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Found 93 results

  1. Stardrake (any) Cavernous Jaws ability: "After this model piles in, but before it attacks" Is this considered instantaneous with the attacks? The problem is that, you could potentially swallow all of the models whom are within 2" of you, leaving you out of range. This is silly, to limit yourself with your own ability. You can easily eat everyone within 1", therefore you lose your claw attacks. Also, if this is some kind of sub-phase, weird things could happen to remove models in range. For example, Blood Warriors get to (despite being eaten) pile in and attack you, and a Lord Celestant's shield could then kill some more models, further removing you from combat. Seems like, to avoid nonsense, this should be considered happening at the same time as the attacks. Also what about the tail attacks? Is your opponent allowed to remove models to get their unit out of 3" so that you cannot hit them with the tail? Or should your opponent simply be tallying wounds/kills through all of your attacks and abilities and remove all models at the very end?
  2. Hey guys and gals! Thought Id put up a blog here too to get some feedback on my minis and mayhaps some inspiration to get stuff done. I have a load of armies going on, some actually decent sized and some Im just pretty much beginning, even if I have a load of unbuilt minis for some armies waiting. These wont be in any chronological or w.e order and I tend to paint a mini from here and there, I seem to lose my interest in painting the same colours and minis from beginning to actually having something to call an army. So, I might upload a pic of a new dryad and next an Orruks Brute and so on But my back is killing me atm so Ill keep this short, pic time! First up are my speedpainted Nurglies, these are mostly done by washing and drybrushing with the occasional highlight. I painted these with a rather limited pallette, just to keep it simple and quick. The big guy himself The Lord of Plagues and my tiny Sorcerer I do have some close ups too if someone wants Blightkings Warriors Dragon Ogres, theres a third one too but its more or less the same. Ten of these doggies, all the same Then something with a bit more effort put into them, my few ready Stormcasts So there, some of my works Atm there are some Sylvaneth coming, whenever I have the time actually paint and my back has gotten better and whenever I get around to taking pics of the few Ive actually painted already and I have a pile of Orruks too, mainly Ironjawz coming sometime in the future. I have 5 or so 40k projects too but dont think ill be spamming them here, you can see some in my Instagram profile though, routaminiatures. Feel free to hit the follow if interested. I will try and keep this updated when I get stuff done, might take a while sometimes, especially if Im painting 40k. But enough jabbering, feedback is happily received, be it good or bad. -Routa
  3. For starters, from the Stormcast Battletome: ------------- A Celestial Vindicators Warrior Chamber must contain the following: •1 Hammerstrike Force battalion (must contain 3 units of PALADINS, rather than 2) A Celestial Vindicators Warrior Chamber may also contain the following: •0-1 Lords of the Storm battalion •0-3 Thunderhead Brotherhood battalions •0-2 Hammerstrike Force battalions •Any number of additional STORMCAST ETERNALS units. ---------------- So, my question is: can you field battalions not listed here as part of a Celestial Vindicators force? For instance, if I fielded a Devastation Brotherhood would they benefit from the Vows of Vengeance ability, provided they met all the other requirements? This battalion isn't explicitly listed. Would it fall under the auspices of "Any number of additional STORMCAST ETERNALS units?"
  4. Edit: Huh. It seems editing a post republishes it. All I've changed, if you've seen this before, is update the photos of the Lord Celestant (after fixing his hammer) and the Liberators (after painting their shields properly). Hello world! This is my first blog post at TGA, and hopefully the first of many. My overall aim here is really just to share my Age of Sigmar armies as they are and how they grow, alongside a bit of home grown fluff and some commentary. There's going to be a decent amount of photos, but a warning in advance - these are my first armies after returning to the hobby from a 10 year hiatus, and back when I quit I leaned more towards the gaming side of the hobby than painting. Nowadays, I like them both fine (and like conversions and kitbashing a little more), but my focus is pretty much 100% tabletop standard. I hate gaming with unpainted plastic, but there's a lot of minis to get through to get two 2000 point armies up to scratch. I'm expecting more than a few 'thin your paints' comments, and you can expect a lot of "I'd like to go back when I'm finished and work on these guys a little more" comments to crop up from myself. Photographing your stuff and looking at it when writing something like this means I'm seeing a lot of imperfections I missed when painting. The format here will basically be a show and tell, with fluff interspersed where I have it in quote blocks. It's my hope to have a bit of character behind all of my heroes, and maybe my unit Primes as I go along. I'll probably alternate blog posts between my two armies The Azure Tempest and The Wolf and the Rat, with big posts at the start, and little ones with new units as I paint them or come up with fluff to add. Without further adeui, here is my first 1500pts of 'The Azure Tempest', my homebrew Stormhost from the later strikings. As my first army coming back from a decade long hiatus, I originally didn't want to stray too far from the established Hammers of Sigmar scheme, as that was the scheme I had painted my Knight Questor from the Silver Tower box set that brought me back into the hobby. As I built more of my minis though, I started to obsess over the idea of my own Stormhost and it's accompanying fluff. I'd recently bought my fiancé a High Elf Dragoonlord and a box of Dragon Princes, and had a bunch of leftover bitz from that which inspired this idea of Stormcast from non-human origins, and pulling in a bit of their former personalities into the corresponding units in the Stormcast army. One of the biggest draws of Age of Sigmar to me - as someone who had originally scoffed at the notion when I heard they were scrapping the Old World - is it's massive nine realm setting and the huge blind spots in the fluff that leave a lot more room for individual creativity. To that end, I felt like I was missing a trick not giving my armies their own unique flavour. Obviously, making my guys from Aelves posed a few challenges, given that it hasn't been heard of in any official fluff yet. I'd have to explain why Sigmar is reforging those not necessarily of his own kind. I'd need to have a reason for non-humans swearing fealty to some human deity. I've never particularly worried about the Human keyword though - all Stormcast are reforged with those superhuman Stormcast bodies, so even if my guys were Aelves, I'm happy enough to consider their reforged bodies as having more in common with human now. And as for the actual official line on whether this is possible? Well, Josh Reynolds said something to that effect in a Q&A. For a colour scheme, I decided to do a subtle twist on the Blue/Gold of the Hammers of Sigmar. I wanted to make the blue a little more of a sea-blue, and introduce some white in there for a classic High Elves kind of look. I've given most things a blue accent, with glossy white shoulders. The gold I've dialled down a little to a bit more of a bronze, and everything has had a watered down wash of Nikalah Oxide on the metal (and then drybrushed over again to clean it up a bit) to give them a more ancient kind of look - The Azure Tempest are a little sentimental, and employ a lot of relics and imagery from their Aelven heritage and especially the Old World, and so I wanted the whole army to kind of look a bit like relics themselves - having come pretty much straight from End Times in the World That Was to getting digested by Slaanesh, and straight to getting reforged as Stormcast. One more little contrast I did on these guys was the bases. You can see the tiles that I normally game on being used as a display board for all the photographs here - which I made using Secret Weapon Tablescapes Rolling Fields, but painted like an ash wastes with a river of lava flowing through it. It's also got some various tones of dead or scorched flock or static grass, and my Chaos army are based similarly. As I designed and built my Order and Chaos army to largely face each other on this table, for my Stormcasts, I opted to contrast all of that with bright green static grass, and flower bed tufts, to project a sort of life bringing glow to the army, which I really liked. I've rambled long enough. Here's the miniatures... Lord Celestant 'Prince' Cazris This was the model that started my Aelven conversions theme on the army, and sort of established the pattern of mapping units to old High Elf units (Extremis > Caledor, Decimators > White Lions, etc). I really like how the hammer from the previous helmet fits so nicely between the dragon mask wings. I also really like how natural the addition of the shield (leftover from my Stardrake kit) looks. (EDIT: Original pic had wonky Tempestos Hammer from a breakage fix. I've since fixed this and replaced the photo. Bonus: I've kinda figured out how to use this light box now..) Lord Relictor, Tallaran Dreadhammer No conversions or anything exciting here, but I think Dreadhammer is one of my better paint jobs, particularly the highlighting on the tabbard which is usually crisp and clean for me (most of my other jobs look a little more blotchy with thick lines), so I'm actually rather fond of him as is. I'm tempted to do a head swap with a Dark Elf Witch Elves death mask sometime. Drakesworn Templar, Aemarion Dragonborn Man, I love the Stardrake mini. Pretty much the moment I picked up the AoS starter box I decided I had to get me one of those. For my own standards, I'm really happy with how his paint job came out. The rider definitely needs work, and I could probably do with highlighting on the red armour belts, but the plate and the shoulders, and the High Elf Lord on Dragon basing extras all worked out really nicely. It's also the first mini I've magnetised - the torso of the Templar is magnetised and switchable with the Lord Celestant, along with the bow/cover facing for when the bows not attached. While the Lord Celestant has a similar Dragon Prince style head as his Dracoth mounted incarnation, I thought the Drakesworn Templar would benefit from the Dragonlord Head, which distinguished him a little bit and gave him some individual personality considering he has no other form than Stardrake-mounted. Liberators 1 Headswaps galore! My bare heads I ordered from various bitz sites and they're from a bunch of different Aelves - Wood Elves, White Lions, there's even a couple Eldar Guardians heads in there. I know the Hammers are statistically just better than the Swords from a gaming standpoint, but I really felt like these swords fit the Aelven aesthetic a little better. And I love how the smaller Aelven swords give them a roman Short Sword and Tower Shield kinda vibe. Edit: The lightning on the shields is a little uneven and thick. Unfortunately this was due to the gloss varnish going on before I really cared how washed out the hammer icon was at the time - these were my first dudes painted from the starter set and I had a bit of trouble with brush control still, and the varnish is a kinda difficult surface to paint over. I might again go back and clean them up at a later date, but it's an improvement to not seeing them at all. Liberators 2 More headswaps! I made a little slip up here in that I somehow managed to put my duplicate Eldar Guardian head on the exact same body as the guy from the other squad. That's.. annoyed me ever since. Also, the Prime just has the same sword as everyone else, which is dull, but I couldn't find another one of those Dragonlord swords. This was the second unit I painted, and I think I rushed them a bit so I could start playing. I'm not super happy with either squad when I look closely at them. Judicators Decimators Another case of 'I think the standard hammers would've been more useful, but the weapon swaps fit the fluff better.' These guys are my White Lions of Chrace. Green stuff lion pelts and red ribbons. I sort of originally did this because I got the starter box, and another 'Easy to Build' pack of two, doubling me up on the primes. I did my best to distinguish them - the prime has a full lion pelt on his back including legs and tail and has a bigger axe. I also chopped the excess ribbon off the other prime and put it on him. I also cut the other prime off his little rock on his front foot so he didn't stand quite as tall, and cut down the spikes on his backpack to be more like the rest. Finally, the lion mouldings on the prime had to go, so I green stuffed over the other primes hand with a more standard looking bit of armour. You can see it on him in the back right - it's not great but it's close enough for me. I wish I hadn't started green stuffing his right shoulder first though - having two shoulders with lion furs makes him look overly clunky. I dunno. The new Stormcast Battletome also shows me that Decimators are supposed to have slightly different helmets, which is a bit of an irksome detail to now be aware of. For tabletop though, I like these guys fine. Prosecutors Just some Prosecutors. Cool minis, but I did nothing special with them. The wings I did with a Nikhalah Oxide wash like on the armour, so they kinda matched colour scheme wise. I like how they turned out, all things considered. I'll field them because I have them and they look cool, but I do wish they had javelins instead, which would've better fit my armies theme and they'd be a little more useful. What's next? My next blog post will introduce my first batch of my Chaos army, The Wolf and the Rat, of which my first 1500pts is just about fully painted now. Beyond that, I'll be making individual posts for the final additions to the armies, including a big ol' Celestant Prime conversion to round out The Azure Tempest. See you next time!
  5. Hi all I'll be starting a SCE list soon as I work towards having an army for every grand alliance. This was my first crack at a 1000pt list. I'm very open to feedback as I've never used SCE before and have no idea what makes them fun. I don't need the list to be super competitive, as long as it's decent and has the stuff I like. I want to include paladins and some shooting units as my other two armies have no range attacks at all. Here's what I've thought up so far. I'll build up to bigger points if I like the army. Allegiance: Stormcast EternalsLeadersLord Relictor (80)Lord Celestant (100)Battleline10 x Liberators (200)- Warhammer & Shield- 2x Grandhammers5 x Judicators (160)- Skybolt Bows- 1x Shockbolt BowUnits5 x Paladin Retributors (220)- 2x Starsoul Mace5 x Paladin Retributors (220)- 2x Starsoul MaceTotal: 980/2000
  6. Cunning Strategist is one of the unique command traits for armies with Stormcast Eternals allegiance. Following is the rule for Cunning Strategist, on Stormcast Eternals Battletome Page 95. <Once both armies are set up, but before the first battle round begins, select D3 friendly STORMCAST ETERNALS units. They can each make a move of up to 5".> My question is, exactly when do I "redeploy" these units? Is it before the player who finished the set-up first decides who takes the first turn? Or is it after?
  7. So I've been through a roller coaster ride since I started this blog. Firstly, my friends bought 40k "Start Collecting" boxes each with the intention of playing again, I followed suit, but the enthusiasm seems to have died as quickly as it sparked. Then I purchased a faulty primer spray from an LGS where I play Magic, which set me back a week and covered my kitchen in Chaos Black! Then after my SCE finally got primed, I painted a test model for Celestial Vindicators. By paint I mean I base coated and shaded the armour. I wasn't very happy with the model at all, a combination of a non-basic colour scheme and my lack of recent painting experience made for a bit of a messy first try. I wasn't looking for Golden Demon, but I wanted to feel happy with what I produced. Then I found the series on Warhammer TV of a step by step painting of the entire AoS starter set. I figured, what did I have to lose? Base coat another Liberator in gold and see where we go. One afternoon of full on hobbying later and I'm here. With 5 Liberator's base coated and washed and I couldn't be happier. Yeah, every man and his dog is going to have a gold SCE army, but who cares? This one is going to be mine. I know these pictures are really not anything to write home about but it made me happy to actually make some progress I'm satisfied with. Going to throw some Auric Armour Gold (as instructed by Duncan!) tomorrow and build up some of the other models from the set. Baby steps people, baby steps.
  8. Hey all. Thanks for moseying on over and taking a gander. On the advice of the all-powerful Ben Curry, he of The Bad Dice Daily Podcast fame, I am starting a little blog here. The hope is putting my thoughts and efforts here will motivate me to continue pushing toward my ultimate goal - completing an army. I have been playing Warhammer for about 8 years now, exclusively with close friends and family. Never having played at a tournament and being in such a relaxed environment, there's never been any pressure to complete an army. I started with Dark Elves and Ogre Kingdoms back in 8th Edition. I would guess I got about 60-70% of both armies painted to a table-top standard. I had a lot of fun playing both of those armies. Had a fair amount of fun painting them, too. Particularly the Ogres - painting the 21st through 30th Witch Elves got to be a bit of a chore. But in both cases, life happened, I lost steam and they sat unfinished. A career change right after the completion of the End Times took me away from the hobby for about 18 months. Once I got re-settled, I began reading about Age of Sigmar and what people thought. I was intrigued. I enjoyed 8th Edition, but the games could be a bit tedious. I liked that AoS was streamlined and the cost-of-entry wasn't so steep. I toyed around with the idea of using my Dark Elf and Ogre Kingd- er, Aelf and Ogor models - for a bit. But once I saw the Ironjawz release, good ol' Gee-Dubs had me hook, line and sinker. I bought a Start Collecting box, a Megaboss and Weirdnob straight away and got painting. I really enjoyed painting the heroes. The Megaboss in particular was a joy to paint. The Gore Gruntas are amazing models, but they are soul-suckingly difficult to paint. After I tackled them, I settled in to paint the Ardboyz. I finished both units, but I my hobby engine was running on fumes at that point. This was back in the Summer. Since then, I've added a Maw Crusha, 3 more Gruntas and 20 Brutes. The Maw Crusha is finished, and I'm pretty proud of it. But again, it was such an awesome model, I couldn't NOT paint it. 5 of the Brutes are mostly done...but that's where it's stopped. I do plan on coming back to them, but I have a serious case of Ironjawz fatigue at the moment. Which brings us to the nonce! Thanks to TGA member @Kuma, I was able to trade for a decent start to a Stormcast army. I got 2 Lords Celestant on Dracoth, 10 Judicators and 10 Liberators for some old Tomb Kings stuff I was never going to use. Through the magic of eBay, I was also able to procure a Lord Relictor. Talk about the stars aligning: this happened right before the Vanguard stuff all began to drop, so since then I've added 6 Raptors, a box of Palladors and a Lord Aquillor. I love the potential of this army. Also, the fact that GW is unlikely to let this faction languish without support for any appreciable amount of time is quite appealing. I am resolved to make this the first army I will finish. The fluff and aesthetic of the Anvils of the Heldenhammer were way too cool to pass up, so that's the route I'm going to go. I've just settled into painting and have done up a test model - a Liberator - in this fashion. And so, the race to 2000 points of painted Stormcast is on! That's all for this evening I guess. I'll post up some preliminary pictures tomorrow. Thanks for checking out my ramblings. See you again soon.
  9. Greetings all, I don't find the rules in the new SCE book particularly clear and I've seen folks try to play this kind of thing both ways, looking for consensus. With the Scions of the storm ability from stormcasts, does one roll one unit at a time and drop, or roll for all units and then drop? e.g. 5 units deployed in the celestial realm. Is the order.. A) Roll , drop, roll drop, roll drop, roll drop, roll drop B) Roll, Roll, Roll, Roll, Roll, Drop, drop, drop, drop, drop. Input or siting a clarifying source I missed greatly appreciated. Cheers!
  10. Hello, I have a few potential army lists for Stormcast Eternals that I have been considering and was hoping for some constructive input. List #1: Celestial Vindicators Warrior Chamber (Hammerstrike Force) - Stormcast Eternals Allegiance: >Celestial Vindicators Warrior Chamber (Battalion – 80pts) -Lord Celestant (Leader – General - 100pts) Trait: Staunch Defenders Artefact: Mirrorshield -Lord Relictor (Leader – 80pts) Artefact: Mirrorshield Prayer: Lightning Chariot -Lord Relictor (Leader – 80pts) Artefact: Mirrorshield Prayer: Lightning Chariot -5x Judicators w/Bows & Prime with Shockbolt Bow (Battleline – 160pts) -5x Judicators w/Bows & Prime with Shockbolt Bow (Battleline – 160pts) -5x Liberators w/Sword & Shield & Prime with Grandblade (Batteline – 100pts) -1x Gryph Hound (40pts) >Hammerstrike Force (Battalion – 120pts) -9x Prosecutors with Stormcal Javeins w/Prime & 3 Tridents (240pts) -10x Paladin Retributors w/Prime & 4 Maces (440pts) -5x Paladin Protectors w/Prime & 2 Maces (200pts) -5x Paladin Protectors w/Prime & 2 Maces (200pts) /Total 2000pts Description: List #2: Aetherstrike Force - Stormcast Eternals Allegiance: >Aetherstrike Force (Battalion – 80pts) -Knight-Venator (Leader – 120pts) Artefact: Luckstone -Knight-Azyros (Leader – 80pts) -5x Judicators w/Bows & Prime with Shockbolt Bow (Battleline – 160pts) -5x Judicators w/Bows & Prime with Shockbolt Bow (Battleline – 160pts) -3x Vanguard-Raptors with Hurricane Crossbows w/Prime (160pts) -9x Vanguard-Raptors with Longstrike Crossbows w/Prime (540pts) -3x Aetherwings (60pts) -3x Aetherwings (60pts) >Outside Battalions: -Lord-Aquilor (Leader – General – 200pts) Trait: Staunch Defenders Artefact: Mirrorshield Steed Trait: Savage Loyalty -Lord Relictor (Leader – 80pts) Prayer: Lightning Chariot -Lord Relictor (Leader – 80pts) Prayer: Lightning Chariot -5x Vanguard-Hunters w/Storm Sabre & Prime with Astral Compass (Batteline – 140pts) -1x Gryph Hound (40pts) -1x Gryph Hound (40pts) /Total 2000pts Description: Alternative: >Aetherstrike Force (Battalion – 80pts) -Knight-Venator (Leader – 120pts) -Knight-Azyros (Leader – 80pts) -5x Judicators w/Bows & Prime with Shockbolt Bow (Battleline – 160pts) -5x Judicators w/Bows & Prime with Shockbolt Bow (Battleline – 160pts) -3x Vanguard-Raptors with Longstrike Crossbows w/Prime (180pts) -6x Vanguard-Rapors with Longstrike Crossbows w/Prime (360pts) -3x Aetherwings (60pts) -3x Aetherwings (60pts) >Outside Battalions: -Lord Relictor (Leader – General – 80pts) Trait: Staunch Defenders Artefact: Mirrorshield Prayer: Lightning Chariot -Lord Relictor (Leader – 80pts) Artefact: Mirrorshield Prayer: Lightning Chariot -5x Liberators w/Sword & Shield & Prime with Grandblade (Batteline – 100pts) -4x Fulminators (480pts) /Total 2000pts List #3: Double Vanguard Wing: Stormcast Eternals Allegiance: >Vanguard Wing (Battalion – 100pts) -3x Prosecutors with Stormcall Javelins w/Prime with Trident (80pts) -3x Prosecutors with Stormcall Javelins w/Prime with Trident (80pts) -3x Prosecutors with Stormcall Javelins w/Prime with Trident (80pts) -5x Judicators w/Bows & Prime with Shockbolt Bow (Battleline – 160pts) -10x Liberators w/Sword & Shield & Prime with Grandblade (Batteline – 200pts) >Vanguard Wing (Battalion – 100pts) -3x Prosecutors with Stormcall Javelins w/Prime with Trident (80pts) -3x Prosecutors with Stormcall Javelins w/Prime with Trident (80pts) -3x Prosecutors with Stormcall Javelins w/Prime with Trident (80pts) -5x Judicators w/Bows & Prime with Shockbolt Bow (Battleline – 160pts) -10x Liberators w/Sword & Shield & Prime with Grandblade (Batteline – 200pts) >Outside Battalions: -Lord Celestant on Dracoth (Leader – General – 220pts) Equip: Thunderaxe & Shield Trait: Staunch Defenders Artefact: Obsidian Blade Steed Trait: Keen-clawed -Lord Celestant on Dracoth (Leader – 220pts) Equip: Thunderaxe & Shield Artefact: Obsidian Blade Steed Trait: Keen-clawed -Lord Relictor (Leader – 80pts) Artefact: Mirrorshield Prayer: Lightning Chariot -Knight-Azyros (Leader – 80pts) /Total 2000pts Description: I know my post is long just get carried away with all of the new Stormcast Enternals options under the new Battletome. And very much excited to try out some new lists; since before the book pretty much only used Warrior Brotherhood or The Skyborne Slayers. There are other battalions that I wish worked at 2000pts; but sadly they are either above 2000pts or so close 2000pts that cannot get the other stuff one would need in a list. Might have to consider a few 2500pts lists for the future; if I can get my local community on board. But for now forcing on getting a solid two lists together at 2000pts. Please let me know what you think; any feedback would be appreciated. -Wes
  11. Hi guys, one thing is bothering me. I want two units of Longstrike, with two Primes, buuut sometimes I will use them as one, double unit. I can't have two Primes in one unit, and... that's not really great, because Primes have different bases. Any idea how to megnetize/convert/pin one Prime?
  12. Here is a list I'm struggling with, the ranged damage output is insane but I'm scared it will get overrun by armies with fast movement. Should I cut back on some units from the aetherstrike force to get some bubble wrap or just let those bolts fly? Allegiance: OrderLeadersKnight Venator (120)Knight Azyros (80)Battleline10 x Judicators (320)- Skybolt Bows- Stormcast Eternals Battleline10 x Judicators (320)- Skybolt Bows- Stormcast Eternals Battleline5 x Liberators (100)- WarhammersUnits6 x Aetherwings (120)6 x Aetherwings (120)6 x Vanguard-Raptors with Longstrike Crossbows (360)6 x Vanguard-Raptors with Longstrike Crossbows (360)BattalionsAetherstrike Force (80)Total: 1980/2000
  13. Taking Storm Heralds and breaking Stormcast Eternals allegiance can free up 100 pts for another hero. Thematically I'd prob take 3 x 10 skinks maybe instead of 3 x 10 freeguild guard. Just for the looks. The other battleline at 80 pts is waywatchers. Interesting but I think mob rule wins out if you break allegiance (mobs have the advantage of helping swamp some objectives). You are missing out on the new artefacts, scions of the storm (but you've a warscroll battalion deployment tactic - The deployment is more reliable than scions and allows 3" deployment within 5" of the palladors), prayers (but you can't afford a hero to cast prayers anyway), steed traits, new command traits, etc. You would still have the order allegiance stuff. I am not sure it is worth it. To really weigh the pros and cons I need to know how well the battalion is likely to perform and that information relies on fully understanding the warscroll. I am quite unsure over the specifics of this battalion. Mostly the deployment rules. Deployment You can deploy any unit (anything from 1 to all) from this battalion in the the winds aetheric. When your palladors (which must be from this battalion) choose to ride the winds aetheric (foregoing running and charges, so only shooting that turn) which happens in the movement phase, they are fulfilling the battalion's deployment requirements. When they finish the winds aetheric move you can deploy any units (anything from 1 to all) still in the winds aetheric. So it's a deployment after a unit moves. To me this seems to imply that at least 1 unit of palladors needs deployed on the board to begin with? Or perhaps all of the palladors - Does it mean any 'other' unit? I am not sure what happens if all your pallador units are dead or gone in that case. Or if you just choose to deploy everything in the winds aetheric - "congratulations you just played yourself." So it must mean 1 unit needs to be on the board and if it's sniped or wiped or if it's out of coherency and can't complete a movement action for some reason (bel'akor for instance) there's no deployment that turn. The only other interpretation is that it is missing a section in which, say, it describes that you can choose to deploy the palladors in the hero phase (note the LCoSD mention of hero phase ability use) via ride the winds aetheric from the edge of your table... buuut that feels like a lot to miss out! Buffs The buff to the prosecutors is +1/+1 shooting for one turn. So the phase after they are deployed in the movement phase so all good here. The buff to the LCoSD is the ability to use the roiling thunderhead ability (shooting phase) in the hero phase 'as well as in the shooting phase'. 2 things here: Is this 2 x Roiling Thunderhead or 1 x Roiling Thunderhead + 1 x Rain of Stars, or is this 2 x Roiling Thunderhead or 1 x Rain of Stars? Surely the wording doesn't mean you can ONLY use roiling thunderhead in the shooting phase? But it could mean that if you choose to use the thunderhead in the hero phase you have to use it again in the shooting phase. IE you skip the hero phase use if you want to use rain of stars. The deployment comes from the palladors riding the winds aetheric which is a movement ability so this ability isn't used on the turn the LCoSD arrives but it is EVERY turn thereafter. As I read it. That's a lot of thunderheads but there's no 'arriving with a bang' which feels like the theme (unless - see note on missing hero phase deployment above). I think, maybe it just works 'as it says on the tin' and I'm muddling up interpretations based on 'what ifs' over wording in a way I usually dislike doing. Common sense should prevail... Any thoughts?
  14. Here is my fluff for my Army heading to SCGT 2017 I will be taking part in NHoS17. I'll be posting my final army a few weeks before the tournament. Please forgive any grammar mistakes! Lions of Sigmar Army: The Sharpclaw Garrison Vulkus Sharpclaw – Lord Castellant Claudio Pridegrave – Lord Relictor Cautus the Lions Storm – Lord Relictor Markus Heavyhand- Protector Prime Vibius – Raptor Prime Location: Fortress Sharpclaw The Realm of Ghur. Claudio Pridgerave, Lord Relictor of the Lions of Sigmar, looked over the massed force of his Stormcast Eternal brothers. Liberators stood with shields to the side and a lowered arm holding a heavy Warhammer. Behind them Protectors stood, large and powerful Star Soul maces began to crackle with energy, while their glaives while elegant and swift were brutal and punishing . The Judiactor’s stood stocking quivers with powerful heavy arrows. Claudio cast his gaze back towards the Protectors, now stood to attention. Markus Heavyhand, the Protector Prime of this unit walked past them. His helmet in the crook of his right arm his mighty glaive held at his left side. He turned and looked at his Protectors. He held his glaive out to one of the other Paladins to hold. He slowly slid his helmet over his head. He began to talk. Claudio could not hear what was said but a mighty roar came from the Protectors. At the end of the hall Lord Castellant Vulkus Sharpclaw began to walk amongst the Ranks of The Sharpclaw Garrison. Claudio had fought with Vulkus on many occasions, but the last battle had been the hardest. Most of the warrior chamber had been wiped out on their last campaign including their Lord Celestant Leothur the Bold. Vulkus and his Garrison had been called to battle the foul forces of Chaos alongside the Lord Celestant. Vulkus saw the death and destruction caused by the servants of the dark gods. He saw many Stormcast fall and felt it was his fault the lions has suffered so many losses. If it was not for the assistance of a nearby Fyreslayer lodge there would have been many more slain Stormcast. Vulkus has resigned himself to guard the the fortress he had sworn to protect and to ensure the realm gate at its heart would never fall or be breached. Alongside Vulkus walked another Lord Relictor. This was Cautus the Lions Storm. He had fought with Lord Celestant in his Warrior Chamber “The Bold Pride”. He was one of the few to survive. Vulkus stopped and looked at Claudio. “Lord Pridegrave, Lord Lions Storm has brought a message from Azyr. The Altar has been found.” Claudio did not utter a word. His Skull mask of his Mortis armour shifted to look at the other Relictor in the eye. “Mighty Sigmar has sounded a call to those who wish to undertake the task of locating the Altar. There will be others trying to get to it as well. We will stop those who will get in our way.” Claudio nodded. If they found the Altar, they would regain the honour they all felt they had lost, and if they were to die, it would be for a righteous cause. Vulkus explained the plan to Claudio, the units they would take and that Cautus would be coming with them, to also find solace and regain the honor he had lost. The fortress would be bolstered with Freeguild members while half of the Sharpclaw garrison would hunt for the Altar. Lord Aquilor Fahrius the Swift would be sending a unit of Raptors to add to the force. He was busy chasing Green Skin incursions from the surrounding hills. Only Cautus knew where they were going in an attempt to keep the location from other powers interested in the mighty relic, he would activate the realm gate at the Fortress’ centre Vulkus stood at the head of the assembled Stormcast. Stood with his halberd gripped tightly, the base of the mighty weapon resting on the floor. His lantern affixed to his belt. “Brothers!” Yelled Vulkus, “Even though we are weakened, and our numbers lessened, we must still heed Sigmars call to battle!” A mighty roar Echoed through the hall Claudio could feel the vibration through his armour, the chamber a sea of light brass and purple began to form up according to the Lord Castellant’s command. Vulkus would lead this campaign. Claudio thought to himself there is no one he would rather follow in to battle. Claudio took his position with the Liberators. He was there to chant the rites of Sigmar to strengthen the hearts of the men, to heal wounds and also to rain down powerful lightening and smite the enemy. Cautus was also praying with the Judicators and the protectors. The Raptors had also arrived, the Prime Vibius, was accompanied by a mighty Aetherwing. Claudio noticed Markus Heavyhand with his Protectors. The Protector Prime nodded at the Lord Relictor, Claudio returned the nod. When the formation had finished the Lord Castellant went on to tell the assembled Stormcast what their task would be. Cautus approached the Realm Gate. He began to utter some ancient words the gate sparked to life. In seconds the gate was fully activated. He turned to Vulkus. Vulkus raised his halberd. The Liberators were the first to enter, they were followed by the Judicators and Raptors, Cautus went through then Vulkus accompanied by the unit of protectors. Claudio was last through. He turned and looked at the chamber deep within the fortress. He thought when would he see its insides again? He turned and stepped through. The hunt for the Altar of Azyr had begun.
  15. Hi Guys, I need your advice for a little 1000pts List for a Store Tournament. My Problem is I can build nice 2k+ Lists, but in the low Pts sector I'm very weak. Heres my List: LeadersLord Celestant (100)- General- Trait: RecklessLord Relictor (80)- Artefact: Spellshield Battleline5 x Judicators (160)- Skybolt Bows- 1x Shockbolt Bow- Stormcast Eternals Battleline5 x Judicators (160)- Skybolt Bows- 1x Shockbolt Bow- Stormcast Eternals Battleline10 x Vanguard-Hunters (280)- Gryph-Charger Trait: None- Stormcast Eternals Battleline (Lord Aquilor General)Units5 x Paladin Retributors (220)- 2x Starsoul MaceTotal: 1000/1000 The Lord Relictor gets the Bless Weapons Spell and stand near the Judicators to buff them to get better shots with the Bow. Celestant and Paladins are going 2gether to kill HVT's Judicators sitting on Mission points and shoot some bad guys. Vanguard Hunters outflanking the enemy and running for the enemy mission point. Do you guys have any ideas what I could change? Thank you
  16. I played this list over the weekend to great success. Allegiance: OrderLeadersCelestant-Prime (360)Lord Relictor (80)- Artefact: Spellshield - Prayer: Bless WeaponsLord Celestant (100)- General- Trait: Staunch Defender - Stormcast Eternals- Artefact: Obsidian Amulet Battleline15 x Judicators (480)- Skybolt Bows- Stormcast Eternals Battleline15 x Liberators (300)- Warhammers5 x Liberators (100)- WarhammersUnits3 x Prosecutors with Stormcall Javelins (80)3 x Prosecutors with Stormcall Javelins (80)3 x Prosecutors with Stormcall Javelins (80)3 x Prosecutors with Stormcall Javelins (80)BattalionsVanguard Wing (100)Tempest Lords Harbinger Chamber (140)Total: 1980/2000 I won the roll off let my friend go first with his Disciples of Tzeentch army. Not much going on his first turn a couple spells, mostly moves. My turn I have the Judicators within 3 inches of Damned and Mystical Terrain. Roll a 1.... befuddled. Shake that off. Juds cant do anything so I throw Blessed weapons on my Liberators and its successful. I left a unit of prosecutors off the board so I could lightning strike them in. He had his Lord of changes behind his line pretty safe but, enough room to teleport in my Prosecutors. They make their roll set up 9" away from LoC. Teleport my Libs over and I'm able to surround the LoC. Make the 3 inch charge. With Lay low the tyrants giving a +1 to hit, the Vanguard Wing doing an extra wound roll on a 6+ or more to hit and blessed weapons giving an extra attack on a 6+ or more, the LoC goes down in one round of combat. Win the dice roll for turn and take it. Judicators make their mystical. Cast blessed weapons it goes off. I sacrifice using the damned terrain, take a mortal wound. Use the healing pray to get the wound back. Judicators getting all those bonuses the Libs got last turn take a unit of enlightened off the board. The unit of Prosecutors moves down the line and the libs are able to teleport conga line multi charge two heros and a unit of acolytes. Kill a magister, get a shaman down to a couple wounds, and do some damage to the acolytes. On his turn, now that stuff is in cast range he starts doing some work with his spells. I don't remember all of it but, by the end the 15 man liberators are all but wiped out between shooting magic and battle shock. Turn 3, Prime comes in takes out another hero, juds take out another unit. He calls it there. There was other things going on during that battle. With the other prosecutors "doing hit and run" attacks with some of his other units. I think another note with the Tempest Lords ability is fact I rolled a 7 for the charge and not have to waste a dice change on it. Overall I had a a lot of fun playing this army. There are many sneaking things you can do and I think there will be many players who underestimate the libs in juds. I think the celestant should go and bring in a castellant. Gryph hounds could be useful against the alpha strike which I feel I'm susceptible too. I think a second Relictor would be good also. There is nothing I really want to take out, though lol. There are two routes I would go. Celestant for a Relictor and a Gryphound. Or take the Prime out and rework those points.
  17. WARDENS OF THE DUSKLIGHT A Stormcast Eternal painting log (Updated 1/17/17 due to all the images breaking) scratched early concepts First working concept (left) Castellant Finalized concept First finished models capes Gryph-Hound Liberator Units Heroes Judicators Relictor Converted Second Relictor Stardrake Dracoth Project Some In-Game Pics
  18. Finished my first batch of Stormcast Eternals. The contents of the Starter Box, 2 extra Retributors and a box of Judicators. Still lots left to do before I have all the different options, but a good playable start. Now I can paint something else so I don't get the dreaded 'same-colourscheme-fatigue'. I also wrote the first part of my background story, always more fun to play with named models. Even better when you can make a few grudges to go with the army. Link to my blog with the story (bit long for a forum post) and some more photos.
  19. I've always loved Warhammer and I've always preferred fantasy to 40k, I've just never owned an actual army. Been a long time lurker of forums and the Games Workshop website has always been on my bookmarks bar, so now is the time we go all in. I've got disposable income, no responsibilities and I really am just going to do this. I'm going to paint up some random bits and see where we get. I want an army to field at the end of all this that I'm happy with, whether that's Stormcast or something I pick up along the way naturally, we shall find out. For now, here's the Liberator's I have built over the past couple days from the starter set. Going to paint them in the Celestial Vindicators colours. Bring it on!
  20. Hello, I just bought the e-book version of new Stormcast Eternals(which I will refer to as SE) battletome. I would like to ask this question after skimming through the battletome. One of the new allegiance abilities for SE is the mystic light, which can be carried instead of an artefact by Lord-Castellant, Lord-Veritant and Knight-Azyros. Among the Mystic Lights is Fury Brand, which according to the description "add 1 to the Attacks characteristic of one weapon for that HERO until your next hero phase".(Page 97) Note that the effect is not limited to melee weapons, which means Knight-Venator's bow can be affected. However, can the Fury Brand increase the Attack characteristic of Star-fated arrow? According to Knight-Venator's warscroll, the Knight-Venator "makes 1 attack with his realmhunter's Bow rather than 3". I initially thought the answer is "No", as I interpreted the warscroll in a way that only a single attack can ever be made with it. However, the latter clause("rather than 3") seems to imply that the word "attack" in Star-fated arrow's description refers to Attack characteristic. If this is the case, I think it is possible to increase the Star-fated arrow's Attack characteristic to 2, even if it's one use only. Do you think this interpretation is far-fetched? Or is it plausible?
  21. Is there a typo within the Prayers of the Stormhosts: Divine Light text? "If you instead chose a friendly unit, enemy units re-roll hit rolls of 6 or more when attacking that unit until your next hero phase." In the Tools of War part of the rules it is stated: "Some rules allow you to re-roll a dice roll, which means you get to roll some or all of the dice again. You can never re-roll a dice more than once, and re-rolls happen before modifiers to the roll (if any) are applied." So modifiers should not apply to the roll and a 7 or more is not possible. The text implies that positive modifiers to the enemy attacks would make Divine Light even better.