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Found 277 results

  1. Turragor's Progress

    So I'm a slow painter by and large. I need to learn speedy tricks. I'm not going to post what I've painted to date (I'll include one pic I put in the display army thread elsewhere) but things I'm currently working on. The past two and a half weeks my evening hour or two has been spent on 2 concussors. These guys are quite the challenge to paint! In effect it's another LCoD from the starter set with a few more details. The first one is 99% complete and here he (or she) is! The 2nd concussor is maybe 70% complete and is next up. After that I've got 5 x paladins to build and paint, 5 x liberators to build and paint and then 4 x liberators to paint. After that, well I'm thinking of a style and faction change. Plus I've got Silver Tower to paint. We'll see! There's months of work ahead.
  2. Hi all, As a break from a larger Dark Eldar collection (which is itself a break from a Blood Angels legionary army...) I've started a Vanguard chamber. The aim is a smaller force than my prior death log on here (the Ophidian empire) - looking at 1500 worth, along with the odd bit I fancy painting for fun (mistweaver?). Likely a unit of Palladors, a couple of units of hunters, some birds and shooty stuff and done. It's inspired by buying Neave Blacktalon separately, and having had so much fun painting it so far, I looked into the army book, made another purchase... and now that's it. Progress on Neave so far, and my second miniature/general (boxed). Aim is to buy/build a unit at a time - as a reward, to prevent 'half-finished' syndrome and to stop the volume from becoming overwhelming. This approach worked well in keeping disciplined during my undead project. On Neave - I'm trying a variant scheme based on a tip I had from Dan Latham a few years ago. Using reds and browns for shading. Started with chaos black, then a scorched brown layer, then 60/40 gold/brown, then gold, then 50/50 gold/steel for my layers Done a baal red shade, in recesses only but quite heavy, followed by agrax (lesser). Next up a dark black/brown before the higlights start to really get some depth. Probably will accidentally overdo this step and mess the miniature up somewhat! Will them move past the basic layers done on the other part and finish up, likely an hour or so a night til the end of the week. Think mixing 50/50 or so gold and steel really works as a layer. Leads to better coverage and a lighter gold that catches the light better than the 'official' Hammers of Sigmar scheme (as on the below box art). The red recess shades makes it warmer again without losing that brightness. You'd normally expect paler golds to have a greener tint, the red makes it more naturally unnatural in a way - perfect for sigmarite. For basic troops I may cave in and do the basic reikland flesh-shade wash to save time, unsure yet, this hasn't been the most time-consuming miniature to paint and I'm only look at about 40 miniatures in the army, max. .
  3. More Bang for my Stormcast Dollar

    So I recently racked up some store credit at frontline and I am looking to expand my stormcasts. I am running into the issue of whether or not to pick up a Stardrake or a Vanguard Brotherhood box (the price is within $20 its not too far off)? On one hand, Super Cool Giant Monster, on the other a whole lot more bodies to expand out my current collection (I have starter+ get started box+blightwar) but im not sure how good a lot of vanguard would do. Im not looking to be super competitive but I am looking for a lot of fun. Baring that I could also buy one of each of the heroes to round everything out (but thats boring) what do you guys think?
  4. These are strictly speaking still WIP. I need to finish the should plates and the bases still. However as I have made no progress with this army since January I think I can probably say that it will be a while before I get around to finishing any of these. I don't really like the metallic Stormcast Eternals so when it can to painting mine I went with a sky/weather inspired colour scheme. It is annoying as hell to paint. I seem to like punishing myself. I do like the outcome however. In the end when I saw the Stormcast Eternals book I noticed that the sceme is very close to the Celestial Vindicators. Not quite as primary perhaps and definitely lacking some contrast. I am awaiting more lore on the order but until that comes out I am happy calling them Celestial Vindicators.
  5. WiP full kitbash SCE barbcast

    It's time to grind! Oh, wait let me back up. I'm currently basing my first AoS army (beastclaw in my other thread), and came across some headless stormcast on the cheap. What dynamic poses and great looking armor and details! The masks, while cool, rob them of some character though (I know that's the point, as a visual metaphor for losing their humanity during reforgings) and that's a fine choice, but My Dudes will be different. Gigantic, manly barbarians that worship Old Sigmar, the god of war, the uniter of tribes, the emperor who crushed nagash under the weight of his hammer. In short, they worship this guy: What they lack in religious etiquette they make up for in enthusiasm, and Current Sigmar, in his wisdom (and patience), reforges these mighty and misguided warriors anyway. So who's heads look sweet enough for barbarian lords sce? Fyreslayers! Huge beards, huge muscles, and huge mohawks - these stormcast feature me trying a bunch of conversions for the first time. So, back to the grind - I snuck my plastic army men into work and put them to the band saw and the bench grinder! Cutting a liberator prime and aspiring chaos champion in half, and grinding down collar, neck, and chest areas of 22 stormcast to make more room for the beards. I'm happy with how it turned out. Current progress: 10 Paladin Protectors, particularly happy with the protector-prime. The three currently handless heroes, from left to right: Lord Celestant, Lord Castellant, Knight-Heraldor. The celestant will have a retributor hammer casually laying over his shoulder like a woodsman's axe. I'm thinking of keeping the castellant bald I think it's a good look for him. The knight is an upper-half aspiring chaos champion with impaling spear and lower-half liberator prime with a ton of carving, greenstuff inside his body, and a belt from someone else. Yes, the toot horn will be held over his head like the mighty spear Up next: assemble the 10 liberators and get some stones for bcr bases and snow!
  6. I painted a Knight Questor last year for WHQ: Silver Tower. At some point during that process I made the decision to put together a Stormcast force. This first batch represent a few experiments in assembly and painting. I hope that future additions will be a little tighter. I am pretty pleased with these all the same. This many figures will cover me for some Age of Sigmar: Skirmish games that I have planned for a couple of weeks time. Combined with the terrain that I have been putting together, it should be a very Mortal Realms themed affair. Some more to come soon I hope. More info on my blog for any interested.
  7. I’m looking to upgrade the Liberators from the getting started box. I’m first and foremost looking for Grand Hammers or Grand Blades. Beyond those I’m looking for right hand blades. Can anyone help me out?
  8. My Warhammer Fanart

  9. My Warhammer Fanart

  10. My Warhammer Fanart

  11. My Warhammer Fanart

  12. My Warhammer Fanart

  13. My Warhammer Fanart

  14. So the weekend just past was exciting. I travelled to Linköping to play a 1500 point AoS tournament at Defcon with a focus on good games and good experiences (a "soft" scoring tournament). Army composition: 1500 (1-4 Heroes, 2+ Battleline, 0-2 Artillery, 0-2 Behemoths, 300 p allies) My Army: I wanted to be friendly but I didn't take a list that wouldn't work out at all (so I knew it for sure wasn't 100% friendly) and I trimmed down my current 2,000 list to 1,460 and took away the Castellant so that I'd not have a stupid save on the SD and took a relictor instead (mainly for LC shenanigans and fun): LCoSD, Mirroshield, Staunch Defender, Didn't care about mount trait Lord Relictor, Lightning Chariot Lord Relictor, Lightning Chariot 5 Liberators 5 Judicators 20 Vulkite berserkers 2 Fulminators Match scoring: Open War Cards - 3 battle points for achieving the objective (both could unless it was exclusive) and 2 battle points for sudden death (both could claim this - even if the card said 'the match immediately ends and you win'). There was unique deployment conditions, and a twist for rounds 1-3 and a change in twist for the last 2 rounds. The organisers drew the cards for each of the 5 matches for the whole group. Then we had the scoring that decided the tournament winner which you awarded at the end by giving points (3, 2 and 1) to your top 3 opponents judged by their painting standard, sportsmanship, how cheesy their list was and how much fun you had in general during the game. Note - I liked this tournament format . Everyone played to win but it wasn't just about who had the best list and the most experience with the GHB scenarios. It was more who had the experience, know-how and list flexibility. And even if you had those things and won, if you weren't someone who stands out as extra, super nice sportsman 4 other really nice opponents (I mean, EVERYONE was awesome) you weren't going to win the tournament. You'd just know you played well and stretched your ability with the list or faction you took (which is a reward in itself). I'll include reports for each match. I have done a few of these here and the way I was doing them took so much time I couldn't get them all up. So now I'm going for the format - short description and highlights in text then a splurge of pics. I think that'll let me share more reports on the boards instead of dreading the idea of adding them (they were taking up to an hour before ha!). Match 1 - versus @Lysandestolpe and his sexy, sexy Khorne army (he already has his reports up here and they're also awesome). This was my match of the tournament. It had everything I wanted in the classic grudge match - the starter set taken to the next level - and ended dead even with literally nothing 'achieved' (oh how we tried) but our respective gods were drunk with satisfaction. Mayyybe mostly Khorne considering his aims and desires are sort of cheating in a wargame. The main objective was to kill a 'messenger' (in my case a relictor, in his case a model in one of his big troop blocks). The sudden death was to have no enemy in your deployment zone and to have some in your opponent's deployment zone end of game. Highlights include: My Stardrake just dying after charging (so no save bonus) alllll the reavers and taking 5 wounds and then getting blood boiled and finished by the reavers the next turn; Dwarves who would not die; A fulminator somehow managing to execute many khorgoraths; the epic "pray-off" of the priests (2 relictors and 3 slaughterpriests with a 90% prayer success rate or something); the full block of remaining reavers steaming into the messenger relictor and leaving him on 1 wound only to have me succeed with lightning chariot to escape and heal up with healing storm; experiencing blood bind for the first time; and finally the priest throwdown in the middle at the end where the relictor was blood bound, rolled a 1 for his run, didn't get blood boiled, took 3 slaughterpriest charges and fended them all off with the help of his converted pigeon (surely how it went down). Result - 0 - 0 Pic spam below:
  15. New to AoS/Stormcast - Army help?

    Hi everyone I'm wanting to get into AoS and it has been probably a good 15+ years since I've played any sort of warhammer so I figure I am coming into it as a complete newbie again. After looking over all of the various models I have fallen in love with the Stormcast Eternals and was looking for some advice on whether my planned out starter army is decent. I'm looking to have fun and be somewhat balanced so that I can both win and lose Also a question for stuff like Staunch Defender, does the entire unit need to be within the 6" of the Castellant or just a single model for the bonus to apply? Finally any suggestions/tips/ideas on how I would build this out to a 2000 point list? I'm pretty lost with the battalion stuff and as far as looks go about the only models I really don't like are the Vanguard Hunters. Love pretty much everything else however. This is what I am thinking about starting with: Lord-Castellant (100) - General - Command Trait : Staunch Defender - Artefact : Mirrorshield - Mystic Light : Lantern of the Tempest Lord -Relictor (80) - Prayer : Bless Weapons 10 x Liberators (200) -Warhammers - 2 x Grandhammers 10 x Liberators (200) -Warhammers - 2 x Grandhammers 5 x Judicators (160) -Skybolt Bows 5 x Judicators (160) -Skybolt Bows 3 x Prosecutors with Stormcall Javelins (100) - 1 x Stormsurge Tridents
  16. BS_Fulminator_3

    My first complete Fulminator
  17. BS_Fulminator_2

    My first complete Fulminator
  18. BS_Fulminator_1

    My first complete Fulminator
  19. If you shoot a unit that is partially covered by Protectors, are you forced to subtract 1 from the hit roll? If, say, I have 5 Judicators, and you can draw line of sight to one of them without passing through Protectors but not the other 4, are they "protected" or not? The wording is "...or must cross a unit of Protectors to hit a model that lies beyond them", so in the above example could I have my opponent roll one dice at a time at a -1 to hit until the four Judicators behind are dead, and then they get to shoot at regular Hit at the last one?
  20. Halflings are back!! My apologies for not posting for a while, but college got the best of me. Still, last weekend I was fortunate enough to attend an event in Ohio hosted by "Rend 4" Club with my good friend Chuck Moore. You can check out his coverage of the event right here Anyway, the day before the event came and more than half of my army wasn't painted so I had to hold a 6-hour painting session after school to get three colors minimum on all my models (I'm sure some of you know the struggle). However, the task was accomplished and the Halfling "Free Peoples" force was ready to go. Going into event, I was not expecting to do too well since I brought a mediocre list (Steamtank, archers, and demigryph knights are not particularly overpowered), but I planned to have fun anyway. My first opponent was Michael representing Pittsburgh "Steel City Sigmar" club, and from what I've heard he was quite a good player and indeed he was! We played "Duality of Death" and boy I got crushed! His stardrake held one of the obejctives the whole game, while he promptly shot off anything that I tried to hold the second objective with. I've got a major loss that game, but I did score a secondary objective and Mike was a great sport and it was great chatting with him throughout the game! Getting crushed the first game didn't particularly get my hopes up going firther into the tournament but I still was in quite high spirits and even managed to get second in the Painting Comp with my "Ice Queen". Moving on to the second game I ended up playing Chuck's Khorne in "Battle for the Pass" as we both ended up with pretty much the same scores. So far, my Halflings had an undefeated record against his Khorne, and maybe someday he will get that hobbit blood, but today was not that day! Getting initiative pretty much every turn, and rolling incredibly well with my shooting I managed to score a major victory and a secondary objective for that game. Going into the last game, I played Dave Roke who is a part of "Rend 4" club, and I'm just now realizing that I played against all three clubs represented at the event, including my own. The scenario was "Starstrike" and Dave used a Seraphon army with Celestant Prime as an ally. It was my first time playing Seraphon and they are quite a formidable force, especially with Slann casting three spells per turn and blocking all my spells. The absolute MVP of that game was definetely my General on a Griffon holding out on his own against Celestant Prime and Saurus Guard with 1 wound left, and rolling 12 succesful save rolls of 3+. In the end, it was an extremely close game up until the last second of the last turn, where if Dave managed to kill one more model he would've won the major! But that was not the case, as I managed to snatch a major victory from right under the Lizard's claws, which put me at 4th overall and surprisingly 1st in Order! In the end of tha day, I got to play some amazing games of Age of Sigmar and meet some fantastic people passionate about the hobby! The event was a success and the T.O. (Neil Larocca) did a great job putting it all together! That's it from me this time! See you in probably like another month or so. Hope you like what I've got, Until next time!
  21. Scions of the Storm advice

    Having played a few games now I find myself agreeing with those who don't rate Scions of the Storm. I appreciate that most stormcast units are slow moving and so the ability to drop anywhere (outside 9") is enticing. However the ability is far too unpredictable in terms of what unit is coming down when. Often times you need a specific hero near a certain unit for a crucial buff however you can't rely on Scions to produce that. What other allegiance ability is unreliable in how its used and punishes you severely for low rolling? Rather than a benefit I find it hampers me tactically and I would love to hear of ways that people are making it work for them. For the above reasons I usually only set up prosecutors in the clouds because; their shooting attack is unlikely to be in range first turn so I'm not missing out; they are the only SC unit likely to make the 9" charge; I am unlikely to cry if they get stuck in the clouds and refuse to come down; and if the drop ends up leaving them isolated they have the movement to get back into position. Unfortunately as I'm only running 1 or 2 units of 3 x Prosecutors their appearance via the storm is usually little more than a minor nuisance for my opponent. I have toyed with Retributors starting in the clouds a few times as a way of getting them into the thick of the action however they rarely make the charge after dropping and if I don't get the double turn my opponent is left to shoot them to pieces, charge them first or simply avoid them, knowing the Retributor's movement is too slow to get back into the action. Then there are games where they don't come down until turn 4 or 5 and virtually have no impact on the game which is a tragedy for 220 points. I tried another game where I put 6 units into the clouds and then watched as only one unit arrived each turn (with one refusing to come down at all) leaving me short on the ground throughout the game. To lose a unit through it refusing to come down is heartbreaking. Given that we have access to the Lightning Chariot prayer, which comes without the risk of a unit becoming trapped in the clouds, or the guaranteed behind the lines deployment ability of Vanguard Hunters, is there really a reason to utilise Scions of the Storm at all? If you can live without Lightning Chariot, are we better off just running the Grand Alliance Order abilities? What is the thought process behind those who rate Scions and what principals do you apply when putting it into practice? Are there specific units you always set up in the clouds or is it dependent on the scenario/opponent?
  22. Battle Report; Khorne vs Stormcast

    3000 Point Battle Report; Khorne vs Stormcast We decided to have a go at the second siege scenario from GHB17 (slightly modified), then promptly forgot to apply the pre-battle siege rules! Oh well… A fairly traditional Stormcast force (lots of liberators, retributors, judicators, prosecutors, etc) led by Vandus Hammerhand attempted to defend a fortified ruin against my horde of Khorne (mix of Slaves to Darkness, Bloodbound and Daemonic troops). The scenario had about 1/3 of the Stormcast force in reserve (consisting of prosecutors, liberators and some heroes). Rather than come on with a 5+ role we allowed the Stormcast reserves to use Scions of the Storm to deploy instead. The Khorne force needed to secure both objectives in order to win, with the Stormcast winning a minor victory if they held one of the two objectives after 5 turns (major victory if they held both). The table was 6ft long but only 3ft wide with the battlefield set up as a narrow corridor so adaptation would be required to account for this. As you can see from the photos the Stormcast set up in two rows; a screen of liberators and retributors as close to the enemy territory as possible with a second line of Vandus, Judicators and Vanguard Raptors sitting in behind. The first objective was between the two lines with the second objective 9” off the back, in the middle of some large ruins. The Khorne horde used two screening units of bloodreavers on each flank with a block of 10 chaos knight in the centre, supported by a chaos lord on daemonic mount and bloodstoker. 30 Bloodletters sat on the left flank, supported by 5 Wrathmongers, a Bloodmaster, 2 Slaughterpriests, Bloodsecrator, Skullcannon and a Wraith of Khorne Bloodthirster. On the right flank sat 5 Skullreapers, 10 Bloodwarriors, a Khorgorath and 3 Bloodcrushers. 3 units of 5 flesh hounds were deployed at the rear to basically prevent any stormcast units dropping in behind and slowing the advance. TURN 1 Stormcast took the first turn, shot the skullcannon to bits (didn’t even get a chance to miss this game!) and then immediately charged with their front line. The bloodreavers on the right were wiped out but only about half of the reavers on the left. This suited me fine as it cleared the way for the bloodletters to charge the stormcast frontlines and ho boy were they vicious! Supported as they were they had 3 attacks each, hitting on 2’s (rerolling 1’s), mortal wounds and extra attacks on 4+… whatever they touched was deleted off the board and it was glorious. I also used a bloodtithe point so my chaos lord could use his command ability on the knights (reroll charge and +1 to hit) and with the bloodstoker wipping them the chaos knights plowed through the centre while the skullreapers and korgoraths became a bit stalled on the right flank. TURN 2 Devastatingly (for my opponent) I won the priority role and so the carnage continued. The bloodthirster's command ability to run & charge allowed the bloodletters to charge Vandus and that was the end of him, claiming the first objective in the process. The knights, skullreapers & Khorgorath mopped up the rest of the stormcast frontline, clearing the way for a 3rd turn charge. In reply the stormcast ranged troops pulled back to cover and started to thin out the bloodletters. The majority of stormcast reserves came down and formed a second line of defence on the flanks. TURN 3 I again won priority which resulted in the Khorne forces advancing further forward to engage the recently dropped reserve troops. Due to different movement speeds and narrowness of the battlefield the horde had started to spread out and momentum was stalling. The Bloodcrushers, Bloodwarriors and Wrathmongers found their path blocked by the advance units while the slaughter priests and flesh hounds had been left far behind. For the first time it was looking like I might run out of time to claim the last objective. In the stormcast turn I used bloodtithe to heal wounds across the board and rolled a series of 1’s.... standard... The bloodletters were shot off the board and the remaining combats were short and brutal as the stormcast reserves wilted under the onslaught, however their job of holding up the advance for a turn was done. TURN 4 Another priority won by Khorne but crucially the chaos knights did not have enough movement or physical space to get around the lone Lord Relictor blocking their path to the ruins. They charged and killed him but it meant there was only one turn left to try and reach the final objective. By now the skullreapers had made it most of the way there but had to scale the sides of the ruins and couldn’t get enough models into combat to threaten the defending retributors. The Bloodthirster had surged forward on the left flank and killed whatever was in front of him but was losing wounds (and therefore movement) in the process. The Stormcast shooting took the bloodthirster down and prepared themselves for the final push. TURN 5 Priority won again for Khorne and the chaos lord charged and wiped out the vanguard raptors. The chaos knights charged and killed the remaining unit of Judicators while the skullreapers continued to battle with the retributors. A couple of Stormcast heroes and retributors remained on the ruins securing the second objective and held out for the minor victory! Oh well… Khorne cares not! THOUGHTS & LEARNINGS Just one more turn! In all seriousness this was always going to be tough for the stormcast given the proximity at the start and the number of troops in reserve. I didn’t give enough thought to reaching that final objective by turn 5 and in hindsight should not have used my fastest troops, the flesh hounds, as backfield deployment negaters. Could also have been more tactical with bloodtithe instead of using it to heal back up I should have been using it to move units in the hero phase. Although he won the minor I think in hindsight my opponent might have set up a little further back to prevent a first turn charge and he will definitely focus fire on the bloodletters next time! A good reminder that AOS is foremost an objective based game and my opponent deserves credit for hanging in there after the carnage of the first 2 turns. Buffed up bloodletters are that good I’m scared GW will nurf them in the next round of Q&A. Until then let the blood flow! And I definitely need to get myself a 6’ x 4’ table!
  23. Hi! I have recently started playing warhammer AOS and o boy I am hooked! I started with a AOS starter set with stormcast eternals pitched up against the Bloodborn (a friend of mine took this part of the set). I initially thought the stormcast eternals were kind of lame but I changed my view completely after painting them and reading the rules. But still, I am inclined to expand my army with Seraphons. The first purchace I want to do is the start collecting set of the Seraphons since it seems such good value. After that, I am a bit unsure. I really like the Bastiladon. A big ranged unit couldn't hurt and it looks great! So far, i came up with this list for 1500 points: Saurus Oldblood on Carnosaur (280) Skink Starseer (200) Lord-Celestant On Dracoth (220) Lord-Relictor (80) 10 x Saurus Warriors (100) 5 x Saurus Knights (100) 5 x Paladin Retributors (220) 10 x Liberators (200) 3 x Prosecutors (100) Bastiladon (280) Total 1780 points, so i have to make some cuts.. But i would't know what to cut or replace! What do you think of this composition? If you have any suggestions, please let me know!