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Found 241 results

  1. For inclusion in our Dwarven-Skaven team tournament display board / diorama... the rats are working on a mechanical/robotic squig they plan to present to their Dwarven "friends." Little do they know... The skeleton of this monstrosity is complete. Much to be done yet on the exterior. Googly eyes for the lulz only. Before attaching the top of the head permanently, I thought it might be a good idea to paint the little spy inside, before he is surrounded by brush-blocking teeth. I think he's adorable, but not half as adorable as the squig will be. ;-D
  2. I've been playing a lot of Skaven lately, and having an absolute blast. I love the diversity of the army, even staying within the keyword SKAVEN. I thought I'd start an index here, gathering thoughts on Skaven Units and overall synergy. So lets hear your feelings and experience. The Clans: Eshin - Ninjas! Moulder - Monstrous Beasts and Dr. Frankenstein tendencies Pestilens - Plagues and Filth and Bathrobes Skryre - A Knack for the Mechanical Verminus - Fighters and Warriors en masse...or at least the Rats in the front to prevent the cool toys from being destroyed Masterclan - Magic, Voodoo, Claw Wigglers Leaders: Skaven Assassin Verminlord Deceiver, Behemoth Packmaster Plague Furnace, Behemoth Plague Priest with Plague Censor Plague Priest with Warpstone-tipped Staff Verminlord Corruptor, Behemoth Arch Warlock Warlock Engineer Skaven Warlord Verminlord Warbringer, Behemoth Grey Seer Lord Skreech Verminkin, Behemoth Screaming Bell, Behemoth Thanquol and Boneripper, Behemoth Verminlord Warpseer, Behemoth Battleline: Clan Rats Artillery: Plagueclaw Warp Lighting Cannon Warplock Jezzails Behemoth: Hellpit Abomination Doomwheel Others Units: Gutter Runners Night Runners, Battleline Eshin Giant Rats, Battleline Moulder Rat Ogors Rat Swarms Plague Censor Bearers Plague Monks Ratling Gun Weapon Team Warp-grinder Weapon Team Warpfire Thrower Weapon Team Poisoned Wind Mortar Weapon Team Doom-flayer Weapon team Skryre Acolytes, Skryre Battleline Stormfiends, Skryre Battleline Stormvermin Battalions: Virulent Procession - Clan Pestilens Foulrain Congregation - Clan Pestilens Plaguesmog Congregation - Clan Pestilens Congregation of Filth - Clan Pestilens Clan Skryre - Skryre Other Synergistic Units: Sayl the Faithless
  3. I took a variant of the Verminus Clawpack to the tables yesterday and figured I'd give a quick report of what I found. Would love to get feedback and thoughts on the list as well. Below is what I fielded: Verminlord Warbringer Crown of Command Trech Craventail General Skaven Warlord Chaos Talisman Arch Warlock Sayl The Faithless 40 Clanrats Spears 30 Clanrats Spears 10 Clanrats Swords 30 Storm Vermin Warpfire thrower Warpfire thrower Warpfire thrower Verminus Clawpack formation 40 point bid for a triumph For those unfamiliar, the list works like this: Tretch adds a point of rend and double damage on 6s to one of the units. Sayl allows that unit to move 18 inches and fly, while the verminlord casts a spell that allows them to pile in and fight again after they die in the combat phase. The formation allows the warlord to use his command ability, which gives an additional attack. This can result in a unit of clanrats hitting on 4s, wounding on 3s, double damage on 5s with rend 1 and 2 attacks a piece, OR a unit of storm vermin hitting on 3s, wounding on 3s, double damage on 6s, and Game 1 I played against a stormcast Aether Wing Strikeforce and a Stardrake. Very interesting list that basically starts shooting you again any time you kill a unit. It made me think twice about anything I wanted to kill. The scenario was 3 places of power. Turn 1 the star drake with master of defense plopped down on the center objective. I decided to try my luck and threw a fully buffed unit of Storm Vermin at it, and with their pile ins after dying they dragged it down with them. In return the storm vermin got massacred by the gunline, as did a big block of clan rats. The rest of the game was a back and forth of body blows but I ended up taking it on turn 5 with the arch warlock on my far left flank. Once the stardrake and the banner that provides the chariot ability were gone, the army lost its mobility, and got mucked up in the meatgrinder with all the rats. Game 2 I played against the new sky pirate dwarves. I think I caught my opponent off guard as she sent the midsized ship forward carrying 10 standard foottroops and her general. Sayl flew 40 rats forward, surrounded the ship and 1 shotted it, killing nearly 500 points in one go. The lack of chaff or combat units to ward off a pile of bodies seems to be a big problem for the dwarves. So I think this may be a bad matchup for them. Recap The warpfire throwers were tough to get into the game. In my mind, their mortal wound output would be helpful, but in practice they only shot a few times. The short range is difficult. Does anyone have success with these, or do they just end up being dead weight in the verminus clawpack? Curious if I should switch one to a grinder so I can pop the 10 rats up and grab objectives late game. The other question I have is with the Arch Warlock. In concept he seems great. 2 spells, tough, and has a mortal wound cannon. But other options include the skaven banner for battleshock immunity, or the chaos sorcerer lord for futher buffing goodness. A fourth option would be to spend 20 additional points and pick up a nurgle demon prince for an 8 wound 3+ save character. Thoughts on the build? Any thoughts from others who have fielded the verminus clawpack?
  4. I have some lovely little clanrats that play the drums. In AOS does this count as a bell chimer or purely decorative? Thanks all
  5. I recently manage to acquire the Skaven half of the Isle of Blood/Spire box set, and will be attempting to build a semi-competitive Verminus Clawpack force off of the back of it! With limited hobby time I wanted to aim for a slightly quicker scheme for the Skaven, but with something to help them standout. First off then is the basing; In order to get that quick-quick approach, I decided to go with this 'barren' land approach, using Martian Ironcrust and kindleflame drybrush, but the bases will be scattered with lumps of warpstone. The warpstone will be on all major bases (characters, monsters, machines) and then scattered across the line infantry. The warpstone is made using sprues trimed and cut into crystal shapes. Most of the weapons will be getting the run of the mill metal+wash+highlight treatment, but again, characters/heroes/leaders etc will get a little extra love with the addition of weapons with a 'warpstone' touch to them. As for the actual models, the armour will be yellow. Yellow isn't exactly the quickest colour to slap down, but armour isn't all that prevalent on the clan rats etc. I'm hoping this splash of colour will help them stand out from their bases a little bit too. In order to speed up the rest of the painting, the cloth will be a mix of Mechanicus Grey, Balor Brown and Steel Legion Drab - washed with Agrax and highlighted again. Here's an example of the (nearly) finished look. After the storm vermin and clanrats are done it'll possibly be a verminlord or stormfiends next!
  6. I hope I don't repeat somebody else's thoughts But I didn't realize this at once either. Yes, the KO are very advanced, just like when your tribesmen worship gods and fight with clubs, they already took to the outer space. But. The skaven have done this actually very long time ago! They are your industrial underground nation, with their warp-powered devices, devious contraptions and machine guns mounted on the rat-ogres (genetics!). Is it as well that fantasy as KO? Look at their warlock engineers - claws and backpacks, do they not remind you of something similar? Or look at their stormfiends, jezzails and warp lightning cannons! I think that if your standard fantasy vibe was broken, it was done a long time ago. Even if we talk just of FB, because in other fantasy settings such things could exist even earlier. Like in Spelljammer Your thoughts, gentlemen?
  7. Hey guys, I'm looking for some advice on my Nurgle/Pestilens List. I currently only have a pestilens start collecting box, so I'm just at the beginning stage of my dive into this army. Here's what I'm thinking Leaders/Heroes The Glottkin (480) Epidemius (180) Plague Furnace (220) Units 10 x Plaguebearers of Nurgle (100) 10 x Plaguebearers of Nurgle (100) 10 x Plaguebearers of Nurgle (100) 20 x Plague Monks (140) 20 x Plague Monks (140) War Machines Plagueclaw (180) Plagueclaw (180) Plagueclaw (180) 2000/2000 This is what I've been thinking but would really like some opinions on this. The Glottkin being our general here, his command ability should make our Plague Monks nice and nasty with the extra attacks as well as the +1 to wounds of the unit with Fleshy Abundance. Although this can only target one unit at a time, so I'm wondering if I should just go one big unit of Plague Monks? (30 or 40). Epidemius for Nurgles Tallyman, the models slain effects speak for itself. The plague furnace really only effects the Monks themselves. This is where I am torn. Is it even worth it? Would be fun to rush in and attack with, but maybe there is a smarter option? Bring in a unit of Plaguedrones instead? Plaguebearers although slow as hell I need for battleline. Although once in combat should be great fun, nice and meaty. Plagueclaws to shoot holes in units, give as much range as possible. Any thoughts, criticisms etc are welcomed! Really want to make a fun, but strong army list. I feel like I need Plaguedrones in there but I can't figure out what to drop for them!! Thanks for looking guys.
  8. Hi, The Endless Tide ability on the Rat Swarms Warscroll adds one new Rat Swarm model to the unit in your Hero Phase. Does this count as Reinforcements? When playing Matched Play would all the additional Rat Swarms models need to be paid for or are they free? For Example, could I take 12 units of Rat Swarms, each with the minimum 2 models and then in every Hero Phase I would get 12 more completely free? Thanks, Pete
  9. Here's a little project I've been working on for a Dwarven and Skaven display board. It's nearly done, and maybe could have benefited from fewer layers of paint. I'm new. Be gentle.
  10. Hello, Im a new to aos still collecting models. I would like a feed back for my skaven army Skaven warlord Skaven chieftain with battle standard Arckwarlock Stormvermon 30 stormfiend 3 (warpfire) clanrat 30 clanrat 10 clanrat 10 Rattling gun 3 jezzail 3 jezzail 3 verminus clawpack As you can see the theme of the army is rats backed up by lots of guns. I like having 2 units of jezzails. Either I can group them together or divide them into 2 to add more distractions to opponents. But I dont know if i should decrease their number so I can add more clanrats...(or queek cuz he looks awesome) All feed backs are appreciated. Thank you!
  11. Hello, Im a new to aos still collecting models. I would like a feed back for my skaven army Skaven warlord Skaven chieftain with battle standard Arckwarlock Stormvermon 30 stormfiend 3 (warpfire) clanrat 30 clanrat 10 clanrat 10 Rattling gun 3 jezzail 3 jezzail 3 verminus clawpack As you can see the theme of the army is rats backed up by lots of guns. I like having 2 units of jezzails. Either I can group them together or divide them into 2 to add more distractions to opponents. But I dont know if i should decrease their number so I can add more clanrats...(or queek cuz he looks awesome) All feed backs are appreciated. Thank you!
  12. Hi. I am a new player who never played a single game and I have questions about clanrat/stormvermins 1. If I attach a spear to the hand of a standard bearer, can he attack? Same with bell chimers 2. I think clanrats and stormvermins ability to retreat and charge is great. Is having a bell chimer in a unit to give extra two inch of retreat worth sacrificng a unit who can hold a weapon? 3. When piling into a single unit like a hero, can i put 5clan rats to the front and 5clan rat to the side of that unit to surround them and attack with 10 of them?
  13. As a newbie who havent played a single game, Im not sure whats the most efficient way to field clan rats. I have 30stormvermins, unit of 3 stormfiends with all warpfire throwers and 2units of jezzais(6total). i also have warlord, chieftain with battle standard, and arckwarlock. i would like to have clanrats with weapon teams in the front to take advantage of verminus clawpack. Im building 2k army and have enough points for 3 options. 1. 10 clanrats rattling gun warpfire thrower 10clanrats rattling gun warpfire thrower 10clanrats rattling gun warpfire thrower 2. 20 clan rats rattling gun 20clanrats rattling gun 10clanrats rattling gun 3. 30 clanrats rattling gun 10clanrats rattling gun 10 clanrats rattling gun Please choose from one of the three options because I spent alot of money on buying models and dont have money at the moment to buy more models. and I really would like to try out running an army with models I have!
  14. My hobby group and I have recently started up AoS after years of not playing Fantasy anymore. I drafted up an army list based on a 150 Wound game (we play by wound count, not point value). I would love some feedback on it. I'm trying to make it fast and deadly. Let me know what you think! Wildstalker Brayherd Batallion: Beast Lord: 5 Wounds Great Bray-Shaman: 5 Wounds Great Bray-Shaman: 5 Wounds 10 Gores: 10 Wounds 10 Gores: 10 Wounds 10 Gores: 10 Wounds 10 Bestigors: 10 Wounds 5 Bestigors: 5 Wounds 10 Ungor Raiders: 10 Wounds 10 Ungor Raiders: 10 Wounds 10 Ungor Raiders: 10 Wounds 10 Ungor Raiders: 10 Wounds Non-Batallion Units: 1 Exalted Flamer of Tzeentch: 4 Wounds Sayl the Faithless: 6 Wounds 5 Skin Wolves: 20 Wounds 3 Stormfiends: 18 Wounds 2 Chaos Familiars: 2 Wounds The strategy I'm working off of is that with the Wildstalker Brayherd, I can setup all units within that battalion in an ambush behind the enemy force. Since the beastmen units can run and charge in the same turn, chances of getting into melee turn 1 are high. All while that batallion does its thing, I'll try to roll and see if the 3 Stormfiends enter the battlefield. If I'm successful, I'll set them up close to the batallion and unload 3 Ratling Cannons (each shooting 3d6 attacks). That's shooting support for the batallion. Then from my side of the table, I'll have one of the Bray Shamans, Sayl, the 5 Skin Wolves, an Exalted Flamer, and 2 Familiars, who I'll keep right next to the shaman and Sayl for +2 to casting. Turn 1, the shaman will try to summon a monster to come and support the batallion in the ambush (I'm thinking of pulling a ****** move and using a Chaos Mammoth lol). Also on turn 1, I'd have Sayl cast Traitor's Mist on the Skin Wolves, giving them a flying movement of 18 inches, which will make them fast melee reinforcements for the batallion. The Exalted Flamer will fly around shooting ****** up, and in later hero phases after the shaman summons something big and Sayl makes the werewolves fly, they'll focus on summoning more Exalted Flanders to crank up the firepower. With those strategies in mind, what do you guys think? Does this force work? Is there anything you'd do differently or have me consider? Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys! -Gnarvock
  15. Hi all, I've started writing my own custom rules for some of the AoS miniatures I own that don't have anything for WHQ yet. Starting off with some of the basics for Skaven. I'd love to hear your feedback! EDITED
  16. © Groje

  17. I have some lovely little clanrats that play the drums. In AOS does this count as a bell chimer or purely decorative? Thanks all
  18. So I'm torn between these two factions as my first army, I've played Warhammer 40k, never touched fantasy, but more and more of my gaming group are moving to AoS. A game I have little knowledge of. But the two armies that interest me are the Skaven, the horde mentality, pestilence, miasma of suffering and infighting between clans all serving the great horned rat. Then the grand alliance of Death, skeletons, zombies and fantastic beasts led by necromancers and vampires, what more could you want? I would eventually like to play both but, right now. I don't have the money. So my main question is. What is the current state of the game with these two armies, is one easier to build good strategies with? Does one have any particular strength or weakness over the other? Also which of the starter boxes is the better value? Any help for this novice would be greatly appreciated.
  19. I currently run an all Clan Pestilens list, and this is a thread to write down tactics, strategies and spread the dirt.
  20. Today, I'm very pleased to share that my army "The Wolf and the Rat" just hit their 2000pts of painted minis target and I can more or less draw a line under this army as "completed." This will undoubtedly prove to be a fabrication as the urge to add new guys will eventually hit me, though the limiting factor will now be how much space is left in my storage foam. More Bloodletters and Blood Warriors would be nice to mix things up, and theres no shortage of awesome models to paint that would fit this theme - Rat Ogors, Slaughterbrutes, Flesh Hounds, and hey, I hear Khorgoraths are getting a bit of a buff in the new Battletome! But enough about my screaming wallet, this is supposed to be about me finishing this damn army. Skritt's Hunting Pack (Wolf Rats) Awesome miniatures, and a lot bigger than I expected. In fact, I actually expected the Skin Wolves to turn out a little bigger and these guys to be a little smaller. I gave them the same two tone grass and animal bones/skulls/warpstone crystals as the Wolves, which I really like on these bigger base minis. For the paint job, I wanted them to have a cohesiveness with the Skin Wolves, but with a few distinctions. In the ended, I chose to paint them with the same sort of grey/brown fur as I gave the Skin Wolves, but with a ratty pink flesh instead of the blue/grey. One key distinction is their armour/adornments are red, like the Wrathmongers, as opposed to the bone white of the 'enlightened' - like the Wrathmongers, they're feral and vicious and useful in a fight, but not considered 'people' in the way the Skin Wolves (perhaps foolishly) are. Skaarakh, The Fang of Khorne I did a thing with this guy, which you might notice if you saw him in his primed-only state in the last photo, and that's that I hacked off his axe hand, twisted it and re-pinned it back in place. The reason for this was my 'dynamic pose' I was going for looked really weird, and the more I kind of pictured myself with my arm outstretched like that, the more it seemed unnatural. I had originally wanted him kind of pointing the axe in a challenge, but reposing white metal is difficult, and in the end I realised his arm would make a lot more sense if he was at the end of a big arcing swing of the axe, so that's sorta what I went for. If you didn't see my previous post, then what you're looking at is an old, white metal Bloodthirster. I have no real stylistic reason for using him, other than I had one lying around at my parents house from back when I played World Eaters in 3rd Ed 40K when I was 13, and using him over buying a new plastic kit saved me like £50. He was obviously pretty dated looking though, so I made a few adjustments. The key ones were giving him a new head from the plastic Bloodthirster kits (which just look a zillion times better), reposing his arms to look a little more dynamic and a little less like the old style where everyone stood in that same unnatural pose, and finally I decided to go nuts and give him a giant green stuff fur cloak, because the new style Bloodthirsters are a little more burly than the skinny, boney style of old and I wanted a thematic way of bulking him up a little. In order to make the cloak not look weird over the wings, I added some beaten brass spiked collar pauldron things, that I personally think turned out pretty good for my first major green stuff endevour. I'm particularly pleased with the bulging vein on his axe arm bicep that I used to cover up some of the fingerprinting and roughness. Oh, and I shaved off the little stars where his nipples would be, because I have no idea what they were thinking with that design choice. As with my Bloodletters, I went for a slimy albino look on this one as well, and I'm again pretty happy with how he turned out; I'm getting a little more confident in painting whites, which is something that I absolutely failed at 6 months ago when I was starting out again after my decade long hiatus. There's no point in painting bone armour on a white guy, but I wasn't really that keen on red armour either, so I decided to make his breastplate black, and just get a little dark red on the cloak lining and the whip (and the blood effects, obviously!), and I'm really happy with the overall result. Basewise, he's on the same Secret Weapon Miniatures sculpted resin lava base as my Lord of Khorne of Juggernaut, which I think looks great. I also added the one remaining huge rock and animal skull piece to it to tie him in a little with the Skin Wolves and Wolf Rats. I was originally planning on sticking a Fenrisian Wolf on the base with him, like I'm planning to do to my aforementioned Lord of Khorne, but I'm not 100% he really needs it anymore, what with everything else going on. I'm still working on the lore, but I'm starting to think that 'he' might actually be a 'she' considering the weirdly low cut and chesty armour and more slender build compared to the modern Bloodthirster design. Hopefully I'll have that figured out at some point, and I'll include it with a big full-army photo in a future blog post. Conclusion and Army List And that wraps up my 2000pts of The Wolf and the Rat! As I said before, I have no immediate plans to expand - it'd be nice to take a break once I finish my two 2000pts armies and work on something smaller scale like Blood Bowl or Malifaux for a while - but ****** if I'm not tempted to fill up the (limited) free space in my BattleFoam for these guys by rounding out my two units of Blood Warriors and Bloodletters. Beyond that pipe dream, I have plans to add some furry tabards and pelts to the Blood Warriors and Bloodletters that I already have, but I'll just edit them in my original post. Here's my final, 2000pts list that I'm planning on running these guys as. Note that this list isn't built to win any tournaments. I tend to build armies around what models I want, how I can tie a theme/narrative to them, and work from there. I don't know how many games I'll actually win with this list, but it looks cool and it's got a lot of fun things to play and a lot of weird mismashed synergies and that's what's important to me. If I ever consider what I include from a rules perspective, it's mostly to balance against my other armies so that I can fun games using only my models, should I want to demonstrate to friends, etc. Thanks for reading! The Wolf and the Rat - 1960/2000pts (pre new Battletome) Heroes: The White Wolf (Mighty Lord of Khorne OR Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut) - 140pts Skritt Ashenfang (Skaven Warlord on Brood Horror) - 200pts Skaarakh, Fang of Khorne (Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury) - 300pts Tanaris Redmaw (Bloodsecrator) - 120pts Battleline: The Red Hunt (Blood Warriors x 5) - 100pts The Enlightened (Blood Warriors x 5) - 100pts The Bloodhounds (Bloodreavers x 20) - 120pts The Bloodied Teeth of Skaarakh (Bloodletters x 20) - 200pts The Rabid (Wrathmongers x 5) - 180pts The Blessed (Skin Wolves x 3) - 120pts The Ashenfangs (Stormvermin x 20) - 280pts Skritt's Hunting Pack (Wolf Rats x 5) - 100pts
  21. My first completed miniature since quitting the hobby 20 yrs ago at 16.
  22. My first completed miniature since quitting the hobby 20 yrs ago at 16.
  23. Regarding the Eshin battalion, I had an issue with the wording for the "Sprint and Strike" rule. It say units "can run and shoot in the same turn, or run and charge in the same turn instead". However, Gutter/Night Runners have the "Running Death" rule for run+shoot in a turn. So can these units run, shoot and charge in a same turn? Or does the "or" wording (implying no charging if already shot) in the Sprint & Strike above invalidates the possibility?
  24. Hi everyone. I've been playing Warhammer for 20 years now, and Age of Sigmar, while not my favorite in terms of the lore, has evolved into a great game with some great models. I've been a member of the Carpe Noctem forum, and decided to jump in here as well to get my fix of AoS discussion. Undead (Vampire Counts with a smattering of allied Tomb Kings) and Skaven are my main armies. I've been documenting my armies' progress and lore, along with my various terrain projects on my blog: Thanks for having me! --Rob
  25. How in the wide, wide world do Rat Swarms not have the keyword Moulder despite being in that section of both the generals handbook points list and the online store? Has anyone with GW confirmed that's a typo maybe, or do they break pure Moulder alliance if you try and use them?