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Found 111 results

  1. Whilst I am hopeful for 2018 I am getting a sense from community members over here is the USA that the lack of releases for Matched Play AoS will lead to a drop in players and more people straying from the game. Have you felt this in your community? Are you feeling this? I wanted to get a broader outlook on this situation some feel where we have not had a Battletome release since April and is this causing a slowdown in players? Look forward to hearing others thoughts on this.
  2. Game 6 new BoK army v Slaanesh Slaves of Darkness

    Hi all, Game 6 with my new-ish Blades of Khorne army versus my friend Tom and his all Slaanesh Slaves of Darkness Chaos Army.... Great game and a Chaos Legion face off - Khorne v Slaanesh, rival Daemon hatred but who won?!!!!?? It was a great and close game, and we played Starstrike mission, 2000 points matched play. Tom was running a Slaanesh Invaders list with; Sayl, an Exalted Keeper of Secrets (EKoS), a Chaos Lord on Daemon Mount, 10 Slaanesh Chosen, a Herald on Exalted Chariot, 2 x 5 Hell Striders and 2 x 30 Daemonettes. My list was the same as I took the last 3 games, and is below. Tom's list was a great and solid looking list, tons of rend and and super fast moving.. It mirrored in a way my Blades list, as a bit of a glass cannon in parts, quick and hard hitting with lots of rend, but a majority 5+ save. My deployment was standard again. Central blocks of Bloodletters, Both BT's central, all characters central ish, Blood Reavers covering my characters and rear, and Blood Warriors on each flanks. I took first turn with only 6 drops. Here's some of the highlights and learnings: -Turn 1 I powered up my IRBT and he shot out the ranks and was in Toms face straight away, catching him a little off guard. In total I managed a 24"+ move run and charge (10" charge helped) and went into a unit of 30 Daemonettes on my right flank -The IRBT had Crimson Crown on him, and as he had 2 Killing Frenzy's also it means hitting in 2's and extra attacks on 4's instead of 6's... He killed 23 Daemonettes in damage and then the remaining 7 died / fled in Battleshock -His remaining 7 Daemonettes before fleeing, chipped some wounds off the IRBT -This left Toms left flank open a little, and left my IRBT a bit vulnerable but it was a gamble and a risk -Tom made clever use of the Hellstriders and the Exalted Daemon's -1 to hit, as at some points I was at -2 to hit, and made a huge impact on my army and buffs -I inevitably lost my IRBT to the EKoS and whilst I got 2 Blood Tithe points from doing the whole flank attack thing, I sacrificed 260 points for 270 points but took off a unit of Daemonettes. They were a huge threat and can run and assault would of swamped my units in rend attacks and extra attacks on 6's -The Stars / objectives fell in the centre, and on my right in both our deployment areas -I went first in turns 1 and 2, and Tom went first in turns 3,4 and 5 -Having not learnt my lesson lol, next turn I threw my WoKBT into his second unit of 30 Daemonettes and did 18 wounds and earned a Blood Tithe point (Immense Power and Mark of the Bloodreaper) -The Blood Tithe table is great and levels 3-5 are huge and can make a real difference, especially as you can do it at any stage in your opponents hero phase.. A couple of times I burned them to allow a free move, of to pile in and attack in his hero phase -Slaughterpriests did nothing lol.. Turn 2 they both failed their Bloodboil prayer even with rerolls, and then turn 3 they both failed again even with rerolls!!!!! I really needed it turn 3 too, as I could of killed off the EKoS and freed up a unit doh! -The Bloodletters were great and did there job, as they killed off the ENoSin the end and anything else they faced In the end 2 Hellstriders and about 6 Daemonettes camped on objectives in Turn 5 and got 10 points.. Tom was clever as the Hellstriders fell back out of combat, but forwards then moved and ran next turn to get on the other objective in my deployment area.. Had I rolled a 3 on the WoKBT to wound for his Bloodflail I would of killed them off it!! Likewise in combat the WoKBT killed some Daemonettes and Battleshock would of killed them off, but.... He rolled a 1 and 5 odd came back!!!!! That sealed the game there lol... In the end it was a 24-19 Victory to Slaanesh, and ended my 3 game win streak lol. It was a great game, great opponent too.. Model wise I had quite a lot left, including nearly a full strength Bloodletter unit, WoKBT, Characters etc, whereas Tom had about 6 Daemonettes and 2 Hellstriders left... I just ran out of turns and mobility! I am not going to change anything in my list, think it's a great list just user-error at the minute lol! Am really happy with the army synergy, and the Bloodletters are just badass they go through anything you point them at! The learning and practicing continues!
  3. Old battalions

    Hey guys, so, there are warscroll battalions with points still in the Azyr app that is not available in the ghb2k17. Are these still legal in events? Here are a couple rules that point to “Yes”. just wanted to sure! Thanks guys!
  4. Greetings from Sigmar IV (Northants)

    Hi all, We are pleased to announce the details of our next AoS event. This is our fourth AoS event and is open to 40 players. It will be matched play, 3 games and 2000 points. We are based in Irthlingborough, Northants, with great access from the M1 / A14 / M6.. Tickets are £15, via PayPal as friends: warpbrothers82@gmail.com The full rules, missions and player packs will be out shortly, or alternatively please find us on Facebook and we can add you to our events page.. Please search for Greetings from the Warp, or Greetings from Sigmar. We also have an AoS Weekender in July coming up too!!
  5. Events UK: Greetings from Sigmar IV (Northants)

    Event Title: Greetings from Sigmar IV (Northants) Event Author: Greetings from the Warp Calendar: Events UK Event Date: 02/25/2018 12:00 AM Hi all, We are pleased to announce the details of our next AoS event. This is our fourth AoS event and is open to 40 players. It will be matched play, 3 games and 2000 points. We are based in Irthlingborough, Northants, with great access from the M1 / A14 / M6.. Tickets are £15, via PayPal as friends: warpbrothers82@gmail.com The full rules, missions and player packs will be out shortly, or alternatively please find us on Facebook and we can add you to our events page.. Please search for Greetings from the Warp, or Greetings from Sigmar. We also have an AoS Weekender in July coming up too!! Greetings from Sigmar IV (Northants)
  6. Events UK; Greetings from Sigmar IV 25 Feb 18, Northants

    Hi all, We are pleased to announce the details of our next AoS event. This is our fourth AoS event and is open to 40 players. It will be matched play, 3 games and 2000 points. We are based in Irthlingborough, Northants, with great access from the M1 / A14 / M6.. Tickets are £15, via PayPal as friends: warpbrothers82@gmail.com The full rules, missions and player packs will be out shortly, or alternatively please find us on Facebook and we can add you to our events page.. Please search for Greetings from the Warp, or Greetings from Sigmar. We also have an AoS Weekender in July coming up too!!
  7. Game 7 new BoK army v Slaanesh Invaders REMATCH

    Hi all, game 7 with my new-ish (can I still say that now?) Blades of Khorne army, versus Tom Meaker and his Slaanesh Invaders Slaves of Darkness army… REMATCH from last week! Over the weekend whilst drinking responsibly I challenged him to a rematch and grudge game lol!! Was this a wise move – who would win this epic Daemon Legion show-down? Lol grab a cuppa, this is a long one…!?!? We played 2000 points, matched play and Knife to the Heart mission. I took my usual Gore Pilgrims list, backed up with double BT’s that I have run for last 4 odd games now… Tom took the same list as last week with a slight tweak; Sayl, an Exalted Keeper of Secrets (EKoS), a Chaos Lord on Daemon Mount, 10 Slaanesh Chosen, 2 x 5 Hellstriders, 20 Daemonettes and 2 x 30 Daemonettes. I still think this a cracking list with loads of buffs. Highlights and learnings were= - I went first as I only had 6 drops - In the end T1 I went first, T2 he did, T3 I did, T4 he did, T5 I did - This time my deployment was slightly different, as I had both BT’s apart, with the WoKBT more on my left, and the IRBT more right centre - Bloodletters were more off centre too, with the normal characters centre of my off-centre deployment, and Blood Reavers to the rear and Blood Warriors to the flanks - Tom deployed his big blocks of Daemonettes mainly centre but perhaps around 30” away, with a meat shield of a line of 20 Daemonettes in front around 26” away (I think he was scared of a T1 charge lol?!) - T1 and T2 for me was little action, as I wanted to try something new / different and instead I moved units more around the flanks and opened up my centre, having a big block of Bloodletters sitting there - This movement and tactic really confused Tom lol, and he spent ages trying to figure out what I was trying to do - His T2 he went for the trap, and moved some Hellstriders and teleported his choppy Chosen onto my left flank aiming for a charge on my bait and WoKBT. He also moved his scary EKoS from the middle towards my right flank, which meant he had 2 blocks of Demonettes in the centre unsupported - T2 he charged his Chaos Lord into my Blood Warriors on my right flank, and supported them / debuffed me with his Hellstriders and -1 to hit - T3 I open my Portal for the first time, and I swung my WoKBT from the left flank into the middle aiming for his Daemonettes, and leaving his units on my left a little out of it for a turn, though I only managed a 1” run lol!!! My plan was Lord of the Blood Hunt on himself and to do a mega run and charge and fly over to the back of his lines and attack from the rear… - I then managed to fail some central and key charges on my 30 Bloodletters and my IRBT, literally think I needed like a 7 or something at the most!?! - Over on my right, I charged my block of Bloodletters into his Chaos Lord and his Hellstriders - Bloodletters totally fluffed against his Chaos lord, however the Blood Warriors managed to take 4 wounds off him, leaving him on a single wound doh! - Bloodletters then also whiffed against the Hellstriders lol - In the centre, the WoKBT missed with 4 attacks / hits on the Daemonettes, only killing I think 12 in the end (but I got a Blood Tithe for my ‘Mark of the Deathdealer’ artefact) - By T3 also, the Slaughterpriests proceeded to fail their Bloodboil Prayers (again), having only managed to cast it once in 4 attempts over 2 turns - By this stage also, due to the new Slaanesh GHB2 artefacts and rules means up to 3 Characters can use their Command abilities, so Tom was cleverly casting Inspiring Presence all over the place and this was key in keeping his Daemonettes alive for so long in the centre - T3 his turn I lose the centre lol… - 30 Daemonettes pile in and attack twice on my IRBT - Wave 1 lol the 30 Daemonettes attack the IRBT with 41 attacks (25mm bases), generating 18 more attacks due to EKoS one game effect of hitting on +1 meaning they hit on 3's (generating extra attacks on 4's) - I have 23 saves to make on a 5+, and fail exactly 14 - Dead IRBT - My WoKBT swings back against the other unit of Daemonettes, killing 12, but they're piling in and attacking twice (dam you Chaos Lord and dam you 25mm bases lol) - 37 attacks back, 14 extra attacks, 20 Total wounds, 16 fails - Dead WoKBT - T4 he goes first, and at the end of his hero phase I burned 6 Tithe points for Murderlust and to charge from my right flank into the centre to tie up his Daemonettes - Rolled 3" failed change / needed a 6 noooooo what a waste!!! - Got counter charged by EKoS with Mystic Shield on - In the centre his battered 2 units of Daemonettes go into my main Bloodletter unit - Another bonus 14 attacks and more Bloodletters die… - The EKoS killed 19 Bloodletters wowsers he’s a monster – that’s my right flank totally gone now too lol!! - By now the whole centre’s a bloodbath as there are Bloodbound Characters in combat with his Chosen, the last of my Bloodletters taking on 2 units of battered Daemonettes and his Hellstriders… His EKoS is still loose and a menace… - Khorne go to work and we kill everything off, apart from 2 Hellstriders dam you lol… - T5 I go first, and by now he has an EKoS on full wounds and Sayl hiding controlling his rear objective - I burn more Blood Tithe points for a free Hero pile in and kill off the last Hellstriders, meaning I can now try and get back onto the centre / right so I can then take on the EKoS - I get a charge off on the EKoS and do 10 wounds, and then he kills literally whole unit and all 14 odd I had left… The end… Scores on the doors at the end of the game was I had left 570 points and he had left Sayl and his EKoS and 620 points. We both started at 1980 points so kill points he killed 50 points more than me.. Turn 5 I made a key mistake and charged his EKoS with some Bloodletters as thought could do 15 wounds. He had Mystic Shield on for 2+ save and I only did 10 of the 15 wounds needed… That meant I threw away a 270 point unit, whereas because he was probably in charge range, I should have fed him a cheap character or something instead doh! Slaanesh is a very good counter to Khorne, as whilst we build up out hit modifiers they can easily negate them. Bloodletters and Daemonettes are the same in terms of save and so on, however Bloodletter can hit more easily, however Daemonettes can hit more. The EKoS and the artefacts they have, and being able to lay down double hit modifiers can be brutal when played right. Great game and lots of learning!
  8. Game 5 new BoK army v Seraphons

    Hi all, Game 5 tonight with my Blades and had an epic super close great game versus my mate Paul's gorgeous Seraphon army.. 2000 points Matched Play, and I ran a Gore Pilgrims based list (below). I love Seraphons too so was really looking forward to this game, and we had plenty of trash talk leading up to it🐸 We played Starstrike, and went 5 turns 🏆 He was running a Starpriest, a Skink Priest, a Sauraus Sunblood, 15 Sauraus Guard (love these 😍), 2 x 20 Skinks, some Camelion Skinks, some Teradactols, a Stegadon and 2 Bastilidons with chaos hating lazers... I did my normal-ish deployment with the Bloodsecrator dead middle, Stoker and Priests central and within 8", Bloodletters in centre left and centre right, double BT's central too, and Warriors and Reavers protecting flanks and rear.. He went 1st on Turns 1-4, and I managed to win priority on Turn 5. The pieces of stars came down on my left / his right in both our deployment areas, and directly in the centre in no mans land. Great game, highlights and learnings were= - Paul rolled a 6 for priority for 3 turns running wtf haha?! - He also rolled a double 6 for BOTH Bastillidons in the same shooting phase and incinerated my Bloodletters😂 - Turn 1 he Teleported his Stegadon onto my left flank and charged 5 Blood Warriors.. He rolled really poorly and they were locked in combat for like 4 rounds I think in the end, with the Blood Warriors finally winning!!! - Blood Warriors are fantastic, such a good little unit and can really dish out the pain, as on the other flank they ended up killing the Saurus Sunblood through attacking when they die😂 - Double BT's hunting in a pack is deadly, as its such a big target and threat you just can't ignore them - Not sure if have got the right load out on the BT's yet, for example was good trying out 'The Mark of the Bloodreaper' but didn't really happen for me.. I think the Immense Power on the WoKBT is a keeper, and the Crimson Crown on the IRBT also - Bloodletters wow, they just don't seem to let you down!! They do their jobs and can really dish them mortals out.. A unit of 25 odd went into his 15 Saurus Guard and killed them just through the Mortals (they got 17 mortals from 47 attacks, as had Killing Frenzy plus plus on them etc) - I tried the Banner on the Bloodsecrator that allows units within 8" to reroll charges.. Whilst wasn't game changing it did allow a couple of charges that would of failed so defo something to try again... Game went 27-25.. Super epic, top game, loved it!! Blood for the Blood God, we came and we took some scalps lol!!
  9. Event Title: CanCon - Call to Glory Event Author: MrCharisma Calendar: Events Australia Event Date: 10/16/2017 12:00 AM to 10/16/2017 12:00 AM Cancon 2018 will mark its 40th anniversary and the Heralds of War podcast will be looking to crack 100 AoS players, making it 1 of the biggest events at CanCon 2018. In 2017, AoS had 65 registered players and was capped by the venue. I think we'll easily exceed! Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/484840655208445/ Tickets: https://www.festivaldirector.com.au/events/cancon/ Players's Pack: http://heraldsofwar.com/documents/cancon-players-pack.pdf Tournament Organiser: @klunc CanCon - Call to Glory
  10. Game 4 new BoK Army v Brayherds

    Fresh from an unexpected win v Slyvaneth the week before, I played a mates lovely and super themed all Brayherds army.. The armies gorgeous and is mental! Literally 130+ horde army, chariots and monsters too!!? We played Duality of Death, and I used a slightly tweaked list from last week!! I went into this game not knowing what to expect, as the player has loads of experience and events under his belt! First off lol, wow Beats move fast!!!! Them running and charging caught me off guard, and the whole outflank thing too!?! Chariots coming on from my board edge errrmmm?? I did my normal deployment, with BT's in the middle, 2 blocks of Bloodletters central and Blood Warriors on my flanks and the Blood Reavers protecting my characters and rear.. I went first has only had 6 drops, and then he went first on T2 and T3.. -Bloodletters were fantastic again, and just tore through anything they touched wowsers -The Slaughterpriests were great with Killing Frenzy bugging either the BT's or Bloodletters, and the 30" portal is so powerful -Bloodthirsters again were savage, and whilst lost the IRBT between them they were huge threats Turn 4 he called it as by then he had no characters left, and only a few models left.. I had only lost about 25 Bloodletters in total, few Blood Warriors, the IRBT. The synergy in a Blades army is insane, when it all comes together and all the buffs stack and support each other wow, it's pretty mindblowing 🎲 Learnt loads more about the game and the army.. loving it😍 Next up is Seraphons and teleporting Bastilldons and lasers 😂
  11. Game 3 New BoK Army v Slyvaneth

    Hi all, game 3 with my new Blades army.. Wowsers well that was unexpected!? Played Duality of Death and got a Win!! Wasn't a high scoring points game, but just went though his army , couldn't believe how strong Khorne was / is and totally an unexpected result! Went in thinking I was going to get my third loss on the bounce lol! I used a new list below, Gore Pilgrims with double BT wowsers so powerful! He had a Wizard, Treeman Ancient, Drycha, 3 x 3 Hunters, 30 Dryads and 2 other units, and was using a couple of Warscrolls.. He also placed 4/5 Woods to start with and had few more ready to go too. My WoKBT was General with Immense Power (I can really appreciate how hard this makes him now!!), and my IRBT had Harvester of Skulls and +1A (made a big difference!).. Highlights were how well both BT's did! The IRBT did 9W on Drycha and she was then killed off with some Bloodletters, and he then next turn did 9W on the Treeman Ancient! The Portal, Killing Frenzy, and the extra Attack made a huge difference on him! A rule question came up however around the Bloodystokers Whip - is it +3" on both run and charge, or do you choose which one, or is it both!?! He had some wounded Hunters left, and I had a WoKBT, loads of Bloodletters, all my Reavers and Warriors and a couple of characters!! Love the game what a wicked army ☠️
  12. Blades of Khorne Warscroll Battalions musings..

    Hi wise blood council.. Wanted to pick your brains on Warscroll Battalions and some thoughts been having.. Below is my current list kindly helped and shaped by @Killax and you all from a previous thread.. However in the absence of gaming, have been watching loads of Bat-reps and cannot wait to get into it and start rolling dice, such an awesome army! In the current meta of teleportation, sewer attacks, deep striking and so on, do I really need the Murderhost Warscroll, as it seems a lot of the time the enemy will come to me..!? Am just thinking am paying 120 for it, whereas the enemy could easily snipe or even assault the Herald from it, and effectliy null and kill the buffs.. Agreed prob my fault as poor deployment, but hopefully get the idea..!? Likewise I might just not even get the first turn and have Stormcast all around me and not need the speed Daemons... I only ask as likewise, in a fast Murderhorde 1st turn moving army, it feels like the Bloodsecrator then is at odds a little, as he needs to be stood still for the effect. So with Murderhost, my first turn most of my army is perhaps forwards and out of his bubble, meaning he might need to move and advance then 1 to keep up, which then doesn't give me the buffs where I need turn 1..!? On some bat-reps been watching (and have watched a lot lol)big units of Bloodletters are being savaged on Battleshock too, so is 3 x 10 better than 1 x 30 discuss!? More board control, more Blood Tithe points, also means enemy has to work harder, howered is less hitting power assuming all 32mm bases can get within 1" etc.. The Blood Host of Khorne for 220 is super expensive, but for 100 extra points over the Murderhorde you get it every turn (assuming models are left), and it can be a huge benefit killing units in your Hero round, boosting Bkood Tithe, then allowing further Hero round buffs and then a normal movement phase thereafter.. I like the Council of Blood too, however at a min of 890 investment it's a bit expensive at 2000.. I know Killkax and you all have prob covered this a thousand times lol, but it's good to talk and I love this army as it has so much depth to it! What do you think wise council of boood, lol or have I been watching too much telly lol!?!
  13. New Bok Army; Game 2 x Tzeentch

    Hey wise blood council.. Another game another loss lol!? Whilst got battered was closer this time at 14-9.. I don't know exactly what the Tzeentch army was, but had Lord of Change, some Heralds, Magistar, and mix of mortal and Daemon sorcerer, some Tzangor Enlightened on Discs, a Warscroll, mix of Pink / Blue / Brimstone Horrors and few other bits.. It seemed a really well thought out list and he's a good mate too, and know he can handle the list.. The synergy seemed awesome as everything gets buffs within 9" and so on.. I took this list as wanted to test out Flesh hounds and the Murderhost Warscroll Battalion again.. On the whole my dice sucked lol and couldn't roll above a 2!!?! That said had some glimmers of hope here and there..By end of the game and by comparison, he had used all 9 Destiny Dice, and because his LoC had some Vortex, he was rolling so hot think he had got 7 back by end of game too lol! Tzeentch pack sooooooo much dakka it was obscene lol. I was getting confused as the amount of shooting he did in and out of combat in his hero phase, then on top of the normal shooting phase 😂 So the Murderhost... mmm!! The Bloodletters unit #1 rolled a 12 for the move couldn't believe it!! Then I whipped them and then did the WoKBT Blood hunt command ability.. in my combat phase they then rolled double 1's so they just ran out of steam and sat there lol!! They then took 18 mortal wounds in shooting and I had lost the unit by end of the turn as were counter charge by Brimstones of all things!! In the other pre game moves, the Herald rolled a 3 in total, so great, and Bloodletters unit #2 also moved 3!! Some observations= Murderhost doesn't work in this list, think it needs to be balls deep in Daemons or not al all 2 games in now and still haven't pulled off a charge with any Juggernauts, so either am using them wrong or other armies are faster than gave credit for Juggernauts did seem pretty durable however and soaked up loads of Fire etc.. Wonder what the Brass Stampede would do..!? Double BT's mmmm, both whiffed and an Insensate Rage BT got killed my a Lord of change and couldn't kill it in what 3-4 rounds of combat I don't know of double BT's are worth it, as both games they haven't been the 590 points of pure killing power thought they would of been Bloodsecretsors are handy in combat!! Flesh hounds seem great in paper but meh Blood Warriors were prob my best performing unit lol I am playing Slyvaneth on Tuesday so that will be interesting.. Not sure what will do to the list but might give it one more chance before back to the drawing board and change stuff.. What would you wise council suggest..!?
  14. If you're looking for AoS in London, then head down to the South London Legion any Wednesday afternoon. This week again features a number of 1,000 point games as people are practising for a tournament in Brighton at that level this weekend. Woop woop. The Magmic Mice will be playing their second league game against The Zharr Dhrath - Matt's Chaos Dwarf team in our Bloodbowl League. There are a whole bunch of games taking place - plus some people are exploring 40K for those interested. We're also starting one or more Firestorm Campaigns at the circa 1,000 point level. I'm dusting off the Fyreslayers #FluffChoice #TheHairIsTheOnlyFluffyThingAboutThem. @Thanatos Ares @Leonardas @Bowlzee There will be the usual mixture of 2,000 point games going on. If you have a smaller force, then someone should be happy to give you an introductory or demo game as well. Give me a shout on the forum or post below and I can add you to our AoS WhatsApp chatroom (74,800 messages and counting). You can find us here: Croydon Conference Centre 5-9 Surrey Street Croydon Surrey CR0 1RG @sthlondonlegion
  15. CanCon - Call to Glory

    Cancon 2018 will mark its 40th anniversary and the Heralds of War podcast will be looking to crack 100 AoS players, making it 1 of the biggest events at CanCon 2018. In 2017, AoS had 65 registered players and was capped by the venue. I think we'll easily exceed! Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/484840655208445/ Tickets: https://www.festivaldirector.com.au/events/cancon/ Players's Pack: http://heraldsofwar.com/documents/cancon-players-pack.pdf Tournament Organiser: @klunc
  16. Blades of Khorne list; fast moving Cav army help..

    Hi all, been lurking a while and loving the Blades of Khorne book.. Would really appreciate your collective and wise feedback on this list.. Idea is to use both Murderhost and Bloodthunder Stampede warscrolls.. Matched Play; 1990 points 2 x Herald of Khorne of Jug Chaos Lord on Jug Herald of Khorne 6 Bloodcrushers 3 x 10 Bloodletters 2 x 5 Flesh hounds 3 x 3 Skullcrushers At this point not sure on artefacts etc, or even if have got the right combo of Leaders lol.. General tactics would be to flank the 6 Bloodcrushers and Chaos Lord, and use the Murderhost warscroll movement buff to rush onto objectives and pick up some cheeky early points.. Versus Hordes mmm well not sure lol, perhaps multiple charges into big units etc..!? But rule of cool would look mega on the table and be a super fast army and think huge fun to play with!? What are your thoughts..? Thanks all, M
  17. Realm Wars Wednesbury

    Hello Everyone, WS10 Gaming are pleased to announce our 2nd Age of Sigmar event, called Realm Wars Wednesbury. This event will be held over the weekend of the 27/28th January 2018 and will be a 28 player, 2000 points, matched play, singles event held in wednesbury, west midlands. We have a facebook event page for the event set up which can be found here https://www.facebook.com/events/471243693262177/?ref=br_rs The rules pack for this event will follow soon, please comment if you wish to attend.
  18. Event Title: Realm Wars Wednesbury Event Author: Cap Calendar: Events UK Event Date: 01/27/2018 09:30 AM to 01/28/2018 06:00 PM Hello Everyone, WS10 Gaming are pleased to announce our 2nd Age of Sigmar event, called Realm Wars Wednesbury. This event will be held over the weekend of the 27/28th January 2018 and will be a 28 player, 2000 points, matched play, singles event held in wednesbury, west midlands. We have a facebook event page for the event set up which can be found here https://www.facebook.com/events/471243693262177/?ref=br_rs The rules pack for this event will follow soon, please comment if you wish to attend. Realm Wars Wednesbury
  19. FHGT Ironjawz lists

    So managed to narrow it down to 4 lists for this weekends Facehammer GT, I asked on twitter for people to vote and that was a blind vote on just the list names, however thought I'd also ask my Megabros here for comment and a vote but will put the lists up. The winner on twitter was "Troll-bagging" which was my own "Mork or head" choice but my "heart or Gork" choice " Maximum Effort" came a close second :-) p.s for some reason photo order is wrong so photos are 1,4,2,3 order sorry!
  20. Hi, I've been wondering recently about when do you actually give the artifacts and command traits to your characters in matched play/tournament play. According to the Battletomes (or at least the Stormcast one) you pick an Artifact after picking your general. However, according to the rules sheet: Also there's no mention of when exactly do you pick the command trait, but I'm guessing it's after you decide which model is the general. So according to all this, in matched play you should set up -> choose the general -> choose command trait -> choose artifacts Does that mean that when you enter a tournament, you do not have to provide a roster of your army with a general chosen, much less with your artifacts/command traits, and pick them (artifacts/traits) up once the battle begins? So in theory, in a 5 game event you could have 5 different sets of artifacts? I guess that would make sense. In a shooting meta I'd pick Mirror Shields and Lanterns of the tempest, which are hopeless for armies like Flesh Eater Courts or Ironjawz, who don't shoot at all...
  21. Good Evening All, So lately I've decided to rebase all the Brets I have lying around and have started thinking about putting together a decent list for 2000 points or so (damn the compendium risk, full speed ahead and all that). This has led me to considering all sorts of options, and one in particular that caught my eye is the Green Knight, due to his unusual deployment and resurrection abilities. The problem? I'm not sure exactly how his self-summoning works in matched play. For those not familiar with those filthy compendium units, here's the relevant rule: This raises a couple of questions regarding how he works in matched play: 1) Since he's summoned after the battle starts, the Green Knight would be paid for using reinforcement points. Does this mean he could be used in any Order army (e.g. Sylvaneth) without breaking allegiance so long as you set the required points aside? 2) If he's killed, disappears, and then is set up again... do you have to pay points for him again? My understanding is that you have to pay points if you set up a new unit, rather than healing an existing one. Being killed, removed from the board, and then set up again X turns later would seem to be a case of this. However, the "Summoned from the Mists" special rule specifically states that "Whenever he returns, all his wounds are healed." This strongly suggests that it is in fact the same Green Knight who is being set up, rather than a new unit, which (presumably) wouldn't require additional reinforcement points. Moreover, the Green Knight is a unique model - "only one of this model can be included in a Pitched Battle army" - so if you have to pay for him again and set up a new unit... you can't because you can only include the Green Knight in your army once. This leads me to two possible interpretations of the rule: 2a) It's the same Green Knight coming back each time, so you only pay reinforcement points for him once, subsequent set-ups are free 2b) It's a new unit being set up each time... but since you can only include one instance of the Green Knight he can only be summoned once To me 2a seems most in line with what's actually written and how the rule was likely intended to work, but I'm not sure if that's the actually the case - RAW, how do you guys think this very unusual character works? Thanks in advance for your input, and fire away!
  22. Do you build matched play lists that ensure no points are wasted, or do you leave points a side in order to (hopefully) secure a Triumph? If so, at what point in your list building process do you stop selecting units? 20pts? 40pts? 60pts? 80pts? I'm playing around with a 2,500pt tournament list, I'm currently sitting on 2,440pts, and I got thinking how other people approach this situation. Back in the old Warhammer fantasy days it was easy to build a full pointed army by taking magic weapons/armour/banners/etc or single models. As an Order player, I could add a Great Eagle,a Witch Hunter, Gryph-hound, restructure my force to squeeze another 20pts to add another 80pt unit, or just go in under pointed. I'd love to hear your process and thoughts on the value of Triumphs and if you take it into consideration while list building.
  23. Events UK: Greetings from Sigmar II

    Event Title: Greetings from Sigmar II Event Author: Greetings from the Warp Calendar: Events UK Event Date: 07/08/2017 12:00 AM We are are proud to announce the details our second Age of Sigmar matched play event on Saturday 08 July 2017. Poster to follow, however it will be 2k matched play, using missions from Generals Handbook. We will also be posting updates on our Sigmar Twitter feed.. @GFromSigmar.. £15 entry, paypable via PayPal as a gift please. warpbrothers82@gmail.com The address is: Huxlow Science College, Irthlingborough, Northants NN9 5TY Tables are GF9 Battlefield in a box and fully painted GW fantasy terrain, with gamemat.eu battle mat's.. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask or get in contact. Thanks all.. Greetings from Sigmar II
  24. I love skaven for having some of the coolest models and being the most range-focused chaos army (despite desperately needing some repacked kits and a comprehensive battletome). I kinda just wish that people weren't so obsessed with competitiveness. And this applies across the board, not just to skaven. Some people actively look to find exploitable loop holes and build broken lists just to win. It means people overlook some super cool models with really fun rules. I for example love lots of artillery and weapon teams (love those poisoned wind mortars) but I highly doubt my planned list would be even remotely competitive. Yet it would be fun to play against people with a similar non-competitive mindset. Stormfiends are a good example. I haven't glued mine together yet but I can clearly see that 3 warpfire projectors is clearly the best competitive option. But it just seems boring to me to use that cheesy spam option which will likely get nerfed soon anyway. Let alone the lack of modelling variety! You would also have 3 identically posed models. Nope. I'm going to have a mixture of one of those with a rattling canon (even though statistically they kind of suck) and melee option because it's more fun and looks vastly better. It's just a shame when AoS has some particularly beautiful models begging to be used. There are even whole factions that aren't very popular based purely on their lack of competitive power. It's almost worrying how cheap I just bought the blades of khorne battletome for on ebay and yet the models and fluff are amazing for them. I am also getting super into the fluff, books and lore. They all add a far more exciting potential of how the game could be played. I dunno i guess I'm just gonna build my list the way I wish I could field it. I will take "variety, fluff and fun" over "competitive and boring" any day. And then I can dream of my skaven laying siege to a heavily fortified castle ?. Maybe doing heavy ranged damage to pave the way for a heavily armored khorne army to come knocking.
  25. Event Title: Champions of the Realms - Battle Bunker Event Author: discoking Calendar: Events UK Event Date: 05/13/2017 09:30 AM to 05/13/2017 06:30 PM This will be the 3rd AoS tournament at the Bunker which are getting bigger and better all the time! Play on stunning tables with plenty room where all you need bring are your models,rules and tools(dice,tape measure etc). The main event is standard 3 game swiss system tournament. 2000pts matched play rules Champions of the Realms will run during your games and will determine the Champion of the Realms. At the start of the day players will nominate one Hero in their army as their Champion. Every Hero they kill with an equal or greater wounds value earns them renown. The hero with the most renown earns the Master of the Realms title(and a nifty trophy). Tickets £20 Space for 24 at the moment(it may increase) More details on my Face Book page https://www.facebook.com/battlebunkerltd/ EVENT PACK: https://www.dropbox.com/s/59luom9n3z4t10p/CotR pack.pdf?dl=0 Champions of the Realms - Battle Bunker CotR pack.pdf