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Found 182 results

  1. Hi, I'm basing this question in the wording of the Spanish battletome, so if it's mistaken (translation errata) please cut me some slack. According to the Spanish text, all the HERO's wound rolls of 6 are treated as Rend -3. Even if the trait is supposed to belong to the mount, the wording clearly indicate all the attacks by the model should bennefit from it (read Aetheric Stalker for comparison, where it directly restricts it to Beak and claws attacks from the Gryph Charger). Once again, please excuse me if I based my question in a wrong translation.
  2. Unliving Avatars

    Unliving Avatars, Stormcast Eternals army of mysterious order crusading on the plains of Bubonicus Tundra.
  3. Unliving Avatars

    Unliving Avatars, Stormcast Eternals army of mysterious order crusading on the plains of Bubonicus Tundra.
  4. Unliving Avatars

    Unliving Avatars, Stormcast Eternals army of mysterious order crusading on the plains of Bubonicus Tundra.
  5. Unliving Avatars

    Unliving Avatars, Stormcast Eternals army of mysterious order crusading on the plains of Bubonicus Tundra.
  6. IMG_20180308_193033_500-1.jpg

    Unliving Avatars, Stormcast Eternals army of mysterious order crusading on the plains of Bubonicus Tundra.
  7. IMG_20180308_193033_500-1.jpg

    Unliving Avatars, Stormcast Eternals army of mysterious order crusading on the plains of Bubonicus Tundra.
  8. IMG_20180308_193033_500-1.jpg

    Unliving Avatars, Stormcast Eternals army of mysterious order crusading on the plains of Bubonicus Tundra.
  9. IMG_20180308_193033_500-1.jpg

    Unliving Avatars, Stormcast Eternals army of mysterious order crusading on the plains of Bubonicus Tundra.
  10. IMG_20180308_193033_500-1.jpg

    Unliving Avatars, Stormcast Eternals army of mysterious order crusading on the plains of Bubonicus Tundra.
  11. IMG_20180308_193033_500-1.jpg

    Unliving Avatars, Stormcast Eternals army of mysterious order crusading on the plains of Bubonicus Tundra.
  12. IMG_20180308_193033_500-1.jpg

    Unliving Avatars, Stormcast Eternals army of mysterious order crusading on the plains of Bubonicus Tundra.
  13. Unliving Avatars

    Unliving Avatars, Stormcast Eternals army of mysterious order crusading on the plains of Bubonicus Tundra.
  14. Unliving Avatars

    Hello everyone This is my first post with my army here. I play Stormcast Eternals and was always closer to the painting and storyline gaming. This army is going to be very different from usual build. I am planning to do Relictor Templar Cruse Army with 9 Lord Relictors, one for each Chamber, plus 3x30 Liberators and some small shooting and few Fulminators. So, here is the army as it is at the moment Two Lords Relictors. One on the left is from Exemplar Chamber, right one from Ruination Chamber. And a bit of close ups:
  15. Hello everyone After long WFB absence in my life I`ve decided to go with Age of Sigmar game. I got Stormcast Eternals personal army on my project desk now. I play 40k with Imperial Fists, used to play Warhammer with Bretonnia. Doing some commissions for painting as well
  16. In the Bearers of the Storm ability of the Vanguard Wing formation, is the buff conveyed to the entire unit as long as one model is within range? The text specifically says 'Liberators and Judicators [...]' without the 'units' keyword, so does that only mean each individual model?
  17. 'Set up within...' - Conga-line?

    So, If an effect states that I must place a unit within a certain range of another unit, do I have to place all models within that area, or do they just need to start their deployment within the given zone? Concrete example is the Vanguard Wing, where you can quickly run out of sensible deployment ground if you play a lot of Liberators in a single unit. - Do all of them have to stay within 5" of the Prosecutors?
  18. I'm working on a Stormcast army, but due to the collection of miniatures I have and how they may end up playing I'm not sure if I should stay pure Stormcast. Here's what I currently have: Lord-Celestant (complete) Lord-Relictor (assembled) 5 Liberators (complete) 3 Retributors (complete) 6 Prosecutors (not assembled) Lord-Castellent (assembled) 6 Gryph-hounds (not assembled) Knight Azyros or Venator (not assembled) Lord-Aquilor (not assembled) Naeve Blacktalon (not assembled) 5 Vanguard-Hunters (assembled) 3 Vanguard-Raptors (not assembled) 3 Aetherwings (not assembled) 3 Vanguard-Palladors (not assembled) The way I currently see it is that I have some very mobile elements with the Palladors. Prosecutors, Aquilor, Blacktalon, and Azyros/Venator. The odd men out are the Liberators and the Retributors and other heroes on foot. This is where I could really use some advice because I'm split between a few options. 1a) Pure SCE classic hammer and anvil - Suck up the lack of a good collected kit and supplement forces with individual boxes of Liberators and Judicators to form an anvil (deployed normally and holds deployment area and nearby objectives) with the Raptors and heroes on foot. Maybe pick up more Paladins so I can Hammerstrike them. 1b) Order classic hammer and anvil - similar to 1a but with something other than SCE to either form the anvil or supplement it. 2a) Pure SCE mobility - Grab more Vanguard-Hunters and have all the other on foot Stormcast deploy lightning teleport. Definitely pick up more Paladins for Hammerstrike. 2b) Order mobility - Supplement Stormcast with fast moving battleline units from other order factions (dryads?) and double down on everything moving fast. Any advice or sharing experiences would be appreciated!
  19. The Vanguard-Hunters were surprising tricky to assemble and I've learned a valuable lesson to share. The key is that certain arms match up with certain cloaks and you can tell by dry-fitting the under-pauldrons/circle bits. The cloaks then fit with torso backs; this is a bit delicate and the primary point if matching is how the cloak settles at the base of the neck. Finally, the torso front should be dry-fitted to torso back with the arms present as the torso front should slide in under the arm's portion of under-pauldron. Unfortunately this is all after-the-fact knowledge gleaned from my mistakes. I'll get pictures the next time I make some more Vanguard-Hunters. The actual pauldrons hide a lot of sins through. I'm doing the painting as lower body and upper body because the cloaks. I plan on not spraying the upper body gold because the cloak/fur and weapons make up the majority and I think it'll be faster to paint the arms, heads, and any exposed armor gold rather than re-black the other parts. Future plans are to finish this unit and then assess whether I want to branch out and complete a match play legal 1,000 points or aim higher. Because of the, ahem, silly options for Stormcast Eternal collected kits I only have 5 Liberators and these 5 Vanguard-Hunters for battleline units, assuming a Lord-Aquilor. I have one of those and this is where I'm a bit peeved because I figured the rumored new Start Collecting set would be more like 5 Liberators, 5 Judicators, a dracoth elite or two, and a hero rather than pure Vanguard - if I had waited a week, I could have picked up the Lord-Aquilor in the collected kit with that second Vanguard-Hunter unit and other goodies. Oh well. I'm going to ask for some list advice in the forum before deciding.
  20. Blogging hobby projects helps keep me motivated and any feedback/suggestions/criticisms from the community is always useful for improving. This is my first foray into the Age of Sigmar. I've been following the lore since the End Times and really like the 2000AD and epic metal influences. I used to play Warriors of Chaos, but the idea of playing the einherjer under the guidance of Marvel's All-Father Thor was just too tempting. I went with the Hammers of Sigmar paintscheme. It's relatively straightforward and looks rather nice. These folks came from two Hammerstrike Brethren sets. I converted the Knight-Questor into a Lord-Celestant. Sawed off the shield hand, added a pin, and test-fit with poster tac. I then replaced the poster tac with greenstuff. The hammer arm is from the Prosecutor sprue (I plan on giving them spears, because lightning spears, yes). Lord-Celestant Wilhelm Batsonius: A twice-forged champion of Azyr. His first death occurred when he called down seven thunders onto himself to kill a Herald of Slaanesh. Since his reforging, he has found the presence of a helmet to be claustrophobic. I think the fancy sword makes up for the lack of halo. The SCE remind me of Captain Marvel (the "Shazam!" one) in many ways so when I painted his cloak red I knew I wanted to name him after Billy Batson. Funnily enough it turns out William (Billy > Bill > Will > William) comes from Wilhelm, meaning "without helm." I'm using the second set of unit Primes for conversions into more heroes. The Liberator-Prime got chosen for Lord-Relictor duty and the Retributor-Prime for Lord-Castellan duty. Some plasticard and GS work for the relic box. It's hard to see in the picture, but the relic is a wrecked breastplate with "Sigmar" embossed on it, the hammer head, and the skull with halo. I plan on painting the skull as a skull in contrast to the rest which will be metallic. The two-handed hammer was the base for the lantern. The trick here is going to be painting the center area like it is glowing from the inside. The L-R has a ribcage and spine thing going on in the back and the L-Cas's halberd is from the Prosecutor sprue.
  21. Stormcast Reboot

    I got three starter boxes when the game launched and split two of them with a mate. I started building and painting them back then, and got multi-part boxes and cheap starter box deals off eBay but no one at the club really played until recently. So I have dug them out and dusted them off. The older stuff will appear later as I revisit them but currently I am working on a few Liberator Primes converted from starter box primes using grand weapons from the multi-part Liberator and Prosecutor boxes, and a Lord-celestant on Dracoth using some bits from the Dracothian Guard box and the Stardrake Templar bits. The next prime I'll do will be the same base starter box prime with a head swap and shockbolt bow from the Judicators box, and then another four Judicators with skybolt bows. I also have a second Shadespire box on the way, and I'll convert the female Liberator to have a sword and arched helmet (as she'll have a sword) to go with some starter box Liberators I have head swapped (again with arched helms) and warblades and shields. Early days yet but I have enough built to play with but as I am due to move house soon (new job, new city) I'll have to pack everything away soon so I am getting my last hobby fix for a while whilst I still can.
  22. First : I AM FRENCH AND I KNOW MY ENGLISH IS BAD, SORRY FOR GRAMMAR AND LANGUAGE MISTAKE The stormcast eternals are right now one of the most popular army in the game, with a very good representation in tournament. However, i think we are in a situation of « the tree hide the forest », and the battletome is not in a really good nor fun state. Notice that i KNOW that many armies (ironjaw, kharadron, flesh eater court) are in a worst state, but hey, i’m here too talk about Stormcast. Only stormcast, no allies, grand alliance or anything else. I don't want to see players of other armies coming to say " yeah, but nurgle/khorne/tzeentch/freeguild/moonaclan don't have X and need Y..." The stormcast problems are not invalidated by the fact that other armies have problem, in the same way that other armies problem are not invalidated by the fact that stormcast have some It's not a crying post "boohoo, stormcast are too weak, please GW, buff them trough the roof " but a post about how could we change the battletome to make it more interesting an not gravitating around 5% of its option Note too that ton of tournament and game happen everywhere, and i suppose that somewhere in the world, someone kick ass with hammer prosecutor. Most of my points are « general », but i think, valid. They are of course, at the end, my opinion, not « the only truth » that i force everyone to accept, but i think many people will agree with me. The point is : how can we make the stormcast more balanced and interesting to play ? I thought about that and wanted to share my ideas about them. And i would love to hear your advices Prepare yourself, it will be long What carried the stormcast in a very good tournament position lately was very obviously one extremely powerful, if not flat-out broken : the vanguard wing. Now that it is corrected, the stormcast don’t have many option to stay viable in a tournament. Except the madman who won a tournament recently with a no-bataillion-14-drop-list, most of the well placed stormcast list are very similar and there is some option more powerful than the rest: - They are a vanguard wing, a hammerstrike force, a skyborne slayers, or an aetherstrike force. Two were nerfed (but are still powerful and used), and one is a very extreme list that can be hard-countered. - Most (if not all) of the armies use Staunch Defender, which is MUCH MORE powerful than the other command trait - Vanguard units are pretty much non existent, except in the aetherstrike force - Most of the list are hero-heavy, with the lord relictor and lord castellant being everywhere - At the item level, most, if not all players take mirroshield, lantern of the tempest and sigmarite armor. Sometime a luckstone on a venator. So we have an army who turn around the same warscroll bataillion, command trait, units and item. The internal balance is quite poor The good : things that are fine: - The army is still the most versatile in the game, with ton of available playstale and orientation - The heroes are all useful, powerful and unique. The biggest strenght of the army - Very good mortal wound output. Stormcast can face pretty much everything and even in a hard match-up, can try to take a draw or minor victory - Prayers are extremely good - Staunch Defenders The bad : things that need to be corrected in the stormcast army : - Vanguard units are too expensive for what they bring to the table, without exception - Prosecutor suffer the same problem. - Most of the units are actually quite average. Liberators, paladins, judicator, are outclassed by several entries (chaos warrior, bloodwarrior, blightking, arkanaut company, skyfires, etc) and none stand as a « holy hell, this ****** is good » choice - The army lack the complex and multiple layer of synergy most of the armies now have, with very direct and simple as well as limited buff (a +1 to hit in melee, reroll 1 to hit at range, etc). Very obvious in comparison to khorne/nurgle/tzeentch/death/fyreslayers who have ton of buff who cover everything. - The bulk of the army is quite slow, and entirely revolve around expensive bataillion and the relictor to move around - Without Staunch Defenders, the army is fragile. Stormcast unit have a BAD wound/save/cost ratio. - Allegiance ability (scions of the storm) is mediocre, and used only in very specific case, because not reliable. In comparison of destiny dices, the 4/5 death abilities, fyreslayers, nurgle and all those global buff, it look lackluster Another stormcast weakness is magic. No invulnerable save (except on one command trait and one item), and one anti-mage who need to be 160 pts to be efficient. The army need LOT of investment to have a passable magic defense, that will have no effect against a magic-focused list like Tzeentch or Sacrament. Some people would argue it’s normal, and actually better that the stormcast have a particular weakness. At a time where nurgle unit can run and charge with a + 5 global move and where tzeentch have one the best melee unit in the game, i think the time of « fluff and specific weakness » is over. What should be done : - Rebalance the units - Stop the over reliance on a few powerful if not broken bataillion - Making the army more resilient globally. Without staunch defenders and lot of castellant, the stormcast don’t « feel » as sturdy they should be. When you think about stormcast, you imagine giant armored men facing ton of opponent and winning against all odds. Not 220 pts retributor with the same resilience as skullreapers or brutes who are 40 pts cheaper. - BUT the army should be less invincible against armies who don’t have ton of high rend or mortal wound output. - The army should be more resilient against mortal wounds. How i think it should be done : Point cost : - Lowering the cost of ALL vanguard units of 20 pts (40 for the aquilor), no exception - Lowering the cost of hammer prosecutor to 70 pts, and javelin prosecutor to 80 - Making the lone gryph hound a different unit than gryph-hound units. Lowering the gryph hound unit cost at 60 pts for 5, without the warning cry and castellant/veritant bonus (making them similar to chaos wounds or dire wolves in their role) - Lowering aetherwing cost to 50 pts - Lowering concussors to 240 pts - Lowering drakesworn templar to 460 (in the same cost range than a vampire lord on zombie dragon, whith more resilience and utility, but less killing power) - Lowering the celestant on stardrake to 500 - Lowering the lord celestant on dracoth to 200 (too expensive when you think that for 40 pts more, you can have a freaking freeguild general on griffon, or for 80 pts less, a mighty lord of khorne on juggernaut) - Lowering the cost of the knight questor to 80 - Increasing the cost of the lord relictor to 120. Right now, he is waaaay too good and one of the best model in the game. - Increasing the cost of the lord castellant to 120 pts Army mechanics Scion of the storm : making the deep strike guaranteed and when the stormcast player want.I t’s the only way to make it reliable. For preventing MAXIMUM CHEESE with full deepstrike, limiting the number of units who can come from the sky to 3 per turn (stormcast usually come by waves in the fluff) A new ability : Inspiring heroes : Every STORMCAST MODEL around 6 " of a STORMCAST HERO gain a 6+ invulnerable save against mortal wound (and only mortal wound). Every STORMCAST UNIT around 6 " gain +1 to bravery as well. Why : Stormcast have one of the few army to not have invulnerable save, and suxx bravery wise (liberators are worse than arboys, bloodwarriors or comparable unit. Even stormcast paladin have only 1 bravery more than brutes, famous for their low bravery). They need a specific hero to not run everywhere, and are VERY fragile against bravery focused attack. I think this new allegiance ability, would encourage stormcast player to play their army around their numerous, charismatic and powerful heroes, marching united, few against many, and not disperse themselves too much. It is close to their fluff. The biggest change : - DELETE STAUNCH DEFENDER - MAKING STAUNCH DEFENDER A BASELINE ABILITY TO LIBERATORS AND PALADINS, AND INCREASING THEIR COST TO 120/220 Why ? because right now, liberators and paladin unit feel « right » only when there is a +1 save (staunch defender) around. They really need this 3+ save to stand out against other units. But staunch defender is too strong, giving a 2+ to all stormcast heroes and a 3+ to their ranged unit, as well as making dracoth and stardrake ridiculously resilient and not fun to play against. With this change the « frontline » unit of the stormcast become what they should be : resilient guys able to hold their own against a numerical superior ennemy, and excellent in defense. In compensation, the stormcast will have more fragile ranged unit. And it stop the army to be « everything or nothing » : invincible when there is staunch defender, frail without it. People will still have trouble against frontline units, but not the whole army. No or low rend army will struggle to kill the liberators/paladin (as it should be), but not the ranged units. For the command trait, i fond them disapointting and without relief. They should show the personnality of the general, and have some synergy with allegiance ability (cf kharadrons who have command ability about their ships and code, tzeentch with many destiny dice shenaningan, or nurgle with some influence over the wheel). Something more sexy than +1 att or other should be the norm. Profile change - Making Neaeve Blacktalon a vanguard unit - Giving the TOTEM keyword to the relictor - Allowing the palladors/aquilor to charge after the use of winds aetheric, but now ending their movement 5 " away of ennemy models. Now, they will really able to harass the ennemy like they should, without being able to slip everywhere as before. Giving them a ability that doesn’t synergize with them is stupid : " hey let's give to this 200 pts melee unit an ability to go everywhere without being able to charge, and only to fire 9 pitiful dmg 1 ranged attacks ! " - Removing the group mechanic of the desolators (more desolators = more attacks) and giving them one similar to the decimators (anti massive unit ability) - While he is « fine », the celestant prime is not really fun. It’s a beautiful and symbolic model that need to stay away of the board during a good chunk of the game, and will likely be removed by the ennemy juste after his arrival. I propose to double his wound cost as well as +1 att on his base profile, but increasing his cost to 600. My goal ? Making him a « legendary/mythic » hero like morathi/archaon/nagash/alarielle, a expensive badass that will wreck ****** (but unlike all of those previously mentionned, don’t bring anything to help his army except his killing power) - Making the lord castellant ward unstackable, and making his ability to ALWAYS heal on a 6, no matter the rend or the stack of armor buff. So the heal won’t disapear if the ennemy have rend, but won’t reach ridiculous levels if you stacked armor buff on him. I would remove his offensive ward ability and give him a new that give a 5+ invulnerable save on the unit against mortal wound. So players will have to choose between « more resilient against basic attacks » and « more resilient against mortal wound ». With his new cost of 120, i twill be a powerful model, but taking lot of him will be quickly expensive. Bataillon Ok, there is waaaaaay too many bataillion to make a rundown of each of them. However, i would change the aetherstrike force so a unit could use marked to death only one time per turn, making it more tactical to play than simply protecting 12 vanguard raptor who wreck everything, and more interesting to face for the opponent Last but not least : removing the stormhost warscroll bataillion, way too expensive and unplayable at 2000, and replace them by a system similar to the Kharadron Overlords spatioport : you choose your stormhost, gain acess to few items, command ability/ ability, with certain condition. I love the skyport system and would love to see it expanded to other armies So... what do you think about it ?
  23. Wizardly Allies for Vanguard Wing

    I'm looking at adding a Wizard ally into my 2000 (well 1980) point Vanguard Wing list, mainly as a mystic shield supplier to make up for losing Staunch when getting into post teleport combat. To fit it in I'm dropping my second Lord Relictor (which probably means I'm never getting bless weapons off ever again...). I've got a shortlist of 4 - has anyone used any of them? What are peoples thoughts? Battlemage: Pro's - most flexible, don't have to choose his extra spell until set up. Con's - Worst armour save. Costs the full 100 so no chance of a triumph. Loremaster: Pro's - Best armour save, higher move, ok spell. Con's - Costs the full 100 so no chance of a triumph. Skink Starpriest: Pro's - Cheap, so I might get a triumph, highest move, ok debuff spell Con's - Only 4 wounds, not a great save, miss out on his ability as it's SERAPHON only. Spellweaver: Pro's - Cheap, auto unbind 1/game. Con's - Joint worst save, spell only affects WANDERERS. Out of those four I'm leaning towards the Skink or the Loremaster... Are there any other obvious choices I have missed?