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Found 287 results

  1. Let's chat Skaven tactics

    I've been playing a lot of Skaven lately, and having an absolute blast. I love the diversity of the army, even staying within the keyword SKAVEN. I thought I'd start an index here, gathering thoughts on Skaven Units and overall synergy. So lets hear your feelings and experience. The Clans: Eshin - Ninjas! Moulder - Monstrous Beasts and Dr. Frankenstein tendencies Pestilens - Plagues and Filth and Bathrobes Skryre - A Knack for the Mechanical Verminus - Fighters and Warriors en masse...or at least the Rats in the front to prevent the cool toys from being destroyed Masterclan - Magic, Voodoo, Claw Wigglers Leaders: Skaven Assassin Verminlord Deceiver, Behemoth Packmaster Plague Furnace, Behemoth Plague Priest with Plague Censor Plague Priest with Warpstone-tipped Staff Verminlord Corruptor, Behemoth Arch Warlock Warlock Engineer Skaven Warlord Verminlord Warbringer, Behemoth Grey Seer Lord Skreech Verminkin, Behemoth Screaming Bell, Behemoth Thanquol and Boneripper, Behemoth Verminlord Warpseer, Behemoth Battleline: Clan Rats Artillery: Plagueclaw Warp Lighting Cannon Warplock Jezzails Behemoth: Hellpit Abomination Doomwheel Others Units: Gutter Runners Night Runners, Battleline Eshin Giant Rats, Battleline Moulder Rat Ogors Rat Swarms Plague Censor Bearers Plague Monks Ratling Gun Weapon Team Warp-grinder Weapon Team Warpfire Thrower Weapon Team Poisoned Wind Mortar Weapon Team Doom-flayer Weapon team Skryre Acolytes, Skryre Battleline Stormfiends, Skryre Battleline Stormvermin Battalions: Virulent Procession - Clan Pestilens Foulrain Congregation - Clan Pestilens Plaguesmog Congregation - Clan Pestilens Congregation of Filth - Clan Pestilens Clan Skryre - Skryre Other Synergistic Units: Sayl the Faithless
  2. Pestilens Thread, tactics, builds, advice

    I currently run an all Clan Pestilens list, and this is a thread to write down tactics, strategies and spread the dirt.
  3. Hey there guys, With 2018 just around the corner, a new AoS storyline about to begin with Malign Portents and hopefully some sweet Campaign Weekends being run at Warhammer World I thought I would begin a new project that I've been thinking about for a while - a Clan Moulder army. I have a good sized Skaven army from the World that was that needs to be updated for Age of Sigmar but I thought I would focus on a single clan for my new army, one I had never touched before. The main thing I want from this new army is to make it look like a horrifying mass of flesh and fur when arrayed on the table, and to me the current Rat Ogre models just don't fit that vibe - so as my first unit I have begun converting the Stormfiend models into normal Rat Ogres with, I hope, some success! Let me know what you thing and I'll hopefully be back with some more soon!
  4. Warpfire throwers

    Wtb uk only looking for a few skaven warpfire throwers not fussed if there the old metal ones or plastic uk only please cash waiting
  5. Competitive clan skryre

    Hi all I'm new to aos but have been a long time skaven player. I'm going to a fair few aos events next year and would like to take a army that's competitive . My question is clan skryre still the most competitive way to play skaven? And what would a competitive skryre list look like?
  6. Hi all, I've started writing my own custom rules for some of the AoS miniatures I own that don't have anything for WHQ yet. Starting off with some of the basics for Skaven. I'd love to hear your feedback! EDITED https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0Bx8gylc9SlsBc1pNS0M5bDZTZEU?usp=sharing
  7. Hey there, I'm after some feedback on this army list for my Skaven. It's the first one I've written and is based on what I have access to currently. Points: 2000pts Allegiance: Chaos General: Skaven Warlord on Brood Horror Leaders Skaven Warlord on Brood Horror - 220 - Also Behemoth Warlock Engineer - 100 Battleline Clanrats (40) - 200pts - Spears Clanrats (40) - 200pts - Spears Clanrats (40) - 200pts - Spears Other Stormvermin (40) - 500pts - Clanshields Stormfiends (3) - 300pts - Grinderfists - 2x Shock Gauntlets Warpfire Thrower - 70pts Warpfire Thrower - 70pts Warpfire Thrower - 70pts Warpfire Thrower - 70pts I'm up for suggestions on what to substitute if some aspects seem weak or sub-optimal. I usually want to make lists that are both fun to play whilst able to hold up to other players that run competitive lists. Thanks for reading!
  8. 2000 point Chaos list (is it legal)

    Hey guys just had a legality question for matched games. Just would like to check my current 2000 point Chaos army is in fact legal. 5 x chaos warriors 5 x chaos warriors 5 x chaos warriors 40 x plague monks 1 x verminlord 1 x plague priest 3 x stormfiends 3 x warplock jezzails 1 x archwarlock 2 x warp grinder team 20 x stormvermin 1 x Skaven warlord let me know what you think. cheers
  9. Let´s Talk Skyre

    Hi Guys just got my copy of the GH 2017, I am trying to get my head arround the what a very competitive Skyre Army could look like and therefore I thought It would be a good idea to talk it with the community to see which new combos we can have now!
  10. Warlord Veen von Squeak, Fleshcarver is the leader of Clan Rekkit, a war clan that has somehow become ridiculously rich through lies, deceit, dodgy deals and extortion. The only thing they enjoy more than their extensive cache of warpstone is being ostentatious, and none show it off more than Veen Fleshcarver. I thought a little blurb into the Clan would give a bit of insight into how I'm going to build my warlord. So far, I have an initial build but I'm not sure where to go from there. The Island of Blood/Spire of Dawn Warlord was used as a base with Stormvermin bits used to change the model in various aspects. After a few snips and cutting a lot of excess and useless plastic Veen has most of the parts needed to try some test fits. Here's the initial build. I kind of like it but I'm not entirely sure how to pose/model him to reflect his personality, otherwise what do you think? I hope to update this regularly, maybe change it to an army blog if it keeps going.
  11. Apologies in advance if this seems a silly question but if I have a deathrunner as my general with the crown of conquest equipped do I get to make 2 rolls per turn to get another command ability as the deathrunner has a illusionary twin. This twin technically gets all of artefacts and command traits as stated in the attached screenshot. A second question that also comes from this FAQ is can a deathrunner use inspiring presence twice a turn. Once for the "real" model on the board and once for its "illusionary" model.
  12. I posted this in the rules question coalation thread, but I'll ask here too, in case there's an imediate answer I'm overlooking-- Here's a question regarding the Skaven Allegiances: Both of the Skaven allegiances are named "SKAVEN PESTILENS" and "SKAVEN SKRYRE." That would mean that the unit would have to have the keywords for SKAVEN and for PESTILENS or SKRYRE, right? Since the Verminlords don't have the SKAVEN keyword, that means they can't be part of that Allegiance. The Corrupror, for example, only has "PESTILENS," not "SKAVEN PESTILENS." So, is it correct that the only way a Verminlord Corruptor can be in a SKAVEN PESTILENS Allegiance is if it was included as part of the "Virulent Procession" Warscroll Battalion, since the battalion has the SKAVEN PESTILENS keyword, and grants it to its units? If you take a "loose" Verminlord Corruptor, it doesn't have the appropriate keywords to be in the SKAVEN PESTILENS allegiance, correct?
  13. So I've been looking at buying a box of Stormfiends for a while now but my only big concern is that the "packmaster" on the back of every Stormfiend is too creepy for me. I was wondering if it's possible to build them without the atrophied rats on their backs, or if I have to find some other way to convert them.
  14. Which Verminlord to build?

    Hello all! I need some opinions on which version of the Verminlord to build with the plastic GW kit. I have a good sized Skaven army from WFB days, so the split to each clan being a different allegiance has me unsure. I am probably leaning towards Pestilence, but I could really go with any at this point. I have something in the area of: ~200 clanrats 40 Plague Monks 20 storm vermin 10 censer bearers 4 Rat ogors and handlers 2 jezzail teams warpfire thrower, globadiers, screaming bell and all the old metal heroes. These are all the old cast though and I would probably want to replace the big stuff, as I think the new plastic looks so much better. So with that said - is there a clear better choice for the Verminlord? I looked at their warscrolls and they didn't seem to radically different, but then I'm not sure how Skaven play in AoS as I've only played against them once, and never played as them.
  15. Skaven army building help

    Hey guys, I'm new to AoS and this forum, I was hoping I could get a hand with figuring out what builds I can do with the Skaven I have. I'll just list what I have to start things off. Also, if you guys know of any resources on how to get my head around army building I'd appreciate it. Reading through the books is confusing me. Anyways, here's what I have: 160 Clanrats 40 Stormvermin 6 Giant Rats 9 Rat Ogors 3 Stormfiends 4 Warpfire Throwers 3 Poison Wind Globadiers 5 Warlords (One is Queek Headtaker) 3 Warlock Engineers 1 Warlord on Brood Fiend Edit: Formatting
  16. Skaven Skirmish List

    Hey peoples, Store near me is having a skirmish comp with armies starting at 50 points. Due to the rules relating to battleshock in skirmish, I was wondering whether it would be in my best interests to go with a lot of clan rats, or alternatively more weapons teams. Ive got spire of dawn as options ATM and was going to go with a warlock engineer, both weapons teams and four clan rats or take out one of the weapons teams for more clan rats. Probably will pick up some stormfiends when I'm there for the next game, as I assume they are the shining star in a skaven Skirmish list.
  17. I recently picked up the spire of dawn box set with the skaven and high elves. I've really enjoyed fielding and painting my skaven but have found I pretty much always lose. I figured it wasn't down to my strategy because I normally play pretty well when fielding my seraphon or chaos. I have put my loses down to the infantry from the box set. The only infantry I have are 40 clan rats, they die really fast, they have terrible attacks and there bravery is shocking. I recon if I bolster my army with some infantry that is a little better I would most likely succed in winning for once but I'm unsure what unit would be best as I'm new to skaven, does anyone have any suggestions as to what unit would be good?
  18. Competitive Skyre list??

    Hello all, I've been trying to make a skaven clan skyre list work for a few weeks now, it seems to do well in a straight up fight but in objective based scenarios it is much more difficult. I'm getting this army ready for a 2 day tournament in November (2400pts) check out my list and let me know what you think, any advice would be awesome. Alternatively I've made a "skaven" list along the same lines as well. Heroes Unit Type Points Arch-Warlock Leader 140 Warlock Engineer Leader 100 Warlock Engineer Leader 100 Battline 3 x Stormfiends Battleline 300 Warpfire Projectors 3 x Stormfiends Battleline 300 Warpfire Projectors 3 x Stormfiends Battleline 300 2 x Shock Guantlets 1 x Grinderfists 3 x Stormfiends Battleline 300 2 x Shock Guantlets 1 x Grinderfists Artillery Warplightning Cannon Artilery 180 Warplightning Cannon Artilery 180 Other units 1 x Warpfire Thrower 60 1 x Warpfire Thrower 60 1 x Warpfire Thrower 60 1 x Warpgrinder 100 Formations Clan Skyre 200 Gautfyre Skorch Arkhspark Voltik Arch-Warlock 2380 Or list 2.. Heroes Unit Type Points Thanquol & Boneripper Leader 500 Behemoth Unique Skaven Cheiften with Battle Standard Leader 140 Crown of Conquest Plague Priest with Plague Censer Leader 80 Packmaster Leader 60 Packmaster Leader 60 Battline 10 x Clanrats Battleline 60 10 x Clanrats Battleline 60 30 x Clanrats Battleline 180 3 x Stormfiends 300 Warpfire Projectors 6 x Stormfiends 600 2 x Grinderfist 4 x Shock Gauntlets Artillery Warplightning Cannon Artilery 180 Warplightning Cannon Artilery 180 2400 Again any advice on the lists would be appreciated -fizzycoke
  19. Skaven Strength in numbers

    Hey Just wanted to see if I'd missed something. Big Skaven player but unfortunately a mono Pestilens or Skryre list is never gonna be my style even with allies, which is cool, I'll still be looking to play mixed Skaven I did see however that Pestilens and Skryre allegiance Skaven now get +2 bravery for every 10 models instead of +1 which is really fluffy and fits them really well lore wise. Considering we've lost the banner I think it's also necessary for battleshock reasons but my understanding is this is only for Skryre and Pestilens not all Skaven? So clanrats, Stormvermin, Nightrunners etc Anyone know something I don't as it would make sense and without it we're not really viable as an army anymore. Surprised it's not something they've addressed. The biggest push for AoS seems to be stormfiends and I don't really like them which is why I'd never do Skryre and the rest of the army is in need of an update models wise. All metal and quite dated (I've converted my own Jezzails and acolytes) Side note while I think it's cool the book has shaken things up im extremely disappointed in the legacy characters and their warscrolls being completely removed. I really wanted to do a Clan Mors verminus themed army next after the total war trailer and wanted to use Queek. Such a shame
  20. Xlanax_lot - Clanrats

    Feedback welcomed, how do you like this colorscheme?
  21. My thoughts on Clan Pestilens Defense 2017. Skaven Defense in the GH17.pdf
  22. Hi everyone, So I'm not new to wargames but am new to Warhammer AoS and never played WHF. I have however looked longingly at Skaven models for years and have taken the plunge and managed to get a hold of the Skaven half of the Spire of Dawn set for a good price. Now I've built it all and added a couple of units I just really like the models for and am not too sure how legal a list it could make and/or what to add next. So I currently have Queek Warlock Engineer 2 Rat Ogres with master 40 clan rats Warpfire thrower Poison wind mortar And have now added 20 Stormvermin And 2 Doomwheels (simply because they look great) So are all his units in one army legal or do I have to pick a clan and stick to it? And how exactly does the FOC (borrowing from my knowledge of 40k) work? Secondly, what would be good next additions? Baring in mind though I'm not too fond of the Clan Pestilens look but all the other clans... Verminus, Skryre, Mouder especially are great aesthetically. I'm literally in a position now where I just want to buy everything and in need of a little guidance. Your help would be much appreciated.
  23. Defensive Skaven in the GH17

    Version 1.0.0


    My thoughts Clans Pestilens defense in AoS Matched Play
  24. DoomWheel Rolling Doom

    Dear Man-things. I have a question about the Doomwheels "Rolling Doom" ability: Rolling Doom: When a Doomwheel moves in the movement phase it can move within 3" of enemy models and even roll over them! The first model a Doomwheel moves over each turn is likely to be ground to paste; that model’s unit suffers D3 mortal wounds as the Doomwheel rolls over it. A Doomwheel may still not finish its move within 3" of an enemy in the movement phase, and if it is already within 3" of an enemy it can only retreat or remain stationary. I have highlighted the part that is giving me trouble the part that is giving me trouble. here are my questions Question #1: Dose this meen that a Doomwheel can not make a pile in? (Raw would say yes but that seems absurd as it would make its attacks profile defensive only) Question #2: Dose a retreating Doomwheel trigger the D3 mortal wounds if it rolls over an enemy model? (I think that it dose and as that seems like the whole point of the thing but I could understand if people disagree and would like to get a consensus.) Your thoughts are much much appreciated. Cheers, Ratty