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Found 162 results

  1. Hi all, Hoping to start a conversation here looking at the Sylvaneth in theory and in practice using Matched Play, especially for tournies and Pitched Battles. Would love to hear about your own views and experiences. After a first-look through the battletome, here's initial impressions: Overall: The Sylvaneth are a landmark for AoS. Arguably for the first time, GW has hit for the cycle: the lore, characters, models, and rules are all strong. I hope this release reflects a new level of integrated (and growing) quality for AoS across those four components. Gnarlroot Wargrove Battalion stands out. With 2,000pts, it could be common to see 7-9 unique spells casted per round from a pool of 9-11 choices. This battalion also allows you to take an Order Wizard. A Loremaster is a good buy at 100pts to cast Hand of Glory on, e.g., Alarielle, Drycha, or a Spirit of Durthu. I love the Tree-Revenant models. If you're trying to optimize, though, Dryads seem distinctly better. Two factors stand out: Large model counts are important for Pitched Battle scenarios, given the role of model count for controlling objectives/winning. Sylvaneth Battleline units are both fragile and susceptible to battleshock (although buffs exist to improve bravery). In light of those factors and others, 10 Dryads for 120pts seems a better buy than 5 Tree-Revenants for 100pts. With the help of Wyldwoods scenery, Sylvaneth have multiple ways to "teleport." The effectiveness, though, will be affected by having to "teleport" 9" away from enemy models. At 9"+ away, charges will fail ~75% of the time, or ~66% with a +1 buff. Another value of large model counts: To better protect your "teleporting" heroes from charges and enable them to counter charge. At the same time, after scenery has been setup at the start of the game, Wyldwood Groves (a Sylvaneth Battle Trait) allows you to place 1 Wyldwoods warscroll anywhere on the table more than 1" from any other scenery. Specifically, a Wyldwoods warscroll lets you place up to 3 citadel woods up to 1" from each other. (Each citadel wood is 11" x 8".) I suspect this means that it'll be difficult for your opponent to stop you from "teleporting" within 3" of a citadel wood and within the general vicinity of where you want to go. This is especially important for Dryads. Hit rolls against them are at -1 if they are within 3" of a Wyldwood. Sylvaneth have 5 ways to generate Wyldwoods. Tournies may want to limit 1 Wyldwood warscroll to 1 or 2 citadel woods, and set a maximum overall cap. My initial, untested sense: Limit 1 Wyldwood warscroll to up to 2 citadel woods, and set the citadel wood overall cap at 6. Allowing only 1 citadel wood per Wyldwood warscroll could make it very difficult for Sylvaneth to "teleport." 9/4/16 Update: Playtesting so far has shown how important Wyldwoods usually are re: competing w/ Sylvaneth. At the moment, I probably wouldn't set a Wyldwood limit in Matched Play, but would play on a 4x6 with 10+ terrain pieces (ideally 12) to create a more inherent limit (when combined with the restrictions from enemy movement). GW has done an outstanding job designing distinct sub-armies within the Sylvaneth, even with a relatively small model range. Drycha and the Spite-Revenants especially reflect a distinct army within an army. Dreadwood Grove Battalion is a strong alphastrike for Sylvaneth. Check it out. In particular, it's Ambush ability: At the start of your first round, one of your units can be redeployed anywhere 6" or more from enemy units. This battalion also allows Spite-Revenants to re-roll wound rolls of 1. A Gnarlroot-Wargrove build that seems intriguing (2,000pts): Treelord Ancient (300) Spirit of Durthu (400) Branchwych (100) 20 Dryads (240) 10 Dryads (120) 5 Tree-Revenants (100) 5 Tree-Revenants (100) 3 Kurnoth Hunters with scythes (180) 3 Kurnoth Hunters with greatswords (180) 3 Kurnoth Hunters with greatbows (180) Gnarlroot Wargrove Battalion (80) Household Battalion (20) A walk-and-chew-gum list: shooting, magic, Wyldwoods, combat, and objective capturing. A Dreadwood-Wargrove build (1,960pts): Treelord Ancient (300) Branchwych (100) 20 Dryads (240) 10 Dryads (120) 10 Dryads (120) 5 Spite-Revenants (100) 5 Spite-Revenants (100) 5 Spite-Revenants (100) 5 Spite-Revenants (100) 9 Kurnoth Hunters with scythes (540) Dreadwood Wargrove Battalion (100) Outcasts Battalion (40) This list is especially built around alphastriking 9 Kurnoth Hunters with scythes (or greatswords) on your first turn, and controlling/contesting objectives with your other units. The list would probably struggle in Three Places of Power since it only has two heroes; but otherwise, 71 models is a good # for model-count-oriented Pitched Battles. Thanks for reading. Would love to hear your thoughts on the Sylvaneth!
  2. So i've edited this from a purely Wolves of Ghur PLOG (although i strayed from that quite early on) into a PLOG for all of my various AOS armies and related projects past and present and I want to keep this first post as contents section with links to the various armies: Wolves of Ghur (Khorne Bloodbound) - Pages 1 -3 (ongoing) Duardin - Page 1 (complete) Sylvaneth Page 2 (complete) Beastmen (Brayherd, Warherd, Daemons, Monsters of Chaos) Page 3 (complete...for now) Ogors and Gargants Page 3 (complete)
  3. Hey all, Long-time gamer, but recent convert to Age of Sigmar. I played in a 8th ed tournament just before AoS was released, and had such a bad time that I wasn't terribly upset with the demise of the Warhammer world. I had been planning to build a Dark Elf army up until this point, and had collected a bunch of models with the intention of putting it together for 8th ed. But when AoS dropped, I decided to bide my time and to see what happened once the dust settled. And sure enough, the General's Handbook came out and some of my friends convinced me to give it a go, and I loved it at once. I still have my Dark Elfs, but I decided to buy some Sylvaneth first, knowing that I can paint and use my elves with the Sylvaneth as well as wait for whatever they decide to do with Aelfs. I've actually got a lot of Order-flavoured models hanging around, so it's going to be good to have a reason to paint them and use them together, even if that's not always the most optimal way to play. I'm a pretty casual gamer, but I like the points system as I usually play at a club and it's a much easier way to arrange games with that system. And I'm much more a painter than gamer, so I tend to buy and paint things I like the look of, rather than just its tabletop performance. Over the years I've become a strict adherent to the "Play It Painted" mantra, as I discovered it both motivates me to paint it so I can use it, and makes me enjoy the game that much more when everything looks good. My local gaming club (Outpost 6030 in Perth, Western Australia) is running an AoS slow grow league to get people playing the game, and I'm going to be doing my Sylvaneth first up. I've got my first unit of Dryads painted below, and my Branchwych and Kurnous Hunters are almost done. Some of you might recognise that I've followed the Winterleaf colour scheme somewhat. I'd always planned a winter colour scheme, but after reading their background it was an easy decision to go with them, as the fact they like to ally with anyone to fight chaos fits into the idea of my army quite nicely! So thanks for having me, comments and criticism welcome.
  4. Hi. The rules for deadly terrain and Sylvaneth Wldwood state: English is my second language, therefore I have trouble understanding how exaxtly does this work. Do I roll a dice only when charging and running into or across Wyldwoods/deadly terrain? Or do I also roll when I finish any move on Wyldwood/deadly terrain?
  5. Starting Sylvaneth, basic list below but require advice and feedback in general. Paint scheme I am going for is winter so this Battalion made sense but I am open to suggestions if this list will be an uphill struggle. I am not know as a tactical genius. Winterleaf.pdf
  6. Hello TGA, and welcome to my plog! I'm a longtime painter and modeler (and an occasional gamer too) whose chief interests are High Elves, Brets and Mordheim. I've mostly focused on my High Elves over the past year or so, starting a smaller Avelorn contingent, but I was getting a bit burned out by how long it took me to finish even a handful of their crazy detailed minis. Looking for something I could paint up more quickly to take a break, I soon fell in love with the gorgeous Sylvaneth models. The fact that they'd tie in nicely with the Avelorn HE I'd been painting (seeing as they're both Alarielle's followers) was just icing on the cake! So I took the plunge and ordered a start collecting box... My first unit of dryads. Sixteen felt like an awkward number, so I split them into 10 and 5 with 1 left over to convert a branchwraith. Also painted up the branchwych: Thanks for reading!
  7. A unit of Tree Revenants from my Sylvaneth army.
  8. Hey Everyone, I recently bought a large Sylvaneth army. The kurnoth hunters are one of my favorite units in all of AOS, and they turn out to be really strong in game. So I was wondering how many units would be too many, or too 'cheesy' I will be buying a sylvaneth battleforce for a great deal, and will be getting three more units, for a total of 6. I have 3 units built, two with bows, and one with scythes. How many units in one list is too many? For a mid tier game especially.
  9. Updated May 31st. Reopened old thread. Life has kicked me in the nuts, but in a good way. Selling off everything. Sweet deals here! Trying to off load in bundles. SYLVANETH: All new on sprue. X4 spite/tree revenants X1 wargrove box. (Drycha, treelord, x6 Kurnoth, x10 tree/spite revs X2 start collecting Sylvaneth $380 + shipping
  10. Hi, Probably a stupid question but, when using verdant blessing do all of the of the wyldwoods you place have to be completely within 18" of the caster, or can you just place the first part within 18 and then place the other parts within 1" of the first wood? Thanks for any help
  11. Recently in a game the question came up as to whether you place the free Wyldwood grove from the Sylvaneth's Alliance ability before or after the scenario is rolled for. In the ability it says "After all other pieces of scenery are set up, but before the battle begins and players chose territory or set up their armies,...". But rolling for scenarios is before the battle begins as well, because the battle begins after rolling for the scenario. So what is the timing on placing the Wyldwood? Before the scenario is rolled for or after?
  12. A "treeman" from Ultraforge. I did a little bit of conversion work on her. She will be leading my army in battle.
  13. So here we go gonna build up all these wonderful trees planning on building it to theveryone following: 100 Dryads 2 spirits of Durthu 1 Treelord Ancient 2 Treelords 2 branch wraith 2 branch wyches Drycha 7 wyldwoods
  14. Does a prayer cast by, for example, a Stormcast character trigger the wyldwood's 'Roused by Magic' ability? This came up in the game I played today with my Sylvaneth - my first against Stormcast. As written the Wyldwood warscroll just says 'whenever a spell is successfully cast'. So I assumed that prayers wouldn't trigger it. However, my opponent chose to count the prayer as a spell, therefore triggering it. I'm just wondering if there is a consensus on this, or what people's thoughts are.
  15. Basically, I was wondering how close this is to the Sylvaneth "netlist?" I say "netlist" in bunny ears because I know this is a fairly loose term but considering the regular combinations other players take, how close is this? - Durthu - Glamourweave Treelord Ancient - Oaken Armour Branchwych - Acorn of the Ages 2 x 10 Dryads 5 Tree Revenants 2 x 3 Hunters with Swords 6 Hunters with Scythes Household Gnarlroot FreeSpirits To be clear, I am not trying to copy the netlist - I generally don't pay much attention to such things which is why I don't really know what's in it. Case in point - I have been an Alarielle player since Sylvaneth was released but realise she is not generally a part of the strongest lists out there. In this incarnation of my list, I have dropped her for Durthu, Branchwych and the three battalions/wargrove. The theory is that, with the enhanced magic given by the Gnarlroot to help protect them, Durthu and the three units of Hunters use the free spirits ability to sally forth up the table and wreck stuff whilst the battleline units jump on objectives. I am guessing that the regular lists seen at most events would not have the free spirits battalion and the sword hunters would have bows instead. I'm also not sure whether I have the right artefacts on the right characters yet. Any thoughts, responses or advice would be most welcome.
  16. Some quick shots of my sylvaneth so far... i know the base for my spirit of durthu is to small, but I don't paint for gaming, so I guess it doesn't matter
  17. My friends and I have only played AoS a few times and we're going at it again this week. We decided on 1500 points and I definitely want to try out Sylvaneth. The list I'm thinking of bringing is 1520 points (we've always allowed +/-25 as a house rule) and includes the following: - Treelord Ancient (General) - Branchwych - Loremaster - Tree Revenants x5 - Tree Revenants x5 - Dryads x10 - Dryads x20 - Kurnoth Hunters x3 - Kurnoth Hunters x3 - Household Battalion - Gnarlroot Battalion I know one of my opponents will be bringing a horde of Bonesplittaz infantry and I'll probably be looking at 3-4 units of 20+ orcs plus archers and some maniaks or big spears. That's a lot to deal with for such a small army. The plan is to put woods everywhere and funnel his big units through chokes to limit their effectiveness. The Revenants will likely stay together as a group. I just chose to have two fives instead of one ten for flexibility and in case one fails a charge or they need to split up. As for the hunters, I'm not sure if I should just go two with bows or one with scythes, as I don't know whether I have the melee power to compete with all those orcs without some more big hitters. I could also consider cutting one unit all together for more dryads or something. Loremaster is mainly there to buff the TLA. If there is a better 80-100 point order wizard I haven't considered, let me know! I haven't really decided what items/traits/spells to pick yet. Probably an acorn for sure, not clear on what else I need. Mainly I'm just concerned that I will be overwhelmed by numbers and won't be able to handle it adequately. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  18. So while posting all my Freeguild progress I thought I'd post the Sylvaneth I painted up last year in a few weeks over the summer. Currently in the display cabinet at my local store.
  19. I am using a Winterleaf battalion in my Sylvaneth army and I was wondering what Order unit people use in it, besides the obvious choice of the Celestial Hurricanum? I know rules wise the Hurricanum is a lot of people's favorite, but I'm just not interested in using it. I don't feel it fits fluff wise and I'm not a fan of "auto include" units. I'm thinking of using a unit of Giant Eagles, which I am representing using two bases of spites from various Sylvaneth sprues. I think that the Sylvaneth lack true speed and the Eagles help with that. I've also thought about using a Battlemage instead, either a Jade wizard or an Amber wizard.
  20. Ok, so the woods and the old world are gone. I've put my woodies on rounds and am getting involved heavily in Sylvaneth. It's been a while since I had a plog, RIP warseer The arrival of TGA gives me a platform again. So I think I'll document my #roadtoRAW2016 here, I always found painting forums to be a great source of motivation and inspiration... so here goes! Spellweaver on Unicorn Orion These guys made up my original force, which I'm now expanding: The lighting in my current flat is HORRIBLE so apologies for the terrible photograph. They're much better IRL. More soon! A @hadrielcaine
  21. I was worried about how the crow might come across in the photos. I think it came out alright.
  22. So, I have recently run into a situation where the order of modifiers matters. The situation is a Branchwych with a Silverwood Circlet casts Balewind Vortex then casts Unleash Spites. The Circlet adds 6" to the range of her spells. The Vortex doubles the range of her spells. Would the final range of Unleash Spites be 30 (9" + 6" x 2) or 24" (9" x 2 + 6"). Some argue that the artifact comes first because it adds the 6" before any other spells are cast so that becomes the range of her spell (15") and then you follow the wording on Balewind Vortex and double it, but others argue that math has a predetermined order of operations and the correct "formula" for this is multiplication before addition. In the previous Warhammer fantasy rule set the order was spelled out specifically, but not any longer. What do you guys think?
  23. Hello everyone. A while back I converted Circle of Blood which I posted here somewhere. I have now converted another old school 5th Edition Campaign pack which I picked up to a series of Age of Sigmar battleplans. They're newly converted and not play tested yet. I will be running them and updating as appropriate. If you're interested, take a look: