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Found 187 results

  1. Pre-Event Warm-Up – Kenny Lull of Combat Phase podcast – Invasion of Ghyran [Table 1] I opened the event weekend on the night before the official event with a warm-up game with Kenny Lull of Combat Phase podcast fame. Kenny has been playing straight Fyreslayers since last year and was on track to get his 100th game of pure Fyreslayers during the weekend event. Kenny was also giving the new Fyreslayer points a test so I jumped at the opportunity to help him get to 100 games and try the new points out! We played on Table 1, which was the beautiful Invasion of Ghyran table with the stunning Tree of Life. Order was tasked with defending the Tree from my nurgly Horned Legion. The objective was to end the game with more models next to the tree at the end of turn 5 while there was a secondary objective of accumulating points from three grail objectives. The foot slog across the whole length of the table was a long walk for Nurgle. Luckily the siege was able to keep pressure on his force and continue to clear off the secondary grail objectives near him. He had two tunneling units of 25 Vulkites but I was running enough units that I was able to spread out and stop them from deploying anywhere behind my front lines. He wisely brought them up in turn three because I think I could have continued to spread my 30 man units out and potentially deny him the ability to bring either unit up at all. We had a pretty straight-forward clash right under the boughs of the tree but there wasn’t enough time to really widdle the Fyreslayers down enough, especially with 50+ battleshock-immune models with a ward save popping up late during turn 3. The game ended with a win for Kenny after a grueling fight. While I think some of the Fyreslayer point adjustments were needed, my suspicions about the new Vulkite costs were confirmed. I think 60 points is too low for 5 of those models. They should have stayed at 80 for 5, or only dropped to 70 for 5. While 70 would be unusual, Plaguemonks are at 70 points per unit for example. At 120 for 10, you would be getting the arguably best generic Battleline unit in the game with a potential 4+/4++ saves, 2 attacks per model, 4+/4+/-1/1, 5 mortal wounds on the charge, and the ability to deepstrike with a hero (for 80 points) that also grants wound rerolls. Oh, and they get to reroll one of their charge dice to land that 9-inch charge after dropping. Oh, and they have a short range ranged attack on all of this for a couple extra wounds per round. This is a discussion though for another post. The game was a blast and Kenny was a great opponent. I’m glad I was able to help him in his push to 100 games with pure Fyreslayers (right at almost the 1 year anniversary of the army nonetheless)! If these new points stick, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m heavily considering a FS army, or at least a meaty contingent for battleline.
  2. I currently run an all Clan Pestilens list, and this is a thread to write down tactics, strategies and spread the dirt.
  3. Im New to age of sigmar just picked up the generals handbook and the grand alliance chaos book and starting to plan my first army for 2000pts. Im liking a Mortal Nurgle theme with Pestilant skaven. Heres what im thinking so far: Blightguard formation: Lord of plagues Rotbringer sorceror 4 units of 5 putrid blightkings Pestilant Clawpack: Plague priest 3 units of 10 plague monks Plague Furnace This takes me to about 1700 just unsure what to add to it thinking of getting the skaven starter set which would give me a plagueclaw that i could add to it to get a bit of range or i also like the looks of the bloab rotspawned. With being new to Age of Sigmar wanted to seek advice from experience players on where to expand my list or if any changes they would make?
  4. I’m finally back from Holy Wars 2017 and what an experience it was. My birthday was on the Friday leading into the event so I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate it than spending a couple days rolling dice on beautiful tables. I’ll be doing a series of blog posts over the next couple days regarding the event, the armies, and the tables/scenarios. In this first blog, I’ll cover my own force and briefly discuss the event. When I decided to go to Holy Wars this year, I wanted to lean more into the hobby/narrative aspect (which is what the event is really about) and less into the competitive aspect. Vince and I took a hard-as-nails list to Holy Havok 2016 team event (where we tied for best overall) and I wanted to do something a bit different. So, for this event, I built my list out of models that were narratively compelling or aesthetically pleasing in my Horned Legion force rather than necessarily strictly competitive. For example, while I initially considered including a third set of 5 Blightkings in my force sideboard with my last 200 points, I decided to instead go with my converted Nurgle Warshrine. It is a fantastic aesthetic centerpiece to an otherwise heavy infantry force and it exudes the character of Ghur where the Blighted Legion is stationed in their keep of Mireguard. Each player was told to bring 2500 points although each game was only 2000 points. This gave me quite a bit of flexibility in deployment to customize my army to what I was staring down. This ended up being a much greater boon than I had anticipated. So the list I ended up bringing was as follows… 140 Harbinger of Decay - Harbinger Gulgath the Pustulant
 240 Be’lakor, Chaos Daemon Prince
 160 Sayl the Faithless
 120 Chaos Sorcerer Lord on Chaos Steed (Nurgle)
 180 10 Warriors of Chaos (Nurgle) w/Full Command – Handweapon/Shield 360 10 Putrid Blightkings
 180 30 Chaos Marauders (Nurgle) w/Full Command and Icon – Axe/Shield 300 30 Plaguebearers of Nurgle 300 Hellcannon
 180 Plagueclaw 200 Chaos Warshrine (Nurgle) 120 10 Chaos Furies (Nurgle)
 My standard deployment would be my four heroes (560 points), 10 Putrid Blightkings (360 points, either in two 5s or one 10), Hellcannon (300), Plagueclaw (180), and 20 Marauders (120), 10 Marauders (60), and 10 Plaguebearers (100) for battleline. This would leave 200 points for summoning either the remaining 20 Plaguebearers, Chaos Furies, or a mix of Plaguebearers and Chaos Furies. I ended up doing surprisingly well with this force in the matched play although my focus on the narrative/hobby aspect paid off as I was privileged to receive the event’s highest honors, the Hammer Hobbyist award, which is given to the player who embodies the hobby and everything the event is about (painting, narrative, etc.). It was a fantastic experience overall, and in the immortal words of anonymous Yelp! reviewer #87: "Five Stars - would do agin". In future posts I’ll do some brief game summaries, provide shots of all the tables/scenarios, and the attending armies.
  5. Converted from a slaughter priest, bits from Destruction and bits from blight kings
  6. Converted from a slaughter priest, bits from Destruction and bits from blight kings
  7. Converted from a slaughter priest, bits from Destruction and bits from blight kings
  8. I've been working on my Nurgle Rotbringers army for awhile and the first batch of troops is basically finished (some small base work and detailing to be done) with only 5 days to go before the Holy Havok team tournament. I figured I would share the force here for those that might be interested with the the hope that it might inspire some ideas for folks. The current force is: The Glottkin Bloab Rotspawn Chaos Warshrine (Kitbashed) Harbinger of Decay (Kitbashed) 15 Putrid Blight Kings 30 Chaos Warriors Hellcannon I have another Hellcannon on the table that just needs its highlighting and glow effects that should be done by the end of the week. I have a number of other units I'll be adding here as I finish them. Sorry about the bad lighting on these photos; I'll try to get some better ones up later for those interested. Enjoy!
  9. I have a Maggoth Lord model that I'm planning to magnetise, so it can be run as any of the 3 available lord options. What I'd like to know is which one do you think is the best from a gameplay standpoint? And not just which one is the best, but which one gives the most flexibility in terms of army composition, and what does each one synergise well with?
  10. Daemonic reinforcements have arrived to the corrupted spires of the Mireguard, with still more on the way. Joining the ranks of the Horned Legion are the maliciously adorable Nurgle Chaos Furies (kitbashed) and the pustulant plague bearer horde. Keep your eyes open in the coming weeks. More is on the way in the coming weeks as well!
  11. I just finished up my Nurgle Chaos Furies kit bashes and I'm super happy with how they came out. I'd love some feedback if people have suggestions. I'd also be interested to see what other folks have done with their Furies if they've likewise built some. Enjoy!
  12. Hi all, So I am working on my first AOS army, which is going to be nurgle, mostly daemons to start, due to the start collecting boxes and then maybe branching out from there, not looking to go to any tournaments just play with buddies or down at the local stores. I have a few start collecting boxes and boxes of Plaguebearers and one magoth lord box. the list I was thinking of is LeadersMorbidex Twiceborn (260)Herald Of Nurgle (100)Herald Of Nurgle (100)Great Unclean One (240)- GeneralBattleline30 x Plaguebearers Of Nurgle (300)30 x Plaguebearers Of Nurgle (300)10 x Plaguebearers Of Nurgle (100)Units3 x Nurglings (80)3 x Nurglings (80)3 x Plague Drones Of Nurgle (220)3 x Plague Drones Of Nurgle (220)Total: 2000/2000 I figure that gives me alot of tough bodies to hold objectives, a little speed in the drones, the GUO will give me some buffs and I just love Morbidex's ability to add more Nurglings while also being a beat stick. Please let me know what you think, I eventually want to add the Glotkin and some blight kings along with maybe a daemon prince. thanks for the feedback.
  13. Welcome to the first Legacy of Ink and Blood entry. Posed shot during match set-up: Warriors of Chaos enter the Blood Forest. Terrain from the Fanticide Range by Architects of war / Alien dungeon (R.I.P.) Scenario Setting: The Realm of Life is steadily growing poisoned, tainted with the blight of Chaos and their troops who revel in miasma and disease. Vast black shardes of volcanic rock have jutted from the despoiled lands once lush with green. Many portions of the majestic forest have withered and fell to decay. Once a haven for the Nobler races, their people now wage war at the borders attempting to stifle the majority of the approaching armies. It is on the borders of Ghyran, in a key strategic location, where rival factions of the same evil ilk collide. Battle Report 1: Watchtower Scenario Chaos Grand Alliance Clans Pestilens vs. Clans Verminus Realm: Ghyran, the Realm of Life Matched play points per side: 800 After several practice games using Stormcast Eternals and a smattering of different Aelves and Khorne units, my friend Phil and I felt well versed in the rules of AoS. It was time to begin our consecutive ongoing battles. Phil's army consisted of primarily Clans Verminus Battle line units, but included Rat Ogres and others from various Skaven hordes. Since any units under a Grand Alliance are playable in an Age of Sigmar army, he was able to field the points despite having a rather modest collection for our first encounter. Despite being unde 1k, we followed the guidelines of the Generals Handbook for a Vanguard sized game. These smelly beasts were led by a Skaven warlord as well as a Wizard. A Doomwheel accepted the role of his main heavy-hitter in the fight. My Pestilens chaos force was led by Epidemius, and consisted of Plague Bearers x 10, chaos Warriors x 20, some Hounds and the like. A giant gargaunt, intoxicated and unpainted, led my way. The watchtower Scenario is in the first Age of sigmar hardcover book. Phil was the Guardian with his Skaven infesting the objective with a unit of Clan Rats. In this case, the watchtower simply was replaced with a suitable piece of forest ground, affording removable trees for aesthetics. My Pestilens were the invaders. My objective was to eradicate and clear the woods, including using the Lure Them Out command ability to ensure success. We agreed ahead of time to end the game at the end of turn 4, as Age of Sigmar is a scenario based system and this would prevent a war of attrition. Whoever had the most models within the objective terrain would constitute the victor. As you will see reading on, this simple stipulation coupled with unique the command ability for each force produced a very climactic ending. Round One: As the Guardian, Phil placed an entire unit of Clan Rats in the objective to hold it firm. We missed in the instructions that he also could of included a Hero as well. While the back-placement kept him safe, make a note for your matches, as increased muscle up front is an important option for the defender. This was compensated, however, by the fact that he placed both of his separate Battleline units into one large group. We both made numerous rookie errors during this first battle, and they seemed to only enhance the fun! He opted as the guardian to take the first turn, and began advancing his troops to reinforce the woods. This was an important time for his placement, and he chose well, being able to see where I had positioned my forces on the opposite edge of the 4' x 6' table. For my deploy, Epidemius and accompanying Warriors of Chaos took the center, storming toward the skittering eyes of the defending rodents. On the left flank was the Gargaunt, and to the far right you can see my Chaos Hounds advancing with intent to engage the Doom Wheel and prevent it from supporting the central battle. With a move of 10" and a guaranteed run of another 6", they made impressive headway with that intent. This careful positioning and advancement adequately reflects the beginning of the battle. More to follow soon as these mutually repulsive armies clash in the second round! also forthcoming is a bit of fluff and backstory about our Hero's and their loyal troops. Thanks for reading.
  14. I want to add a flying demon prince to my Nurgle Demon Force, I am not a fan of the FW model and the GQ generic one is not nurgley enough for me. I have narrowed it down to these two alternates but can't decide. I would love to get others opinions
  15. Hi all, I am curious what you think about how the Nurgle Demons play. Most of their units seem pretty slow, 4-5". Does this make them a problematic army to play? I've heard people make this comment about the Orruks before. Are they simply tough enough to weather the shooting? Are games long enough so they can make it into combat?
  16. Hey guys and gals! Thought Id put up a blog here too to get some feedback on my minis and mayhaps some inspiration to get stuff done. I have a load of armies going on, some actually decent sized and some Im just pretty much beginning, even if I have a load of unbuilt minis for some armies waiting. These wont be in any chronological or w.e order and I tend to paint a mini from here and there, I seem to lose my interest in painting the same colours and minis from beginning to actually having something to call an army. So, I might upload a pic of a new dryad and next an Orruks Brute and so on But my back is killing me atm so Ill keep this short, pic time! First up are my speedpainted Nurglies, these are mostly done by washing and drybrushing with the occasional highlight. I painted these with a rather limited pallette, just to keep it simple and quick. The big guy himself The Lord of Plagues and my tiny Sorcerer I do have some close ups too if someone wants Blightkings Warriors Dragon Ogres, theres a third one too but its more or less the same. Ten of these doggies, all the same Then something with a bit more effort put into them, my few ready Stormcasts So there, some of my works Atm there are some Sylvaneth coming, whenever I have the time actually paint and my back has gotten better and whenever I get around to taking pics of the few Ive actually painted already and I have a pile of Orruks too, mainly Ironjawz coming sometime in the future. I have 5 or so 40k projects too but dont think ill be spamming them here, you can see some in my Instagram profile though, routaminiatures. Feel free to hit the follow if interested. I will try and keep this updated when I get stuff done, might take a while sometimes, especially if Im painting 40k. But enough jabbering, feedback is happily received, be it good or bad. -Routa
  17. Hi all, I'm trying to come up with a not terrible and fun to play mixed nurgle force. I have come up with a few ideas and I would like to get some feedback on these options and get some input from people who have played nurgle before. Epidemius Lord of Plagues Harbinger of Decay Rotbringer Sorcerer x2 plague Claws x3 10 plaguebearers x4 5 Putrid Blightkings Blightguard Battalion or Epidemius Festus Leechlord Harbinger of Decay Sayl The Faithless Great Unclean One Plague Claw 10 Chaos Warriors 2x 10 plaguebearers 10 putrid blightkings 3 Blight Drones or Epidemius Festus Leechlord Harbinger of Decay Morbidex Twiceborn Be'lakor or Great Unclean One Plague Claw x3 10 plaguebearers Chaos Spawn 6 nurglings x2 5 Putrid Blightkings Anyways I would love to hear some thoughts on these ideas I'm toying with.