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Found 86 results

  1. Good morning all, I thought it was time I got a thread together to gather all my thoughts and progress on my Ironjawz army (perhaps branching into Destruction in a broader sense). I will be including modelling, painting, army lists, battle reports etc etc, I didn't want to do it as a separate blog or anything as I like the idea of keeping it within this Destruction sub forum (which for my money is the best part of the forum at the moment - some great chat, really enthusing me for this army). Hopefully @Ben and the Moderators are cool with this decision. As well as this thread, you will also be able to hear about my exploits on my podcast - The Black Sun. You can find all the most recent episode on this forum, or check out iTunes or - It's not family friendly like most of the other podcasts out there, but is entertaining I like to think. Also I am reasonably active on Twitter, and usually like to post photos of most my games etc. Follow me @the_black_sun I do actually have armies for all 4 of the Grand Alliances in AoS and whilst I am working on all of them simultaneously in various ways, I've definitely noticed my focus begin to increasingly shift towards Destruction. Disclaimer - when the Dark Aelves are released in whatever guise they may be, I am likely to abandon ship and spend all my time in the Order sub forum, being that they are my true Warhammer love, but for now, I'm all about the Ironjawz! I've always been a fan of Orks in Warhammer 40,000 but have never actually played Orcs & Goblins in WFB. So whilst the detractors and troggoths bemoaned the pseudo 40K look of the Ironjawz, I think for me this aesthetic really drew me in and got me going green. So I have already actually played a bunch of games with Ironjawz, having gone "all in", as they say, on the release, but these were all at 100 SCGT points and included a Magma Dragon just to make up the points (oh, and its pretty good!). I figured with the impending release of the General's Handbook, now was a perfect time to draw a line under what's gone so far and start afresh with the new system. We won't get into all the recent allegiance nonsense, you can read about that in other threads. Suffice to say, the Battleline "unlocks" for Ironjawz and the Destruction traits and artefacts make for a pretty nice combination. I'm not saying Ironjawz are going to be out there winning events (certainly not with me using them, if my abysmal results at Call to War are anything to go by!) but I am hoping and somewhat confident they can be competitive...and we have a pretty extensive thread on that right here in this forum! So this is pretty much just an introductory post for now. I have already painted some models (not as many as I would've liked); Megaboss Krunk, who can be found in the gallery and 5 Brutes. I will take some better photos and add them to this thread as soon as possible. I am reasonably happy with the level of the paint jobs and whilst not my best work, believe the army will look nice upon the table. I've intentionally kept the basing quite plain, though I am consider scraping off some areas and adding the flavour of the month; Agrellan Earth, just to add some interest. Using my 40K Ork bitz box I have been able to customise my models and this combined with some reposing has allowed me to make all 20 Brutes so far individual. Just a bit of a shame I got my Gore-gruntas after the Brutes as mixing in their Jagged-Hackas would've been super cool. Considering another 10 Brutes just for this purpose. This weekend (Thursday night to Sunday) I am attending Bossfest, a camping, drinking, gaming extravaganza. Whilst there will be various games being played, I am hopeful of getting in a good few games with Da Black Sunz, which will be the only AoS army I'll be taking. These will be my first games under the General's Handbook and will be played to 2,000 points using the Matched Played Battleplans. Many people in attendance will be practising for my 1 day event, Rain of Stars, which is removing the army restrictions and adding a sideboard (as the event is two weeks after the book drops), so we will also allow that over this weekend, therefore some of the armies I play may not be exactly true to the book. However, this should allow for some solid competition and really stress test the army. The list I use personally will be General's Handbook legal though. For now, my pool of Ironjawz models is; Maw-krusha (happy to use as Gordrakk or Megaboss), Megaboss, Warchanter, Shaman, 20 Brutes, 10 Ardboyz, 3 Gore-gruntas. I am not adverse to buying more though! 2 more boxes of Gore-gruntas are definitely happening after assembling some this past weekend - amazing models. It's worth pointing out that aesthetics are definitely a consideration to me in this army. Here is the list(s) I am currently considering for the weekend; Da Black Sunz - 2,000 points Gordrakk - 700 Megaboss - 140 Warchanter - 80 Weirdnob Shaman - 120 10 Brutes with Jagged Hackas - 360 5 Brutes with Choppas - 180 5 Brutes with Choppas - 180 10 Ardboyz - 180 Ironfist - 60 Total - 2,000 points Nice to hit the 2,000 points dead on really! That seems a challenge in of itself under General's Handbook. The main change I am considering is dropping Gordrakk for a baby Cabbage. The 180 point difference is nice as it allows another battleline unit - in this case Gore-gruntas (mostly just to get all my models on the table). If I wanna keep the big man in there, I can also include the Gore-gruntas by dropping 5 Brutes. What do people think on this? Seems small to me! I'll leave it there for now. This afternoon I'll add my thoughts on Command Traits and Artefacts! Thanks for reading, Chris
  2. Hi all Looking to begin a small Ironjawz force. The faces and chests of the models seem quite obscured by the armour so I though of leaving the chest plates off of the models first and painting the flesh before completing the build. Only worry is that there will be visible gaps/lines once I put the armour on and I'm not sure how to fill those gaps having already primed and started painting. Any ironjawz hobbyists care to offer some advice. Thanks in advance!
  3. Daemonic reinforcements have arrived to the corrupted spires of the Mireguard, with still more on the way. Joining the ranks of the Horned Legion are the maliciously adorable Nurgle Chaos Furies (kitbashed) and the pustulant plague bearer horde. Keep your eyes open in the coming weeks. More is on the way in the coming weeks as well!
  4. Hello! New member here. Long time player of warhammer fantasy now AoS. After some time playing other miniature games while the End Times dust settled I finally committed myself to begin a new army in AoS (I know, I dragged my feet a little bit). My hobby group is fast approaching our next grow league and since I am a fairly slow painter I wanted to get a head start! Here are my first 5 liberators. Let me know what you think or if you have any questions! I always try to push myself with every new army I paint and do feel this is my best work to date, so be gentle. I would also like to shout out this forum, while this is my first post I have been lurking on here for quite some time. Great community, huge inspiration (some of the painters and sculptors on here are incredible!) just a wonderful place to get in touch with the hobby. Thanks for looking. -Eric
  5. So this is what I have painted so far. Basing is obviously to come. I could lie and say i was waiting until i was finished so that it would be unifying, but frankly I have no idea what I want to do for it yet, so bare they stay. I have three Hunters and a Treelord Ancient left to paint, then it is on to my stormcast, test conversion for the paladins has also been included, pretty pleased with how it turned out. CC very welcome along with good basing ideas.
  6. FLGS running a slow grow and was planning on running death for it and painted up these guys. Now having a wobble though so might be switching to chaos.
  7. Hello all, I am introducing a new painting log today where the work shared is everyones who wishes to take part. The main idea behind this is that you commit each month to painting a set amount of models and at the end of the month you post your progress and a little blurb on how you did. This is a great little way to get everyone painting more, sharing pictures and building our already fantastic community. I will post a thread each month with the date in the title and people can commit until the 15th of the month. after that the last three days of the month will be for posting pictures, progress shots and discussion. This is a great way to track each others progress and get tips and advice from the community so dont be shy and get involved! Mohojoe's January commitment: I commit to paint Ogre tyrant 3x leadbelchers Leadblaster cannon I am starting off light in January as I have a very busy month with uni hand ins and work. This is the basis of my tournament army for march so I need to make some progress on what I have before I can buy any more models. I also predict that the Leadblaster cannon is going to be tricky to paint and may take me longer than anticipated. Anyway thats mine, I look forward to seeing what the rest of you want to get done!
  8. Hi all, This will be my magical place for posting updates of my current painting mumbo jumbo. Hope this will motivate me to paint in more regular fashion Main subjects of my brush strokes are going to be those blood Khorne Bloodbound guys. So this week I have been mostly doing bases and undercoating on: - 20 Bloodreavers, - Bloodstoker - Slaughterpriest - Aspiring Deathbringer And this one big fella for a friend of mine: His base is already modeled and everything is undercoated. Goal for today is to paint the entire base and start off with wing or hopefully two We will see how it will pan out in couple of hours Will follow GW painting guide by not to the letter, as I have few alternatives in mind Regards Malin
  9. So I'm a slow painter by and large. I need to learn speedy tricks. I'm not going to post what I've painted to date (I'll include one pic I put in the display army thread elsewhere) but things I'm currently working on. The past two and a half weeks my evening hour or two has been spent on 2 concussors. These guys are quite the challenge to paint! In effect it's another LCoD from the starter set with a few more details. The first one is 99% complete and here he (or she) is! The 2nd concussor is maybe 70% complete and is next up. After that I've got 5 x paladins to build and paint, 5 x liberators to build and paint and then 4 x liberators to paint. After that, well I'm thinking of a style and faction change. Plus I've got Silver Tower to paint. We'll see! There's months of work ahead.
  10. If you've stumbled onto this blog after plumbing the depths of the TGA community, welcome! You've tried the best, now try the rest! Little background for you before we get started. I've been actively involved in the hobby for the past 15 years. I first got hooked in on the Lord of the Rings back when the two towers was first released. Some of you might remember the fortnightly magazine series that came with the figures and paints - I learned a huge amount of my early hobby skills from those, and only ventured into my local GW after maybe two years of painting my burgeoning collection. Fast forward and I've now tried my hand at every game system and most armies for each. My main focus had revolved around 40k for a number of years. I fell out of love with Warhammer fantasy after the shift to 8th edition - I found the size of armies too daunting a task to paint, and my focus would always have been of a more painterly interest. However, the more free form of AOS drew me right back in. I dusted off my old empire armies, picked up where i'd left off on my elves (new and improved with vitamin A!) and dived right back in. Thankfully the game has gone from strength to strength in my local scene, so I've now got a reason to get my painting projects completed and onto the table. Which is where this blog comes in Last year I managed to start and fully paint a small flesh eater court force. This year, as part of my hobby resolutions, I want to expand that out to a full 2000 point force, with a view to taking it along to the Age of Sigmar 6 Nations in June as part of the Republic of Ireland Team. So to aid me in that, I'll be trying to keep an up to date blog with all my progress, stories of my games, and any other relevant hobby goodness I find relevant or diverting. A lot of my projects will start off after I latch onto a theme, or I'm intrigued by a story, and the background of the flesh eaters really grabbed my attention. I loved the idea that these "noble knights" were really slobbering mangy monsters. Picture a ghoul trying to curtsey, and you're on the right track for the ideas swirling around in my head. I also loved the idea of a really viscious swarm of monsters charging across the tabletop, similar to how vampires have been shown in things like Van Helsing or the zombies in World War Z. So I began to think what would make these horrible ghouls and monsters even creepier? Put them in clown masks of course! The eventual end point of the force would be based on a court of Neferata's admirers and courtiers (or so they would believe). However, the only way she would tolerate their loathsome "affections" is if they hid their hideous faces behind stylised masks. So with that theme in mind, all the heroes within my force have their faces hidden behind venetian style masks. The most recent part I've managed to complete for the force is the terrorgheist - a model I'd always wanted to build and paint, but never had the cause to. While i'm not sure I'd want to build another one, I'm really happy with how the beast turned out, and I'm now planning a conversion for the zombie dragon that my Crypt Lord will ride - I must be a glutton for punishment! I think that will suffice for now. As I say I'll try my best to stick with one project at a time - My hobby resolution this year is to finish more stuff than I start. What could possibly go wrong? ......ah.....
  11. Sooooo then..... this happened!... As we are all aware the awesome new lord of change mini is close to release now, and as soon as the first leaked pics hit the interwebs I was in love. My dastardly work colleague Martin decided to use this as an oppertunity to bully me into another age of sigmar project as I rather lost momentum on my last one sadly, and to be honest it didint take too much bullying. Ive had a pretty big Tzeentch daemon army sat in boxes for years now and they have always been one of my first wargaming loves ever since flicking through my brothers copy of the lost and and damned when I was little, so I have decided to dust them off and try to get back into gaming via Martins narative campaign ideas. Couple of Horrors I painted 10 or so years ago! The first step to this is to actually paint stuff though! Being a commission painter by trade you wouldnt think this would be a big issue, but oddly I dont think I have had a painted army of my own for about 10+ years, so who knows how far I'll get with this one. Hopefully blogging and such will give me more motivation to do my own hobby instead of everyone elses! So every new army needs a leader, and with the lord of change not being released yet, plus the fact that it would probably stall my painting straight away if I tried to paint one first I've gone for the sensible option of a Herald instead. I wasnt actually keen on this model at first, he was just a left over from a burning chariot kit however hes grown on me a lot over the years. I decided to try to paint a little out of my usualy grungy dank earthy painting zone with plenty of bright rich colours, although my bad habits and comfort techniques quickly snuck in and desaturated things quite a bit. Still happy with the final results though. More coming soon hopefully! I've got some stuff thats already finished but if I drop all the pics at once then I'll have to actually paint new things instead of doing work! -Hotdrop Gary
  12. I fancied painting something different from what I'd been doing recently so pulled a thundertusk out my 'to do' pile. As as it happens I was watching (well listening) to game 5 of the GE heat 1 and enjoying rob talk on the high skill required to use these finesse beasts as I painted it.
  13. I've recently come back to the hobby and getting into AoS. I already have a lot of daemons and Chaos stuff that could be used in any game system. I wanted to see if I could match in my Khorne stuff with the herd. I also want to know what you think about this first test model. There are still a couple of things left to do btw, like a final extreme highlight on the yellow weathering and some blood work etc.
  14. Continuing to paint more fluffy units to use with my TK. Vampire lord on abyssal terror, what 4x move on buffed necroserpents is fluffy...
  15. Hi guys - need help achieving this sort of colour scheme? I'm quite a confident painter in terms of techniques and I really love these colour schemes (see attached pictures) but I'm unsure as to what paints to use as so far I've been using painting guides?? any tips and suggestions would be appreciated
  16. Hey all, I've just finished a Knight-Azyros (awesome model to paint) and I tried to do an OSL effect for the firs time. Id like people's thoughts and some constructive criticism from people better at the technique. I used an airbrush and added flow improver to try and make the paint translucent. The problem I had is that the yellow "light" appeared green when applied in thin coats. It improved with more layers but I was too scared of applying too much paint and losing the translucent glow effect on the parts it was hitting. Dont get me wrong, I'm happy with it overall, but would like to tap in to the knowledge of others. Cheers Dave
  17. I still need to name this Horde, but it still need to decide the direction its going. Until then the list only consists of the Khorne half of the starter set and the Slughter Priest from White Dwarf. I have painted 2 of the bloodreavers, not completely finished but enough for the moment. There's still a little bit of clean up and highlighting still to do. but here are the first photos .
  18. Growing Sylvaneth army. More images on:
  19. First models complete of 2017: 10 zombies to go in my TK list. Basically i I copied a netlist (written by domus) and there were 40 points spare so I was able to upgrade 2 of his units of zombies to skellys to stay more on theme but the last unit had to stay zombies and I had none painted.
  20. It´s been about 3 months of hobby time, about 70% done. I had this idea to combine this miniatures to a future Thousands Sons Army with a more Egyptian themed bases, so I went for some great resin bases from Scibor Miniatures. Character miniatures are all on 25 mm bases to use them on RPG mat... Pic Heavy so I pack some photos together Heroes Deamons Other adversaries Enjoy!!
  21. Skaven Blood Bowl Pitch & Modular Sewer Terrain for AOS This blog will document my progress in building a Skaven Blood Bowl pitch which will also be part of a larger modular sewer complex for Age of Sigmar. I will also discuss some of the model making techniques, tools and materials used during this project. I find the idea of building a Blood Bowl pitch incredibly appealing. It's a relatively small project that has the potential to look great. It can also be extended with the addition of a stadium with grandstands and scoreboards. In choosing to build a sewer themed pitch for Skaven this also lends itself to be the initial part of a larger project to build a sewer themed 4'x 6' AOS board. I first played Blood Bowl way back in '88 when I first became aware of Games Workshop and tabletop Wargames. It was actually the Blood Bowl miniatures in White Dwarf 108 that started my interest in the hobby. I had a few games with a friend and subsequently purchased Dungeon Bowl but never really amerced myself into the game. This latest release has piqued my interest as it has a lot of nostalgia for me, it's easy to get into and has the potential for lots of cool updates based on previous incarnations of the game. I've chosen Skaven as I've wanted to paint them for a long time and I think they look so cool. This also gives me a chance to make a start on a project that I've been thinking about for some time. Whilst at the Realms at War AOS event in Cambridge I had the opportunity to catch up with @Wayne kemp, the Skaven Master, and discuss what would be the ultimate AOS table/terrain. When I posed this question Wayne was very eloquent in saying that the ultimate AOS table doesn't exist as everyone has a different idea of what would be the ultimate. His ultimate table would be a Skaven theme, probably sewer themed whereas he said @Dan Heelan would probably prefer a Lizardman theme. I really liked the idea of a modular sewer themed board for AOS as this has the potential to be a multi-system board, possibility of being used for other games, say 40k. I'm not a 40k player but have been collecting Genestealer Cults which lends itself to this sort of environment. I've also wanted to build an urban board for some time. I came across this amazing blog, , some years ago and have wanted to do something similar ever since. Unfortunately the blog seems to have stalled but there's plenty of great inspiration in there. Building a modular sewer themed board also gives you the potential to build a multi level board which seems to quite popular in AOS at the moment. So my initial plan is to build a sewer themed Skaven Bowl Bowl pitch. Fortunately each half of the pitch fits into a 2'x2' square allowing me to use the two halves as separate modular AOS terrain. The design will be based upon a Victorian style brick sewer with lots of arches and pipes for added Steampunk Skaveness. The pitch will be elevated on a plinth that rises out of the surrounding sewer which contains industrial pipe machinery. The bottom half of the drawing below illustrates the brick and pipework design to be used on the sides of the plinth whilst the top shows the top of the plinth with the pitch squares. I always use squared paper to draw designs for model making projects. I find it makes it a lot quicker and easier to draw, particularly when drawing buildings. I next had to decide what materials I would use for the construction. I wanted the model to be lightweight and durable as it would need to be transported from place to place. I construct nearly all my architectural terrain pieces using sheets of expanded pvc. I have used this for decades, it is lightweight, strong, easy to cut, glue and sand. It also comes in various different thickness from 1mm to 30mm. You can also score texture into it's surface to create different textures such as wood grain, brick or stone. However for this model I would he using it soley for the structure and the paving of the model. The base / flooring is 5mm, the walls are 3mm and the buttresses and pipe shelf are 8mm. I wanted to give the sides, which would be made up of brick arches, more texture and depth so I opted for blue foam (styrofoam). The tools I use for working with expanded pvc are; technical pencil, cutting mat, Swann Morten scalpel, engineeers square 7" & 5", steel rules 6" & 12", sanding block 400 grade, superglue and zip kicker. For expanded pvc thicknesses greater than 5mm I use a circular table saw for cutting. I've not used blue foam much but understand the principles of the material. When creating brickwork in foam I would usually use a biro and draw the brickwork straight on causing the brick work to be engraved. Whilst this can look good it can be inconsistent and can look untidy. This is a reasonably lengthy process due to hand drawing each piece and I wanted to have identical brickwork on each arch. So I came up with the idea of printing each styrofoam piece. I can't imagine this is an original idea as it seems so obvious however I have not seen anyone else doing this. The idea is based upon the original printing process of block printing developed in the middle ages. Styrofoam is a soft material that can be indented, so I created a 'negative' brickwork mould in which a piece of styrofoam can be pressed into using a press. The mould was made from a base of 3mm expanded pvc, the brick design drawn on then the mortar was added using 1mm styrene strips. 1mm expanded pvc was used to build up the sides to hold the styrofoam in place. The styrofoam was cut into strips 9mm thick using a bandsaw which were then sanded smooth to a depth of 7.5mm and cut to size to fit the mould. As you can see from the pic below I used two blocks of wood and some clamps to create the press for the mould. To create depth to the walls I printed smaller pieces of foam to be added to the arches. The printed pieces were then cut and glued. This worked incredibly well, was very quick to use and I was churning out brickwork styrofoam like a Victorian workhouse. This was helped massively by @Mitzy for supplying me with a massive chunk of blue foam. I created another 'generic brick' mould to use for any plain areas of brickwork I would need. To add a little variation to the brick depth I depressed some of the bricks using a piece of plastic. For the pipework I used Hirst Arts pipe moulds 320 & 321 which are fantastic quality. These are quite expensive but having a mould means you can have as much pipework as you like. I used 'low odour' fast cast polyurethane resin as I wanted it to be very durable and Quick to produce. Fast cast resin has a de-mould time of approximately 30 mins. I would need a lot of pipework so I ordered 1.5kg of resin. The two moulds would give me a variety of pipe pieces in two different pipe diameters. This should give me enough variety to make the pipework sufficiently interesting. Here's a wip pic of half the pitch. The space to the right of the pitch will be the dug out area. The squares on the pitch will be paving and the different zones are divided by gutters recessed into the pitch. The pitch will also have drain covers. More progress soon. Thanks for reading. Bish
  22. Hi all and any, I'm not the greatest painter but Jesus I am trying to improve rapidly. I've found the GW videos by Duncan really awesome and informative, learning loads. I'm doing a fyreslayer army but can't find any guidance at all online for magmadroths. I've seen some early beautiful models posted around the web but not video guides. If anyone can assist or advise I'd be super grateful
  23. Newly returned High Elf (or whatever the 4-5 Highborn factions are). I last seriously played in 4th-5th edition when in college. I painted a small 500 point or so force and played a single game in 8th edition. Reading up on Age of Sigmar pushed me to dig the elves (and Goblins) out to do some painting. I'm trying to decide on what unit I'll paint next. Thus far, I have painted: 10 x Spearmen 30 x Archers 21 x Swordmasters (made sense in 8th, I realize it doesn't now) 1 x Mage 2 x Repeater Bolt Throwers 1 x Eagle My current project is a second unit of 10 x Spearmen to qualify for my second Core unit. My local game store appears to play mostly 1,000 point matched play. Some units I have on the shelf: 20 x Phoenix Guard 20 x White Lions 2 x White Lion Chariors 1 x Chariot 15ish x Silver Helms 10 x Dragon Princes Prince/Mage on Dragon Kit Phoenix Kit Various Princes (Mounted, on foot) Various Mages (mostly on foot) Separately, I have a small Orc and Goblin force. I'm starting with two units of 20 x Moonclan w/ spears. Looking for suggestions on the next unit(s). I've got: Moonclan Archers 6 x Stone Trolls 10-15 Squig Herders 20-30 Squigs 5ish Squig Hoppers Giant 30ish Savage Orcs Start Collecting: Ironjawz 30ish older metal Black Orcs 30ish older plastic Orcs Last question. Anyone have any tips on converting a few BFSP models into netters? Alternatively, anyone have any advice on where to pick up a small (4-6) number of netters for prices under eBay? Thanks in advance!
  24. I love collecting and painting heroes for Age of Sigmar and have amassed many more heroes than one would ever reasonably need for army selection. Recently I have been painting Age of Sigmar heroes with magical abilities. Be it Wizards, Mages, Priests or other spellcasters. I thought it would be fun to share my latest additions and also the rest of my collection. The Alchemist and the Acolyte I am currently working on a Hurricanum for the 'Age of Santa' tournament in December. While the Hurricanum has a little way to go, I did manage to finish off the crew already. These are fantastic sculpts by GW and it was too much of a shame to have them permanently glued into their carriage so I magnetised each so they could go on foot too (something I did with my Steamtank Pilot as well). I hope to play a narrative game in the future with these on foot, (perhaps escorting the acolytes to safety from a town under siege!) The Slaughter Priest This is my free Slaughterpriest from White Dwarf. I was over the moon to get this with the issue as I have been daydreaming about collecting a small Bloodbound force for a while. I was really happy with how he came out, especially the snow on the base which was made from mixing Baking Soda with PVA glue. He was entered into the TGA painting competition and although I failed to make a splash, I was lucky enough to win a box of Gorechosen (thanks @Ben!) which is being worked on as I type this. Archmage This model was also given to me for free, and it is one of my favourite sculpts from Island of Blood. The paint scheme was taken from an image search (which I often do if I find a good one). I wasn't too happy with my attempts to glaze the armour, but overall the finished model came out nicely and won me 3rd place on DakkaDakka's monthly painting competition. Wizard Collection To finish, here is my total collection of Wizards (so far). The Necromancer is sometimes used as an Amethyst Wizard (named Cornacaprious in my army lore; a Death Wizard slowly being corrupted by the necromatic magic of the book he carries). The old Alarielle is a great model despite the bad resin (unfortunately I did not straighten the staff before painting), which I often use as a Lore of Life wizard. Moving forward I already have more wizards in the works. A Bretonnian Damsel (to again be used as a Lore of Life wizard) is on my painting desk now! Thanks for reading! - bottle
  25. My first Kurnoth Hunter finished. It was a great model to assembly and paint and i`m very happy with the result. More image on my blog: