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Found 210 results

  1. I figured I'd use this forum as a plog until I get to finishing my full warrior chamber for the hallowed knights. Since this is my first time painting a full army, and I'm relatively new to the art of mini painting (clocked by 40th model last week), I'm always trying out new things on every model. Hoping to reach display quality in a year or so, and my principle is that when I take my duders to play, I never do so with unpainted models. Setting a high bar for myself helps me improve, and barring myself from playing with unpainted models helps me control the plastic addiction. Here goes! The road so far: Lord Celestant on Dracoth (starter set) Lord Relictor (starter set) Lord Castellant + Gryph Hound Knight-Venator Errant-Questor 10x Liberators (starter set) 5x Judicators 5x Retributors (starter set) 5x Paladins (fully magnetised) What I have to paint: Lord Celestant on foot Knight-Azyros (kitbashed) 5x Judicators What I need for a full warrior chamber: Lord Veritant (optional) Knight Heraldor Knight Vexillor (optional) 35x Liberators (3 boxes + ebay) 20x Judicators (2 boxes) 9x Prosecutors (2 boxes + ebay) 20x Paladins (4 boxes ****** my life) This will be a long ass project, so hopefully I'll be done before the end of the year!
  2. I am looking to sell my stormcast army to fund a new destruction army. I will be listing it on ebay but thought I would give you lovely people a chance to buy first. 1x lord celestant on dracoth 1x lord relictor 10x liberators 8x retributers 3x prosecutors 5x judicators All are assembled and painted to a decent level , some still require a few finishing touches
  3. Afternoon AoS fans. Unfortunately due to real life problems I've been forced to sell my stormcast army. I'm not looking to split this so will be selling in one go. The list of what I have is below. (P) this means painted everything else will either be BNIB, on sprues or built but unpainted. You can build most competitive lists with what I have. Heroes Celestant on Stardrake (P) Celestant on dracoth (P) 2x Relictors (one painted, one built built but baecoated) 2x heraldors (p) azyros basecoated gold celestant prime (p) castellant (p) UNITS 2x 5 judicators (p) 5 judicators on sprue 10x liberators (p) warhammer and shield, 2xgrandhammers 10x liberators unpainted with shield and blades. 2x grandblades 10x retributors 4x starsoul mace 4x fulminators (p) stormcast warscroll cards and tokens On element games this comes to £570, I'm looking for £470 and no army swaps. I'll cover recorded postage. Any questions or photos needed just shout.
  4. Hi guys, here's a complete progress of my Errant-Questor, kitbashed from various bits and pieces I am left with, or purchased from bit sites/ebay. Just a bit of a background, AoS is my first foray into this whole wargaming hobby, and I started off with the stormcast eternals because I love the idea of an angelic host made from humans who have a bone to pick with chaos, guided by a (mostly) benevolent god-king. My first few minis are horrific, but I've tried to improve with each iteration, learning how to basecoat properly, wash, dry brush, make my own bases, glazing, wet blending, NMM (wasn't very successful), and edge highlighting. The Errant-Questor is my 40th painted mini since 4 months ago, and represents the cumulation of all the techniques I've learnt since then. Enjoy!
  5. I've played a list based strongly on this formation in two tournaments, London's Calling and. SCGT. Below is the list I took to the latter: It's a 6 drop list which, in general, gave the first turn option unless facing a Sylvaneth player. I pretty much choose the first turn in all games except those I lost. This was for several reasons - huge potential to alpha-strike; getting up early in scenarios; the ability to do damage in the opponents turn. Part 1: Leaders The breakdown for the list is roughly: Celestent on Dracoth: Really key the list - I.e two 10s of Judicators. He is very defensive as Aetherstrike plays out as a big blob, and he sits in the middle of it, holding it together. In general he sat dead centre - with 10 judicators strung either side of him and the 5 other leaders all clustered behind him. Mirror Shield is nice and prevents people opting to target him. On balance the Obsidian Amulet might be better to give 4+ against spells, and besides it's probably worthwhile tempting the enemy into Easton shots on him. 24" Inspiring presence is very good - and everything is always in range. Drake Kin on the mount as added insurance from multiple damage attacks. I would change the Hammer for the Axe as he charged infrequently charged but was almost always in the company of friendly models for +1A from each. All units above always stayed within 6' of him, removing casualties from the middle of the judicators where possible. Castellent Nornally giving +1 to the general, though his 12' MW attack often came in useful in later turns. No one seemed to know anything about it! Always glued to General. Light of be tempest was OK-ish. But the rerolls still get through reliably. Obviously this would be great against Skyfires but I never faced them. Lightning Chariot Relictor Normally used first turn to teleport the azyros into cover 9' from two units. Obviously has a number of uses though possibly better on paper. In mid to late game it's hard to find and 18' diameter area of enemy free space. I did do a 24' move then trigger a lightning storm to polish off the odd leader! In general, and to my surprise I found his two origin prayers had more applications. Bless Weapons Relictor Over 11 games I don't think this prayer made a consistent difference. If near damned terrain I'd roll this then sacrifice if I'd got Bless Weapons on for the extra shot on a 5. Only ever used on the biggest unit of Judicators. Venator Does his big shot first turn, but in practice this is often saved. I toyed with the Luckstone but even then you have the sabe to get through. For a single use item it's not worth it. Azyros Sacrificial lamb - normally teleported or ran to a position where he was giving RR1s and provided a juicy target for the enemy.
  6. Hi all Does anyone have any experience in magnetising the weapon options on the Stormcast Paladins? How easy was it to do?
  7. I have been considering how to upgrade my 1k Stormcast list into a fun and different 2k list. My current 1k list was basically built using the "Rule of Cool"... I wasn't crazy about the hammers and axes, so it's all swords, javelins and glaives. It's been pretty fun to play against friends locally, and I think it looks awesome. The Tempest Lords Harbinger Chamber in the new battletome caught my eye. I was already going for the Vanguard Wing battalion; the Tempest Lords seems like a neat upgrade to the same theme of "prosecutors teleporting liberators around", especially with the new Stormcast battle trait of deep striking post-deployment. Here's the 2k list I'm considering: Lord-Celestant (100) - General - Trait: Staunch Defender - Stormcast Eternals - Artefact: Drakescale Armour Celestant-Prime (360) 5 x Judicators (160) [already in my 1k] - Skybolt Bows - 1x Shockbolt Bows 5 x Judicators (160) - Skybolt Bows - 1x Shockbolt Bows 10 x Liberators (200) [5 are already in my 1k] - Warblades - 2x Grandblades 5 x Paladin Protectors (200) [already in my 1k] - 2x Starsoul Maces 2 x Fulminators (240) [already in my 1k] 3 x Prosecutors with Stormcall Javelins (80) [already in my 1k] - 1x Stormsurge Tridents 3 x Prosecutors with Stormcall Javelins (80) [already in my 1k] - 1x Stormsurge Tridents 3 x Prosecutors with Stormcall Javelins (80) - 1x Stormsurge Tridents 3 x Prosecutors with Stormcall Javelins (80) - 1x Stormsurge Tridents Vanguard Wing (100) Tempest Lords Harbinger Chamber (140) Total: 1980/2000 The idea is to have a mini Death Star / main group consisting of the Lord-Celestant, the five Judicators that are part of the Vanguard Wing, and the five Protectors, followed closely by two of the four Prosecutor units. With the Protectors up front and the save bonus from Staunch Defender, I should have a somewhat decent, if not very mobile, little group. The two Prosecutor units that are following behind could move, shoot, and charge back behind the lines using the Tempest Lords ability ("you can make a charge move even though there are no valid enemy targets"; Prosectutors charge 3D6 inches). The remaining two units of Prosecutors, the remaining unit of Judicators, the unit of Liberators and the unit of Fulminators would all drop post-deployment whenever the dice allow, and be positionned situationally (grabbing or denying objectives, harrassing, engaging prime targets). The Celestant-Prime would likely drop on Turn 3 and play a situational role. The overall style of the army would be for the Prosecutors to fly around wild -- 12 inch move + a 3D6 inch charge every turn -- and drop the Liberators in and out of combat. Upon normal conditions, the 10 Liberators should be able to pull their weight; but upon conditions ranging from good to optimal (Lord-Celestant buff to hit, 5-wound targets, and proximity to a unit of Prosecutors), I'm math-hammering some decent pain coming out of that 200-point unit: an average of 24 wounds (40% with Rend -1). Of course, this is all "in a vacuum", and tabletop conditions will never be perfect. But it should be fun. The other ability from the Tempest Lords, giving extra attacks to Heroes after you kill a certain number of models (24, in my case), is a nice extra bonus. I can think of a few cons. Firstly, for a 2k list, I don't have a whole lot of "big models". The Celestant-Prime is a glass cannon. The Fulminators are tanky, but I only have two. Great in a 1k list, but probably negligible in a 2k list. Secondly, not a lot of heroes. I have an unused Knight-Venator and Lord-Heraldor. I'm using two Battalions, but can't use the extra two artefacts that they allow. Anyway, long post -- would really appreciate your feedback and comments! Has anyone tried the Tempest Lords?
  8. I have a 1000 pt tourney coming up. Below is the list I am considering. There will be nine other opponents. I know that I will be facing another Stormcast Army (He has revealed that his list will be built around a Hammerstrike Force Battalion), a Nurgle Army, two Sylvaneth Armies, Khorne Bloodbound, Fyreslayers, and three unknown. I've only played against Khorne and Ironjawz. I keep bouncing between the Lord-Celestant or the Lord-Castellant, or possibly working in the Lord-Veritant as the General. I am not sure of the most effective artifact to give them. Thoughts? Pitched Battle (1,000) Allegiance Stormcast Eternals Battle Trait: Scions of the Storm Leader (180pts) Lord-Celestant on foot (100pts) General, Command Trait: Staunch Defender Lord-Relictor (80pts) Prayer: Bless Weapons Battleline (520pts) Judicators (160pts) 5x Judicators, Shockbolt Bow, Skybolt Bow Judicators (160pts) 5x Judicators, Shockbolt Bow, Skybolt Bow Liberators (200pts) 10x Liberators, Warhammer and Shield, 2x Grandhammer Other (300pts) Prosecutors with Stormcall Javelins (80pts) 3x Prosecutors, Stormsurge Trident Retributors (220pts) 5x Retributors, 2x Starsoul Mace
  9. So I built a classic "Hammer and Anvil" Stormcast list, using dracoth as the hammer rather than paladins. Problem is I ended up with 5 heroes, and i really see a list with more than 3 and I'm actually struggling to see what else the Lord Relictor adds If I drop the relictor, there's points for a Knight Azyros to support shooting, or 80 points to make the fulminators into concussors, but I kinda like the traditional heavy cav charge and retreat synergy with the Heraldor So yeah, I see the Lord Relictor in a lot of lists lately. I'm just not sold on them. I guess that's inexperience.
  10. Hey, all. I'm currently stuck between three army choices, Ironjawz, Sylvaneth and Stormcast for a 1000 point list. I'm at a stage of seeing the pros and cons in each list and I'm going insane through too much choice! haha I'm playing on a 4x4 board using objectives from the General's Handbook. I'm personally leaning towards Ironjawz because of the speed but I love my Sylvaneth and Stormcast are a curiosity. The new book really sold me on them! Ironjawz 1 x Warboss, 1 x Black Orc Big Boss, 2 x Warchanters. 2 x 5 Brutes and 10 Ardboys with Ironfist Sylvaneth 1 x Treelord Ancient (briersheath, oaken armour), 1 x Branchwych, 2 x 10 dryads, 2 x 3 kurnoth hunters with bows Stormcast 1 x Knight Azyros (staunch defender, lantern of the tempest, mirrorshield , 2 x 5 Liberators, 4 x Tempestors, 2 x Fulminators (I think I've got the last two right) - The question is - what would you pick out of the three, or even improve?
  11. Hello guys, I would like to know that how did you carry Stormcast? I'm deciding to buy citadel crusade case but I'm in doubt that Does it fit my Procecutor, Celestant prime and Stardrake? How did you carry them? (if you have some pic it would be great!)
  12. Hi Everyone! trying to build a fun and competitive Stormcast army! the list is suppose to work in a competitive envoirment. How would you improve it? or will it work as it is? also....can someone please school me in what items thats the best and on what character?, kinda new with it all! LeadersLord-Celestant On Dracoth (220)- Tempestos Hammer & ThundershieldLord-Celestant (100)Lord-Castellant (100)Knight-Venator (120)Battleline10 x Liberators (200)- Warhammers5 x Judicators (160)- Skybolt Bows5 x Judicators (160)- Skybolt BowsUnits10 x Paladin Retributors (440)5 x Paladin Protectors (200)6 x Prosecutors with Stormcall Javelins (160)BattalionsHammerstrike Force (120)
  13. I have a small collection of Stormcast, the Lord Castellant, 20 Liberators and 10 Judicators. I've only got those for my Guardians of Alarielle formation, which I've not had the chance to use yet! I've never really been keen on Stormcast but playing against a friend yesterday, they seem like they've got some really interesting rules now! I've got a 1000 point tournament in 3 weeks, we're playing on a 4x4 board so I'm wondering if you guys can help? Do Stormcast suffer at 1000 point games on a small board? What would you guys add to what I've got to make a fun, potentially even semi-competitive list? And is there advice on how Stormcast play? Liberators, as good as they are, just seem to disappear in squads of 5 thanks for any help
  14. Will benefit from more highlighting and blending eventually but good enough to call it finished for now - still got many more Silver Tower miniatures ahead of me and I can't play the game until they're all painted to tabletop standard. Purple areas painted using the Warhammer TV guide to Astral Templars armour.
  15. I have finished the wooden shields of Alarielle. Pretty pleased with how they have turned out, the green shoulders and blue blades tie them in pretty well with the rest of my army. Up next are my Dracoths, having an internal debate over these, wondering if I should chop off those hammer heads and replace them with Scythes, as well as how to approach painting them. I am thinking of doing them in a similar manner to my Magmadroth, just without the metallic scales, but that may be a bit too much. Well only one way to find out, unless any of you have some good suggestions for Dracoth paint schemes that fit in with the rest of the army. Once I am done painting these guys I have no choice but to start basing,... so it may take a while. As always c&c are appreciated.
  16. After a lengthy hobby break I'm back! The audio dramas have been a huge inspiration for me and I got the stormcast bug! Chatting with local Rotherham GW manager Liam (awesome dude!) he mentioned they had started an AoS event based around building a new force and expanding it over several months. Picking up the stormcast getting started box I've been really loving the models. And they are a joy to paint!after the getting started box is done i'll be adding judicators and some more retributors. i'm going to theme the force on the hallowed Knights 'Bull Hearts' from the audio books. I've got loads of ideas for adding units and writing scenarios for awesome games. more updates coming soon
  17. Edit: Huh. It seems editing a post republishes it. All I've changed, if you've seen this before, is update the photos of the Lord Celestant (after fixing his hammer) and the Liberators (after painting their shields properly). Hello world! This is my first blog post at TGA, and hopefully the first of many. My overall aim here is really just to share my Age of Sigmar armies as they are and how they grow, alongside a bit of home grown fluff and some commentary. There's going to be a decent amount of photos, but a warning in advance - these are my first armies after returning to the hobby from a 10 year hiatus, and back when I quit I leaned more towards the gaming side of the hobby than painting. Nowadays, I like them both fine (and like conversions and kitbashing a little more), but my focus is pretty much 100% tabletop standard. I hate gaming with unpainted plastic, but there's a lot of minis to get through to get two 2000 point armies up to scratch. I'm expecting more than a few 'thin your paints' comments, and you can expect a lot of "I'd like to go back when I'm finished and work on these guys a little more" comments to crop up from myself. Photographing your stuff and looking at it when writing something like this means I'm seeing a lot of imperfections I missed when painting. The format here will basically be a show and tell, with fluff interspersed where I have it in quote blocks. It's my hope to have a bit of character behind all of my heroes, and maybe my unit Primes as I go along. I'll probably alternate blog posts between my two armies The Azure Tempest and The Wolf and the Rat, with big posts at the start, and little ones with new units as I paint them or come up with fluff to add. Without further adeui, here is my first 1500pts of 'The Azure Tempest', my homebrew Stormhost from the later strikings. As my first army coming back from a decade long hiatus, I originally didn't want to stray too far from the established Hammers of Sigmar scheme, as that was the scheme I had painted my Knight Questor from the Silver Tower box set that brought me back into the hobby. As I built more of my minis though, I started to obsess over the idea of my own Stormhost and it's accompanying fluff. I'd recently bought my fiancé a High Elf Dragoonlord and a box of Dragon Princes, and had a bunch of leftover bitz from that which inspired this idea of Stormcast from non-human origins, and pulling in a bit of their former personalities into the corresponding units in the Stormcast army. One of the biggest draws of Age of Sigmar to me - as someone who had originally scoffed at the notion when I heard they were scrapping the Old World - is it's massive nine realm setting and the huge blind spots in the fluff that leave a lot more room for individual creativity. To that end, I felt like I was missing a trick not giving my armies their own unique flavour. Obviously, making my guys from Aelves posed a few challenges, given that it hasn't been heard of in any official fluff yet. I'd have to explain why Sigmar is reforging those not necessarily of his own kind. I'd need to have a reason for non-humans swearing fealty to some human deity. I've never particularly worried about the Human keyword though - all Stormcast are reforged with those superhuman Stormcast bodies, so even if my guys were Aelves, I'm happy enough to consider their reforged bodies as having more in common with human now. And as for the actual official line on whether this is possible? Well, Josh Reynolds said something to that effect in a Q&A. For a colour scheme, I decided to do a subtle twist on the Blue/Gold of the Hammers of Sigmar. I wanted to make the blue a little more of a sea-blue, and introduce some white in there for a classic High Elves kind of look. I've given most things a blue accent, with glossy white shoulders. The gold I've dialled down a little to a bit more of a bronze, and everything has had a watered down wash of Nikalah Oxide on the metal (and then drybrushed over again to clean it up a bit) to give them a more ancient kind of look - The Azure Tempest are a little sentimental, and employ a lot of relics and imagery from their Aelven heritage and especially the Old World, and so I wanted the whole army to kind of look a bit like relics themselves - having come pretty much straight from End Times in the World That Was to getting digested by Slaanesh, and straight to getting reforged as Stormcast. One more little contrast I did on these guys was the bases. You can see the tiles that I normally game on being used as a display board for all the photographs here - which I made using Secret Weapon Tablescapes Rolling Fields, but painted like an ash wastes with a river of lava flowing through it. It's also got some various tones of dead or scorched flock or static grass, and my Chaos army are based similarly. As I designed and built my Order and Chaos army to largely face each other on this table, for my Stormcasts, I opted to contrast all of that with bright green static grass, and flower bed tufts, to project a sort of life bringing glow to the army, which I really liked. I've rambled long enough. Here's the miniatures... Lord Celestant 'Prince' Cazris This was the model that started my Aelven conversions theme on the army, and sort of established the pattern of mapping units to old High Elf units (Extremis > Caledor, Decimators > White Lions, etc). I really like how the hammer from the previous helmet fits so nicely between the dragon mask wings. I also really like how natural the addition of the shield (leftover from my Stardrake kit) looks. (EDIT: Original pic had wonky Tempestos Hammer from a breakage fix. I've since fixed this and replaced the photo. Bonus: I've kinda figured out how to use this light box now..) Lord Relictor, Tallaran Dreadhammer No conversions or anything exciting here, but I think Dreadhammer is one of my better paint jobs, particularly the highlighting on the tabbard which is usually crisp and clean for me (most of my other jobs look a little more blotchy with thick lines), so I'm actually rather fond of him as is. I'm tempted to do a head swap with a Dark Elf Witch Elves death mask sometime. Drakesworn Templar, Aemarion Dragonborn Man, I love the Stardrake mini. Pretty much the moment I picked up the AoS starter box I decided I had to get me one of those. For my own standards, I'm really happy with how his paint job came out. The rider definitely needs work, and I could probably do with highlighting on the red armour belts, but the plate and the shoulders, and the High Elf Lord on Dragon basing extras all worked out really nicely. It's also the first mini I've magnetised - the torso of the Templar is magnetised and switchable with the Lord Celestant, along with the bow/cover facing for when the bows not attached. While the Lord Celestant has a similar Dragon Prince style head as his Dracoth mounted incarnation, I thought the Drakesworn Templar would benefit from the Dragonlord Head, which distinguished him a little bit and gave him some individual personality considering he has no other form than Stardrake-mounted. Liberators 1 Headswaps galore! My bare heads I ordered from various bitz sites and they're from a bunch of different Aelves - Wood Elves, White Lions, there's even a couple Eldar Guardians heads in there. I know the Hammers are statistically just better than the Swords from a gaming standpoint, but I really felt like these swords fit the Aelven aesthetic a little better. And I love how the smaller Aelven swords give them a roman Short Sword and Tower Shield kinda vibe. Edit: The lightning on the shields is a little uneven and thick. Unfortunately this was due to the gloss varnish going on before I really cared how washed out the hammer icon was at the time - these were my first dudes painted from the starter set and I had a bit of trouble with brush control still, and the varnish is a kinda difficult surface to paint over. I might again go back and clean them up at a later date, but it's an improvement to not seeing them at all. Liberators 2 More headswaps! I made a little slip up here in that I somehow managed to put my duplicate Eldar Guardian head on the exact same body as the guy from the other squad. That's.. annoyed me ever since. Also, the Prime just has the same sword as everyone else, which is dull, but I couldn't find another one of those Dragonlord swords. This was the second unit I painted, and I think I rushed them a bit so I could start playing. I'm not super happy with either squad when I look closely at them. Judicators Decimators Another case of 'I think the standard hammers would've been more useful, but the weapon swaps fit the fluff better.' These guys are my White Lions of Chrace. Green stuff lion pelts and red ribbons. I sort of originally did this because I got the starter box, and another 'Easy to Build' pack of two, doubling me up on the primes. I did my best to distinguish them - the prime has a full lion pelt on his back including legs and tail and has a bigger axe. I also chopped the excess ribbon off the other prime and put it on him. I also cut the other prime off his little rock on his front foot so he didn't stand quite as tall, and cut down the spikes on his backpack to be more like the rest. Finally, the lion mouldings on the prime had to go, so I green stuffed over the other primes hand with a more standard looking bit of armour. You can see it on him in the back right - it's not great but it's close enough for me. I wish I hadn't started green stuffing his right shoulder first though - having two shoulders with lion furs makes him look overly clunky. I dunno. The new Stormcast Battletome also shows me that Decimators are supposed to have slightly different helmets, which is a bit of an irksome detail to now be aware of. For tabletop though, I like these guys fine. Prosecutors Just some Prosecutors. Cool minis, but I did nothing special with them. The wings I did with a Nikhalah Oxide wash like on the armour, so they kinda matched colour scheme wise. I like how they turned out, all things considered. I'll field them because I have them and they look cool, but I do wish they had javelins instead, which would've better fit my armies theme and they'd be a little more useful. What's next? My next blog post will introduce my first batch of my Chaos army, The Wolf and the Rat, of which my first 1500pts is just about fully painted now. Beyond that, I'll be making individual posts for the final additions to the armies, including a big ol' Celestant Prime conversion to round out The Azure Tempest. See you next time!
  18. Wanted to share Stormcast Liberator I painted up. It's the first mini I've painted in a long time, 8+ years and I'm trying to get my groove going while avoiding the typical stormcast look. I wanted white armor and to use red somehow to tie it in with my other order forces. While I like the white I feel it blends into the scroll and gold too much. I think I will try a blue/grey white on my next test. Not sure if I used the red wisely either. Maybe on the shield next time or shoulders. Appreciate any thoughts/criticism. Especially if you think there is a better way to pull off a red/white scheme.
  19. Hey gang, longtime mini painter here, eager to try out Age of Sigmar. I've been thinking that Stormcast would look sharp in a dark gold and jade green, sorta Aztec-esque color scheme. Those new vanguard Stormcast seem like they'd be perfect for it, but first I'd better paint these starter box guys I've been sitting on for the last year. Now that I've got a picture I can of course see a few spots that need to be touched up, but overall I'm happy. Fairy quick, easy tabletop quality results, which is important to me as I'd actually like to paint a whole army for once. I'll be attempting jungle bases once the rest of the squad is painted.
  20. Guys which list do you think would do better in a tournament? Allegiance: Stormcast Eternals Leaders Lord Aquilor (200) - Command Trait : Staunch Defender - Stormcast Eternals - Artefact : Obsidian Amulet - Gryph-Charger Trait : Aethereal Stalker Lord Relictor (80) - Prayer : Bless Weapons Units 5 x Vanguard-Hunters (140) 5 x Vanguard-Hunters (140) 6 x Vanguard-Raptors with Longstrike Crossbows (360) 2 x Gryph-Hound (80) Total: 1000/2000 or this Allegiance: Stormcast Eternals Leaders Lord Celestant (100) - General - Trait: Staunch Defender - Stormcast Eternals - Artefact: Spellshield Lord Castellant (100) - Mystic Light: Lantern of the Tempest Lord Relictor (80) - Prayer: Divine Light Battleline 5 x Judicators (160) - Skybolt Bows - 1x Shockbolt Bow 5 x Judicators (160) - Skybolt Bows - 1x Shockbolt Bow Units 10 x Paladin Protectors (400) - 4x Starsoul Mace Total: 1000/2000
  21. Hi All, I've been slowing building a Stormcast Army for a while now and have a lot of it painted. So far I've just been getting what I want and most of the army is converted from 2 starter sets. The models I own: LCOD Lord Celestant on foot Lord Relictor Knight Heraldor Knight Questor Knight Vexillor Knight Venator 3 x 5 liberators - 3 grandblades 5 judicators - one shock bolt 5 Retributors - 2 starsoul 2 concussors 3 Prosecutors with hammers 6 Gryph Hounds I have the option to make 5 more judicators but was thinking of converting to raptors with hurricane crossbows x3 as I'd need to pick up two more models for the 5. Anyone know if this could be done easily if you have the bits? I love the Vanguard stuff and would love all of it but right now I'd just like to round the army off to a decent 2k list and possibly move on. I will likely come back and add to them. So any advice on what you would add? I'm not going to run all these hero's ofcourse but nice to have to mix things up. I mostly play with friends but like to be competitive with them nonetheless. Thanks
  22. I have finished the Scythes of Alleriel, very pleased with how they turned out, they're clearly part of the overall army while adding some golden armour to the sea of wooden bodies. They were easy to convert and easy to paint up, the only downside to them is how expensive it would be to add another 5 now that i dont just have the parts lying around. Up next you can see I have blocked in the colours for my Liberators, still have to highlight everything, but you can see the general direction that I am going for and I am pretty pleased with how its turning out. After these 10 I have 2 dracoth riders left to paint, along with the Prime and Knight-Venerator to build and convert, debating what i should do for those, as I want to give them some Sylvaneth elements on top of the paint job. Gonna try and see if the Kurnoth bow fits the Venerator well enough, mayb through in some sprites. On another note I still haven't started basing... my self justification at this point is that I will finish the army and then base it so that its all consistent, at least thats what I keep telling myself. Of course once I am done with the stormcast contingent I may very well be looking to add some flying dwarf backup. or even some Cthulu elves if they are cool enough. Comments and criticisms as always are appreciated.
  23. Last night had my first proper game v Stormcast with my mixed Death list.. I ran= VLoZD with cloak and red fury, Winged VL, Vargulf, 3 x 10 Skeletons, Mortis Engine, 2 Harbingers, 2 Archai, 3 Spirit Hosts, 6 Spirit Hosts.. He ran= Dracoth Lord, Castellant on foot, 5 Concussors, 3 x 5 Judicators, Hammerstrike with Prosecutors and 2 x 5 Retributers.. Played places of power mission. Woweee what a game - I managed by turn 5 to kill his whole army and only lost my 2 Hereos, Mortis and a few Spirit Hosts and some wounds on my VLoZD.. That said I lost 9-0 so bitter sweet lol.. Having never played the mission or Hammerstrike I castled up on the central part of my DZ and my turn 1 I shuffled forwards and don't jump on any objectives.. As this guys super experienced, his turn 1 he jumped on 2 objectives and they just stacked thru the game.. His Hereos were buggers to shift.. Had I remembered the pile in bit and did a combat different then it would of been different, as would of killed off his Cellestant on foot, or likewise if I rolled that precious 2 to would for my Vargulf he would of killed him off too lol.. Oh well.. Cracking game and learnt loads! Man of March was Archai as with the reroll to hit from VLoZD they went through litwrally everything! The VLoZD with red fury was brutal too.. Mortis was meh, healed and did a few a wounds here and there, sucks it's effects are in the hero phase and not shorting phase.. That said it's a gorgeous model so rule of cool.. Whats next? Dropping winged VL and Vargulf for a VLoAT.. apart from that the list feels solid..
  24. Hello People of the Internet, finally got a hold of the new stormcast book and ive been dying to use the new Stormhost Battallions, Celestial vindicator's Warrior Chamber ( god that's a long word) in particular strikes me as being good. I could use any Input and experience with it. Here's what ive got so far. Allegiance: Stormcast Eternals Leaders Lord Celestant On Dracoth (220) - Command Trait : Shielded by Faith - Stormcast Eternals - Stormstrike Glaive & Thundershield - Artefact : Armor of Silvered Sigmarite - Dracoth Trait : Drake-kin Lord Relictor (80) - Artefact : Sigmarite Pendant - Prayer : Lightning Chariot Lord Relictor (80) - Artefact : Sigmarite Pendant - Prayer : Divine Light Units 5 x Paladin Protectors (200) - 2 x Starsoul Mace 5 x Paladin Protectors (200) - 2 x Starsoul Mace 5 x Paladin Protectors (200) - 2 x Starsoul Mace 5 x Judicators (160) - Skybolt Bows - 1 x Shockbolt Bow 5 x Judicators (160) - Skybolt Bows - 1 x Shockbolt Bow 5 x Liberators (100) - Warblade & Shield - 1 x Grandblades 2 x Fulminators (240) 6 x Prosecutors with Stormcall Javelins (160) - 2 x Stormsurge Trident I'm Trying to abuse the new Command Ability. along with the Rerolls to hit, The +1 Attack Should hit most of the Army. Including Fulminators and the Celestant Himself, The Celestant will position himself so he can buff Either the Protectors or the Fulminators, or Both ! in that very furtunate circumstance ofc. He is tanky, should be able to survive atleast a few rounds. Hopefully. Pros, The army is resistent to shooting, It should be very "killy" on the charge Great Alpha strike potentiel. Cons, Weak vs Magic. Failing Charges means you get a lot less out of your units The Prosecutors are High Priority targets, Killing them disables the Hammerstrike. Thought's? - Thor
  25. So I thought it'd be interesting to poll two final list candidates for the next event I am going to! I like the idea of both of these lists for different reasons and think they'll each do a bit better against various kinds of lists. They are not super hard or perfectly sculpted but given the models at hand I think they are decent options. Vote for your own favourite choice! And feel free to leave feedback. Suggested tweaks to each list are welcome (for example I am undecided on 5 decimators v 5 more retributors in list 1 and am not sure about the gryph hound in list 1) but I am pretty satisfied with each! Here are the lists: 1. Single Drop Celestial Vindicators Warrior Chamber List 2. Multi-drop "More Bodies" Thunderhead / Hammerstrike List