

    No automatic alt text available.

    Lots more chopping to do, but hopefully i will have these put together and base coated soon enough!


  18. Lord Panther
    Latest Entry

    It's the middle of winter down here so it's been hard to find time to get some good images but here is some of my progress. I've finished up a Navigator to help get rid of all those pesky new spells and a Knight Venator to ally in. I'm also pretty close to finishing a Gunhauler. I want to attend a tourney in October with my Kharadron so I'm gonna try get them up to 2k. That will probably mean getting my Ironclad done and another unit of Arkanauts to get my third battleline (the biggest disappoint for me in GH18 was that they didn't make another unit conditional battleline, purely from a collection point of view, having to run three identical units is lame). 









    There has also been the little matter of Soul Wars so I have started painting up a ghost army as well. It's fun painting something a completely different style.




    EDIT: Better photos








  19. Okay, I did a little building again for my maidenguard

    Actually I build 2x10 Maiden Defenders (didn't glued the Shields yet)


    A Handmaiden on Steed


    And 2 Maiden Chariots (not glued yet, because I brush the deers normally after shading)


    Even when not using the fan made Battletome it gives me more variation because the Maiden Defenders (Bleakswords) are Battleline and I can build an Order army with combined with the reavers.

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    Recent Entries

    “I am the way into the city of woe,
    I am the way into eternal pain,
    I am the way to go among the lost.

    Justice caused my high architect to move,
    Divine omnipotence created me,
    The highest wisdom, and the primal love.

    Before me there were no created things
    But those that last forever—as do I.
    Abandon all hope you who enter here.” 

     Dante Alighieri, Inferno

    Is it pretentious to begin a journal entry with a literary quote?  Perhaps, but it seems apt here.  This is not my first attempt at an online modelling diary, but hopefully it will be my first successful one. With success being measured in regular content and set goals being achieved. Not much to ask for is it?  This journal aims to be a record of my latest migration geographically, on a whole new bandwagon. A rambling tale of my travels into a new gaming community, through a new edition with a whole new army. Let's not abandon all hope...

    I am a life long wargamer.  I started the Hobby back in the glory days of 2nd edition 40k, Necromunda, Bloodbowl and square bases. Through the years I have jumped from system to system, faction to faction, made friends, lost them. I found love, built a new family, rebuilt an old one and have grown through all the troubles of life to hopefully be a better human. Through it all, games have provided a creative outlet, a meditative space for a innocent joy that you only knew as a child. This whimsical fantasy world where you leave behind the here and now and travel to spaces that only you know how to find.  Spaces where you laugh through your nose, suspend your disbelieve and explore the purely imaginative.  That is what I love about games.  But that is enough of that, for now... 

    So what filthy bandwagon are we riding?  Well change begets change, and the Changer of Ways has been beating at the edge of my reality.  And I have relented, following the way into the city of woe.  I wanted to jump into DoT since the Battletome dropped, the models are stunning, the colours a riot and they really do fit into the high fantasy setting of AoS easily, unlike my feather toting puffy pants enthusiasts.  But I was put off, mainly due to just how over the top they were rules wise.  I consider it very important to not only play for your own enjoyment but for your opponents as well.  And rolling up to an event with a wheel of cheddar always made me think twice.  Don't get me wrong, I like to play hard when I do but it is always more palatable for your opponent when it is the cheese less travelled.

    So Tzeentch.  When I think of Tzeentch I see bright colours, noise, wild shapes and impossible architecture.  Escher style illusions and Dali visions of time.  I see madness and it is glorious.  I feel that this imagery is captured really well in the current GW DoT range.  So the irony that as a hobbyist you do not have to be imaginative to capture this most imaginative of forces is not lost me.

    My test scheme for my horrors is below. The pink horror model from the Silvertower is such a lovely model. Simple, yet wild, the asymmetry is a riot. Love it.  As to the scheme I worked up from a white base, airbrushing first a deep purple and then working up to a light pink. This was then finished with a 2:1 pink:bone mix. I felt the bone just humbled the pink down, made it a bit more real.  Gold was done with Liquid Gold, which I will never use again, such a pain in the ******. Simple silver, kept dull and contrasting electric blues with the occasional orange splash.  It is  a typical GW scheme but it really works well. I'm very happy with how it turned out and the process was quite quick. Although the eyes need work, not enough going on there I think. 

    The marble base was my first attempt at green marble. It came up ok. I worked up from a black base with a range of greys finishing to white. I then applied a green glazes over the top with a gloss varnish finish.  It only occurred to me after the fact that I should have done the gloss first and then applied the glazes as you really need a smooth surface to glaze over.  Currently the base looks like it has a rough texture, because it does... So in future I will apply several coats of gloss to fill in the texture and hopefully that will achieve a more glassy texture.

    For my acolytes I wanted to capture the progression of mutation in the skin tone.  I started with a pale grey base and progressively worked up to a pallid flesh tone. I then added pink tones to the feet and a 'birth mark' style banding across the shoulder and back. I future I think will try and do this with more of a leopard print pattern and pink glazes rather than the using the airbrush.  My accuracy with 'the beast' is not that great yet and taping up is time consuming so I'll try and avoid that. I do like how he turned out however. I feel there is enough of a contrast with the daemon portion of the army but still enough uniformity to gel well with the army as a whole. 

    I will be attending a MOAB this year.  A long running event held in Sydney on the 29th September.  This sets a pretty punishing pace for me but I work well to deadlines, in fact I need deadlines.  My list is not yet set but from initial musings it will include...

    • The Cursling
    • Gaunt Summoner
    • Tzaangor Shaman
    • Ogroid Thaumaturge
    • 30 Tzaangor
    • 2 units of Acolytes
    • Enlightened on Discs
    • Skyfires
    • Summoned models

    I really want to find room for a Fatemaster, not commonly seen, his CA is rubbish but a fast cheap hero with a 2+/4++ the right relic and maybe some screamers to babysit him might play well in more than a few scenarios.  Considering the event is about 10 weeks away that puts me putting out at a unit a week, plus display board and practice games. Balls to the wall!

    If you got this far, thanks for the read. I hope you enjoyed it and I will be back with updates as soon as models get churned out. 





  20. This blog by request, we'll be covering Stoneklaw's Gutstompas, an allegiance ability available in the Firestorm book. This isn't too undercover of a choice, it's popped up in the AOS 6 Nations tournament and it's gaining traction, so now would be the perfect time to hammer out a write up.

    Why Gutstompa's?

    So this allegiance's requirements are a lot less stringent than all the others. It basically allows all of the old warhammer fantasy Orks and Goblins, as well as the new Ironjawz and the Giant mixed in. So if you happened to build a Spiderfang army when the skirmish box came out, bought a lot of the Greenskinz Start Collecting or are jumping on the Moonclan HYPETRAIN and need something to transtition into once they nerf you into the floor, here is the place to be. Let's see what it offers.


    Confusion. What on earth are these strategems? What do they mean? Well think of these as two randomized allegiance abilities for your army (You had none beforehand and this costs nothing, so random is hardly a downside) that you roll for before each game. Here's a list of the stratagems.


    Some of these aren't amazing, and that's fair. Some of these are completely insane. ESPECIALLY considering the one that gives you a free unit back doesn't cost reinforcement points like it did when this was written. But how best to make a list that makes adequate use of these traits while not being directly tailored to them to compensate for randomosity? Let's take a swing.



    Allegiance: Stoneklaw's Gutstompas

    Orruk Warboss (140)
    - Great Waaagh Banner
    Grot Warboss (100)
    - Git Cuttas
    Arachnarok Spider With Grot Shaman (280)
    - General
    - Trait: Bellowing Tyrant

    40 x Orruks (280)
    - Pair of Choppas
    40 x Orruks (280)
    - Pair of Choppas
    60 x Moonclan Grots (360)
    - Stabbas & Moon Shields

    5 x Grot Spider Riders (100)
    5 x Grot Spider Riders (100)
    5 x Grot Spider Riders (100)

    War Machines
    Grot Spear Chukka (120)
    Grot Spear Chukka (120)

    Total: 1980 / 2000
    Extra Command Points: 0
    Allies: 0 / 400
    Wounds: 208
    Ok so I definitely went in with the Moonclan combo where you double the damage of a Moonclan unit, because it's good and I'd be a fool not to. Backing that up are two max size units of Orruks to form a decent shield wall while the spider riders and their Arachnarok swarm objectives and push elite infantry off them with their mortal wound output. The three characters synergize well with the unit options taken, and the two artillery choices are great at taking out enemy heroes (great for Duality of Death).
    Let me know what you think and what you'd like to see next.