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Found 32 results

  1. Welcome to the Innaugural monthly Kitbash/Conversion Challenge If you're looking for the Complete projects thread its over here I have stolen this idea wholesale from the people over at bolter and chainsword, It has had some success there and I hope that it shall over here. This months theme is chaos. Using any plastic GW miniature create a chaos champion/ general on foot (that is any hero model from the chaos grand alliance that is on foot) The Rules (stolen wholesale from bolterandchainsword) 1-The finished model is not to be painted the conversion should be bare plastic/metal/resin/greenstuff stealing a few small pieces from painted models is okay though 2 It must be identifiable as the unit it represents , preferably with all the weapons and artefacts that would be on its warscroll. Of course if a few things are missing or changed rule of cool applies 3 *redacted by order of the knights excelsior* 4 Green stuff can be used from individual components and gap filling all the way up to a full scultp 5 Each entrant can post multiple entries without limit 6 You must declare participation a minimum of 24 hours before posting your completed model over in the completion thread (a bit of head start is allowed but i don't want models you've been working on for years painstakingly sculpting each individual component posted in the completion thread competing with stuff people have cobbled together this month) 7 1 calendar month build time so anything built between today (22/02/2018) and one month from now (22/03/2018) 8 Have fun How to enter In this thread post the following "I (insert your user name here), undertake this months challenge to build at least one chaos hero unit" In this thread feel free to post WIP pictures and trade ideas but once you have decided to declare your model as complete post it over on the completion thread with the following statement "I (insert user name here) declare this as one of my entrants in the chaos hero challenge" And a series of 5 photos 1 Front view 2 Right view 3 Rear View 4 Left View 5 Dramatic angle Once the challenge closes I will run a poll to decide and audience favourite as the grand champ and I'll declare a personal favourite as well.
  2. Welcome to the Innaugural monthly Kitbash/Conversion Challenge If you're looking for the participation/wip thread its over here I have stolen this idea wholesale from the people over at bolter and chainsword, It has had some success there and I hope that it shall over here. This months theme is chaos. Using any plastic GW miniature create a chaos champion/ general on foot (that is any hero model from the chaos grand alliance that is on foot) The Rules (stolen wholesale from bolterandchainsword) 1-The finished model is not to be painted the conversion should be bare plastic/metal/resin/greenstuff stealing a few small pieces from painted models is okay though 2 It must be identifiable as the unit it represents , preferably with all the weapons and artefacts that would be on its warscroll. Of course if a few things are missing or changed rule of cool applies 3 *redacted by order of the knights excelsior* 4 Green stuff can be used from individual components and gap filling all the way up to a full scultp 5 Each entrant can post multiple entries without limit 6 You must declare participation a minimum of 24 hours before posting your completed model over in the completion thread (a bit of head start is allowed but i don't want models you've been working on for years painstakingly sculpting each individual component posted in the completion thread competing with stuff people have cobbled together this month) 7 1 calendar month build time so anything built between today (22/02/2018) and one month from now (22/03/2018) 8 Have fun How to enter In the participation thread post the following "I (insert your user name here), undertake this months challenge to build at least one chaos hero unit" In this thread feel free to post WIP pictures and trade ideas but once you have decided to declare your model as complete post it in the completion thread with the following statement "I (insert user name here) declare this as one of my entrants in the chaos hero challenge" And a series of 5 photos 1 Front view 2 Right view 3 Rear View 4 Left View 5 Dramatic angle Once the challenge closes I will run a poll to decide and audience favourite as the grand champ and I'll declare a personal favourite as well. Bonus points for my choice will come from using using basic kits rather than hero units as a base
  3. So inspired was i that i finished our converted wight king from yesterday and painted him Not half bad right
  4. Chaos warriors part 1

    3 little chaos warriors sitting in a box A nice cheap way to get involved with the hobby, also not as open to conversions as other boxes but we still have options Swapping heads is always quite easy and by using a plume from another unit you can add eldritch fire and make a Wightking with tomb blade Looks pretty good imo I used one of the other ones to make an inquisitor I have one more to go and I'm not sure what I'll turn him into but I'll think if something
  5. Nice Objective Markers

    Does anyone have any good looking objective markers or ideas for some? I've gotten sick of using blank bases
  6. So first up we have my chaos lord, the Black Khan. Converted from a varanguard! Don't get too excited with my love of mongolian naming, not sure if the warband will end up having any mongolian aesthetic to them (though would be great if I could manage to find some ways! Perhaps some nice hats!) Next we have the darkoath warqueen, she and her marauder march alongside the khan as part of his Warband, interpreting the portents of the gods and cutting down any who stand before their thunderous march! No conversion on this girl as I really like the base model. Then we have the marauders! These boys have a slightly gladiator theme to them because I saw some conversions done before and then I saw the blood reavers and I couldn't resist making some characterful marauders to bring numbers to the horde!! Happy with how these guys are turning out so far. I might try adding robe bits to my warrior and knight conversions when I do them. After all what golden horde is complete without horsies?? Might try freehanding the total war mongolian banner symbol onto them when I paint them. Have been wanting some kinda mongolian themed chaos boys and girls for aaaages Probably going to use knight bodies for the warriors to allow easier posing and converting, will play around and see. Regardless I'm looking forward to having a fun little band!
  7. Chaos cultists, part 1

    The chaos cultists have shown up in more blanchitsu articles than almost any other model (lord of plagues being the most common one, the amount of times that guy has shown up is almost comical). So let us see what AOS heroes can be made from within the exceptionally cheap box. Well the most obvious hero I could think of was the necromancer, with a few skulls, a wildwood ranger head and some other bits, one can make a passable necromancer. We still have 4 models to go in the box but I'm going to increase my bits box slightly before I commit to any more conversions. Next time: more chaos cultists
  8. Hey folks, So I've recently been struck by an interesting idea for some slaanesh conversions. I've been thinking about how I might be able to make some cool mermaid/siren/nautical themed slaaneshi models. So I'm considering either using greenstuff or waiting for the DoK gorgon models and making some mermaids to function either as hellstriders or as fiends of slaanesh (alternatively spear gorgons could be used for helstriders due to spears & can use daemonette models & sculpt fish tails for the fiends.) However I'd also like to try and come up with other ideas for demonette and slaanesh models in general to keep the fun nautical theme. Can easily add fish tails and possibly gills onto my seeker mounts but no idea whether there's anything I can do for regular demonettes? (Besides possibly adding the fish bits onto their existing tails like with seekers) I'm also open to using some 3rd party mini's like reaper for cool characters or monsters e.g. demon princes. Or parts for building some. The main thing is wanting to go for rule of cool so I'm totally open to conversions for units that aren't considered too good as I'd love to have characterful models regardless
  9. Hey everyone, recently i'm working on a 2000 points list of skaven skryre, so since it's about a lot of gunny, crazy models, i thought it would've been good to get some feedback about the project! Tonight i finished building up and painting an old Warplightning Cannon i had already finished; but since i'm not too fond of the weird triangular "structure" they based the whole model around, i just turned some bits around, so that it would look more like this.. It still needs the whole crew, and it has to be based. Anyways, i'd love to hear what you think of it, and since i'll have to re-base a lot of models, i'll probably be uploading quite some pics through these days, but the real wip and paint fun should be a bit ahead, like two or three weeks from now. Hope you like this first conversion anyways! I add that i've just completely made up the name, like right now, and i don't have any idea about the background, so, i'll be trying to write something down asap
  10. Back to storm of sigmar again

    So I finished the bootleg knight questor. Next time, we have the chaos cultists box.
  11. The idea for this project arose shortly after the Daughters of Khaine teaser video was published. There had already been some discussion around the Greek influences evident in the Malign Portents Shadow Queen video and the new teaser reinforced those thoughts. I tried to think of different ways I would paint the new models, but my mind was suddenly consumed by the image of a Greek temple. My initial thought was to do a faithful, 28mm scale representation of a historical Greek temple. I quickly did the math, however and came to the conclusion that such a building would consume nearly 1/4 of a 6'X4' battlefield, so that was clearly out of the question as I wanted a functional piece of terrain. I got to doodling (I am by no means an artist, so please be gentle) and sketched this basic design: After thinking through the basic dimensions, the next step was to find the columns. After doing some research I headed to the local crafts store and bought these: They are designed to support tiers on a wedding cake, but they are durable plastic, fairly inexpensive and perfect scale. That's all for now! This weekend I'll be hitting the hardware store for some high density foam insulation for parts of the structure, and a piece of MDF for the base. Then on to the art supply store for some foam board for the roof. Morathi is an unforgiving Queen and she'll accept no excuses if I have not completed her temple by the time she returns to the mortal realms.
  12. Step 2 : Plague Marines

    you see plague marines? i see a multitude of options... buy multitude i mean 3 with 3 easy to build plague marines and some bits and too much time with a damn pocket knife and pair of clippers one can create a Lord of blights A lord of Plagues And a putrid blightking Or just 3 putrid blightkings, with more skill and some green stuff these options could be even better. Cost of the official models Lord of Blights $40 aud Lord of Plagues $22 aud Putrid blightkins $18 per model (box of 5 for $40) our cost $25 plus bits
  13. Hey there folks! So I've had a bit of hobby block recently with My Age of Sigmar order army. I'm building a mixed army using the Hammerhal allegiance, though it is a free city of my own design using the Warhammer community free city builder(https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/09/26/make-your-own-free-city-the-easy-way-sep26gw-homepage-post-4/) . But I just can't seem to think of how to put things together, especially since order is made of so many factions broken up and after seeing images of Chris Peach's Hallowguild and Duncan Rhodes' Solakian Guard (https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/10/04/converting-your-own-free-city-oct-4gw-homepage-post-3/), I would very much like to make my army look more 'Age of Sigmar' than Warhammer fantasy. I'm not sure how to achieve this though with the newer kits looking so much better and in some cases slightly larger scale than the old ones. I would like to ask how you guys have converted or painted up your armies in age of sigmar, please post images if you can! It would be awesome to see everyone's work Also apologies for my bad writing skills, it really isn't my forte!
  14. Step One: Storm of Sigmar

    The storm of sigmar box is a good value little box and pretty decent gateway drug into age of sigmar, unfortunately all the models within are of the "easy to build" variety and i thought had limited options for conversion, That was until i started tearing them to Pieces and cutting all their limbs and heads off. So what parts do i have out of the box 2 retributors 3 Liberators 3 Blood Warriors 5 Blood Reavers What can we make out of these? Firstly the stormcast models are all sort of based around the same set of Chassis either a liberator or retributor body and from that base we can build quite a few of the stormcast heroes Firstly, the most easy is the knight questor We can see that the base is pretty much the liberator prime So after some cutting and filing and with a spare power sword and a pretty unnecessary head swap As you can see i did some stuff to the other liberators but they may soon have their bodies scavenger in order to make something else Next up we have the retributors and they are pretty versatile Forming the base for the Lord Relictor and the knight vexillor Among others but seeing as you only get 2 retributors in the box As for the bloodbound we've got some fun stuff you can make lords of chaos or khorne skullreapers Wight kings And Sigmar War priests/ excelsior warpriests So for out of a $55 australian, box I have wrung approximately $232 aud of heroes which all look adequately fancy and I've still got a few units to mess around with As to where this blog is going now, I've got my eyes on the easy to build Plague Marines box and some chaos warrior parts we'll see where it leads. Know of any kits that are perfect for turning into other stuff? Know of any kits full of bits I can use? Know of any cheap kits that just kinda maybe look like more expensive ones if you squint? Then tell me in the comments and I'll muck around and see what I can do.
  15. There is no doubt that we have chosen a hobby that is more expensive than most drugs, but should this stop us playing the game? I say NAY! Don't have the money to buy that hero you have your eye on? Want to create a hero that looks unique? Have a fairly large bits box/ have a friend that does? Well this is the thread for you! In this forum thread i'll be posting cheap (relatively this is warhammer after all) ways that I've discovered to create hero's that will either result in you owning more models than you would if you just bought the hero but for the same money, or having said hero but spending less (and hopefully ending up with more models) Also the reason I've made this a forum thread rather than a blog is because i want other people to post their ideas so i can steal them.
  16. Hello everyone, I've been lurking here for a short while, watching all painting and modelling threads. Slowly trying to stay motivated and keep paiting, I've had lot of trouble finishing units/models, this year however it got a little better. Firstly, here are my first 3 stormcasts out of 5, but after number 3 I ran out of motivation. All 3 separately and family photo. Secondly my 3 Screamers, I experimented a lot on them, mainly with the horns, which I painted for the first time, still not sure how to do them. First is the Alpha screamer, then other 2 and family photo Next I'm onto painting a blood warrior, hopefully I'll have some photos soon. Any comments are greatly appreciated
  17. So in order to avoid me spamming the malign portents tale of ?? With all my project photos I have instead decided to make a topic to share my painstaking tribal themed daughters of khaine conversions with you all! These are trying to be designed with both being a fun army project and also a first forray into AoS28 with some of them, trying to capture character and a bit of a dark edge in the girls (painting is gonna make all the difference I think) Anyway without further ado here are the girls so far!!
  18. After a failed attempt to seriously get into AoS a while ago which was totally overrun by the release of 40k 8th edition, I'm back into the AoS train! And this time I've actually bought an army as a proof I'm here to stay : I'm going to do an army either usable as Hosts of Slaanesh or as Daughters of Khaine, thanks to the similarities between the models and a liberal use of greenstuff and magnets! The fluff idea behind them is a bit twisted, they'll basically be the remains of a dark elf Cult of Slaanesh from the old world that supposedly turned to Khaine when Malekith rose, but still the cult remained beneath the surface and, when the End of Times came and Morathi revealed her true allegiance again, they returned to the Dark Prince in search of power. However, in the Mortal Realms, with Slaanesh gone, and the cult of Khaine divided, they turned to a new master, Malal, the Renegade god, who promised them the power they had lost. Because of this they're the Divided Host, followers of three powers but not entirely of none, which fits perfectly the Invaders trait of the Hosts of Slaanesh. I've already posted my lists in both the Let's Chat threads of the Daughters of Khaine and Hosts of Slaanesh, but also wanted to have a thread to post the AoS version of the models (you can check my thread at the Bolter and Chainsword for 40k-related things, daemons are usable in both systems after all), and that's why I'm posting here. I've already finished a Cauldron of Blood/ Chariot of Slaanesh. The chariot version can either be used as a Herald on Exalted Seeker Chariot: Or as a non-Exalted Chariot by removing the seekers and extra armour on the sides, which are magnetised: And then there's the Cauldron of Blood version, which exchanges the lash for a chalice and adds... well, a cauldron of blood, as you could expect: It's all done based on the Cauldron of Blood box, which is a truly amazing kit and I couldn't recommend it more. I've basically turned the staircase outwards, the rack that should hold the frontal wheels upwards with two steeds of slaanesh chained to them and the armour plates that normally are beneath the stairs I've put on the sides with another two steeds, this ones with daemonettes riding them. The steeds are all done with a press mold of the classic Juan Diaz sculpts and retconned a bit with greenstuff to differentiate them and fix the many errors that a press mold leaves. As for the witches/ daemonettes and the hag/ herald, I've carved off the nose and the "tiara" they have so that their faces are like the old daemonettes, converted the boots into clawed feet and changed a knife to be held sideways, mimicking the shape that a daemonette claw would have. Also the Herald has a magnetised arm that can either be used with a Flensing Whip or a Witchbrew, and maybe I'll make a Deathsword option later on if I need to. What I'm debating right now is about how to paint them, though I more or less have a scheme thought: I still need to try a more human-like skin tone, though I like the one I did here a lot, so will probably end up with it anyways. My main doubt right now is with the hair, should I paint it white, black, black with white points? Any opinion would be appreciated! Other things I'm contemplating are the colour of the eyes, I'm tore between glowing green and pure black; and will try different tattoo patterns later on to see how they look. Also take into consideration that the one on the left is mostly finished, but the right one isn't. Anyways, hope you like it and comments and constructive criticism are always welcome, hope to update with more models soon!
  19. I've long been an admirer of the Table Top World terrain - it always appears to be excellent quality and well detailed terrain. Some of it is very expensive, but they have a few pieces that are more reasonably priced, and one of these is the Windmill. It turned up quickly and was well packaged, with all the pieces securely packaged inside the main building section. The casting quality is very good as well, and there was barely any clean up needed. I had a plan for the base that I wanted for the windmill, which was to place it onto a step which was surrounded by some of the excellent ribs from Gary M on Twitter. You can see here how it would be situated. It was important that there was a lot of space around the windmill as I had a little plan for it, so raising the height seemed like a good idea. In the photo below you can also see some the other death terrain pieces in their earliest stages and showing how I generally lay out terrain at the beginning of the process. Once I had cleaned up the Windmill I started on the conversion process. I ordered a very small motor from Pimroni that had a rotational speed 14 rpm. These come pre geared so all you need to do is add a battery pack to them. I ordered a 6amp circular battery holder from Ebay to power the motor and this was attached simply using a few wires and a terminal block. It didn't matter which way the batteries are connected to the motor - all this does is change the direction the motor spins, so you really can't go wrong. Mounting the motor inside the windmill was slightly more challenging. The top of the windmill is cast separately which is a good start, however I had to drill out the hole for the spindle to go through. I replaced the spindle with a small piece of wooden dowel which I drilled on a centre lathe to ensure the holes were located accurately. I drilled a small hole all the way through so that the sails could be mounted and pinned to one side and the other could be pushed on to the spindle of the motor. I then mounted the motor on some hard board and glued it into the top of the windmill. Once I'd done some testing to make sure that everything worked well I glued a ring into the top of the windmill to allow that to be rotated as well. To paint the windmill I used some spray paint and gave the whole thing a few cots of dark grey, light grey and white to pick up a lot of the raised detail. I sprayed the top brown, and didn't worry too much about over spray on this as it would just add a bit of variation on the stone. Once it was dry I washed the whole thing with various different colours and made sure to dry brush the whole thing. This picked up all of the great texture on the model . I was able to selectively wash various stones with blues, green and browns which just adds a nice amount of variation on the piece. I then carefully sprayed the windows with a bright acid green paint to do a glow effect. The Sails had to be painted by hand and took a bit of time, but I didn't spend a great deal of effort. Once this was done I was able to finish mounting the model onto its base. Overall I was happy with the colour scheme and the overall look, and hopefully it will be well received by players at the event this weekend.
  20. A Quick Basing Method

    For some people, basing miniatures is one of the biggest grinds of the hobby. You lovingly paint an entire unit of miniatures, set them out and admire your handywork, then realise you've now got to base an entire horde of skeletons. You want it to look as good as the rest of the mini, so you're not prepared to go half-arsed, but you also don't want to spend your life painting shrubbery. As someone regularly faced with such a conundrum, I devised a pretty rapid basing method, that still comes across looking really good, yet takes me roughly 2-3 minutes per miniature. Here's an example of the finished article, before people think I've just covered the base in red paint: All you need is: A pot of brown paint (Steel Legion drab, or any other brown - even black!) PVA Glue Modelling Sand A pack of grass (Mordheim turf from GW in this instance) Agrax Earthshade Paint brush Guide: 1. Paint the rim and the edge of the top of the base desired brown/black. Repeat for each model production line style. 2. PVA glue the top of the base, and dunk in modelling sand. Leaving miniature in sand whilst putting glue on the next one. Take first mini out, tap off excess sand, put to one side. Repeat for all models. 3. Ensure PVA is dry on first mini, and then dab Agrax Earthshade all over the sand liberally. Sand will turn a deep muddy colour, leaving larger stones a washed sandy colour. Cover entire top of base. Repeat for each model. This is the most time consuming part, taking a good half the time. 4. Once dry, stick a tuft or two of Mordheim Turf on the base. 5. Admire. This is the method I use, and it is absolutely rapid. If anyone wants to share methods they use, go ahead!
  21. Going all Blue Peter

    On Wednesday we had our first Skirmish campaign at work, which was great fun to get several small games in the same evening for a change. Terrain seemed important so i looked around and put together this quick project that I did over three evenings - mainly to allow for drying between each stage. The work each evening was quite small. Stage One Looking around I finished off a bottle of sparkling water and that seemed the perfect base for a kiln/chimney for a small workshop building. With a few pieces of foam card I roughly formed the shell of the building and stuck some thin wood pieces over the joins to hide the connections. I then piled up filler around the base and let it set overnight, I forgot to take photos at this stage. Stage Two I cut up a box into small square to use as roof tiles and bricks on the chimney and stuck them all over the correct places to give some form. I used the box folds to create the gutter looking areas. Greenstuff was used to create the thicker brick stucture at the top and add some sticky out bricks. Stage Three Once dried and after a quick cheeky spray, to create a more realistic finish I rubbed astrogranite debris over the 'bricks' so that it collected in the gaps between the squares to get a mortar look. And sand and glue mix would probably of worked too. Once that was dry - it was pretty fast i thin just splattered on some paint quick and built up some fast layers of drybrushed highlights. Gave that a few minutes to dry then started working washes over the model. the final touch was some flock and tufts... Final touches were a couple of random assets from the bits box. I hope that gives some ideas for quick and easy (and very cheap) terrain
  22. Hi everyone, I finally decided to start AoS seriously with the awesome release of the Kharadron Overlords, after playing a bit with my dispossessed, seraphon and slaves to darkness (oh my, do those names still sound weird to me...) from my Fantasy times but not being really satisfied with neither. So I decided to make my own sky-port, Barak-Val, the Halls of the Fallen (Valr meaning "the dead", "the slain" or "the fallen" in old norse), a sky-port hidden in Shyish, the Realm of Death, in where outcasts of the Kharadron Overlords society and sometimes even other duardin go with the purpose of starting a new life in where they'll try to redeem theirselves by killing the foes of their race and amass big fortunes to be rich in the afterlife. They are fiercer than the other sky-ports, partly because they used to be the worst of their people and also because they want to be redeemed in battle, and it is frequent for them to organise raiding parties to seek glory and treasures, attacking unfortunate groups in the ground who call their attention. The army will have a heavy Viking theme: the fluff, the names, the conversions (of which there will be plenty) and the paint scheme, as I've always liked Norse mithology and just got further motivated by the Vikings serie. Additionally when I saw those ships I immediately thought of flying steampunk drakkars, so I was very pleased when I discovered that the army indeed had a pirate theme going on which could easily be transformed into what I wanted. At the moment I'm waiting for an Start Collecting box or other bundle with a discount before buying something, though maybe I'll end up getting an Arkanaut Company if I get impatient, but for the meantime I can always sculp my heroes from scratch: So I'm pleased to present you Egil Skallagrimsson, the Khemist-Skald or the Raging Poet, a famous Aether-Khemist renowned for not only suffocating his enemies in a cloud of toxic gasses, but also for then charging into their broken lines axe in hand, while singing and rhyming about their deaths. A lot of layers and waiting have been needed to sculpt this model as, even though he's far from having as much detail as the original, he's covered in cables, vials, and various vials. But even though it has taken a lot of time I'm quite proud with the final result, will soon get him painted to test out schemes. I can't wait to paint his back-pack, I'll be trying a lot of effects on the different parts! I included a pic from above to show the bowl, which is recollecting some sort of alchemical substance, as it doesn't shows from any other angle. "As their skulls lay open, their bones are broken. They will soon run away, defeated by our ancient ways. They're the enemies of the gods, I will delighten in their frightened sobs" Egil Skallagrimsson I know it is quite terrible, English isn't even my first lenguage, but I just had to do it :P. So, any feedback will be appreciated, as well as ideas for the models to come and different paint-schemes!
  23. Flesh Bases - Advice?

    So for my Slaanesh Dæmon army, I've decided to try and do "flesh" or "skin" bases. Maybe some body parts, chains, wounds, pools of blood — but mostly just stretched/wrinkled skin. As in, the actual ground is being turned into living flesh beneath their feet/hooves/claws. I'm pretty sure I can handle the painting side of it, but I'm not sure how to go about modelling/texturing — any advice? I could try sculpting each base by hand with greenstuff, but if there's something I can easily paint on and leave to dry (eg. one or more of GW's "texture" paints), it would save a lot of time on the big blocks of dæmonettes. I guess I'm looking for something that dries mostly smooth, but with wrinkles — kinda like how thickly applied Agrellan Earth looks before it dries. I'm open to suggestions.
  24. I recently bought a box of Stormcast prosecutors and am planning on building them up with javelins (I know they are arguably less effective than hammers but I really like the look of them). Only snag is that I've somehow lost the instructions. I'm sure I can work it out but I don't want to ****** anything up and then have a big job in trying to sort it. I don't suppose anyone has a PDF or photo of them do they?
  25. After Blood and Glory last weekend I came home pumped up for some new and exciting Hobby challenges. The first thing I decided to do was create my very own Oak of Ages to be the centrepiece of a new set of Sylvaneth terrain. I've purchased a Grassy Plains 2 FAT mat and I realised I didn't have any 'green' terrain to go with it. So I started raiding the terrain bin.... A while ago I'd bought a big piece of Aquarium terrain to make a realm gate with, and I knew that my son had collected some twigs and sticks recently that were drying on the porch outside the house. With these as a basis I started gluing things together. I had an old 6" base from my free wood elf wood from 8th edition which was the perfect size for a base so I mitre bonded the tree stump down. I then Dremmelled some bits off half a realm gate to make it roughly fit the gap that was in the wooden piece. I added some random playbark to hide some of the gaps and then started applying cheap air dry clay to add texture. To make it look like bark I used a piece of playbark to texture it and push it into the gaps. This was much faster than using a sculpting tool. When the clay was dry I went over it all with watered down PVA as the clay doesn't always stick as well as you would like. The next job was to stick on some big sticks to the stump to start making the canopy. I just mitre bonded them in place, trying to find places that had gaps and grooves tap they fitted in to. Once these dried I used a pack of Woodland scenics tree armatures to make all the smaller branches. I just went round the tree drilling small holes in and pushing in the tree armatures. Once dry these need twisting and shaping. Even after this they don't look too realistic at this point, but hopefully foliage will help cover this up... I then attacked the whole thing with spray cans. I just sprayed it in bursts with all sorts of browns, greys and whites and then dry brushed areas. I'm going to come back to add more detail later so I wasn't too worried about how this all looked. I just wanted it all blended together and all the air clay covered up. The only thing I tried to do was make sure that the realm gate part was lighter than the rest of the tree. All of my Sylvaneth have a lot of foliage and plants on them, so this was always going to be a very green, summery looking tree. I couldn't use my usual stuff though (Woodland Scenics fine foliage) as it is £17.00 a pack, and I'd need quite a bit for the tree, making it prohibitively expensive. Instead I ordered some wire wool. To start with I piled it on, but after some Twitter feed back from @Bishmeister and @Painted by G I teased it all out a lot more so that I ended up with a much more natural look. I then used an entire can go green spray paint to undercoat the wire wool. Before feedback: After Feedback: When that was dry I went out into the garage, got a big mixing bowl and started making a bowl of tree flock, pretty much exhausting my clump foliage stocks! I used quite big clumps and a variety of sizes and textures. I then went round the tree a bit at a time covering it with spray glue and tipping the clump foliage on. Once the whole tree was covered I gave it a good shake, turned it upside down and went over any patches that I had missed. Once I was happy I then sprinkled over some fine turf mix as well to even up the coverage and fill in any small gaps. Once this dried a bit I mixed water and PVA together and poured it into a spray bottle and generously coated the whole tree. This should make it fairly durable. I'll also add some matt varnish as well as I want to eliminate any shine from any PVA glue that has ended up on the tree itself.