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Found 69 results

  1. I think it would be good to introduce myself with a battle report. The last game I have played was a pick up battle with my friend and we have decided to have a quick game and thus 800 points. I have brought Stromcast Eternals, he showed with Daemons of Nurgle. The lists: Stormcast Eternals: - Lord-Celestant - 5x Retributors - 5x Judicators - 5x Liberators with Shield/Hammer - 5x Liberators with Shield/Hammer - 3x Prosecutors with Hammers Daemons of Nurgle: - Great Unclean One - 10x Plaguebearers - 10x Plaguebearers - 3x Beasts of Nurgle - Skull Cannon of Khorne 800 points. Scenario Take and Hold from General's Handbook. The game was a short but very exciting one. He started and immediately moved forward all his units. Before that the GUO nicked one of my Liberators with his spell. The Skull Cannon killed two of my Prosecutors. His Beasts charged and were in melee with my Liberators, killing one. I supported them with my Lord Celestant wounding one beastie. Reeling from the attack my Judicators placed two wounds on the GUO, my Lord did use his Hammer Cloak to place three wounds on the GUO and the remaining Liberators squad charged the GUO. My Prosecutor Prime nicked the Skull Cannon dealing two wounds and one more in melee. I rolled and won the second turn. My Retributors waded into combat but were too far to charge the GUO so they went after the Plaguebearers. My Judicators placed one wound on the GUO and my Lord Celestant used his hero ability. The turn was a good melee turn for me since I was able to kill three Plaguebearers, kill one Beat, wound severely the GUO (3 wounds) and wound the Skull Cannon by one wound. In his turn the adversary was fierce. The GUO is a veritable tank and his invulnerability aura was messing with my plan. He killed my Liberators, the beasts Killed both my Lord-Celestant and the remaining Liberators. My Retributors killed his GUO in the end. The Skull Cannon fired but the shot bounced from my Prosecutor, which died later in melee. Also he moved his remaining Plaguebearers forward (but rolled badly on the movement). The third turn went to him but it was clear that he made a grave mistake moving so forward all his units and leaving his objective unattended. He decided to roll if the Skull Cannon would kill one of my Judicators which were healthy and alive on my objective, all five of them. He failed and had to concede. Major Victory for the Stormcast Eternals. Commentary: This past year of AoS I have grown to trust three units above all, my Retributors, my Liberators and my Judicators. These units do their job and do it well and this won me the game. The Liberators need a Hero to support them but they are great to stop the enemy units (even if this often means that they die of a horrible death). Their bonuses against multi-wound units as well as the reroll from the shield result in a solid blocking unit, the anvil to the proverbial Retributors/Judicators hammer. The Retributors did what they always do, they pounded the big meanie into dust. The mortal wounds effect is priceless on this unit and I much more favor them over the more specialized Protectors. The Judicators on the other hand did little in this game but placing those wounds on the GUO helped a lot. Sure they won me the game by staying in terrain and at the extreme limit of their bows, a cowardly tactic, but here it payed dividends. Of the Prosecutors on the other hand I cannot say much. They are a flanking unit and I set them against the Skull Cannon which was the most dire threat to me. I did not expect them to do much, but I reckon if even one more would make it past the first turn of Daemon shooting, the cannon would be dead. The Prosecutor Prime did account for himself but it was more of a pressure thing than direct damage that worked in my favor. The Lord-Celestant, well he fought he died. I like him for his combo with my melee units, but as a Hero he is not that much of a killer. I think that his main contribution was from the cloak shooting and his hero ability, whilst in melee he did not do much. A combo hero but not a killer hero. On the account of my adversary he did rush too fast too soon I reckon. He could easily win this fight with attrition and he almost wiped me from the table. Granted the Daemons of Nurgle are fierce in combat, but what truly makes them dire is their toughness. They really take an age to kill and can hold their own. The GUO was my topmost concern since he comes with such a good toolkit and set of abilities that he is quite the force multiplier, yet once he died, the daemons begun to feel the pounding. All in all an enjoyable and fast game. Mistake of my opponent aside, I have learned much and I would never ever underestimate the Beasts of Nurgle again, they literally broke me in twine and only the victory conditions saved me (and luck,...). I hope you enjoyed the Battle Report. Next time it will be with pics. Feel free to comment and advise, I am hear to learn after all.
  2. WARDENS OF THE DUSKLIGHT A Stormcast Eternal painting log (Updated 1/17/17 due to all the images breaking) scratched early concepts First working concept (left) Castellant Finalized concept First finished models capes Gryph-Hound Liberator Units Heroes Judicators Relictor Converted Second Relictor Stardrake Dracoth Project Some In-Game Pics
  3. Alpha strike

    So it has been 2 weeks since my first post which is roughly the rate at which I want to be posting so I am counting that as my first success! In terms of developments and progress I feel it has been pretty successful. I've managed to build quite a few miniatures and even started to get them painted. A couple of (poor) pics are attached showing what I have managed to get done, also been playing around with prisma as the plan will be to have warscrolls with my unit images on to take to tournaments and I love how cool they look when tweaked with the app. I'm a notoriously slow painter so I am trying to improve my speed whilst also produce a quality of work I am happy with and I seem to be achieving that. most of the models will probably get mostly done and then I will get final edge highlights and minor details sorted as I go. Or at least that is the plan. I am still to really play a game with my stormcast, I was supposed to be going to Warhammer World this weekend with some mates to play a couple of games, and maybe watch some of the masters games which would have been awesome, but alas I didn't manage to get along which was quite upsetting. Hopefully I will get to put them on the table soon though as I need to get some practice in before Alliance in March! All else fails I will take what I have painted to Derby and treat that as an opportunity to learn rather than concern myself with trying to get a win. Next step is to try and get the rest of the basecoats on to the models that are built, then put together the start collecting box I bought this month. That's the plan anyway, but the best laid schemes of mice and men and all that... Jon
  4. Hey guys first time poster here!! I have a 1k tournament in Jan and I'm tossing up between 3 lists I would love some input from others!! list 1 Castellant 100 2x 5 liberator squads 200 2x knight venitor 240 1x 5 judicator squad 160 1x 2 concussor squad 280 List 2 Celestent 100 Castellant 100 2x knight venitor 240 1x 5 lib 100 1x judicator 160 1x5 retributor 220 1x prosecutor 80 List 3 Lord celestent 100 Lord castellant 100 1x 5 judicators 160 1x 5 retributors 220 1x 5 liberators 100 1x 2 concussors 280 1 x gryph hound 40 So what does everyone think? I have played a few tournaments at 2k where I have come out very well in all of them I'm just finding it hard to make a decent list at a lower points value! Cheers in advance!!
  5. I'm creating a hybrid Order army with Liberators as battleline. What additions would you say are must-takes to make my army both fun and effective as a 2k matched play list?
  6. Hi all. I have two boxes worth of stormcast eternal liberator sprues. They are complete apart from the bodies (legs and torsos) and arm pairs for the bodies. I bought them to do some 40K grey knight conversions and the sprues are what's left, so all weapons, shields, hammers, heads etc. I don't want anything for them, and if someone can make use of them then who am I to have them knocking around doing nothing.
  7. Hey guys and gals! Thought Id put up a blog here too to get some feedback on my minis and mayhaps some inspiration to get stuff done. I have a load of armies going on, some actually decent sized and some Im just pretty much beginning, even if I have a load of unbuilt minis for some armies waiting. These wont be in any chronological or w.e order and I tend to paint a mini from here and there, I seem to lose my interest in painting the same colours and minis from beginning to actually having something to call an army. So, I might upload a pic of a new dryad and next an Orruks Brute and so on But my back is killing me atm so Ill keep this short, pic time! First up are my speedpainted Nurglies, these are mostly done by washing and drybrushing with the occasional highlight. I painted these with a rather limited pallette, just to keep it simple and quick. The big guy himself The Lord of Plagues and my tiny Sorcerer I do have some close ups too if someone wants Blightkings Warriors Dragon Ogres, theres a third one too but its more or less the same. Ten of these doggies, all the same Then something with a bit more effort put into them, my few ready Stormcasts So there, some of my works Atm there are some Sylvaneth coming, whenever I have the time actually paint and my back has gotten better and whenever I get around to taking pics of the few Ive actually painted already and I have a pile of Orruks too, mainly Ironjawz coming sometime in the future. I have 5 or so 40k projects too but dont think ill be spamming them here, you can see some in my Instagram profile though, routaminiatures. Feel free to hit the follow if interested. I will try and keep this updated when I get stuff done, might take a while sometimes, especially if Im painting 40k. But enough jabbering, feedback is happily received, be it good or bad. -Routa
  8. Hello! Im soon going to play my first AoS game with my Stormcast/Free peoples army! I will present my list, and would like some feedback. Will it be viable, strong, weak, cheesy, weaknesses, strenghts etc. What i've got painted: 1 Lord Celestant on Dracoth (General) 1 Lord Castellant with Gryph Hound 5 Liberators with hammers and shields, no grandhammer, prime. 5 Liberators with warblade and shield, 1 grandblade, prime. 5 Retributors, 1 Starsoul mace, prime. 1 Helblaster Volleygun with 3 crew. 1 Cannon with crew. This adds up to 1080pts, what should i lose for a 1000pts matched play? What i've got still to paint: 20 Freeguild handgunners, standard bearer, musician, marksman with lochland longrifle. 1 Mortar with 3 crew. 3-9 Prosecutors with hammers, prime. (Probably only gonna use 3, as they don't really fit the aestethics of my army.) 1 Lord Relictor 5 Judicators with bows, prime with special thunderbow. 5 Judicators with crossbows, prime with special mega-xbow. (Using 5 Liberators from starter with the bitz left over from the Judicators box.) 3 Retributors, prime. This would add up to just above 2000pts. I have not considered synergies to much, just grabbed the models cheaply and started the army. Is this army gonna be viable at 1000/1500/2000pts, or will i get tabled?
  9. Let's try one of these plog things. Mainly because I have 13 weeks to paint myself an entire Stormcast Eternals army - the magic number being 43 models for the list I plan to use - from scratch, to use in an upcoming tournament. I've had the models and bits for it lying around for a while, since, well... when the game launched, everyone sort of bought the box and I had this really awesome conversion idea for them. But then I did something else instead, and they started gathering dust, until just this week. My core idea is to make an army based on two things - the classic Sisters of Sigmar from Mordheim (I'm sure in some pocket realm or other, Bertha Bestraufrung is wreaking havoc upon Sigmar's enemies) updated to look like the crusader from Diablo. You know, this here crafty ol' gal: SO I set out looking for bits to make it possible, and it's not really such a big burden once you let go from the mind to sculpt a tabard onto every single one. With flails from the Chaos Marauders and Deathwing Terminators, Heroic Scale heads from Statuesque Miniatures and a healthy amount of jewellery chain, plastic rod, thin wire and greenstuff, it was a surprisingly easy procedure. First, fill in the chain loincloth with putty, greenstuff, liquid greenstuff, a file, sandpaper, a combination of several of these things, you name it - the trick is to make it smooth like cloth. Then fill the "head hole" up at the top with greenstuff, smoothen it and pin in place the head. Then swap the weapon heads, and that's pretty much it. The result looks a little bit like this here: The reason they're on square bases is purely for the sake of painting - they will find there way, once painted, onto these here babies: The new snow texture paint from Citadel Texture is the craft of Sigmar's Godlike hands, by the way. The plan for this weekend is to model up and prime as much as possible of ten Paladin Protectors, and two Dracoth babes. Then over the next week, to get painting on this unit, and have them done by the end of the week. Will it succeed? Who knows, but I'll try and keep this thing updated as much as possible in an attempt to force myself to work at a steady pa(y)ce. And remember, purity through castigation is the purest of purities. Blessed be Sigmar.
  10. I never really liked the coffin-on-a-stick so here's my Lord-Relictor for Silver Tower, now with 2 hammers! I considered a different option before I settled on the 2nd hammer, I nearly went with an empty hand, but the pose seemed off: So I made a hammer using (from the Warhammer Chapel OoP scenery kit) and part of the staff from the relic, cut down with the base of the staff moved up to the new base.
  11. A little unit I did while being bored with other projects
  12. Hello TGA Community I need your help! I have a large list of Stormcast Eternals that I need to optimize for a 2000 pts tournament coming up in a month. Are there models I need to buy in order to make a competitive list? I only have experience playing against Beastclaw Raiders and I get tabled every time. I have the following models: 20 Judicators with bows 20 Retributors 12 Prosecutors with javelins 30 Liberators with hammer and shield 1 Lord Celestant on Dracoth 1 Lord Relictor 1 Lord Castellant 1 Knight Azyros
  13. ~ Chapter One ~ Athos looked upon the field of battle. Around him, his forces made ready for first-contact with the enemy. Across the broken landscape, dotted with withered trees, long drained of life by the recent incursion of Nurgle’s corruption, were gathered a multitude of orruks. Bonesplitterz, these particular brutes named themselves, though Athos cared little what names they chose for themselves. He cared not the name of his enemy – only their death concerned him. War-horns blared to life from within the rudimentary formations of the orruks, dozens all at once. The horde started to chant and roar broken-speech challenges to their opponents, taunting them to action. Throughout their midst, Athos could see the shapes of hulking warlords barking orders at the smaller brethren that surrounded them. There were others as well – sorcerers – judging by their dress; all feathers and special ornaments of bone and wood that the orruks reserved only for their shamans. They’ll prove a more difficult challenge, Athos thought. A far greater one than all the rest of their ilk combined. The Stormcast were the greatest warriors of Sigmar’s hosts, each and every one of their kind a warrior of unparalleled skill, stamina, and strength…but strength of arms could only do so much against a foe who wielded the chaotic power of raw magic, the ability to rip chunks of Earth from the ground, or else twist the fabric of nature to their destructive will. “The orruks are out in number this morning.” It was Calanius, the Lord-Relictor of their force. He had come to stand beside Athos to survey the enemy before battle was joined. In his right hand, the Relictor carried his prized banner, decorated with gothic depictions of a Stormcast soul’s returning to their God-King's embrace. “They’ll die all the same, few or many, it matters not,” Athos replied. “It’s their sorcerers that worry me. I count a dozen at least, though there’s almost surely more of them skulking about.” “We’ll handle it,” Calanius told him matter of factly. “We always do.” We do, Athos merely thought, because we cannot die. If we fail, we’ll merely come back again. That is our gift, and in other ways, our curse. Though not all resented the immortality bestowed upon the Stormcast by their God, some were…less enthusiastic. Athos had had a family once, a loving wife and daughter, though he could remember little of them now. Their faces were blurry images in his mind's eye, and their voices were muffled echoes. Athos wondered how much longer it would be before those lingering thoughts faded as well. How much longer would it be before he forgot them entirely? He wondered if he would ever see them again. A lifetime ago, death had offered the promise of reunion, no matter what came, but now… “The orruks are moving, Lord-Castellant." Calanius's voice, calling him back to the present. “We should begin," the Lord-Relictor then told him as Athos returned to the present. He saw the orruks then, a seething tide of green flesh and bone-weapons, and all of it pouring directly towards the forward lines of the Stormcast formations. Athos clenched one steel gauntlet around the hilt of the warhammer he carried. He pulled the weapon loose from the bonds on his back and raised it high for all around him to see. The weapon's steel-head glinted with the sunlight of the new morning. “Aye,” Athos spoke. “By Sigmar’s grace, let us bring swift death to these foul beasts.” **** A cold intelligence watched the storm of battle rage. Over a burning fire, the Gaunt-Summoner, One of the Nine, chanted eldritch words of power. The words of his God. His prayers were answered, and foul power poured from the flames. His minions danced and flayed their limbs about the ritual, chanting in a variety of alien tongues. Their devotion, their energy, their very life-force, gave power to the ritual. From far away, the Gaunt-Summonder heard the warhorns of the orruks, and he knew the time had come. From within his robing he produced an old book, wrapped in the skin of flayed man. As his elongated fingers opened it, the cries of a thousand damned souls screamed from within its pages. He cackled, knowing each of the voice's many names. In his freehand, the Seventh of the Nine raised a dagger, its twin-faces etched with ancient runes chiseled by the talon of Tzeentch itself. The wailing of the damned grew louder. The Gaunt-Summoner hissed through multiple rows of fanged teeth, and then he plunged the dagger down, directly into the pages of the book. The world shuddered. It was begun. The starting locations for the Stormcast and Bonesplitterz forces. Meanwhile, the Gaunt-Summoner and his cult perform an unholy ritual, unbeknownst to either force. The Stormcast forces advance, splitting their forces into three prongs. Priority switches to the savage orruks, who gleefully bellow as they surge forward. The orruks rush forward and charge headlong into their hated foes. After a fierce round of combat, the smaller unit of Liberators are wiped out to a man by the Bonesplitterz boar riders. All across the front, bodies begin to pile. In the heavens above, the sky trembles. Just as it appears the Stormcast will be overrun, the surrounding woods break, and a swarm of Sylvaneth pour forth from the shadows of Ghyran's foliage - directly into the already engaged Bonesplitterz!
  14. Hi everyone, First time poster, long time reader. Just wanted to get anyones opions for a first time, stormcast eternals player, painting tips, army build, any tips that you yourself, wish you had of heard when starting. Attached; my first brave soldier paint
  15. I have set about painting up a force of Stormcast Eternals Hallowed Knights. So far I have painted 2x the starter box and willl be adding some more troops soon. I'd love to get some reactions and feedback to the force as it evolves and grows. Thank you for looking and commenting. Celestant on Dracoth and Lord Relictor: Liberators: Prosecutors: Retributors: Thank you for looking! -Pez5767 (aka: Jody)
  16. Stormcast Eternals Reinforcement

    This is the first photo of my collection I post in this gallery - my latest Stormcast Eternals collection. I view this as a reinforcement to my army because these models may not see a roll in the battlefields (unless I play really large points) but they does looks good being together.
  17. Hey guys, i just got really into SE, and i'd love to hear everyone's feedback on the Stormhosts and chambers. I started out playing chaos, but I'm digging SE fluff and i'm building up a sons of mallus army at the moment. Any particular favorite parts of the lore, or great moments you guys had in your games?
  18. Hi there, so have been painting on and off on my Stormcast army since the release one year ago but is finally getting something that could work as an army. I'll start in the beginning and post pictures from the past until now. Then hopefully this will make me paint this army even faster as I post what I'm painting at the moment and how my progress are. Anyway I decided to go with purple shoulder pads etc. and bronze armor when I saw the first pictures of the Stormcast Eternals. And when I got my first Liberator from White Dwarf I painted him up as an test mini. I was happy with the result and when the starterbox came and we learned more about the Stormcast Eternals I realiserad that that was pretty much the exact colors for the Lions of Sigmar Stormhost. So great! I will do an Lions of Sigmar army. I then continued to paint the Liberators from the Starter Box and a Prosecutor, because I wanted to try out my airbrushing skills and try to get a similar but different effect like the wings the Eavy Metal team had done. Was very pleased with how the wings turned out. Took some time to get done so I wanted to do something else next. The big centerpiece model for the stormcasts in the starter, the Lord-Celestant on Drakoth. I pretty much followed the Warhammer TV painting tutorial for skin on the Drakoth and really liked it. This model took some time too paint but I think what I learned from painting this will help me when I paint the rest of the Drakoths I have now (four Fulminators and one more Lord-Celestant). For example NOT to glue on the rider before you have painted all the things that will get tricky to reach when the model is together. On this model I actually cut it of from the Drakoth because you just can't reach some places with your brush otherwise. Next up I painted up my Retributors followed by the Lord-Relictor, where fun to paint accept all the scrolls on the relictor, as they where already glued on it made the process of painting them even more time consuming. With these done I only hade the Prosecutors and the second unit of Liberators left to complete the Stormcasts from starter set. Some painted up this set in a couple of weeks and it can be done quite easy with Stormcasts. But you can also take a more time consuming route which is the route I always take when it comes to painting. So from start to finish almost half a year for but during that time I also rebased a lot of other armies, painted and repainted other stuff as well so I was quite happy with this. And there is the core for my Stormcast army done, next project is the big guy... It's hammertime! But more of that in the next post. Hope you guys liked this, and if you want to jump forward in time to see the more recent stuff Iv'e painted you can always check out my blog where I also post all the stuff I'm painting among some other stuff. You can check that out here:
  19. Hi! What is the cheapest formation that allows the stormcast eternals to drop from the sky?
  20. Who doesn't love Starsoul Maces? Well at least we Stormcast players do, but the problem is we only get two of them in the Paladin box. And this is fine as long as you stick to only those incredibly expensive boxes, but when we have a lot of snap-fit models from the starter box and what not you have a lot of Retributors without those Starsoul Maces. So my question is, how do we convert them? Have anyone done this, and if so how? I'm a little nitpicky when it comes to these things and want it too look as much as the originals do or at least so there's no misunderstandings that they actually are Starsoul Maces.
  21. After a year of tournaments starting with SCGT (placing 87th in my first event) and finishing with Warlords (placing 6th and achieving the best game results as an Order general) I think I've got a good handle on what makes the Stormcast tick. I was naive at the beginning relying on profiles to pull me through like a blunt instrument. Having played well in excess of 100 games though I'm convinced they need a great deal of subtlety to play well. Hammer Strike (more rubber mallet) This is how I started the year at SCGT. Generally teamed up with the banner to drop in the Prosecutors and get the Retributors nice and close. When I used it I went for two units of 5 Retributors. My problem was 5 rarely got the job done and the second unit always got mauled before it could dish out the pain. Looking back there were many flaws with my early list. To make this list work I think you probably need something like the following unashamed punch to the face: Knight Azyros Knight Venator Knight Vexillor 3 Prosecutors with Jav 2 X 10 Retributors 3 X 5 Judicators I'd look to hit the best unit and something else that lacks bite to make the most of turn one drop. You can run the Prosecutors out turn one and then conga the Rets forward from the 6" deployment around the Prosecutors to get a huge range. The Vexillor can be used to redeploy a unit next turn and smash something else or if playing Chaos plant an Azyros bomb somewhere tasty. Shooting is there to break combos by character sniping. Theory hammer though so onto my bread and butter. Skyborne Slayers The list that placed well at Warlords and 8th at the one day Alliance event was: Celestant-Prime Lord Celestant Knight Venator 2 X Shield Liberators 3 X 5 Judicators 10 Protectors 5 Decimators I play this list very aggressively. Protectors always to the fore hunting monsters (they got a Stardrake, Glotkin and 2 Vampires on Zombie Dragons at Warlords) and using their ability to protect units from shooting. Decimators into hordes (one shot 20 Plaguebearers). Libs hug objectives and the Venator with Judicator back up hold deep objectives in my territory and then shoot the world off. Sounds easy but placement is huge with this army. Mis- deploy and you lose. It's very unforgiving. The Celestant-Prime is my trouble shooter. If I need combat punch he comes down turn 3-4 to delete a unit. If someone castles then he drops in turn one and rains comets from afar using his dice change ability to punish the worst offending heroes. He can easily do 10+ mortal wounds a turn if they're huddling for protection. How else is everyone else getting on and what to you believe to be the pros and cons of the other Stormcast formations? I hear lots about the Warrior Brotherhood but in my experience it lacks the outright punch or staying power (how good is no battleshock tests in Slayers).
  22. Greetings On October 23rd I have an upcoming 1600 points tournament. Here is the list I plan to bring: Skyborne Slayers: - Lord-Celestant - 5 Liberators Hammer/Shield - 5 Liberators Hammer/Shield - 5 Judicators with bows - 5 Judicators with crossbows - 5 Decimators - 5 Protectors (1x Mace) - 5 Retributors - Knight-Vexillor Ratio: The only element that begins on board are the Retributors and the Knight-Vexillor. Between them and the Lord-Celestant with Reckless and the -1 Rend I can have a solid alpha strike. The list is an all-comers and it should hold its own against most armies as long as I play for the objective and don't expect to grind my foes in a war of attrition. Tactics: Identify the major threat. Send in the Retributors, support them with the Skyborne Slayers. Cap the objectives with Judicators. The objectives on my side of the board go to the bow Judicators, whilst those in midfield go to the crossbow Judicators. The Liberators and Protectors are my anvil. Now most of my adversaries will have some sort of block which is where my Decimators go. The Lord-Celestant is my loci since he allows rerolls for the charge which means he is the one which I place first and place my melee units around him for the bonus. My Retributors have one job only, kill the biggest baddest and nastiest thing on the board. I think they qualify for the job. My Knight-Vexillor will happily sit on an objective and wave his banner throughout the game, his job is to use the ability and this is this. Hopefully this list will have a chance against most of my adversaries. Problems: Grind. So far I have fielded the Thunderstrike formation and while it is viable I have found that it is threatened by unbreakable blocks of cheap infantry. Death lists, Bretonnian Peasant lists and Orruks can be a pain in my shiny sigmarite rear. Any advice on the matter? Please rate the list, tell me how I can improve it and please share your experience with similar lists. Thanks
  23. Greetings As a Stormcast player I usually can handle most armies but of late the Ironjawz are presenting a problem. In six games against them I have managed to score only once a Minor Victory, the rest were either Major or Minor Defeats. My main problem is the hard hitting and awfully tough orruks my adversary can bring. We speak of orruks with a Liberator profile and a ton of attacks, all this without counting the beast that is their Mega Boss and the Gore Gruntas. I usually field a generic army, with Liberators, Judicators, Retributors and spicing of Decimators or Protectors. I have not yet integrated the Dracoth cavalry (save the Lord) in my list. Now my Liberators can stop an unit for a turn, maybe two if I am lucky but once the Ironjawz hard hitters come into play it is a steamroll for them. I have tried a lot of things, from peppering them with Judicator fire, to feeding them with hammer and axe from my Paladins, all to no avail. It seems that the Ironjawz can simply shrug off most of the damage and go on pulping me to dust. I usually play around 1000 - 1500 points so I do not have much flexibility, especially in a tournament list, so I was hoping for first hand advice on how to deal with the Ironjawz as a Stormcast Eternals player. Thanks