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Found 46 results

  1. Floating Islands

    So I’ve wanted to make some more Age of Sigmar specific terrain for a while. Here is my test piece: a floating island. I intend to make more, and to make them more elaborate. As I said this is just a proof of concept. I think it worked well and once I get done with my current batch of Stormcast I’ll be doing the next one.
  2. Altar of Sacrifice

    It looks like I’m not the only one to have thought of building a temple to Morathi, @Richelieuis going a more traditional route than me but I’m still within the sphere of Grecian influence. When I saw the recent video I thought I’d just knock up something quick. Weeks later I’m still not done but slowly getting there. I’m going for a more rural sacrificial altar, something to represent a damned piece of terrain in the rules. I want maximum playability too so I’ve kept everything flat. The whole thing is cast in plaster with the texture added in with a sculpting tool. I felt that the rune needed to be prominent so I placed it right I’m the centre. The three smaller altars will flank the central one, giving at least the impression that models can gain cover. It total I’ll have six of these altars. I’d toyed with the idea of having the whole thing mirror the old Dark Elf pantheon mandala but that’s a little to excessive. the next things I have to do is weather everything, get the three additional altars sculpted and mount them on a base. I’ll be adding foliage and such. Hopefully another week or two will see me finished.
  3. The idea for this project arose shortly after the Daughters of Khaine teaser video was published. There had already been some discussion around the Greek influences evident in the Malign Portents Shadow Queen video and the new teaser reinforced those thoughts. I tried to think of different ways I would paint the new models, but my mind was suddenly consumed by the image of a Greek temple. My initial thought was to do a faithful, 28mm scale representation of a historical Greek temple. I quickly did the math, however and came to the conclusion that such a building would consume nearly 1/4 of a 6'X4' battlefield, so that was clearly out of the question as I wanted a functional piece of terrain. I got to doodling (I am by no means an artist, so please be gentle) and sketched this basic design: After thinking through the basic dimensions, the next step was to find the columns. After doing some research I headed to the local crafts store and bought these: They are designed to support tiers on a wedding cake, but they are durable plastic, fairly inexpensive and perfect scale. That's all for now! This weekend I'll be hitting the hardware store for some high density foam insulation for parts of the structure, and a piece of MDF for the base. Then on to the art supply store for some foam board for the roof. Morathi is an unforgiving Queen and she'll accept no excuses if I have not completed her temple by the time she returns to the mortal realms.
  4. The Tanglewood Shoals

    A proof of concept for an upcoming project

    © Redmanphill 2018

  5. Having spent some time over the last year or so working on WHQ: Silver Tower figures, I decided to dip my toe into AoS. Without decent terrain tabletop wargames just don't interest me much, so I decided to work on that before I got stuck into an army. So I planned an approach for making a ruined city table. The project had to have a beginning, a middle and an end. I didnt want to scratch build terrain really, I wanted practical yet nice to look at gaming pieces that look decent in photos. I didn't want a bespoke and therefore restrictive sculptural table: its for gaming not display. I wanted the terrain to look obviously fantasy, not just historical with bells and whistles. Bells and whistles that generate lightning and power chords are acceptable however. A list of appropriate kits was made. Over time they were purchased, two months ago they were assembled and they were painted over the last month or so. The first step was to prep and paint some fairly vanilla pieces, to pad out the table. Landmarks could come later. My first stop was the Citadel Ruins of Osgilliath terrain, which is pleasingly generic. I also picked up the Citadel Goblin Town set to use as gangways to connect the various buildings on more than one level, simply because I though that would be fun. I also picked up a set of Renedra fences to use as ladders. I assembled the lot and painted it with simple drybrushing and zenith spraying techniques. Next I added a Numinous Occulum, which after the Baleful Realmgate kit is my favourite piece of AoS terrain released to date. The blog post with more info on the Osgilliath ruins can be seen HERE. For those interested in more info about the Occulum, that blog post is HERE. I have a lot more terrain for this project finished, but I'm mainly waiting to take a few half decent photos of it. More Exactamundo next week. Thanks for looking!
  6. Hello TGA Family I would like to show you my latest project - Piece of scenery with 3d printed objects. This is my second ever piece of scenery ever, I had much fun doing this. I used maany different ready to use products and many home-made (thanks to Lukes Aps) stuff. I also used two 3d-printed elements. They're sculpted (in 3d-Coat), printed and finished by me. If you own a 3d printer, you can print your own "Ancient Statue" you can find it on my gumroad: https://gumroad.com/3dhexes and Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2696057 I hope you will like it
  7. Terrain Problem Help

    Hi guys, in my gaming club last night there were doubts about this situation: My plaguebearers were about to charge skyfires that were upon a tower.were 6" away. They did make the charge but, my opponent makes me notice that to get at the level of skyfires they should have needed a 13" (7" of the tower and 6" for the distance). At this point i charged some thing else but i was wondering how do you all play in this situation. We will soon have a tournament so we need to clarify as soon as possible. In my personal opinion the height of 7" benefits too much flyinh things, skyfires were almost unchargable for me
  8. My own Sylvaneth Wyldwood!?

    Hi all! Since the GW Wyldwood is so expensive... (need like 6 of them) im looking for ways to get something close to it...For a smaler fee. - If you made your own, how? And how much did it cost you? - Do tornaments often aprove home made Wyldwood? If its the same sice as the original. Please help a frustrated and poor Sylvaneth player /Kimbo
  9. The Ancient Waystone

    For the Realm of life table I wanted to add in a piece that called back to the Old World, so I thought that an Elven Waystone dedicated to Allarielle would be a nice way of doing this. It could be kept standing through the powers of the wanderers and have some magical effect that bolstered the Sylvaneths power. One of the challenges with making this from blue foam is keeping all the angles consistant. To solve this I b cut a rectangular block and then cut a wedge from a a second piece to make sure the angle would be consistent. Each time I made an angled cut along he long sides I kept the off cut and taped it back on so that I was always cutting from a rectangle. This meant that the shape would be consistent throughout. I cut the waystone and the square base together and joined these with cocktail sticks and silicon glue. I drew on a lot of the detail with a pencil to make the indented pattern and then glued on some half beads and the elven letters that I cut from a stencil. The top of the waystone was decorated with a small circular gourd that came from the lake town house kit from The Hobbit range. The Plinth was made from thin slices of blue foam that I laser cut. I was able to engrave on the stone shapes and runes which saved a lot of time. I had to play around with the power setting n the machine to get a good effect though. When this had finished I glued them all together onto a hardboard base. The edges were sanded and I cut the edges with a craft knife to roughen the stones appearance. I also cut some steps from cardboard that I could glue down. Painting was a quick job. First I gave the whole thing a coat of blue tester pot paint from B&Q before spraying it all with greys and browns. I did the waystone and the plinth separately. Then I drybrushed the whole thing with Wrack white and Terminatus Stone before spraying the half beads and the top gourd with a bright blue to create the OSL effect. Its a bit non specific, but it does the job. I then edge highlighted a lot of the stone work and drew on the cracks in the steps with a sharpie and white paint. The final step was to glue the whole piece together and add some flock, tufts and bushes.
  10. The Plan Here you can see the original drawing I did and the image from the Blades of Khorne book that Inspired it. The first piece I wanted to was a Blood Altar of Khorne. Building the Alter Base I've wanted to build a lava table for a while and running Warhammer Achievements has given me the option to do it. One of the centre piece items I wanted to build was a big alter that is dedicated to Khorne. I set out by cutting out some blue foam to make the main base and the steps. I angled the cuts and then went round the top with a craft knife to just rough up the edges and make it not too regular. I then drew out the base on hardboard and cut this to shape to match. Next I had to get a bit more technical. I drew out the Khorne symbol in 2D Design and then cut it out on the laser cutter. I did two parts so that I could have a recess that I planned to fill with some sort of blood effect. I cut these from Hardboard as well and then glued them together with PVA glue. I then attached this to the blue foam with silicon glue as this glues better than using PVA. The next step was to run some filler around the edges and then add sand onto the base. I decorated the Khorne symbol using sticky half beads that you use to decorate cards. I bought them from Hobbycraft. I did find that they needed some superglue to hold to the hardboard though. I also used a hole punch to cut out all the small circles that I could use as rivets. I cut out squares of card and glued them on as steps. The altar model in the middle is from the Reaper Bones line, which was a nice find and it works well in the middle, I didn't know quite what to put round the edges, but I ended up using cocktail sticks and some dowel which i sanded into points. I then used hot glue to hold them in place, I felt like these finished off the alter quite nicely. Painting the Altar I started off by painting the blue foam blue again! This was just to give it a good coat of something so I could spray paint the whole thing. I hadn't been happy with some of the previous Khorne stuff that I had painted, so I went with a tried and tested method. I spray painted the whole thing dark grey then light grey, then I sprayed a load of brown on the sandy bits followed by light brown. Once this dried I dry brushed the whole thing with white to detail it up. The Khorne symbol was based with Balthasar gold and then washed with purple. I used a sharpie pen to pick out the corners and lines as the terrain is so big this doesn't really matter about the quality of the highlights too much. The spikes were painted black and then gloss coated. I did consider that they should have some skulls stuck on them, and I might go back and do this later. The blood was interesting to do. I used Mephiston red and then stippled on some purples and oranges and whites. I made sure that the bubbles were gloss coated too. Then I had to do the resin. I mixed some blood for the blood god into the resin which totally didn't work - I should have used Caroburg Crimson instead. However the pour went well and i waited a few hours and then swirled in the blood for the blood god which worked much better. Building the Realm Gate The realm gate required quite a bit of chopping and cutting. I removed all of the swirly bits, and then had to chop up the gap in between the two halves to make space for some polypropylene sheet. Once this was glued in place ai assembled the realm gate as normal and then glued a few of the swirly bits back onto the bottom. I then had to assemble the Bull Demon (restic - yuck!) before slicing it up on the bandsaw. I then used super glue to glue it onto the polypro sheet. Painting the Realm Gate Again this was done with spray paints. I used the greys and browns first to do all the stone and the minotaur. I then blasted it with Mephiston Red to pick out the top parts of the demon. This also oversprayed the stone with some red glow which looked effective. Once all this was done I swirled on some purple ink and then glossed the realm gate before quickly painting the Demon. Because its a terrain piece I didn't spend a whole heap of time. It was just quick base coats, a wash and a n extreme highlight on the reds and golds. Overall Finished Piece In the end I am happy with how this has come out - its a nice playable piece of scenery that you can run figures over the top of. Combine this with some rules for sacrificing and becoming crazy fighters I think this should work well. Next up for this table will be the Fortress...
  11. Going all Blue Peter

    On Wednesday we had our first Skirmish campaign at work, which was great fun to get several small games in the same evening for a change. Terrain seemed important so i looked around and put together this quick project that I did over three evenings - mainly to allow for drying between each stage. The work each evening was quite small. Stage One Looking around I finished off a bottle of sparkling water and that seemed the perfect base for a kiln/chimney for a small workshop building. With a few pieces of foam card I roughly formed the shell of the building and stuck some thin wood pieces over the joins to hide the connections. I then piled up filler around the base and let it set overnight, I forgot to take photos at this stage. Stage Two I cut up a box into small square to use as roof tiles and bricks on the chimney and stuck them all over the correct places to give some form. I used the box folds to create the gutter looking areas. Greenstuff was used to create the thicker brick stucture at the top and add some sticky out bricks. Stage Three Once dried and after a quick cheeky spray, to create a more realistic finish I rubbed astrogranite debris over the 'bricks' so that it collected in the gaps between the squares to get a mortar look. And sand and glue mix would probably of worked too. Once that was dry - it was pretty fast i thin just splattered on some paint quick and built up some fast layers of drybrushed highlights. Gave that a few minutes to dry then started working washes over the model. the final touch was some flock and tufts... Final touches were a couple of random assets from the bits box. I hope that gives some ideas for quick and easy (and very cheap) terrain
  12. Rocky Terrain Project

    With AoS and particularity now with Skirmish coming out I feel that more dense terrain on the table = a more visual, tactical and thematic game. I'd go as far as to say the current (May 2017) GW offerings are pretty bad for positioning units entirely within them to take advantage of the bonus save. The Wild Wood for example, whilst large enough to place a unit within, actually doing so is so fiddly because of the trees branches that hook onto everything, (especially Dryads ironically). So with these things in mind I've started working on a set of naturalistic terrain that I can use for both AoS and 40k which is based around the idea of where sand stone columns have formed over thousands of years where rivers have carved away softer parts of the rock. This sort of thing is seen across the globe in deserty/canyony areas but is quite bizarre looking and should fit the AoS aesthetic well, (could be any realm). This is my attempt at that... These formations were carved from insulation foam with a hot foam cutter rod type thingy with a twisting motion, then I gave them a good sanding with a flailing sanding drill attachment to make them nice and smooth. I glued these to 6mm MDF bases with the smallest gaps about large enough for a 32mm based model to pass through (there are several areas where 60mm based dreadnought sized models can go). Then using fine surface wall filler (NOT flexible filler) the rock formations were blended into the bases and a bit of surface undulation added here and there. Then I sealed them with several coats of thinned PVA adding a bit of sand to the mix to get a bit of extra texture and durability in there. To make the terrain visually more interesting I wanted to use Agrellan Earth to give the dried cracked river bed look and to add a different texture to the terrain. I imagined that in this region the water still comes and goes through these formations and dries out. Eventually I'd like to complete a whole table that has a small central river remaining that has shrunk back leaving pools that have dried out as the water has drained away. The terrain was painted mostly with a mix of household emulsion (tester pots from Wilkos, UK) that I colour matched (by eye) to Agrellean Earth. I roughly painted some dark grey onto the areas where I wanted a strong cracked earth effect, before applying lots of Agrellean Earth (not cheap ) and allowing to dry. I used a thinned down Agrax Earthshade to add definition to some of the grooves in the rock formations before giving the whole lot a light drybrush and adding tufts to finish off the pieces. I have lots of skulls that I plan to dot around here and there to give the terrain a GW feel but overall whilst they were time consuming and not cheap to make I'm quite pleased with how they've turned out and plan to steadily make more.
  13. This year at Blood and Glory @Ben has generously donated some space for me to run the latest iteration of Warhammer Achievements, a little tournament that I've run on a somewhat irregular basis due to the birth of my children. This will be the 5th running of the event and I really wanted to do something different so this year I've decided to take a leaflet of Steve Herner's boo and make terrain for all sixteen tables. I quite enjoy a bit of terrain building and when the mood hits its quite easy to get a lot done in a short space of time. Over the last week I have made some good progress on a number of different pieces that I want for some of the tables: REALM OF LIFE: These are the start of the floating waterfalls that you find in the Realm of Life. I made these from some clear 3mm acrylic that I line-bent and screwed down onto some 12mm MDF that I cut and shaped. Once done I then unscrewed the whole thing and spray painted the MDF blue. Still to do: I'm needing to make the water effects to run down the acrylic and pool at the bottom. I'm planning to use the Woodland Scenics water effects for this so that I can make the falls and then attach them. I'm still not sure how I'm going to edge the pools though, so that is the next problem that needs solving. REALM OF DEATH This is finally the chance I've been looking for to finish this rather large mausoleum that I've had sitting around in the garage for a bit of time. I made it for some end times stuff years ago and never finished it. I attacked it with some spray cans this afternoon in an attempt to get some basic colours onto the piece, and then I can go in and start to pick out a few details just to finish it off. I have t say that once I got a few more bits of colour on it its starting to look pretty sharp. REALM OF FIRE These two pieces will be going on a table set up for Khorne. I found that the mats we are using aren't actually black with the lava. Instead its a kind of dark green so it needs a heavy green dry brush over the top, The craters took some time to repurpose them and fill in all the cracks and dints. I then bought some adhesive pearls from the paper craft section of Hobbycraft and superglued them down to represent lava bubbles. Once again the painting so far is all spray can work. I kept them black and dark grey, but I think the lighter grey will work a lot better. REALM OF LIFE - Nurgles Garden I've always fancied doing a gurgle terrain set and this gives me a great excuse. The pits will be a key part of the rules as well so to represent how truly dangerous they are I got some reaper bones pox worm models and glued them into the centre. I have no idea how these will look when they are painted but they should certainly look menacing coming out of the swamps. I'll probably be positing a lot more terrain than models for the next few months which will be an interesting change of pace for me. If you have questions about what I've done feel free to post them here.
  14. This is just a quick work in progress post. I've decided I really want to get some more varied terrain for my games so I invested in some second hand craters off Ebay. They are quite damaged, but I have based them on some hardboard and I plan to go in and fix the gaps and holes with filler and play bark. Once undercoated I have a few ideas for different fillings. Three will be lave pits for a Realm of fire table, one will be a Nurgle Swamp and the other will be a Tzeentch themed piece of dangerous terrain.
  15. Hello guys! I'm still deciding between 40k or Sigmar as my first GW game. By default I like the fantasy figures more, but one thing that keeps me from jumping into Sigmar is that all the games I see only use a handful of terrain. I come from Malifaux where terrain is king, and it should be all around the board. So my question is how does Sigmar handle city fights? Did anyone try it? What I like about 40k is that it works on quite busy tables, but not sure if Sigmar can handle them or not. (on the flip side I only really like orks from 40k)
  16. Hey gang, longtime mini painter here, eager to try out Age of Sigmar. I've been thinking that Stormcast would look sharp in a dark gold and jade green, sorta Aztec-esque color scheme. Those new vanguard Stormcast seem like they'd be perfect for it, but first I'd better paint these starter box guys I've been sitting on for the last year. Now that I've got a picture I can of course see a few spots that need to be touched up, but overall I'm happy. Fairy quick, easy tabletop quality results, which is important to me as I'd actually like to paint a whole army for once. I'll be attempting jungle bases once the rest of the squad is painted.
  17. Simple question, how do you use terrain to provide cover and how do you think it can be remedied? When we started playing the lack of terrain rules was refreshing and prohibitive all at the same time. I hope GHB 2.0 expounds upon them a little. Not looking for anything crazy like fortifications and different saves in 40k. Just clarification of what "completely within" terrain means vs how it plays out. really, without a large area base, most GW terrain itself would never provide a cover bonus except for the woods. Given the lack of an actual platform on which to place models for most terrain, there is no way to actually get a unit within it to receive the bonus. I prefer a simple adjustment of if your entire unit is within 1" of a piece of terrain and the terrain and the terrain piece is between the enemy unit and target unit than they get the cover. For example, if I have a stone wall that my unit is behind but within 1", they should get the bonus if a unit on the other side of the wall is further away from the way and shooting at them. I am sure someone with better game writing skills could come up with a clearer and more succinct wording but generally common sense applies. If a unit is taking cover behind a wall, they should get a save bonus. How do you use terrain and how do you think it could be better?
  18. Scenery bases

    Hey everyone, I have some bits of GW scenery that I want to put on to bases so the it can be measured to, take up a certain space and have a clear footprint. I heard that plasticard is good but it seems to be a bit pricey, is there a specific/best thickness to use or is there anything else I could use? Thanks Jon
  19. In this post, we finish our survey of the stunning tables of Holy Wars 2017, including the floating earth motes of Azyr and the scorched crust of Aqshy. Table 11 –The Upside Down Battling in the warped reality of Tzeentch is ever changing and swirling in tremendous power. The Great Eye of Tzeentch is ever watching over the upside down. The main objective in this scenario is a series of take and holds of pillars strewn throughout the table, some pink, some standard. The pink points netted you 2 points per turn instead of the standard’s 1 point, but also did unpreventable wounds to your unit. The player at the end of the game with the most points won this objective. The grail objective was an escort style mission where players carried Grail tokens from the Black Pit of Tzeentch to the Eye of Tzeentch. The player to deliver the most tokens (there were three total) to the Eye wins. Table 12 –Death, The Next Step The devoted to Vlad still seek his power and leadership in the Age of Sigmar. His sacrifice during End Times has not been forgotten by his followers. This scenario was a take and hold of a central objective. Those garrisoning this objective, the tower of Vlad, could invoke the power of Vlad to do unpreventable damage to their enemies. The player who caused the most wounds wins this objective. The Grail Token objective was a trio of grail tokens spread throughout the table and controlling them accumulated points each round. This was a new board for Holy Wars 2017 and the zombie chapel was inspired! Table 13—Skaven-Hunger Games The Skaven unquenchable hunger continues in the new age. This scenario involved the raiding of the Windmill Grain Mill for resources but in order to do so, one had to first take a and hold the Clock tower and then their auxiliary (imaginary) troops would gather resources from the Grain Mill. The problem for the take-and-holding player is that this Windmill was sinking into the mire each turn doing unpreventable wounds to the garrisoning unit. To make matters worse, all of the pools across the table were an augmented version of deadly terrain that required a d6 roll if you moved or ended movement on them at all, with a 1 causing the automatic death of that model. The grail tokens, unsurprisingly, were strewn throughout this board in these toxic pools of death. Fun times for all. Table 14—Aqshy, Realm of Fire & Ice Chaos seeks to dominate the Realm of Aqshy and the powers of the Shifting Monolith ravages all. This scenario involved the manipulation of a Shifting Monolith. Players could control the direction of the monolith although the distance traveled was variable. As this shifting monolith traveled over units, it did unpreventable wounds to units it traveled over (including your own!). The player who accumulated the most wounds done in this way won this objective. Those near this objective did indeed gain a +1 to saves, which could certainly be significant in some cases. The Grail Token objective for this board were again a trio of tokens spread throughout the table and controlling them accumulated points each round. This was a new board for Holy Wars 2017 and what a beauty it was! Table 15—Azyr, the Realm of Heavens Those who seek the knowledge of Sigmar must brave the perils of a quest that will test their resolve as never before. Despite the wonderful detail of the Aqshy board by Herner, the real new gem in this event was the new Azyr board. This board was composed of a number of floating earth motes with Sigmar’s Occulus on the central floating island. Those near this objective could call Sigmar’s lightning down on nearby units. The player who did the most wounds in this way won the objective. The Grail Token objective for this board were again a trio of tokens spread across the table, underneath the earthmotes! The player controlling them accumulated points each round. This was the real gem of Holy Wars 2017 and people were clamoring to play on it. In the next set of posts, I’ll go over my individual matchups with a brief battle report on each.
  20. In this post, we continue our survey of the tables of Holy Wars 2017. Table 6 –Nurgle-Drink the Wyrm Otto and devious sorcerer Ethrac, riding to battle on the shoulders of their brother Ghurk, quest for more blessings from Nurgle as they look to harness the power of the mighty Wyrmrid Reaches. This table had as its primary objective a kill-quest scenario where each player was looking to do more wounds to the resident monster, the Wyrmrid Reaches, than the opposing player. I provided feedback on it Friday night, and after some testing by some helpful attendees, it ended up being toned down from its 2+ save against shooting and 3+ against combat to a straight 4+. There were also 3 Grail Token objectives that head to be held: 1 in each of the starting zones and the final one within reach of the Wyrm. This of course was significant because every round the Wyrm did unpreventable wounds to all units within 8 inches based on how wounded it was, starting at a d3 wounds and scaling all the way to d6+3 wounds to all units. Table 7—The Great Maw Challenge Harbingers of dark months and dead seasons, the ogor tribes continue their assaults on the mortal realms. They fight not to conquer or dominate, but for sustenance - they are led by their bellies to their battles, and the victims of their slaughter are consumed, staving off the hunger briefly before the hunt begins anew. The primary table objective is a fight around a terrain piece with the army causing the most amount of wounds within an ever growing larger radius wins the objective. The scenario has three fixed Grail tokens in bonfires spread across the field (one in each starter zone and the last in a contested middle area away from the stone. Those too close to the bonfire similarly suffered unpreventable wounds. Table 8 –A Tangled Web The Arachnarok Spiders lumbering monsters of chitin and dripping fangs are scattered throughout the mortals. Death comes to those foolish to wander too closely. Deployment on this board is staggered with the terrain objective on the far end, outside of both deployments. The player with the largest number of models within 6” of the Idol of Mork/Gork gains the ability to call upon Gork and Mork, calling down either Gork’s foot or Mork’s gaze upon the enemy. The player that does the most amount of damage with these prayers wins the table objective. The Grail Tokens were miscellaneously scattered around the Arachnarok hole, where a sneaky Arachanrok would chew on nearby units camping the tokens. Table 9 – Lair of the Astromancer Celestial Order, continues to study the heavens to harness the magical power in the mortal realms. This board offered a unique take and hold scenario that included at least 6 buildings. One of the buildings was the primary table objective. All of the other buildings had the possibility of a Grail Token being hidden away in their depths, but this wouldn’t be discovered until after the game ended. The goal was to take and garrison as many buildings as possible, including the terrain objective. The roads on this board were muddy and greatly hindered movement as well. Table 10 –Tomb Kings’ Endless Desert The endless dessert continues to expand across the mortal realms. Heat and sand consume all that stand in it’s path. The main objective on this board was a model-feeder scenario where you dumped troops into the swirling sands at the center of the board in pursuit of the hidden city. When units touched the swirling sand a dice was rolled for each model: on a 6, they were removed from play and arrived at the secret city; on a 1, the model was slain. Surviving models teleported to a random quadrant of the board to set up again. This objective coupled with split deployment (each player got 2 opposing 1’ x 1’ squares in each corner) made for very interesting play. Additionally, at the end of the second turn, the Grail Token would randomly appear in one of the six panels of the board and, if claimed, would lock into place for the rest of the game. This was a very fun and strategically challenging board to play on. The full scenario rules can be found here, and the full table maps and terrain features (with rules) can be found here. In the next part, I'll cover tables 11-15.
  21. The terrain rules are excellent. They add variety to the game and create unique opportunities for strategy and tactics. I personally use the terrain dice with every game I play. Unfortunately, I am seeing more and more how certain terrain can not only effect the game, but directly determine its outcome. In addition, it can often be annoying to use, or easy to forget. Here are some key examples of issues where terrain can determine the outcome of a game. - A key unit gets befuddled by mystical terrain at a pivotal point.... - A massive archer unit is ensorcelled and can re-roll its wounds for several turns.... - A deathstar melee unit gets +1 to hit with damned terrain (or +2!).... - A deadly forest in your deployment, or blocking an objective on your side only puts you at a huge disadvantage... - A wizard with an incredibly powerful spell is between two Arcane Terrain pieces.... With the current terrain rules, terrain can often be annoying, or even flat out ruin your experience . Sometimes it can feel like you lost to random terrain and not your opponent. Personally I feel like terrain should play an important part in the game, but should never feel completely dominating or totally useless - but somewhere in between. Here are some ideas to make that happen: Arcane Terrain Works well but could use a check to avoid stacking. -Update- Models which are completely on this terrain feature can add 1 to any casting or unbinding roll. Sinister Terrain Pretty uneventful and could use a change -Update- Units currently within 3" of this terrain feature must add 1 to any battleshock test. Any units which starts the Hero Phase within 3" of this terrain feature are Ominous until your next hero phase. When an Ominous unit uses a bravery based attack, ability or spell, the targeted units bravery is counted as 1 less. Inspiring terrain Easily forgotten as well as often uneventful -Update- Units which are wholly on this terrain feature may subtract 2 from any battleshock test, and count their bravery as 1 higher in defense against any bravery based attack, ability or spell. Deadly Terrain This is probably the #1 reason why people don't play with terrain rules. Deadly terrain can cause a massive issue, creating a black hole in the map that you cannot afford to deal with. Also, the terrain is totally useless in regards to houses or towers which you are mainly moving around. The primary issue is probably the slowdown you have to deal with while every individual model rolls a D6. -Update- Roll a D6 each time a unit runs or charges across, or onto this terrain feature. On a roll of 6+, D6 models in the unit are slain. If models in this unit have 2 or more wounds on their profile, only one model is slain. Heroes and/or Monsters can ignore this rule. Mystical Terrain The chances of being befuddled are very slim, but can be completely game changing if it happens. More often than not, re-rolling wound rolls creates an incredible advantage, especially when dealing with hordes and/or protected archers. -Update- In your Hero Phase, roll a D6 for each unit within 3" of this terrain feature. On a 1 or 2, the unit is befuddled and has -1 to wound until your next hero phase. If the roll is 3+ the unit is instead ensorcelled & you can re-roll failed wound rolls of 1 for this unit until the next hero phase. Damned Terrain By far the most powerful and influential terrain piece that can be easily abused. Powerful melee units can easily take advantage of this to pile on a +1 to hit on top of other potent abilities. Worse, there is nothing in place to stop a unit from doubling down on two damned terrain pieces. Damned terrain often determines the outcome of a game. -Update- Any unit within 3" of this terrain feature can make a sacrifice in your Hero Phase. If so, the unit suffers D3 mortal wounds, and may re-roll hit rolls of 1 until your next hero phase. -- Applying these fixes will make terrain more of a influence that effects the game rather than a determining factor. With more balanced terrain, it may start to be more popular, and accepted even in tournament and competitive settings.
  22. Holy Wars 2017 Tables

    Here are the table maps for Holy Wars 2017 tables. Aqshy The Rats in Hats Shrine of Sotek Shrine of the Phoenix Bugmen's Brewery Gyhran Endless Sands Azyr The Tower of Vlad The Upside Down The Lair of the Astromancer A Tangled Web The Great Maw Challenge Drink the Wyrm The Temple of Khaine
  23. What is your dream table?

    One hallmark of Narrative events (so far) seems to be a desire for stunning tables. Holy Wars, the narrative side events at NOVA Open, Realm Hoppers and Realms at War have featured some great tables with scenery pieces that have gallons of blood, sweat and tears put into it. This is an open question to anyone (especially those who'd like to come to our events) - what is YOUR dream table? Here's a few pics from RAW16 to kickstart your thoughts and show you what can be achieved if you have the right inspiration, time and effort. If we really like your ideas, we may just be inspired to make it happen for RAW17!
  24. Holy Havok Tables!

    I figured I would show off some of @Holy Hammer Hern's beautiful tables from Holy Havok. Check out these beauties! Table 1: Aelf, Shrine of the Phoenix I didn't have the opportunity to play on this board but it is my understanding that wizards who occupied the tower could measure from either of the beacons to determine range to their target. Table 2: Aelf, Temple of Khaine This was another table I didn't have the opportunity to play on. The two temples/shrines on this board each had their own effects but I don't know the details for sure. Table 3: Human, the Collegiate Arcane We played our game 4 on this board and it was quite the board. The central terrain piece was the terrain objective which each team needed more models around to claim. Its central position along with its proximity to the starting line made our round truly dependent on who brought more models to hug this terrain feature's base. Luckily we had numbers in our favor and the length of the double tower made for some excellent choke points towards the far ends. The fences also offered a surprising bulwark that stopped a Juggy lord from charging in on the Glottkin. I was surprised at how tactical some of these simple terrain features factored in to play. It was great! Here is the shot of our Game 4 before we obliterated their back line: Table 4: Ogors, the Challenge Stone We played game 5 on this table and, despite the board favoring our destruction opponents, it was quite fun. The big center stone granted battleshock immunity (?) to the forces of Destruction, which was painful again Odors, but it also granted +1 to hit and +1 to wound to all units within 6", something my 5 Blight Kings were quite thankful for (and the 36 wounds those five models generated from exploding 5+ attacks... ). The simple symmetry of the board was broken up for our match with a 8" radius prison that held one of each of our units but that out units couldn't travel through. The tent with Ogors amongst the signal fires was our terrain objective which had some interesting tactical movement for the larger models in the area (since you couldn't stand on or move the many impassable elements in this area. Our game 5, right before their Irongut deathstar did more wounds to my models than had been suffered in the entire tourney up until that point... Table 5: Orruks and Grotts, the Nest of the Arachnarok We actually didn't get to play this board during the event, but we played against @Hooves of Doom and his lovely wife's Nagash, all the Mortarchs, and 2 Mournghoul force. It was quite the game for sure! The table itself had a pretty scary mechanic where, during every movement phase, the arachnarok would spit at all units within 3d6 inches of his terrain piece. On a 4+, those units took 1d3 mortal wounds. Couple this with all the shrooms and their forests were either befuddling Mystic terrain or projected a 6" bubble of that effect, it shouldn't be surprising that it slowed down the game quite a bit (Arachnarok spitting at 3-8 units twice per round and a bunch of befuddlement), but we had all the time in the world for the practice game, so it was no bother for us. The terrain objective on this board was the big Orkky shrine in the back. It was a great game all in all. Here is a shot of the pre-tourney warmup game with @Hooves of Doom: Table 6: Nurgle, the Wyrmid Reaches We didn't have a chance to play on this table which made my Nurgle heart quite sad. It is my understanding the the wyrms in the center were the terrain objective (thus requiring teams to be close) but they did 1d3 unpreventable mortal wounds to nearby units. The copious streams were deadly terrain as well, which would have likely caused folks to think twice about runs and charges on this board. Table 7: Seraphon, the Shrine of Sotek This table was where we had our game 1 and it was quite the challenge for our force which was comprised of many large monsters. Despite the obvious mobility concerns, we had a lot of fun navigating our huge chaos host through this dense jungle. The small forest in the foreground with a triceratops skeleton was the impassable terrain objective and it made it quite difficult to move past this small space towards the enemy's starter zone (which was itself the main objective of the scenario). The Shrine of Sotek had a gambling mechanic that on a 1-5 punished you for attempting to activate it but on a 6 actually healed wounds or even brought back dead models from your force. I heard a great uproar on the first day from this table as a dead Lord Kroak called upon Sotek and was restored back into play, much to the chagrin of his enemies. This board was one of the more tactically challenging forces given the model footprint of our force, but it was still a fun challenge to face. Here is a shot from game 1 with @Fenske and his partner: Table 8: Shyish, the Sands of Time This delightful Tomb Kings throwback table was where we had our second match. The ruins in the foreground were the terrain objective and the huge animated sand pit had a chance of teleporting units to any board edge, which would have been helpful against many forces would deployed without fully understanding what it was. This was doubly true for our match, where one of the main objectives was to get warpstone shards off the other side of the table. Unfortunately for our opponents, the open deployment zone worked perfectly for a huge 30 strong chaos warrior conga line to hold the line against any such chicanery and our own Verminlord Deceiver (and his skitter leap) made short work of this objective. Here is a shot of our game on this fantastic TK board: Table 9: Skaven, the Rats in Hats This board was another one we didn't have the opportunity to play on. I believe the sinking bellower was the objective and the mucky swamps were deadly terrain that might have been doing mortal wounds to those in it as well. It's a real shame we didn't get to play on this board given how beautiful it is. Maybe next time! Table 10: Tzeentch, the Twisting Realm Ironically, this was the board of our ultimate match up, which occurred in game 3, where were faced off against an army that was almost a mirror of our own force and whose generals we actually tied for Best Overall with (although they took home the title after three different tiers of considerations had to be made between our two forces to break the tie). That said, even though we only scored 1-1 against each other (with a maximum total of 4 points), it was a legendary game where our Archaon of the Faceless of Tzeentch squared off against and slew his dark mirror in Tzeentch's own realm. The high was short lived as their Skarbrand came barreling in, killing our Archaon, our Warlord, and another hero has he rushed his way through. The blue pillars had a chance to wound units nearby while the pink ones healed units. The floating blackhole in the distance did mortal wounds to those traveling underneath it, as did the foregrounded eye of Tzeentch (3" radius from the terrain), which itself was the terrain objective. We'll be talking about Holy Havok on Warhammer Weekly tomorrow. You can check it out live at my cohost @Vincent Venturella's Youtube channel tomorrow at 9:00 PM EST, or you can look for the link to the show as an update to the blog as well. I'm hoping to do some battle reports of these games in the coming weeks. Hope you got a glimpse of all the Havok-y goodness from these images. Happy gaming!
  25. I have some twisted wire trees and I never got round to adding putty and sculpting bark. Which may be a good thing! I've decided that my next project will be a set of Realm of Metal terrain, with mostly rocks with a metallic glean and some ponds of liquid metal (maybe even some mercury falls). Much chrome spray paint will be used. So I have trees made of metal, but just twisted wire is and will look lazy, but how do I improve on them? Any ideas for foliage would be great too?