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  • Eevika

    The Hag!

    By Eevika

    The Troggoth Hag is definitely a piece I believe every Troggoth army needs. It's amazing as a model and amazing on the table. I rarely do such detailed eyes and faces but when working on a model that is the centrepiece of your army you want to spend some extra time just to make it special. This is surely the best work I have ever done on a models face and I think there is just a lot of character and emotion on the model.  My smaller Troggoths are just green and blue but for this model I felt like it really needed another color to make it pop more so I asked some people what would be best and after many recommendations I decided to go for a nice bright orange and I think it really fits nicely. This picture also shows well the addition of mushrooms all over the model. Even though my Troggoth army is based on swamp themed bases with lots of water effects the mushrooms really tie it to my Grots and Squigs that are based on more rocky bases but with lots of mushrooms. The base on this model was definitely one of the most fun parts of the process of creating it. Here we see a detail shot of the base with the small Free Guild soldier hiding from the lumbering Hag. I love the base I did here. The water effects came out nicely and the base that comes with the Hag looks really nice after I added all kinds of fun stuff like mushrooms and skulls to it.  

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  1. Today a friend and I headed off to warhammer world to test out my initial rules for the Ironweld Arsenal, it was my first proper chance to test the army outside of crude number crafting and math hammering in a vacuum to look at how it could perform in a realworld (fantasy world) scenario. With my opponent new to the freshly released Flesheater Courts it was the ideal opportunity to test the strength of the tome against a modern, competitive and decent build Battletome with each force deploying a variety of units without angling to tournament or overly competitive builds.

    To begin with here is my army list, comprised of literally what I have assembled thus far:



    Allegiance: Ironweld Arsenal
    House Allegiance: Midnight City


    The Midnight Aspirant (220)

    Ironsworn Templar (260)
    Command Trait: Artisan Engineer (May repair friendly Cogwork units as though an Engineer)
    Masterwork Design: Attentuated Protector Valves (May deal mortal wounds to enemies nearby at the start of the combat phase)
    Heraldry of the Midnight City

    Master of Shot (80)

    Command Trait: Leader of Men (Second character granted a command trait from city of midnight allegiance)

    Ironduke Coghauler (300)
    Artificer Cogwork: Ironbark Bulwark (ignores the first point of rend)
    Heraldry of the Midnight City


    Weld Militia x 10 (90)

    Weld Riflemen x 20 (200)

    Weld Phalanx x 10 (100)


    Cogstrider Lancers (120)
    Heraldry of the Midnight City


    Ironweld Helblaster Volleygun (120)


    My opponent ran a variety of lists throughout the day, mostly centred around 2 blocks of 20 man Ghouls, a pair of Ghoul Kings (terrorgeist and zombie dragon respectively) and an Arch Regent. In various builds there were either Horrors or Flayers in the list, and often it involved summoning in a Vargulf Courtier.

    GAME 1 - 
    In the first game three objectives were deployed on the battlefield, one to the centre and one in each of the deployment zone. In fluff this was little more than a border skirmish as the Weld began to encroach onto the barren lands ravaged by the Courts and provided a good framework for us to test our initial forces out without heavy objectives weighig over us. 

    Having lost both the deployment roll and moved into taking the first turn I had little to do other than inch up the battlefield, utterly failing with the long rifles both on the Steam Tank and Master of Shot (A pattern throughout the day, neither did a thing across 18 turns in 4 games). With my turn over the flesh eaters tore across the battlefield, out of range to charge but able to deal a good number of mortal wounds from both the flayers and the terrorgeists to punish the low  bravery of my Weld Guard and Labourers.

    With the tides of Ghouls now supported by advancing horrors I commited far too much of my force to blocking down his larger units, committing firepower to levelling some horrors and ghouls but struggling with his multiple saves (Armour, Unnatural resilience (spell), bonus death save)), as I lacked mortal wound output it really began to show here, with the Rifles hitting and wounding on 4's a mere quarter actually delivered wounds with my opponent able to wittle down 200 points of shooting down to a mere one or two damage I began to feel that perhaps I had made mistakes in the unit design.

    The Weld Phalanx ability to inflict defensive mortal wounds on an enemy proved effective not only in wounding those who approached but in deterring later charges. Only having 10 of them limited their ability to form a proper defensive line and I believe that in larger numbers they might prove an effective deterrent to oncoming enemies. When committed to melee however their low number of attacks were poorly placed against this particular foe but would have been better served against less resilient opponents.

    Highlights of the game for me came by way of the Lancers and Ironsworn Templar delivering a fatal blow to his Zombie Dragon, combining the two on the charge allowed me to deal a high amount of quality damage that did something to mitigate my lack of mortal wound output.

    At the end of the game i had a mere 3 models remaining and my foe was at 1400 points left.

    - The Midnight Aspirant command ability became a crutch in a game it was poorly placed, there is no outlasting Flesheaters in combat, allowing myself extra saves cannot compete with summoning, revivival, and triple save units.

    - I forgot to use the command ability from the Master of Shot to increase the to hit and wound for riflemen units, in later games I would come to appreciate the ability of it.

    - In the entire game I forgot the plentiful cache rule on my Cogfort allowing me to attempt to shoot an embarked unit in the hero phase, whilst only a 5+ chance this combied with the above command ability would have dramatically increased damage output.

    GAME 2

    After the first game we broke for lunch allowing us a chance to chat over what had gone well and what needed to change, the concensus was largely that the Riflemen were a poor mans Handgunners, a 4+ 4+ is simply not in the same ballpark as the handgunners units, and at a cost of 100 points per 10 it is a poor points efficiency. Going forward we trialed them as a 4+ 3+ with the to wound stat matching other gunpowder units now to see if this brings their points costs back into effective levels.

    Here in the second game we moved into a relic mission, it was a good way of drawing both armies into a bitter fight at the centre of the board and allowed a game the focused on my opponents desire to move his army forward rather than baby sitting a central objective. Again I lost pretty much every priority roll throughout the game, however this time he opted to take the first turn in order to summon in flayers and a vargulf in close proximity to my starting army followed by moving and advancing the rest of the force up the field. Doing so left his army strung out in three stages, with the flayers and vargulf far in advance, the two behemoths sat in the midfield and in the rears all of his ghouls and the archregent.

    In my first turn this allowed me to approach his piecemeal army as a series of targets of opportunity, having split my riflemen down to two units of ten for the course of the game and managing a hero phase set of shots with one from the Cogfort I levelled the flayers to a single model. Combining fire from the riflemen, helblaster and the lancers into the zombie dragon I dropped it to half wounds before sending the Ironsworn templar in to valiantly impale the now wounded beast and end the combat in the turn it began

    Losing yet another priority roll allowed his horrors and terrogeist to impale into the Phalanx, destroying the fragile ten man wall in a single combat phase whilst his ghouls encircled the Ironsworn Templar. On the far side my lancers could finish off the final member of the flayer unit and I directed the Ironduke, Aspirants and all of my handgunners into the Terrorgeist in an impressive hail of fire that made it fragile to the charge of the Ironduke.

    Ending my turn both behemoths were dead (or redead in the case of the zombie dragon, his knights all fallen and with just ghouls and an archregent in play he conceeded the game

    The Ironweld are lacking the sheer speed of the courts, but their defensive mortal wound output and short range firepower are strong deterrents to oncoming forces. Poor dicerolls on my part made both the Ironduke and Master of Shot questionable in terms of damage output however the command ability on the Master of Shot was an invaluable asset.

    The Ironsworn Templar command ability better suits a generic faction command ability, removing it from the warscroll and adjusting points accordingly may see him fall better in line with his potential.

    The Midnight Aspirant is fun, but not game swinging, her command ability would be better served against foes that could be outlasted or with larger Weld Guard units to benefit, still she really added alot of personality to the game so I enjoyed her.

    Labourers are made of tissue paper, suitable really but their handful of damage output was a nice boost to what essentially came as ablative wounds for the Volley gun.

    NEVER FORGET TO REPAIR, with half the army Cogwork and between my Command Trait and the Aspirant I could of healed two units a turn but got over excited and often forgot, same with healing the Ironduke by a wound a turn.

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    So I know these aren't technically elves but the Wood Elves from the land that was hung around with walking trees so why should it be any different in the mortal realms! Sorry, what's that... wanderers betrayal in Ghyran?.... surely that's water under the bridge now! 

    Anywho, here's my 3 kurnoth hunters, minus one head. We'll just say he's the unit champion for now until I source a replacement. For those that are wandering where the head has gone I've used it for my Avatar of the Hunt conversion which is currently in progress. 

    For those that are interested I undercoated Abaddon black, basecoated the bark areas in Calthan Brown (old foundation paint) and the green "flesh" areas Orkhide shade (another old paint). Bark was then layered dessert yellow and finally ushabti bone before a wash of Aggrax Earthshade. Green areas were layered with Warpstone glow and moot green before a wash of Athonian camoshade. 


  2. So with the release of the gloomspite gitz battletome my beloved troggs got some loving. I managed to run a pure trogg list at a team tournament a few months back. Here are some snips of the action


    My team mate was running a deathrattle list, in the picture above we came up against a fairly nasty nighthaunt legion of sacrement combo. Managed to win a minor on kill points. Trogg boss nearly died from 4 myremourn banshees, he got some revenge by strangling one them (didnt kill anything else before the game ended).


    In the picture above I moved up aggresively with the trolls and ended up beating the snot out of the opposing spiderfang. Unfortunately we forgot to cap the objective on the far right (near the ruins and lost by 1 point!

    My list was:

    Realm: Ghur

    Troggboss - General, Loonskin - 300pts

    Troggoth hag - Gryph feather charm - 380pts

    2 X 3 fellwater troggoths - 320pts (battleline)

    Total Points: 1000pts.

    The next list I'm working on is

    Realm: Ghur

    Scuttleboss - Blackfang, Monstrous mount, General

    Madcap shaman - hand of gork spell

    Webspinner shaman on Arachnarok - Scuttling terrors spell

    Troggoth hag - Gryph feather charm - 380pts

    Gitmob shaman - Allies

    3 * 5 spider riders - Battleline 

    2 X 3 fellwater troggoths - 320pts (battleline)

    60 gitmob archers - allies

    Battalions - Spider rider skitterswarm

    So far I've faced off against a wanderers list (using their battalion) with a dragon ally and managed to pull off a win in the better part of valor. Was mostly due to my friend rolling badly on his waywatchers in the first turn and not using his teleport shenanigans enough against me. Still a wins a win!

    I'll post some updates as I go on the blog. Here are some pics of my scuttleboss and my trogg boss (both WIP)


    Crispen out


  3. Rungi
    Latest Entry

    Brothers in Exile:

    Nori spat dust from his mouth, cursing his brother for choosing this inn as their night lodgings. “Nobbin ye right git! You ‘aven’t the coin for ale t’wash the taste a’bones from me mouth!” Sweating with exertion despite the midnight cold, Nobbin didn’t appear bothered with his twin’s complaining now, nor had he ever. The younger by nearly two whole candle-marks, Nori had known that any position Nobbin was entitled would not have been similarly awaiting him. From a young age he had hefted axe and mace, training from dawn til dusk to make his own place in the clan. It had never made much difference though, as Nori always seemed to find a way step on his own beard as they say. When their father’s exile was announced, Nobbin had solemnly knelt before the moonlit altar of the great Beast-Mother, opened his palm in silent blood oath, and strode down the winding ice steps into the depths of the Ursine Labrinthes.

    ...Nori had muttered sullenly the whole way. He chuckled to himself remembering his brother’s dismay at his defiant rant.

    “Nobbin where’d th’beasts go?” he called in annoyance. “They best be back soon.”

    “Mind yer tongue, brother,” reprimanded Nobbin. “Verminbane might not be bothered by your insolence, but Grizzlemaw will not suffer it lightly.” With her usual imprecise timing, his companion came crashing through the single-plank wall of the inn. She tossed undead swordsmen aside as though they were babes, their remnants clattering to the floor.

    “Nori, retrieve your mount and clear a path to the road. We’ll be fast on your heels,” his brother bluntly ordered, oblivious that the younger had already set to the task.

    Nori smirked and tried to swallow his sarcasm back down. “Finally your senses have emerged brother. Follow then!”


    *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

    Soft footpads pressed effortlessly from the powdered ground. Nori could feel thick bands of muscle undulating beneath him as his mount strove to keep pace. Up ahead, instead of surging muscle carving through snow, the bear carrying his twin seemed to lope weightlessly across clouds. Despite being half of her size, Verminbane was not blessed with Grizzlemaw’s speed. A toothy grin burst across his face, then split into a chuckle, before finally erupting in boisterous laughter. He could not contain his love for the undersized bear, poorly crafted and tempestuous tempered though she was. Snatching him from his amusement, the loping grizzle bear skidded to a halt in a flurry of glittering, white snowflakes. Nobbin nodded ahead of them towards a warm flickering amidst the tall, thin trees of the Omenwood.

    “Friends?” asked the younger.

    “Perhaps,” replied the older twin. “We should be closin’ in on th’meetin place, b’with all th’dead walkin around, we oughta still be cautious…” His voice trailed off as he felt Grizzlemaw’s haunches rise under him and her fur bristle in his grip. “Where girl?” he asked in a whisper. Without looking, Nobbin knew his twin had taken up a rear-facing position, staggered from his own, in order to spy any trailing threats.

    “We aren’t hiding lads,” said the red-bearded rider as he and his beast strode out from the shadows directly in front of the young dwarves. “You jus’ di’n’t see us.” A second rider appeared to the left, staring without speaking. They were mounted on grizzle bears as well, though by the size of them, they were practically different creatures.

    Much as their enormous mounts, the armor covering the two duardin was almost beyond description. Scaled cloaks, runes and live-metal all over - they must have been questing in the wild’s of the realm for an age.

    Before either brother could formulate a question though, the red-beard beckoned them and wheeled his mount to walk towards the fire. “C’mon young riders. Best we get back t’the fires before the others leave us starvin’ away to bones.

    Poorly-timed joke, thought Nori. But his objection never left his lips, because again the veteran rider spoke first.

    “Besides, she arrives tonight.”


     IMG_1064.jpg.6ef250ff492d2779cf772c127095abdb.jpg   IMG_1065.jpg.443e15d14db493a285770385f48fb675.jpg

    Follow the Leader:

    Scale and tooth and claw of beast

    Forged in underhill fire

    Quenched in blood of legends deceased

    To make the live-metal desired...

    The shaman sung with the bouncy energy of a babe or aelf-maid. It unsettled Nobbin, but he hoped they wouldn't notice and so redoubled his focus on polishing the live-metal shield that had kept him alive through these last, harsh years. He stole a peek up from his work saw his twin sharing ale with the three other knights sitting round the fire. It felt awkward being here, in this band of exiles.

    Norri savored the warm flush in his chest he got from every swig of the wilderness brew, it's unrefined harshness be damned. He relished the company almost as much… Nobbin had always been the wiser of the brothers, and Norri had kept his place, following orders and respecting their “duty.” But it was the choice to pledge themselves to an overgrown forest sprite that pulled at his mind when ice was whipped past his bare skin. Their father’s exile at the hands of the demigoddess was a mark on the family for sure, but had he not committed a crime? And now they were making some point by refusing to serve her?

    Norri’s gripe was a familiar one, and so it hardly delayed his sleep. Nobbin smirked as his proud brother stumbled over to his mount and curled up against her dense hide. Now that the group had begun to settle themselves, Nobbin ventured over and joined them in their drink. They had hardly made a round of jests about his brother’s drunken boasts when the red beard looked past Nobbin, over his shoulder, and grew silent. From the treeline emerged a rinn the likes of which he’d never seen before. “She’s here,” he whispered, almost to himself, as he moved onto a single knee.


    Gisselle Ghullazi, the Verdant Knight, exiled Knight Questor of the Undissons

    She wore ornate metal plate over tunic and scale. Similar scales fell down her back from under shoulder guards of live-metal. The same invaluable material had been shaped into a helm, shield, and sword, but this rinn was not to be confused with some show-lordess. A dark patch covered one eye, unhidden by the way her travel-greased hair was sloppily braided behind her. A raised scar was visible down from her nose and cutting across her lips. This rider had seen many battles, and from the way her massive mount stared down at the now kneeling company, the legend was accurate.

    “Good evening brothers,” she began, the bear below her sauntering forward until his snout was a mere hop from the fire. “We are all that is left.” Even the deferential duardin exchanged sideways glances to see if another might understand her words or find them more believable. “We are the last remaining questors of the Beast Mother,” she restated. “Long ago you took the same oath as I, rejecting those who would seek to own the mountains of this realm and vowing to return them instead to their natural state of wild harmony. I share with you now a message that perhaps only you will be prepared to hear…” her voice trailed off with a malicious smile. “The would-be prophetess asks for our help.”

    Nobbin looked over at the red-beard, who appeared the most veteran of the bunch. He too smirked subtly at the humbling of the demi-goddess.

    “It appears that storms can cloud even Skaddi’s vision, and she was caught unaware by the great necromancer. The ancestors are cut off from the mountain clans, just as the clans need their aid the most.”

    “And what d’you propose we do?” asked a blonde-bearded warrior, his impetuous tone exposing both his arrogance and ignorance. “After all, we left Skaddi an’ her clans fer a reason.”

    “An’ y’already said there ain’t many o’us left,” Norri chimed in rudely, rubbing his eyes as he stumbled back to the group. “Mayhaps we jus’ stay t’our own busin…”

    His voice trailed off as her beast’s growl swept over their complaints. “Brothers, perhaps you misunderstand me. Hunting the petulant tree-goddess’ scaled pets is a matter of pride, preserving your clan’s burial sites and other places of importance is one of devotion, but this is a matter of duty. The mountains gave birth to our kind. They have swaddled us, fed us, and shielded us from the rain. And when our own kin allowed us to walk alone in the cold, the mountains always welcomed us home."

    Even Norri had grown silent, alternating sheepish glances at his feet and awestruck stares at the rinn. “This is not a mere sorcerer seeking objects of power, nor corrupting demons looking to spread their dominion. This is no greedy neighbor, nor all-consuming herd. The unquiet dead threaten all living things. They have begun to harvest souls for their master’s unknown plots. These cruelest of captors now beat down our door to claim our kinfolk; aged and weathered, newborn and pure, it matters not… Either we release our kin from this hell, or we concede the end of our kind. It is as simple as that little brothers.”


    Exiled Knight Questors of the Undissons

    The Race:

    The fire hissed as ice and snow smothered it. The great grizzlebears snorted and snarled threats at the darkness as they were roused. But the duardin knights did not speak. Armor was strapped and tightened, worn leather packs latched and hoisted, but not a word was exchanged. They had days to ride before their death songs would be sung; they'd save their voices. Lives spent writing their own legends - what greater ending could be written than a heroic death, their service mending wounds with the clans with whom they had feuded and avenging those who still held them in their hearts.

    Far off on the horizon a persistent glow illuminated the tree-tops that blanketed the rolling hills. That it could shine out above them spoke to the sheer size of the realmgate. As they closed the miles between it and themselves, the fluid movement within it became visible. This was no ancient relic or crumbling artifact. No, she had been awoken from her centuries of slumber to throw the doors to the underworlds wide open.

    The duardin knights continued their silent ride through the night, savoring every sensation. Without having to acknowledge it, each was aware that the smell of the pines, the sting of the snow, the taste of a beast’s musk on the air, might very well be their final linkages to this land should they not find their way home. A particular sensation that perked the attention of each rider was the way in which the forests were racing alongside them. Tree-kin scrabbled and wound their way between trunk and limb, keeping ample pace with the duardins’ mounts. Further along, the bright heraldry that demarked the unified forces of the free cities highlighted their marches towards the same gates. Even high above them, the green-scaled drakes they had ritualistically hunted, swooped low above the thinnest branches and beat their powerful wings, carrying themselves and their Aelven riders towards the target.

    None knew for sure what awaited them beyond the gates. None knew for certain what the great necromancer had planned for them. But across realm, race, and region the unquiet dead had threatened to enslave their people for time without end. This threat was greater than any dispute between nations, and the magnitude of this unified response spoke to that. Firm of jaw and clear of purpose, the stoic duardin knights undertook this one last quest, perhaps their last, not to find a new trophy, but instead to deliver a final message - The ancestors and their homelands would remain free.


    The Verdant Knight leading knight questors







  4. So... painting the three Queens let me finally nail down my colour scheme. It’s different from what I originally intended, but much better. It has good contrast, balances dark accessories reasonably well with all the pale skin, doesn’t seem too derivative of anyone else’s work (that I’m aware of) and let’s me enjoy paiting the armour (blue grey) lighting effects (pink) and some rare highlight items (gold). Even leather is fun (black, blue, white). If that sounds odd, painting is kind of a zen thing for me, very relaxing. Painting grey is boring. Sounds wierd to say that, but, neutral greys and browns are boring to paint. Brighter colours are fun.

    Anyway... now I want to apply that to a unit of troops.

    I have half-finished Doom Warlocks, an Altar and twenty Witch Elves, but want to apply the paint to clean minis. Painting my half-finished minis will get me distracted again (“hey, maybe I should keep that yellow after all!”) so I’ve packed everything away out of sight except for my Queens. Once I get the Sisters of Slaughter done, I’ll get back to the other half-finished units. 



    Hunh. Apparently, someone lost their head in my last game. Poop.

    I magnetized all my models so they stay safe in my metal toolkit, but the biggest problem with Dark elf models is also their greatest appeal for me: lots of barbs and pointy bits to hook on each other. 

    My greenstuff work was pretty hasty, I wanted to start painting last night so I had to patch up a lot of shoulder gaps where I kitbashed Khinerai arms to SoS bodies. I still need to greenstuff eyes, but wasn’t up to that last night. Ugh. I can’t remember what tool I have that was fine enough to do the eyes for the Queens.

  5. Made the finishing touches to the Ghoul King on Terrorgheist base. Added a dude getting caught in the cracked floor plate looking at the skeleton dude leaning agains the pillar. 





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  6. My custom Guardian of Souls finally has a complete model! (the paint job is by no means done)

    I decided to go with a green color scheme (backstory reasons, and so he could stand out). it is most likely not noticeable, but his skull his etched with feint green runes.

    for the color scheme, I really wanted a smoke/balefire look, so I went with a spray of chaos black, and on top of that, I painted some celesta grey where the ethereal meets the armor. the flames are highlighted with ogryn camo, and an all over wash of hexwraith flame gave the celestra grey the green hue.



  7. This is where I'll post all my minor updates for The Silent Cliffs.

    It has been a while since I last worked on The Silent Cliffs, but I haven't been completely idle, I've completed a skeleton champion, and made a simple insignia for the flag bearer.

    The paint scheme for Lord of the Silent Cliffs was a interesting thing, his skin is a layer of agrax earthshadeover coral white, with a thick layer of Athenian camoshade on top of that. His skull is zandri dust,  an all-over wash of agrax earthshade, and a very thin layer of typhus corrosion, to give the bones a look of decay.



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    Hey TGA, I am a long-time collector but seldom-player of Beastmen, now known as Beasts of Chaos. Back in the Old World I rarely played since the rules never lived up to the models for me, but now that AoS is ascendant I am having a blast with my Beastmen.  I am writing this blog to chronicle the progress of my horde, the Twisted Drove, and to hopefully inspire myself to paint and play more with these little monsters. There are a couple 2000 point events coming up in May that I want to have 2000+ points painted for (the list plus any potential summoned units) so I'll be posting paint jobs, army lists, battle reports  and anything else that might sound like fun. For starters, here's a few pics of my furred throng and a list totaling most everything I have. Like I said, I've been collecting these guys fro a long time, so they are in varying states of being painted/assembled. It's going to be a slog getting these guys ready for the spring but  war is coming and the Twisted will be prepared! Image-5.png.2584aa90638ab6ddf271e065ff8d7fa6.png

    I just finished assembling 3 Skyfires and 5 tuskgor chariots last night. The chariot on the left is an old orc chariot from the 6th ed itionstarter I've had since, well, 6 ed. The base is new tho. The next one is Gorthor the Beastlord's chariot, which sadly is now just another regular chariot. The center one is an old Warriors of Chaos chariot with Khornagors, and the last two are my newest additions, a pair of Rhinox-riding Bestigors. All but Gorthor's bases are new and I'm excited to try out this chariot spam the internet is crazy about. 


    This is most of my Beasts collection, save a score more Gors. I'm thinking a green and brown color scheme for most of them, very classic "woodsy" palette. I like the concept of the Gavespawn so I've added in some conversions as well as find some older, weirder models to throw in for variety. 


    A closer look at some of the leaders of the Drove. 

    That's all for now, but I'll try to post every week or so with progress pics, battle reports, or tactical musings. Thanks for reading and raise those herdstones high! 

  8. I played my second tournament at the beginning of march and commanded my Nordheimers to great success.  Scored 3th place and won the overall rating including wins, painting, conversion and sportsmanship. :D They call it "Leonardo Award".

    Here`s my tourney list:


    Allegiance: Free Peoples
    Mortal Realm: Ulgu

    Luminark of Hysh With White Battlemage (240)
    - Allies
    Freeguild General on Griffon (260)
    - General
    - Shield & Runesword
    - Trait: Indomitable
    - Artefact: Sword of Judgement
    Freeguild General on Griffon (260)
    - Shield & Greathammer
    Freeguild General (100)
    - Stately War Banner


    Great Company 1 -----------------------------------
    20 x Freeguild Guard (160)
    - Swords and Shields
    30 x Freeguild Crossbowmen (300)
    10 x Freeguild Archers (100)
    Great Company 2 -----------------------------------
    20 x Freeguild Guard (160)
    - Swords and Shields
    30 x Freeguild Crossbowmen (300)
    10 x Freeguild Handgunners (100)

    Total: 1980 / 2000
    Extra Command Points: 0
    Allies: 240 / 400
    Wounds: 162

    We played 3 different scenarios with fixed realms, realmfeatures and realmspells. They were set by the TO`s and really well picked, in my opinion. We even used the hidden agendas from GW. 3 in each game and you were not allowed to use one twice. Overall it was a very good tournament experience for me.

    Here`s the battle report of the first game. Scenario was "Places of arcane power" and the opponent was an Idoneth Deepkin army with lots of Eels. :)

    Places of Arcane Power (page 60 Generals Handbook 2018)
    Realm: Shyish
    Realmfeature: Aethernachbeben (Add one to casts)
    1) Command-Ability: Soul-Force Sacrifice (Core Book)
    2) Spell: Word of Ending (Spell 1 Malign Sorcery)
    3) Spell: Souldshroud (Spell 3 Malign Sorcery)
    4) Spell: Ethereal Guide (Spell 6 Malign Sorcery)

    Here the list of the Idoneth player:

    Allegiance: Idoneth Deepkin
    - Enclave: Fuethan

    Isharann Soulscryer (100)
    Isharann Tidecaster (100)
    - General
    - Trait: Born From Agony
    - Lore of the Deeps: Steed of Tides
    Akhelian King (240)
    - Artefact: Cloud of Midnight
    Spellweaver (100)
    - Blows of Mystic Power
    - Allies

    10 x Namarti Thralls (140)
    10 x Namarti Thralls (140)
    10 x Namarti Thralls (140)

    5 x Khinerai Heartrenders (80)
    - Allies
    9 x Akhelian Morrsarr Guard (480)
    9 x Akhelian Morrsarr Guard (480)

    Total: 2000 / 2000
    Extra Command Points: 0
    Allies: 180 / 400
    Wounds: 129

    The game was real fun. Tthe left and right opjectives were hidden behind big towers which could block a whole griffon. This was bad for me. My initial game plan on this scenario was to set up my crossbows in the middle and kill everthing in the corners. :)
    So I picked the side which was more "open" to be able to get to the center easily. Unfortunatly he put his one shipwreck right before me to block my path to the center.
    After setup I gave him the first turn. He turned the tides with his Tidecaster. So in the second round all his units will be attacking first. Unexpectitly he refused to charge right into me. Instead he moved his units onto each objective and made no charges.
    On my first turn I nearly killed his 9 eels in the center with my crossbows. I also killed his 5 Khinerai at the lower left objective with a good roll of my archers.
    Luckily I got the double afterwards. In this turn I managed to kill his character holding the lower left objective with a hit of the Luminark, good boy🤩. The first 30 crossbows killed 10 Thralls near the center objective. The other 30 crossbows wanted to kill his Akhelian King on the second Objective. But he just used his artefact and I wasn`t allowed to attack him in this phase. Luckily I already moved my General on Griffon towards him and charged him directly. It was the second round, so he attacked first making 4 wounds on my griffon. Afterwards I just killed him. Rolling 2 6s on the hit the Sword of Judgement mad all the wounds needed for a dead Akhelian King :)
    Unfortunately I wasn`t able to get my Luminark onto the lower left objective. He was blocked by my own guards :(
    On his second turn he charged his othe runit of 9 eels into my general on the center objective and he died really quickly. There was absolutely no chance for him.
    Afterwards the game was done. I wasn`t able to score enough points with only my luminark being able to take objective. And his remaing character on the upper right objectives was out of my reach hidden behind this big tower.
    But I managed to score 2 hidden agendas in this game, which will be very important in the end.

    It was a fun game and I now know that it is possble to beat this dreaded Idoneth eels. :)


    Second game battle report on "Better Part of Valor". The opponent was a Beastclaw Raiders army with "Braggoth`s Beast Hammer" Battalion.

    The Better Part of Valor (page 58 Generals Handbook 2018)
    Realm: Aqshy
    Realmfeature: Flaming Missles (+1 rend for missle weapons if target unit is at least 12" away)
    1) Spell: Fireball (Core Book)
    2) Spell: Stock Rage (Spell 1 Malign Sorcery)
    3) Spell: Parch (Spell 5 Malign Sorcery)
    4) Spell: Incandescent Form (Spell 6 Malign Sorcery)

    Here the Beastclaw list:


    Allegiance: Beastclaw Raiders

    Frostlord on Stonehorn (420)
    - General
    - Trait: Everwinter's Master
    - Artefact: Blade of All Frost
    Fungoid Cave-Shaman (90)
    - Allies

    4 x Mournfang Pack (320)
    - Gargant Hackers
    4 x Mournfang Pack (320)
    - Gargant Hackers
    Thundertusk Beastriders (340)

    3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140)
    - Pig-iron Choppas
    3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140)
    - Pig-iron Choppas

    Braggoth's Beast Hammer (230)

    Total: 2000 / 2000
    Extra Command Points: 1
    Allies: 90 / 400
    Wounds: 107

    This game was really tense and in the end depended on a single dice roll. :)
    I build my castle on the center and right objectives. Guards in front, a second ring of archers and handgunners 3" behind the guards and finally the crossbows 3" behind the second ring. So I was able to withstand his double pile-in from his battalion. On the left objective I placed my second griffon to force him to spread his units.
    He took first turn and charged right into me. Fortunatly he desided to move 4 Mournfangs towards the left to kill the lonely griffon. But there he missed the charge. :)
    In the center he managed to get all his units into me. 2 Goregrunta units and the Frostlord on the left of my castle. The 4 Mournfangs on the right. The Thundertusk moves really short and could only shoot is 6 mortal wound stuff at my guards. My shooting due to the great companies doesn`t went well. I had some bad roles and managed to kill only two Goregruntas and one Mournfang. In the combat phase his units hit really hard. He managed to kill the left Guards and nearly killed the right ones too. But 3+ save rerolling ones holds well nethertheless. ;)  After the first combatphase he decided to take the second pile-in from his battalion. Fortunatly my crossbows were still safe, far enough away from his units. But he killed all my handgunners and the rest of the guard in this turn. He even gained hold of the my center objective and burned it right away. On the right he could only kill the guards and my remaining archers safed me the objective. This was round one with many many casulaties on my side. The next roll for initiative was the game decider. Luckily I won the roll off and started the second round. In this turn I used Hold the Line on the Crossbows givung the +1 to wound and hit. Additionally I used the realmspell "Stock Rage" on one crossbow unit, giving them another +1 to wound rolls. So they were rending on 4+. I also managed to shot with the right crossbows to the left and vice versa. So the distance to the enemy was more than 12" and all attacks were with another -1 rend due to the realmfeature. This was bloody and I just killed all of his units. It`s insane what 60 can do when half of the hits are with rend -2 :D

    This was the game for me, afterwards I killed his remaining 4 Mournfangs with my griffons and took his objectives. His Thundertusk Beastrider were killed by my Luminark in round 2. The good boy hit 2 times with 6 damage. I really, really like my Lumi. Pew, Pew Lasergunz! :)

    I even scored my 3 hidden agendas in this game.

    Third game battle report on "Knife to the Heart" with a Seraphon army on the other side of the table.

    Knife to the Heart (page 50 Generals Handbook 2018)
    Realm: Ulgu
    Realmfeature: Darkly shaded (The maximum range of attacks or spells is 18")
    1) Command-Ability: Lord of the Shadow Realm (Core Book)
    3) Spell: The Enfeebling (Spell 3 Malign Sorcery)
    2) Spell: Bridge of Shadows (Spell 5 Malign Sorcery)
    4) Spell: Aetheric Tendrils (Spell 6 Malign Sorcery)

    Here the List of teh Seraphon army:


    Allegiance: Seraphon

    Slann Starmaster (260)
    - General
    - Trait: Great Rememberer
    Saurus Astrolith Bearer (160)
    - Artefact: Prism of Amyntok
    Skink Starpriest (80)
    Saurus Sunblood (120)
    - Artefact: Coronal Shield

    10 x Saurus Guard (180)
    10 x Saurus Knights (180)
    - Lances
    10 x Skinks (60)
    - Boltspitters & Moonstone Clubs
    10 x Skinks (60)
    - Moonstone Clubs & Star bucklers

    3 x Kroxigor (160)
    - 1x Moonhammers
    6 x Ripperdactyl Riders (280)

    Bastiladon (280)

    Shadowstrike Starhost (180)

    Total: 2000 / 2000
    Extra Command Points: 1
    Allies: 0 / 400
    Wounds: 112

    This game was not as interesting as the other ones for me. I splitted my companies and put one on my objective and the other one I wanted to use to get hold of his objective. In the end he send single units into my crossbows until round 3. I killed his Saurus Knights, Ripperdactyls, Saurus Guards and the Sunblood with only loosing my archers and getting 4 wounds on my griffon. But unfortunately I couldn`t really move forward due to him attacking all the time.  The winning move was using the realm command ability and one realm spell to teleport a unit of 20 guards and a unit of 30 crossbows right in front of his objective.  Luckily I got the double turn afterwards. With my Crossbows I swarmed his objective and was able to gain control of it, winning the game with a major victory. I even gambled really hard in this game and was able to score 3 hidden agendas. Including holding more objectives than the enemy :)

    In the end I went third place in this tournamend being tie with the second. But he had a better Strength of schedule. Meaning his opponenets scored better than mine so his wins were weighted higher. As mentioned before I really enjoyed this tournament. All players were nice and friendly and the organisation was very good.  If you`re interrested in some stats you can look them up on this german tournament page: T³ - TableTop Tournaments

    I will remind myself to make more pictures in future games.
    Thanks for reading and commenting :) 


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    lots of spikes, and lots of horns. His ornate armor shows the contrast of the sun and the moon, light and dark.

    imbued with an intelligence surpassing all saurus, even comparing with the inscrutable Starseers, the the Scion of the Sun is a powerful sorcerer (lore wise, not rule wise, as I cannot change the stats) specializing in the lore of fire and water, another of his contrasts.

    I'm planning on making a better base for him, so expect that in the future.

    Further updates will be posted in the comment section




  9. Lord Panther
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    Not a lot of painting has been happening recently but I managed to finish off my 1000 points of NIghthaunt. I used this army to try out a few new techniques, different coloured undercoats and washes. Got to say it hasn't been my favourite painting experience. I like the finished result but I wouldn't do it again. Pretty happy with all the metal though.

    The only other Nighthaunt model I would still like to paint would be The Craven King.






    With the new Gloomspite book out I thought it was time to rebase my old goblin army. First up is the Scuttle Boss and Spider Riders. Then I'm trying to finally finish the howdah and goblins on top of the Araknarok. I'm quite liking making each grand alliance have matching basing schemes.




    Then there is this giant slab of gobbos.


  10. Stormcast Eternals and the  Nietzschean 'Ubermensch' 


    This is a piece about Warhammer and Nietzsche, pertaining particularly to his concept of the Ubermensch. I quite enjoy Nietzsche (not the same as always agreeing with him). And while I actually do think there is a case for quite a few of his takes (Genealogy of Morals and Anti-Education are important works with a lot of merit as anti-establishment dissent), I'm uncertain about his concept of the "ubermensch", the Nietzschean superman. But it's the latter that is the topic of this post, and I think it does have some interesting relevance to Warhammer lore.

    Obviously, the first thing to come up when broaching this topic are Space Marines. But I would say that the SM are in fact a poor example of the ubermensch. Similarly to how Nietzsche's concept was appropriated by the most horrifying regime of the 20th century (Aryan supermen), the similarities are predominantly superficial (and, truly, it is unfortunate for such an interesting if prickly thinker like FN to be tarnished by such association). Nietzsche was not concerned foremost with brawn or aestheticism but with a stubborn will toward self-actualising. To borrow an over-used term, it's a mindset, not genetic inheritance. So, while marines literally are literal 'super-men', the eugenics and lack of self-determination do not fit with the ubermensch ideal.

    To move this onto the Stormcast, who I believe are more fitting embodiments of the idea, I want to touch on the idea of 'slave morality'. Cribbing from Nietzsche here: for the Greeks, the duality was was between good and bad i.e. good was synonymous with nobility and strength, while bad was the plebeian, weak and the low. This was what Christianity successfully reacted against, based on the revolutionary idea that the formerly "bad" values of passivity, weakness and "turning the other cheek" should be re-categorised as 'good', while many of the ways that 'good' nobility expressed its strength upon the low was not only not "good" but a new moral category: evil. Both 40K and AoS exist in a context different from 'modern' morality (i.e. the idea of peaceful, passive good vs invasive, malicious evil found in the Abrahamic religions). In the world of warhammer, deities are literally real, active (and not simply to be interpreted by the priestly class), and essentially deny the creation of any such morality based on the veneration of passive resistance.

    AoS's Stormcast eternals may at first seem to be a simplistic version of the traditional "golden goodies", but there's actually some interesting stuff to dissect there. N's concept is essentially an idea of a, a subject who rises above modern "slave" morality to forge their own, self-affirming lifestyle. Of course, the SCE serve their god Sigmar, but the military hierarchy is one which allows for the questioning and debating of individuals. It's not a collective which suppresses dissenting assertions of will, and ironically (though obviously, this is GW's authorial choice), such freedom to 'be' has meant zero defections to chaos among their ranks. Sure, they operate as part of a uniformed collective, but the point of the ubermensch is not necessarily isolated individualism but how the personal glory and strength of an individual elevates all. After all, Sigmar plucks only the greatest warriors from their moment of death and invites them into his service. More than just the "Blonde Beasts" conquering and asserting their power across the realms, SCE protect the vulnerable from Chaos, which you could interpret as a version of what N describes as a healthy creditor-debtor relationship: the stormcast gain satisfaction from saving the powerless through the expression of their own superior power (a more effective form of strength assertion than Khornate slaughter), while cultivating the safety of a mutually beneficial civilisation. Basically, their mission of humanitarian liberation is intertwined with an individualist mission for existential 'meaning'.

    On that subject, Nietzsche's rejection of morality initially sounds like it would apply to Chaos best of all. To a certain extent, this is true, as all of the Chaos gods but Nurgle embody a different facet of Nietzschian ideals, whether it be the physical assertion of power, the pursuit of Dionysian desire and pleasure or the cultivation of one's own skill and power. Yet part of what makes chaos is how these positive ideas are warped to the point of self-destruction, this dogmatism becoming its own form of bad consciousness.

    Archaon (and Abbadon in 40k) stands as the only true chaos Ubermensch, while Stormcast society finds a way for a multitude dedicated to the ideal to flourish. Despite their creepily expressionless facemasks, the Stormcast seem to be represented in the stories as partaking in drink, telling jokes and generally keeping a semblance of Dionysian virtue alive. They fight for a cause which they choose to follow, and are unimpeded in the ability to desire. And, of course, there's the fact that they come from all walks of life, classes and genders. The ranks of the SCE are a true meritocracy, allowing individuals to flourish within the context of the collective.

    HOWEVER, there is one massive caveat to the idea of the SE as Ubermensch: the 'eternal' aspect. This, ironically, is reminiscent of Nietzsche's 'eternal recurrence' thought experiment: the idea that, if one was to live out one's life infinitely, repetitiously, the subject would ave to struggle to overcome a 'ressentiment' about their existence. And this is LITERALLY WHAT HAPPENS to a Stormcast: with each death and rebirth, an increasing 'copy of a copy of a...' chain, they lose a portion of 'humanity'. This loss is represented the lack of emotion and mindless heed of orders; essentially the loss of personal desire and the internalisation of ressentiment. They express strength no longer as individuals but as passive conduits of Sigmar's will, and so fail to retain their ubermensch status. One could say that their eventual fate is to become... Slaves to the Sigmar's command; slaves to Sigmar's morality? :P

    So yeah, my thesis is that the Stormcast eternal is the ubermensch but with a shelf-life. They are initially a shining exemplar of the ideal but degrade into its parody.

    All of this is also a charitable reading of Nietzsche's ideas, but I'm inclined to say that's usually the best way to approach him. Nietzsche is often placed in the same category are Freud in terms of massively influential intellectuals whose ideas don't stand up to scrutiny, but I'll go to bat for Nietzsche. A bit. Not Freud, though, especially for influencing his nephew Edward Bernays .

  11. Kevin K
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    Finally time to build a real monster.  The Ghorgon will bring the army to 950 points   so far fun to build.  Painting will commence soon.  I decided to leave some of the detailed hanging parts off for now.  I will definitely add the bell around his neck.  I may not add the other pieces.  Sometimes I think GW models get a little to busy.



  12. Gorthor21
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    I made good progress this week and finished the few remaining models.  All that is left are the banshees and that won’t take long.  I’m thinking of getting more as well as the mortarch and craven king to finish the army.  Once the army. Is at the 2000 mark I want to try a game with them and see what that looks like.  









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    I decided to paint this cheapo model before messing around with the 2 other Glott brothers so I could nail down the paint scheme for my Nurgle mortals and I think it turned out pretty fantastic. Practicing blends on this model was a lot of fun and I really how the helmet came out the darker edged really pull your eye to his face. I'm also really enjoying the color combination I have found here the green goes really nicely with the pale purple and the orange accents the green perfectly.



    I think I'm slowly nailing down a good painting process for myself just working mostly with glazing, shades and drybrushing. I really suck at edge highlighting so I'm trying to find a way to do nice looking stuff with out it. I know this way of painting doesn't pop as much but I think it still has a good ammount of depth and looks quite pleasing to the eye. 



  13. HI!


    Welcome back to my blog- since the previous entry I have successfully set up my machine and run a few files off- in fact I now have enough parts for about 25 acolytes and 3 jezzails and more on the way!

    For a first time 3d printer experience, the machine has been pretty smooth so far, with only a few failed parts...although it is both messy and unpleasant to clean due to the toxic resin, so I am learning a lot about gloves, masks and special filtration to keep myself from ending up looking like a plague monk! 

    It has been interesting to correctly match to the torsos, which has involved many test prints to check scale and position of parts. However, allowing for the fact that some trimming will always be needed, I think I am at the best result I can achieve.


    The next stage will be to assemble some complete kits and get paint on to see how they look, then produce enough for the full army!


    Oh, and maybe make a skryre techno vortex spell pylon whilst I am at it...








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    Clan Prepnik


    Clan Prepnik is a Skaven clan farming enormous fields of black corn and stockpiling tremendous food supplies in prevision of the Black Hunger that they intend to spread throughout the Mortal Realm for Skaven and weaklings alike. The cult is led by Bouldrak, a persuasive and megalomaniac Grey Seer completely terrified of starvation. Would you dare challenge Clan Prepnik to try taking over their great treasure?

    This blog is dedicated to my Skaven clan. Please excuse me in advance for the language errors, as I am not a native speaker. I am French but I will do my best to share my clan tales in English. I intend to combine fluff, hobby and play in this blog with stories, pictures of my models, battle reports and list building. I warmly welcome any feedback and hope you enjoy the read.


    The story of Clan Prepnik originates from the one of Grey Seer Bouldrak, its chieftain. A long time ago, Bouldrak was imprisoned by his sneaky-treacherous acolyte, and consumed with a powerful spell of Black Hunger. For weeks, Bouldrak was left with nothing but his basest instincts, devoured by a terrible need to feed. But he resisted. “Bouldrak is destined to great success, yes-yes. A confident of the Horned Rat cannot starve like a weak-foul skavenslave! No starving anymore, never-never”, he swore. The fear of hunger was born, and it led Bouldrak ever since.

    Grey Seer Bouldrak, chieftain of Clan Prepnik


    The birth of Clan Prepnik

    Once Bouldrak escaped his prison and exterminated his treacherous acolyte, he began to build the largest and greatest food supplies of Skavendom. There will be so much food in this reserve, he thought, that all Skaven, Human-things, Dwarf-things and other weaklings will swear allegiance to him once the Black Hunger strikes all. They will have no choice but to beg Bouldrak or die of starvation.

    Bouldrak recruited dozens of gullible and starving Skavens of the streets of Blight City and they all fled for Aqshy, the Realm of Fire. This was the perfect place to build a secret stockpile. Nobody would suspect Skaven farming on some arid aqshian land, he thought. Clan Prepnik was born.

    Thanks to the devoted clanrats and the dangerous power of warpstone, Clan Prepnik managed to farm black corn on Aqshy to a very successful and profitable extent. The supplies grew exponentially, along with the clan population. Aside from farming, Clan Prepnik further increases its supplies through raids, extortion, blackmail and trade in Aqshy and elsewhere. The resources allowed to build a fortified place to keep all this food safe.


    The organisation of Clan Prepnik

    Clan Prepnik lives off its tremendous amount of food. Some is traded for warpstone, weapons, resources, machines, slaves and beasts. Most of the supplies comes from black corn farming, which no other Skaven clan masters more than Clan Prepnik.

    The black corn is kept in gigantic silos guarded by the Grainkeepers, elite stormvermins completely consumed by fear of the black hunger. Bouldrak prematurely expose them to the same treatment he has received: being imprisoned with a spell of black hunger until they either die or escape loyal to Bouldrak. They are no Skaven more loyal to him than the Grainkeepers, and they are thus the ones who are trusted (more or less) to guard the supplies. The leader of the Grainkeepers is Clawlord Snut Grainsplitter. The legend tells he can split a black corn grain in the air.

    Clawlord Snut Grainsplitter


    The silos are often the target of great envy, including among some low rats of Clan Prepnik who do not always understand why food must be kept safe rather than eaten quick-now. If a thief were to be caught stealing from the silos after having avoided the Grainkeepers, Clawlord Snut Grainsplitter, Grey Seer Bouldrak (who lives in the silos) and the various traps, he would be condemned to die of starvation in the very silos of his envy.

    Bouldrak monitors the population of Clan Prepnik very closely. With this much food, it would be easy to expand to a very large number of Skaven, and this is sometimes done before battle to provision for the dead to come. Yet having too many members would put the food supplies on stress and run the risk of not having enough food in reserve. The members of Clan Prepnik are given just the food they need, served as some sort of foul black porridge. Females are genetically bred to have small litters, and carefully monitored by experienced Packmasters and Bouldrak himself. When the population gets too high, a certain number of clanrats are imprisoned and left starving together, until one Skaven emerges as the sole survivor and gets promoted to Clawleader.

    Clanrats of Clan Prepnik



    The banner and rune of Clan Prepnik


    When clanrats are not at war, they endlessly toil in the black corn fields. The manual labour is eased to some extent by the machines and foul brewages of Clan Skryre. Arch-Warlock Deerik supervises these unholy inventions to the greatest yet suspicious satisfaction of Bouldrak. Warpfire Throwers burn what is left to burn on Aqshy to make space for the crops. Gas-masked rats known as the Cornraisers throw globes of foul warpstone-infused pesticide all around to kill whatever or whoever wants to stop the never-ending cycle of black corn. Curiously, the life expectancy of clanrats toiling the fields is quite low, even to Skaven standards...

    Arch-Warlock Deerik


    The Cornraisers spreading foul pesticides


    Clan Moulder provides Clan Prepnik with huge beasts to run enormous mills. When they are not a war either, Rat Ogors and Stormfiends push millstones in circle all day and night to transform black corn into some sort of dark flour used in ignoble preparations.

    Rat Ogors bred by Clan Moulder


    Bouldrak is currently considering involving Clan Pestilens and Clan Eshin to begin his masterplan of spreading Black Hunder throughout Aqhsy and the Mortal Realms. Gnawholes are being pierced throughout the Mortal Realms as you read this story. Perhaps one has even appeared in your backyard while you were asleep...



    <To be continued on this blog>

  14. I thought to extend this story several times, but I kinda felt it was dragging on for too long. 

    Act 1 
    Daliliah sat at the table sipping a glass of blood, she drank only because of her foul mood. She could feel Nagash’s displeasure through the wind provided by her open balcony. One of them must of wagged their tongue. She grimaced and sipped, Daliliah suspected that since she hasn’t been destroyed yet she must still be in the Great Necromancer’s good graces. She shuddered as she thought the god, her queen bought her before him one time. That was a memory she sought to forget, but no matter how much blood she drank that single memory was sharp in her mind. Nagash’s piercing purple gaze tore through her dead soul, in but a few seconds he knew everything about her. 

    She then gave a wistful sigh while reflecting on that dreadful memory. Daliliah was happy with being chosen. She hated the politics that surround the soulblighted nobles of Dread Hollow and if she succeeds in Haven perhaps Queen Neferata would offer her the the entire land to rule? Then she could direct the nobles in taking the Kingdom of Crestfall. She snickered to himself “it would be so easy...” She brushed her red dress slightly with her pale fingers. “First I must recover, the White Tyrants are on my trail.” She was about to rise from her seat until her pointed ears shifted due to screeching of bats, a foul stench then began fill her nose. “You dare…” she hissed. 

    She bore her fangs but the visitor walked around the table. They were bald and wore cobbled armour and their pale skin was replete with great muscle. Daliliah was about to dispatch the intruder until she spotted the broken sword. The signet engraved upon the pommel drew her interest, it was the roaring dragon. The rune of the “count” of Dread Hollow, the count renamed his county to honour the Queen of Mysteries who graced him with her blood. 

    She relaxed in the chair and gestured to a wine glass. “Would you like a drink?” she asked of her guest. The brute sat on the chair in front of her, gazing into it’s red disgusting eyes she saw hatred but it was controlled. “I take that as a no?” Daliliah said warmly. 

    The creature opened its mouth and the voice that came out it was a female. “You have some nerve Baroness Daliliah…” Her voice was gravely but it jogged an ancient memory. All were for the bargain of blood but there was one who rejected it. “Countess Alexandra...how long has it been? Three centuries right?” she openly mocked the disgraced countess, she wondered if she submitted to a lesser vampire and was eventually cast aside? It would explain her monstrous state “So what do you want...Countess?” Daliliah made sure to keep derisive tone as she spoke. Alexandra smirked “the Golden God sent me, through the ancient hidden pathways my crusade has come to take this place.” 

    Daliliah didn’t like the sound of crusade or the fact that some unknown god has sent her. She blinked and just for a moment she didn’t see a beast but a regal warrior wearing a glowing plate. Her sword was whole as well and she even had a full set of flowing brown hair. She shook her head dismissing whatever she saw, she focused on the beast in front of her “tell me who is this Golden god?” Daliliah questioned Alexandra, she wanted to know who she served. The beast nodded “The Golden God is Nagash, after you blighted creatures stole my lands and corrupted my husband a great king came to me...offering aid.” 

    At the mention of Nagash and Great King she slowly placed her wine glass on the table, she noticed her hand was trembling. She is my replacement! Nagash has replaced me! That thought repeated again and again within her mind. It wouldn’t stop. The only thing preventing her from losing complete composure was the talk of some great king, the disgraced countess could be lying. “I won’t fall for it, you merely seek to take what is mine. If Nagash wanted to replace me his hammer of justice would fall upon me. As you can see...I am completely fine.” 

    Alexandra gave her a guttural laugh “look at you, Great King Ushoran always has said the children of his sister always try to make themselves more big than they actually are…” That single word passed through her mind. Ushoran, Ushoran, Ushoran. She repeated to herself. Daliliah slowly wiped her mouth gently, she imagined if she was alive she would be sweating at the moment. She couldn’t see a way to harm Alexandra, her forces are in the city. She could have some of them outside at this very moment. She has heard stories of how ghouls can be given wings by their kings and queens. 

    She had to be careful now, Daliliah could see she was in a poor position. “Very well...I will watch. If Nagash has truly sent you then I will stand at the sidelines.” I will also be there to pick up the pieces when you fail. She inwardly smiled. She watched Alexandra rise from her seat and snarl at her “as always choosing the route of cowards. You underestimate the number of my forces in the city, I am Archreagent of the county of Gastinia. When I succeed...I will have my lands back creature. The Golden God promised me that.” 

    When she stated the reward she would receive from Nagash Daliliah shouted at her. “He will not give what you want! You should know better! Dread Hollow will be mine!” The disgraced countess ignored her as she strode to the balcony, again she did not see a beast but the same regal woman she remembered from her past. To her utter horror she watched her jump off the ledge of the balcony and sprout white wings. She flew off into the night. 

    Act 2 
    Gerhard yawned, that action caused glances from his unit. Sergeant Agatha looked back and frowned “stop yawning we are on a mission.” “Our lord's have essentially stopped all crime. I mean...look around you Agatha.” Gerhard protested. She didn’t do as he asked nor did the rest of his unit. All of them had grim faces. He sighed and raised his hands “sorry.” 

    His sergeant didn’t seem impressed with his apology, she looked forward and continued the patrol. He didn’t understand what they were looking for. He recalled that Lord-Relictor Atticus wanted Haven to feel their presence even at night hence the time they were patrolling. At the moment they were working in the poorest district of the city which should be rife with crime but the gangs sought to cause no trouble. They have been cowed by the Knights Excelsior. 

    Everyone were in their homes, the streets were bare. He sighed and decided to keep his mouth shut, if the Lord-Relictor felt it wasn’t important then he would not have the White Templars patrolling the streets. 

    They walked for about an hour more until the sounds of a screaming slammed into their ears. Agatha pointed at a nearby alleyway. “There! Quickly!” Gerhard cursed, he hoped the fool was ready to spend time in the Black Fortress. Atticus wants anyone who causes a disturbance. They all rushed down the alleyway, as they arrived there was no one there and the screams have stopped as well. Gerhard drew his blade “I think we should be careful.” His Sergeant nodded in agreement “aye, watc-” A black shadow shot down and scooped Agatha up he barely caught the movement. All that was left of her was an echoing scream. 

    The disappearance of their sergeant caused the unit to break down. “Forget this!” one called he ran out of the alleyway as he made a corner screams erupted from his departed comrade. Gerhard trembled his eyes shot to ahead of them. The end of the alleyway was boarded up by wooden planks. Whatever was attacking them they were trapped, his gaze drifted to a member of his unit who was holding an axe. “H-Hey, give me your axe.” “W-What? N-” the shadow assaulted them again and the man he was talking to vanished. All that was left was the axe clattering on the ground. Gerhard didn’t waste any time, he grabbed the axe and charged down the alleyway he threw aside his sword and began hacking at the wooden planks. 

    If he left the alleyway that meant death, if he waited and did nothing the shadow would take him as well. As he worked upon the planks with the weapon screams erupted from behind him, fear tore through his body. I don’t want to die! I don’t want to die! I do- he didn’t get to finish as someone tapped him on the shoulder. He stopped hacking at the planks and slowly turned, a great beast with red eyes was looming over him. He opened his mouth to scream but it died as the beast was replaced by a noblewoman. 

    Her eyes were red and blood slightly matted her mouth but all he saw was concern in her eyes. The woman before him was regal and beautiful as well. He dropped the axe, the noblewoman began patting him down. “I hope those heretics haven’t hurt you.” Heretics? W-What is she talking about? The confusion vanished as she smiled at him, he caught the hint of fangs but that strangely didn’t bother him nor the words she said. 

    She exuded an aura of calmness, he was almost lost in that. “The heretics were leading you away in chains, I drew them to this alleyway and took care of them. Are you alright? I tend to get ahead of myself.” Gerhard blinked and instead of a beautiful woman brushing him down it was beast he was about to scream but the monster placed it’s hand on his mouth. It’s foul stench filled his nose, he blinked one more time. The monster was gone, it was the noblewoman covering his mouth and instead of a foul stench a soft perfume brushed against his nose. “Sssh…” she whispered “I know you have be enslaved for some time but if you scream you will draw more heretics towards us.” 

    Gerhard nodded, she removed her hand from his mouth. He wiped it removing the dirt “s-so what now?” he asked. The noblewoman nodded “I have a camp, going by your build you look to be a knight. I require strong warriors to face the heretics.” she offered him her hand. “I won’t force you but in order to be free you have to fight.” Gerhard gulped, he felt a strange pressure on his mind he didn’t know what it was but the need to fight against the heretics consumed his heart. 

    He took her hand and as he did so she pulled him close. “W-What are you doing!?” he almost shouted but her smile set him and ease again. “A bonding ritual, you must be adopted to my household.” She opened her mouth and bit into his neck, the pain was horrific despite seeing flashes of a monster tearing into his neck Gerhard smiled. “F-For the Golden G-God…” he stammered out. He fell slack in his Countess’ arms as his eyes slid close he chided himself for calling her a monster for it was no longer there, he could only see his beautiful ruler. 

    When the darkness finally claimed him he was prepared to fight for her. 

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    Recent Entries

    Hey folks! I'm very new to the TGA community but really enjoyed browsing through the blogs you all are actively working on. Also I have a couple of friends doing blogs of their own, I wanted to jump in! Enough lurking! 

    The goal of this is to keep motivation rolling and share my progress with my AoS Army.  I'm working on an Ironjawz army with Squig reinforcements. I mean hey, they released armored grots on squigs! I imagine Ironjawz would love to let loose that type of disarray on their foes! ...although I'm not sure the stench is worth it.

    ANYWAY, here's the army list:

    The Iron Brutes from the Realm of Beasts, Ghur
    Ironjawz Allegiance

    Megaboss Wa'Ghar - Prophet of the WAAAGH! Also carrying Anraheir's Claw
    Warchanter Daev Gruul - Carrying the Golden Toof
    Weirdnob Shaman Krog
    Weirdnob Shaman Krom
    Chronomantic Cogs Endless Spell

    Ironfist Battalion
    5 Orruk Brutes, led by Big Boss Big'Ead - Carrying Boss Klaw, Brute Choppas, and a Gore Choppa
    5 Orruk Brutes, led by Boss Peggie - Carrying Boss Klaw, Brute Choppas, and a Gore Choppa
    5 Orruk Brutes, led by Boss Crim'sin - Carrying Boss Klaw, Brute Choppas, and a Gore Choppa
    5 Orruk Brutes, led by Boss Bron'sin - Carrying Boss Klaw, Brute Choppas, and a Gore Choppa
    5 Orruk Brutes, led by Boss Brun'stang - Carrying Boss Klaw, Brute Choppas, and a Gore Choppa

    10 Boingrot Bounderz, led by Boss Gumbo
    10 Boingrot Bounderz, led by Boss Grak

    I'm not a good competitive player, I love to make stories on the tabletop! So it has become important to me that my armies have a theme and character. That being said, I try to build lists that allow me to have fun against competitive players. After all, this army will be taken to NOVA later this year. There I'll be pitted against some of the most competitive AoS players in the states. To put it simply: 

    Competitive Mindset: Would love for this army to go at least 3-2 in a Grand Tournament. However, I would be happy with 2-3.
    Narrative Mindset:  An army of elite orruk warriors led by a slayer of beasts! Each squad has a unique boss, and the list has plenty of unique leaders for acts of heroism!

    Pictured are the brutes who are going to go through some paint touchup and receive some extra bits. I'm straying from the traditional Ironjawz yellow and going with a blacker metal. Each unit will have shoulder pads or armor plates of different colors(red, bronze, green, yellow) so that they are distinguishable from each other on the field. For example, Crim'sin's brutes will have some red plates while Bron'sin's brutes will have some bronze plates. The majority of the army will be the darker metal you can see in the picture.

    So that's my first task: Finish each unit of Brutes. If you have any comments about any part of this army or my plans, please feel free to give me a shout! I'ma go paint some brutes now.


  15. Event Preparation: ChariCon Upper Hutt

    First event with "New Skaven"


    This coming weekend the Wellington Region in New Zealand (The Capital Region, the Best Region, the Once-and-Future Region) is playing host to a new style of event called ChariCon. The astute among you will notice this word is a mash-up of the words "Charity" and "Convention", which believe it or not is no mere coincidence. 100% of the proceeds and revenue generated by registrations and various charity raffles and the like over the weekend will go towards Cancer research, and the tournament doesn't count towards the National Rankings so a huge portion of new players are coming along to get their feet wet and the established players are treating it as an excuse to run fun, non-optimized lists and have a good time just socializing. What better opportunity to take my new army for a spin in a tournament style event without causing my ranking to suffer when I inevitably crash and burn?

    The list I'm taking is largely things that I already have painted, given my work and home lives have been extremely hectic the last few weeks I didn't want to gamble on having painting time. I got my Gnawholes purchased and I have will need all of the roughly 12 minutes spare time I get each week to get them at least drybrushed. With the next few events being only 1250pts till Notorious Grand Tournament in May my stock of 100 Plague Monks painted to a high standard will get me through painting rubrics, but I'm working on the remaining 60 for the big event. I padded the numbers in the list with some Plague Censer Bearers, which aren't exactly top tier but I converted my own out of Stormvermin and so help me I will run them at least once this year. Without further ado, I present the list:

    Allegiance: Pestilens
    Mortal Realm: Ulgu

    Plague Furnace (180)
    - General
    - Trait: Master of Rot and Ruin 
    - Artefact: Liber Bubonicus 
    Plague Priest (80)
    - Artefact: The Foul Pendant
    Plague Priest (80)

    30 x Plague Monks (210)
    - Foetid Blades
    30 x Plague Monks (210)
    - Foetid Blades
    30 x Plague Monks (210)
    - Foetid Blades
    5 x Plague Censer Bearers (60)
    5 x Plague Censer Bearers (60)

    Congregation of Filth (160)

    Total: 1250 / 1250
    Extra Command Points: 1
    Allies: 0 / 200
    Wounds: 122

    Before anyone asks, no Warscroll Builder hasn't been updated with the Skaven stuff yet I just tweaked it in a word document, I imagine it could be a while before it's updated. 

    To start, one can clearly see the absence of the Verminlord Corruptor. I opted to take the Plague Furnace kitted out with both the Artefact and Command Trait that boost it's prayer effectiveness, in the hopes of getting an early Neverplague. The issue with taking the Corruptor is a small scale game is you need to give him a lot just to make him capable of praying, while the Plague Furnace benefits much more from it at this game size. The two priests on foot are there for two reasons; Hero models for Three Places of Power, and absolutely abusing the prayer mechanic (as always). I've given one The Foul Pendant to deal with non-optimized casting given the event is running Realmsphere rules and each army with a wizard will have access to an extra spell.

    Three units of 30 Plague Monks are just plain here to party and not go anywhere thanks to Altar of the Horned Rat + Plague Altar making sure they don't take casualties from Battleshock and have a bit more durability. Given they aren't units of 40 I had to select command options rather than just taking them all like the good old days, and opted for Banner of Contagion (6's to wound inflict 2 damage instead of 1) and Bale-Chimes (6's to hit are resolved at -1 rend). I opted not to take the Doom Gongs (+1 to Run and Charge) as i'll need to spend my excess Command Points on SOMETHING, or the Icon of Pestilence (roll a dice when a model is slain in combat, on a 6 the cause takes 1 mortal wound) as I plan to hit first and inflict massive casualties, rather than putting efficiency into being on the back foot.

    The Plague Censer Bearers are here, good for them. They'll either get set up in bubbles around the Plague Priests to keep them alive or used to push the Plague Furnace around. Perhaps used as a wall or some other suicidal task befitting a unit of their... pedigree.

    Congregation of Filth remains the mainstay Clan Pestilens battalion, even without providing re-rolls to charge. The 6+ ward save (a save that works against both unsaved wounds AND mortal wounds) is neat and it's wholly within 18" requirement is nothing to worry about. This combined with the fact Plague monks now have a 6+ armor save makes them doubly durable against no-rend attacks. I may be taking a risk taking it at 1250pts given it's 160pts not being spent on more bodies, but risk is the only way to test results.


    The plan with the army is relatively straightforward. Surround the Plague Furnace with two flanks of Plague Monks heavily buffed up and charging forward forcing the enemy's attention, while the rest of the army pushes up the other part of the board and forces them to split their forces. The Plague Priests will get stuck in on the front lines using Lead from the Back to remain healthy despite being in the thick of it, and the Furnace will (ideally) hang close enough to it's units of Monks that it doesn't awkwardly come to a halt.

    Looking forward to really stress-testing the list and having a great weekend rolling dice and pushing toy soldiers around for charity, see all of my NZ peeps there.