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Found 220 results

  1. This entry is basically just to give a couple of group shots of the 500pts. I don't think the 20 plague monks I just finished are going to win any beauty prizes. but I'm certainly pleased with the way the force is shaping up so far. I'm Excited about the next deadline. Which is to add another 500pts to the whole thing, and should be announced during Today's hand in. I think next on my list for this is Verminlord Corruptor Plague Furnace 8 Giant Rats or 2 chaos familiars which should be 500pts on the button adding to this lot for the full 1000. also considering adding a bunch of Nurgle demons if I add anything to go for 2000, maybe some plague toads. -=R286=-
  2. So Deadline 1 had me painting Nurglich (Epidermis) and 10 plague censers. Model count 11 Deadline 2 currently consists of 20 plague monks (140pts) I know, but I am getting there slowly, I think this round may have to just block, dip and highlight. I hate painting non-character infantry. plus I still have 20 bases to do too. Fen beast (Beast of Nurgle) 60 pts. this is him not finished, but after his first dip in the quickshade. A bit more work and definition and he will look less like a sh*t demon, although, kind of appropriate for a beast of nurgle. The model itself is a Malefaux, bad Juju mire golem. This takes my total model count up to 32. which for a skaven army, isn't too bad. I was thinking for the final deadline, given we will have another 500pts to play with. I might go for a Plague Furnace, A verminlord and a couple of chaos familiars. the next hand in is this coming Monday, and I will pop up another entry to show you the finished results on these figures.
  3. Hello all, my name is Darryl and I am based in Kent, England. I have been a tabletop gamer on and off for over 30 years now, I have been playing AoS for just over ak year now, I gave up play WoW about 15 years ago due to a hectics work schedule and the rules becoming overly complicated. But with the introduction of AoS the fun has allowed back... 😁 I am primarily a modeller and my base army is Nurgle, as I feel, this has for me personally got the most modelling scope. I am looking forward to participating in the group and seeing what delights and knowledge can be shared.
  4. Hello all, my name is Darryl and I am based in Kent, England. I have been a tabletop gamer on and off for over 30 years now, I have been playing AoS for just over ak year now, I gave up play WoW about 15 years ago due to a hectics work schedule and the rules becoming overly complicated. But with the introduction of AoS the fun has allowed back... 😁 I am primarily a modeller and my base army is Nurgle, as I feel, this has for me personally got the most modelling scope. I am looking forward to participating in the group and seeing what delights and knowledge can be shared.
  5. Evening all, So with the exciting release of Skirmish I'm making a bespoke Warband to battle through the campaign. I thought I would track their progress and painting in this thread. The plan is to battle them through the Shadespire campaign, and then refine the list around 50pts for future matched play. Dependent on my painting speed this week I will be playing against stormcast for the start of the campaign. Just to start it off here is the group coming together, My intial list is; Lord of Plagues, 3 Marauders, 1 Plague Bearer. 25pts. The picture is missing the third marauder. Will hopefully get some colour on them tomorrow! Any suggestions or thoughts what I could add next? I'm worried about speed so have some hounds/knights lined up though I really would like to get my hand on one BlightKing too!
  6. I wanted to try playing some Nurgle (as a change from Ironjawz - I like green guys ) but did not want to get into Rotbringers. I wanted to get some basic advice. Also, the list down there represents more or less what I own (that's why the Chaos warriors got stuck in but I find their 5+ save against MW not bad.) LeadersGreat Unclean One (240)Great Unclean One (240)Herald Of Nurgle (100)Herald Of Nurgle (100)Battleline20 x Plaguebearers Of Nurgle (200)20 x Plaguebearers Of Nurgle (200)10 x Chaos Warriors (180)- Hand Weapon & ShieldUnits6 x Plague Drones Of Nurgle (440)6 x Nurglings (160)BattalionsTallyband of Nurgle (100)Total: 1960/2000
  7. After a lot of years and many many Armies in 40k and Fantasy i sold nearly all i had. But then Age of Sigmar arrived. and I like it a lot. Over the time i got more into it and especially loved the Miniatures. So here is my Plog about my Miniatures and Armies while i build and paint them. First of all my 2 Starting Armies: Stormcast Eternals and Nurgle Rotbringers with Deamons.
  8. Just making a thread where people can predict the rest of the years releases, and suggest the units they expect to come with them. Personally, with us being nearly halfway through the year, I think we can expect to see three more decent AOS releases. Based on rumours and my own speculation, plus the little teases we've had so far, I think these would be: - Nurgle (Daemons, Mortals and new stuff) - Deathrattle (Expanded faction) - Dark Aelves Nurgle The Nurgle equivalent of Blades of Khorne/Disciples of Tzeentch, this would include a new Battletome as well as a big release of new units. This would also coincide with a lot of 40K Nurgle stuff as well. It would collect Nurgle Daemons, Rotbringers as well as the new stuff. My prediction for units to be released would be: Great Unclean One/Bolathrax kit. Bolathrax was heavily featured in the Ghyran campaign so I expect him to be the named GUO variant. The GUO would have a few weapon options as well, sword/flail etc. Nurgle Marauders kit. The Bloodreavers/Kairic Acolytes equivalent. Probably tougher than the other gods Marauders, what with this being Nurgle and all. I imagine them to be almost zombies, like the state between Mortal and Zombie. Or a new Zombie kit would also work. Nurgle Warriors kit. The Blood Warriors/Tzaangors equivalent. Again, pushing the toughness motif to separate them from the other gods. Pestigors would be an amazing option. Nurgle Mage. Nurgle Hero. Nurgle Cavalry. These would be smaller versions of the Maggoth riders, or something similar. Perhaps even giant slugs. This, combined with the current Nurgle stuff, would make an awesome Nurgle release I think. Deathrattle This would go a long way to pleasing many Death players and it it coincides with the Shadespire release, it would be a great way to further the faction. We know there will at least be a new Skeleton kit coming out, so I think there is good odds this gets released. What I expect for this release is: Arkhan to gain the Deathrattle keyword and be included in the Battletome. This makes too much sense not to happen. Sepulchral Guard. Obviously these have been seen. I think they're going to be an Elite infantry unit, better than the average Skeletons. Maybe even 2 wounds a piece. Ranged Units. Skelton Archers would be a welcome boon to this faction. A new Bone Giant unit. Less Egyptian vibe and more a literal Skeletal Giant. Some form of catapult/chariot/other warmachine. A Skeleton Mage. This would really amount to only a small release, but it would sell like crazy to the starving Death players. Dark Aelves With rumours persisting that Dark Aelves are getting a release, and it will be a Chthulu inspired release at that, I believe we will see a Scourge Privateers Battletome. This would infuse the current range of Privateers models, but add even more seafairing units. Pirate inspired light infantry. Similar to Harelquins, these would be dynamic and agile units, capering around wielding cutlasses and the like. Musketeers. Shooting units with Flintlock pistols and other old school armaments. Hero unit. Mage unit. Cavalry. These would be sea monster/Chthonic creatures. A large monster/centrepiece unit. Perhaps a squid like creature. This would be fairly unique, and offer great customisation. So yeah, thats my predictions for the year. Three more Battletomes with new Models.
  9. I had this conversion knocking around my painting desk for a while as my Budget of Sigmar 2 Army got shelved as I worked on the Tzeentch army for the South Coast GT. I had always planned on it being the leader of the force. It is on a big 60mm base with the mystical rocks hanging around him. The conversion was done with the 40K Cult Mechanics hero and mixing it with Blight Kings parts. The most challenging part was drilling out the head to make the space for the Blightkings head. As I started painting it I was not very happy with where it was going which was why it never got finished earlier. However I was happy with how the overall scheme came out with a couple of provisos. The green rocks are probably too distracting and need to be smaller, but this is a change I am loathe to make because of the fact that they are metal and it would be a pain to do! The other is changing the colours of the tentacles under the model. The white is too bright and distracts from the rest of the model. I had some good feedback from Vince Venturella of Warhammer Weekly about changing them to a green, and I think he's right so that will be something that I will go back and sort out shortly. Otherwise I am pleased to get another Budget of Sigmar 2 model finished.
  10. With a slow grow league underway at my FLGS I decided to expanded on my current chaos devotion to the patron of pestilence. I will do my best to share my journey with a Nurgle based force while getting a larger input from the world wide community to help me be a "more better" painter/hobbier/gamer. Hopefully achieving the impossible and having a fully painted army simutaneously. without further ado here's my first completed model ... A BlightKing, the model that truly swayed me to Nurgle.
  11. Hey guys, I'm looking for some advice on my Nurgle/Pestilens List. I currently only have a pestilens start collecting box, so I'm just at the beginning stage of my dive into this army. Here's what I'm thinking Leaders/Heroes The Glottkin (480) Epidemius (180) Plague Furnace (220) Units 10 x Plaguebearers of Nurgle (100) 10 x Plaguebearers of Nurgle (100) 10 x Plaguebearers of Nurgle (100) 20 x Plague Monks (140) 20 x Plague Monks (140) War Machines Plagueclaw (180) Plagueclaw (180) Plagueclaw (180) 2000/2000 This is what I've been thinking but would really like some opinions on this. The Glottkin being our general here, his command ability should make our Plague Monks nice and nasty with the extra attacks as well as the +1 to wounds of the unit with Fleshy Abundance. Although this can only target one unit at a time, so I'm wondering if I should just go one big unit of Plague Monks? (30 or 40). Epidemius for Nurgles Tallyman, the models slain effects speak for itself. The plague furnace really only effects the Monks themselves. This is where I am torn. Is it even worth it? Would be fun to rush in and attack with, but maybe there is a smarter option? Bring in a unit of Plaguedrones instead? Plaguebearers although slow as hell I need for battleline. Although once in combat should be great fun, nice and meaty. Plagueclaws to shoot holes in units, give as much range as possible. Any thoughts, criticisms etc are welcomed! Really want to make a fun, but strong army list. I feel like I need Plaguedrones in there but I can't figure out what to drop for them!! Thanks for looking guys.
  12. So like so many before me in using this as a means of motivation. I started Wargaming as a wee nipper back when fantasy and 40k were about the only games readily available. Eventually I branched out to many, many other games and fell out of love with Warhammer. The new AoS didn't speak to me and I felt like Warhammer was dead to me. Then I actually gave it a try. I havnt enjoyed a large scale game (even at my initial 800 points game) since I played Warhammer all those years ago. So finally I decided I wanted to play the bad guys. I always end up playing the good guys no matter how hard I try. But lets face it old pappa Nurgle isn't that bad right? Anyways apologies for the random introduction. I'm trying to achieve an army I'm really proud of and stands out from the crowd. So I'm looking to get all the great painters on here to help steer me in the right direction. I've made a start on my first unit of plague bearers. I want them to resemble the art work of GW but be different, darker and more sinister. So any feedback would be greatly appreciated
  13. So, I'm putting together a list for a game. We're doing open play but using the matched points as a sort of guide. So this is my 1500-ish list of combined Nurgle and Death army. The Plague Zombie Rot Hoard 2 Units of 40 Zombies 1 necromancer on nightmare 1 wight king with black ax 1 corpse cart 1 unit of 10 plague bearers 1 unit of 3 Nurglings 1 unit of 3 Plague Drones 1 unit of 10 chaos warriors MoN 1 Lord of Plagues 1 Chaos Sorcerer Lord MoN What do you guys think? I think it looks like a fun list.
  14. Hi all, I've started writing my own custom rules for some of the AoS miniatures I own that don't have anything for WHQ yet. Starting off with some of the basics for Skaven. I'd love to hear your feedback! EDITED
  15. New plastic sculpts up close and last metal sculpts in the back.
  16. Last metal sculpts before the new plastics.
  17. I currently run an all Clan Pestilens list, and this is a thread to write down tactics, strategies and spread the dirt.
  18. nurgle

    Hi guys, I'm just in the process of starting a Nurgle mortals force just because I think the models are cool and would really appreciate any info you can give me, I currently own 15 Blight kings, 30 chaos warriors, Lord of plagues, Festus and a Rotbringer sorcerer. So what would you add in and why, lets say 1500 points. Cheers in advance Crow
  19. So with glazing you build up colour slowly in multiple layers effectively modifying your base coat. This means that you can get very different results by having different models or different parts of a model start at a different colour. If you want an example, think of putting some Agrax Earthshade on some Zandri Dust and then the same shade on some Rakarth Flesh. Same shade produces different colours on different base colours. So nurgle. Plague bearers all with slightly different base colours? Or all the same? What about those bases of nurglings? What would you do and why?
  20. My take on the old 'palanquin'.
  21. How's this list for general matched play purposes (i.e. Not a killer tournament list, but wanting to win some games)? Allegiance: Chaos Leaders Great Unclean One (240) - Trait: Lord of War Epidemius (180) Daemon Prince Of Nurgle (160) - Sword - Artefact: Chaos Runeblade Daemon Prince Of Nurgle (160) - Sword - Artefact: Chaos Runeblade Battleline 30 x Plaguebearers Of Nurgle (300) 30 x Plaguebearers Of Nurgle (300) 10 x Plaguebearers Of Nurgle (100) Units 3 x Plague Drones Of Nurgle (220) 3 x Plague Drones Of Nurgle (220) Battalions Tallyband of Nurgle (100) Total: 1980/2000 Should I reduce one unit of plaguebearers to 10 (so have 30/10/10) and add more plague drones, or keep it as it is?
  22. Hello everyone. I am new to the community, but not to AoS. I am currently playing AoS and AoS: Hinterlands in my local community. I have a Hinterlands campaign going right now and I also play regular AoS, mostly 1000 point games though. I am working on two Chaos armies as well as a Death army. I am also in the process of rebasing a Nurgle army that consist entirely of metal chaos miniatures from the 80's, with a scratch built war altar thrown in for good measure. I recently collected and painted it for playing 3rd edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle, but it turned out to not be to my liking so I am converting it over. I enjoy the AoS28 aesthetic very much and also enjoy gritty and realistic paintjobs. I consider myself more of a painter/modeler than a player.
  23. Hey guys and gals! Thought Id put up a blog here too to get some feedback on my minis and mayhaps some inspiration to get stuff done. I have a load of armies going on, some actually decent sized and some Im just pretty much beginning, even if I have a load of unbuilt minis for some armies waiting. These wont be in any chronological or w.e order and I tend to paint a mini from here and there, I seem to lose my interest in painting the same colours and minis from beginning to actually having something to call an army. So, I might upload a pic of a new dryad and next an Orruks Brute and so on But my back is killing me atm so Ill keep this short, pic time! First up are my speedpainted Nurglies, these are mostly done by washing and drybrushing with the occasional highlight. I painted these with a rather limited pallette, just to keep it simple and quick. The big guy himself The Lord of Plagues and my tiny Sorcerer I do have some close ups too if someone wants Blightkings Warriors Dragon Ogres, theres a third one too but its more or less the same. Ten of these doggies, all the same Then something with a bit more effort put into them, my few ready Stormcasts So there, some of my works Atm there are some Sylvaneth coming, whenever I have the time actually paint and my back has gotten better and whenever I get around to taking pics of the few Ive actually painted already and I have a pile of Orruks too, mainly Ironjawz coming sometime in the future. I have 5 or so 40k projects too but dont think ill be spamming them here, you can see some in my Instagram profile though, routaminiatures. Feel free to hit the follow if interested. I will try and keep this updated when I get stuff done, might take a while sometimes, especially if Im painting 40k. But enough jabbering, feedback is happily received, be it good or bad. -Routa
  24. Here's my painted Everchosen army. 2k on the nose - thanks to the DoT Gaunt Summoner on foot being 20pts cheaper than the disc version! Hope you like the army. I have it for sale on eBay right now as I'm clearing space for a new painting project (either my FEC or my 4 mammoth chaos army 🐘) Link to eBay auction Khorne armour is tamiya clear red over a ruddy red, silver, red + purple glazed basecoat. nurgle armour is martian ironearth for a lovely cracked paint, rusty effect - painted over with some ruddy oranges. Slaanesh armour is dark purples with gloss varnish on the plates to give a laquered effect.
  25. Greetings all. So I'm just getting into AoS, and looking to build a Nurgle army at 1000 points to start. Any suggestions on a list? Ideally daemon focussed, since that's what I've got most of, but I'm open to anything really. Doesn't necessarily have to be pure Nurgle either, but that's the way I'm inclined at least.