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Found 60 results

  1. The events forum is absolutely dominated by UK events. The rare US ones that pop up are very small events. Aside from the LVO we don't seem to have as much. Are all of our TOs still over at 9th Age? I pop over there occasionally to weigh their popularity against our end of it. They've passed 10,000 members while we're just below 3,500. Our trajectory is increasing, but we're not back to "normal". And we will be fighting 40K this year with its huge releases. I feel like we need more people hosting events and I would love to do it, but I don't have access to the significant amount of terrain required and I am uncertain how to judge the real interest in new events. Does anyone know of TOs that we can prod back into the scene?
  2. Hi all, I'm trying to come up with a not terrible and fun to play mixed nurgle force. I have come up with a few ideas and I would like to get some feedback on these options and get some input from people who have played nurgle before. Epidemius Lord of Plagues Harbinger of Decay Rotbringer Sorcerer x2 plague Claws x3 10 plaguebearers x4 5 Putrid Blightkings Blightguard Battalion or Epidemius Festus Leechlord Harbinger of Decay Sayl The Faithless Great Unclean One Plague Claw 10 Chaos Warriors 2x 10 plaguebearers 10 putrid blightkings 3 Blight Drones or Epidemius Festus Leechlord Harbinger of Decay Morbidex Twiceborn Be'lakor or Great Unclean One Plague Claw x3 10 plaguebearers Chaos Spawn 6 nurglings x2 5 Putrid Blightkings Anyways I would love to hear some thoughts on these ideas I'm toying with.
  3. Event Title: Partners In Chaos Event Author: Andy Talbot Calendar: Events UK Event Date: 02/11/2017 08:00 AM to 02/11/2017 06:30 PM First Age of SigBrah Event - Partners in Chaos Partners in Chaos is a 1 day, 3 game, 2,000 point, doubles Age of Sigmar event using the General’s Handbook. It is being run by Andy Talbot and Gary Hennessey from the Age of Sigbrah podcast. Monty shall not be present… We’re sorry, but he is a cat. The event will be held on the 11th of February 2017. The venue is The Citygate Centre, 138a Holdenhurst road, Bournemouth, BH8 8AS. If you are thinking of travelling by Coach or Train, then the venue is directly opposite Bournemouth Train & Coach station. Tickets Please PayPal £40 per team to via friends and family. This cost covers both players in a team. Please include both players’ names in the message section of your transaction. If you forget, this may lead to Gary writing you an over-sexualised email asking for this information. Payment deadline will be January 1st 2017. If payment has not been received by then, the first team on the reserve list will be informed and take your place. Attendees List Team Member 1 Team Member 2 Team Name Paid 1 Chris Tomlin Patrick O’Sullivan GWA Y 2 Matt Lyons Jenny Lyons Pride of Lyons 3 Matt Clarke Amy Clarke 4 Aaron Bailey Tom Hewitt Imaginary Trees Y 5 Matt Bennett Mike Wilson Y 6 Jan Proudly Dom Hook 7 Paul Buckler Richard Morley Dorset Doggers Y 8 Steve James James Everleigh Alcohol is Not a Thing Y 9 Wayne Holt Richard Buckler Ninja Badgers Y 10 Chris Lewis Elliott O’Neill Just Good Friends Y 11 Ben Chalk Sam Davies Children of the KoRn Y 12 Ben Smith Ben Price 13 Tom Hutchings Adam Petford #BeerFace Y 14 Rob Ellis Ian Gilmore Dr. Cocksniff & The Rhodfather Y 15 Ian Carse Steve Hursell Po-Po & The Poppers Y 16 Ricky Mee Ben Diesel 17 Russ Veal Terry Pike 18 Will (Dorset Dogger) Dave Fulbrok 19 Les Martin Laurie Huggett-Wilde Y 20 Matt Arnold Felix Andrews Y Reserve List Team Member 1 Team Member 2 Team Name 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Grudges 1. GWA Vs. Dr. Cocksniff & The Rhodfather 2. Pride of Lyons Vs. Dom Hook & Jan Proudley 3. Alcohol is Not a Thing Vs. Les Martin & Laurie Huggett-Wilde 4. Imaginary Trees Vs. Children of the KoRn 5. Russ Veal & Terry Pike Vs. Dorset Doggers Tournament Pack The tournament pack itself is attached. We do also cover some of the key content in episode 29 of the Age of Sigbrah podcast if you’d like to go check that out: Partners In Chaos Partners in Chaos - Tournament Pack.pdf
  4. Event Title: Slayer of Kings Event Author: Adasi Calendar: Events UK Event Date: 01/28/2017 09:30 AM to 01/28/2017 07:00 PM Hi All, I'm starting to run Age of Sigmar events at The Sanctuary nr. Mansfield. The first event, "Slayer of Kings" will be on Saturday 28th January 2017 and will be a 1 day, 3 game, 2000pt matched play tournament. I'm intending on doing Bi-Monthly tournaments throughout 2017 and a league table will be kept (similar to how the Sanctuary does it's 40k tournaments) whereby the top 24 at the end of the year will be invited to a special "Hall of Fame" tournament in December 2017 (Top placed will enter for free). Pack can be found here: Jan 2017 Slayer of Kings.pdf?dl=0 The cost is £10 for the day. This does NOT include lunch but does include all terrain so you don't need to bring any. Payment can be sent via PayPal to There are 24 places available initially. 1. Adrian McWalter 2. Matt Bennett 3. Paul Whitehead - PAID 4. Pete Scholey 5. Courtney Rhodes 6. Colin Mather 7. William Jacob-Crankshaw - PAID 8. Gavin Roath 9. Paul Mansfield 10. Liam Jordan 11. Simon Clifford 12. Ian Kaye 13. Andrew Hughes 14. Chris "Scoffer" Scotholme 15. Alex Harrison 16. Tom Roberts 17. Tom Roberts +1 EDIT: A note to those paying on the day - I can only take cash on the day. Thanks Best Regards Adam AoS Jan 2017 Slayer of Kings.pdf Slayer of Kings
  5. Just curious if anyone else is trying to work out a competitive list for bonesplittas. I'm back to AOS with the general's handbook and I always wanted to do savage orcs. I'll share my current ideas, but would love to hear other people's views: bonesplittas - don't have any big monsters, so we're looking at strength in numbers. We do get a lot of wounds, but there's no way (under 2000 points) that I can find to activate the "extra juju warpaint" that would mean 6 re-rollable. Current Idea for a list: 2000 points (exactly) Snagga Rukk (40 points) 2x10 savage boarboy maniaks (these guys run out to grab objectives - they can also take buffs and beat down small units with their double attacks) (720 points) Maniak Weirdnob: Juju wotznotz, Brutal beast spirits (100 points) Maniak Weirdnob: Big Wurgog Mask, Hand of Gork (100 points) BoneGrinz (40 points) Teef Rukk (40 points) 2x2 Big Stabbas (200 points) Kunning Rukk (60 points) Savage Big Boss (100 points): General, Squirmy Warpaint, Dokk Juice Arrer Boyz x30 (300 points) 3x10 savage orruks with chompas (300 points) Wardokk (not part of any scroll): Kunning beast spirits and mystic waagh paint. maniaks can hopefully go out and grab objectives or hurt units. Big Stabbas also get into place to do some damage - especially to anything with a good save. The kunning rukk sticks around in my zone and tries to hold my objectives. i'd really like to get a wurgog prophet in here, but not sure how best to do it. Dropping "bonegrinz" and one unit of 10 savage orruks would do it for me. Thoughts? What are your lists?
  6. I was just checking around and I did not see points for these guys. I have some older ogres I would like to mutate and scar to make them Chaos Ogres. Anyone have an answer on these?
  7. Hi everyone, Now that I've accepted the switch to non-square bases, I find that I vastly prefer round bases to ovals. For instance, my Boneripper is on round even though some might think he should be on a treeman oval (whatever size that is) because I just like the uniform look of all circles. In non-matched play games this is not an issue. Heck, even in matched play it shouldn't matter because bases are not dictated in any actual AoS rule anywhere at all in any way. The issue, of course, is that some TOs feel a need to make the game play the way they want it to play, to put their stamp on the experience for everyone else, and so they are mandating bases. Grr. I digress. Point is, I am making three new armies for AoS. Both kinds of orcs combined, Daughters, and Syvlaneth. In the Sylvaneth, the treemen and Drycha come with large ovals. In the daughters, the cavalry come with old cav bases. In both cases, I want to put them on round bases. It would just look better. Aside from the obvious "check with your TO" what is the opinion here? Any issue with rounds in these cases? Thanks!
  8. Gothcon #31

    Please refer to/vänligen se:
  9. Event Title: Gothcon #31 Event Author: Ratatatata Calendar: Events Sweden Event Date: 04/14/2017 11:00 AM to 04/15/2017 09:00 PM Please refer to/vänligen se: Gothcon #31
  10. Slayer of Kings

    Hi All, I'm starting to run Age of Sigmar events at The Sanctuary nr. Mansfield. The first event, "Slayer of Kings" will be on Saturday 28th January 2017 and will be a 1 day, 3 game, 2000pt matched play tournament. I'm intending on doing Bi-Monthly tournaments throughout 2017 and a league table will be kept (similar to how the Sanctuary does it's 40k tournaments) whereby the top 24 at the end of the year will be invited to a special "Hall of Fame" tournament in December 2017 (Top placed will enter for free). Pack can be found here: Jan 2017 Slayer of Kings.pdf?dl=0 The cost is £10 for the day. This does NOT include lunch but does include all terrain so you don't need to bring any. Payment can be sent via PayPal to There are 24 places available initially. Best Regards Adam AoS Jan 2017 Slayer of Kings.pdf
  11. Hi Guys I've been try to theorycraft some death lists that can pack a decent punch and also bog down opponents. I've come up with this list which I think provides a solid amount of spell casting, mortal wounds, tough units, and lots of bodies. Here is the list Characters Vampire Lord (General) Trait: Ruler of the Night Artefact: Cursed Book/Cloak of Mists and Shadows Kemmler Necromancer Wight King with Infernal Standard Units 10 Zombies 10 Zombies 10 Zombies 10 Zombies 10 Zombies 6 Necropolis Knights Behemoths Mourngul Mortis Engine Mortis Engine Reinforcements: 80 points Total: 2000 So the idea is that I use kemmler and the Mortis Engines as heals and dps bombs. The Mourngul and the Necropolis Knights do most of the hurt on specific enemy targets. Since the Knights have 30 effective wounds with a 5+ invulnerable save and the ability to return models with standard, return a model through casting, and heal a wound due to kemmler, I'm sure they will be quite resilient. They will benefit from the generals command ability with extra attacks and VHD will also offer them a large buffer. The Mourngul is terrifying enough by itself but will be even scarier with mystic shield. The Mortis Engines will give my casters a hefty advantage, while also acting as seeking missiles that will run asap into enemy lines and start screaming and dishing out as much pain as they can. The zombies will act as a buffer for the necro and Kemmler. I'd like to start them in split groups so I can manoeuvre them were necessary and not lose a large amount due to battleshock if I get alpha struck. I can then summon a new unit due to reinforcement points and merge in the hero phase if necessary. Oh, they will also have the 6+ save from the wight kings standard which will add even more survivability to the units. The large model size of the Mortis Engines will also allow me to to attempt to screen my small footprint heroes from ranged enemies. I'm hoping with the healing that the list has access too that they will do this job for a few turns. Let me know what you guys think!
  12. Hi guys, I'm curious about summoning the big bat. The FEC warscroll doesn't include any summoning point values. While the beasts of the grave warscroll does include a summoning cost, but isn't present in the GH book. Now I'm wondering with the most recent FAQ, is it still possible to summon a terrorghiest? Or must we use the newest warscroll (FEC) which doesn't include a summoning option. Let me know what you guys think about this one.
  13. This post is about HOW people post on TGA. Its a meta-post if you will; a post about posting and a couple of polite suggestions (why do I feel like I'm about to get raked over the coals after saying that ). Just prior to the release of the General's Handbook back in July, there was some worry that introducing points would lead to Matched Play taking center stage and pushing all talk of Narrative and Open play back into the shadows. Its not an unreasonable fear since for years the reigning assumption on most forums has been something like, "Competitive play is more important because it needs tight, unambiguous rulesets and narrative play just means throwing all your toys on the table and doing whatever you want, no rules required." I hope a year and a half of AoS (matched, narrative, and open) has put that kind of dismissive mindset to rest. Now months later it is clear that this prediction has come true to some extent. To TGA's credit there are still lively discussions about Narrative and Open Play! However there have been examples of Matched Play trying to muscle out other play styles. Some examples taken from the recent FAQ post: 1. "I understand the AOS is like 2 games smashed into 1 (pre and post GHB) but when they do this FAQ they need to take its effects on matched play most serious" 2. "It's also a terrible position to be in when events are more and more likely to ban Compendium Units. The Battalions are already officially dead (which is more of a blow to Destruction I'll admit). " 3. "That's really stupid lol!! Ring became usless for no reason" To be clear I am in no way impugning on the value and enjoyment other's receive from Matched Play. My point is that the language used is absolutist. Its implies that the statement is a fundamental and undeniable truth. The poster in #3 does not truly believe that the Ring of Immortality is literally useless. They simply mean it is "less useful than previously in the style of Death list I choose to play in Matched Play." Unfortunately online forum posts (like texting) lack all context and are read and understood literally as a result. My concern is not that veteran Matched Play folks will get confused by this language; its quite common. My concern is that players new to the hobby (or new to Narrative and Open play) will take such confident assertions as truth and limit how they play before exploring all their options. For example, #1 strongly implies that Matched Play is more important Narrative and Open Play. This is the assumption I fear newer players will take away from such statements. To a new player, a statement like "The Battalions are already officially dead," implicitly forbids their use unless they are willing to break 'the official rules'. One of the fundamental ideas of game design is that new players will follow 'the official rules' even to the detriment of their own enjoyment. If they follow "the official rules" and do not enjoy themselves, they consider the game unenjoyable and will not play again. What statement #2 actually means is, "In Matched Play, the battalions are already officially dead." However that little clause is rarely stated and assumed to be universally understood. It is not and I believe that assumption harms the community, specifically Narrative and Open Play and new members. The reality is that none of the people posting truly believe that their position is God-sent, unassailable truth. However because big blocks of text (like this one) lack context, care is required to prevent sending unintentional messages to your audience. I do have a couple of polite suggestions for the community. First, make use of tags; that little box underneath "Title". If you are discussing Matched Play, tag it as Matched Play. The same goes for Narrative and Open Play. Secondly, a suggestion for the TGA site as a whole. Three sections dedicated to Matched, Narrative, and Open Play respectively might be a good idea. I know there are great ideas for scenarios and narrative campaigns but these are getting harder and harder to find in forums flooded with Matched Play discussion. TLDR; choose your words carefully when posting, please use tags, and Matched, Narrative, and Open forums would be appreciated.
  14. I'm looking to get some feedback on the latest iteration of my khorne based alliance list. I started basing around a monster mash style, but am moving a bit away to bring in more turn 1 alpha strike capabilities. Do you think it's turn 1 alpha strike is enough to deter opponents from giving me first turn? How could I work some inexpensive shooting into the list that may give it more flexibility? I have skaven, tzeentch, khorne, and even legion of azgor that I can bring. Wrath of Khorne Blood Thirster 360 General Lord of war Blood Thirster of insensate rage 280 Rune blade (axe) Blood Secrator 120 Sayl the Faithless 160 Skaven Plague Priest 80 30 blood letters 300 10 Blood warriors 200 10 Blood warriors 200 Soul Grinder 280 Turn 1: Sayl puts traitors mist on the Blood letters, lord of war trait is put on them, as is the WoK's command ability. They leave a chain long enough to catch the blood secrator's banner to double their attacks. Blood warriors run onto objectives and hold them as thorny/tough objective holders. Later in the game, the plague priest adds +1 to wound against a specific enemy unit, Insensate rage thirster charges it with 6 attacks in an attempt to do bubble mortal wounds. The grinder provides fire support/ attacks standard units. Thoughts?
  15. Hi guys, Been crafting a 1000pts FEC list as I think they may have some potency at this level. This is what I have come up with Abhorrant Ghoul King on Terrorgheist 400 Red Fury, Cursed Book 20 Crypt Ghouls 200 10 Crypt Ghouls 100 Reserves: 300 The idea is to bring on a unit of Flayers and a unit of Horrors from reserve when and where I need them. The big unit of ghouls charge forward with the King who buffs them up, and the smaller unit hold a backline objective or harrass. My only concern is whether the Horrors and Flayers pack enough of a punch to rely on this gimmick. However I cannot see a better list that uses the GKoTG at this level. C&C appreciated!
  16. Blood & Glory 2016

    Bloodied & Glorious The Hammerers embarked on another new adventure in the mortal realms in November. This time we attended the 'Blood & Glory' matched play event, run …
  17. Event Title: Ghal Maraz Event Author: torrim1 Calendar: Events Australia Event Date: 04/01/2017 09:00 AM to 04/02/2017 05:30 PM Do you believe yourself worthy of Sigmar's Hammer? Ghal Maraz is 2000 point matched play event coming to you in April at House of War in Melbourne. Please read the attached players pack for details. GhalMarazPlayersPack2017.pdf Ghal Maraz
  18. Ghal Maraz

    Do you believe yourself worthy of Sigmar's Hammer? Ghal Maraz is 2000 point matched play event coming to you in April at House of War in Melbourne. Please read the attached players pack for details. GhalMarazPlayersPack2017.pdf
  19. Sorry if this has been asked before, I did some googling but couldn't find it. I stumbled across the balewind vortex's rules today and realized this is an incredible asset to any magic heavy army. Since its possible to summon, I would assume a player would need to pay points for it, right? Or is it treated like the wildwoods are for sylvaneth? The rules can be found here Additionally, how do you think tournaments would handle this? I can imagine a tzeentch army bunkering up, summoning 3 of these and absolutely blasting the opposing army off the table
  20. So, at this moment the ITC for AoS is running straight out of the GHB. But, after the LVO they are talking about removing random initiative. Going back fo a more traditional you go, I go. I find this disturbing, cause one the game is so new.. It's an infant. The U.K. has from what I understand ZERO issue with the mechanic. In fact I believe this is one of a few reasons U.K. Scene has a higher player quality on average. Willing to build around core mechanics and finding tactics to anticipate opponent's turns makes for better players & games. So, reason I'm ranting... I want to support the ITC for AoS. But if this goes to a community vote. I'd like to see it voted down. I know some U.K. Players think it doesn't effect them. But the ITC is making a big push (with GW support) for U.K. Events.
  21. Hey all. Been creeping on this forum for a few months and finally decided to participate rather than lurk. There is a ton of experience-based opinion and knowledge here and I was hoping to tap into that a bit. I got back into the hobby a few months ago because the Ironjawz models really grabbed me. However, based on my experience in the handful of friendly games I've played to date, they are seriously limited in what they can do. Luckily, I have a sizable force of Ogors I carried over from 8th edition fantasy to bolster their ranks and shore up some weaknesses, the most glaring of these weaknesses in my estimation being the Ironjawz lack of any shooting. This is something the Gutbusters faction can accomplish passably well, however. This isn't for tourneys or even organized events. So, I needn't adhere to the "battleline" restrictions of matched play. My gaming group do use the points to balance lists however. I'd like this to be 'competitive' in the sense that it shouldn't suck so bad as to overwhelm the fun factor. Take a look at a list I've been toying with and give me your thoughts: LeadersOrruk Megaboss (140)- General- Trait: Might is Right- Artefact: Battle BrewOrruk Weirdnob Shaman (120)- Artefact: Talisman of ProtectionOrruk Warchanter (80)- Artefact: Meteoric HammerbladeUnitsLeadbelchers x 3 (160)Leadbelchers x 3 (160)Ironblaster x 1 (160)Mournfang Pack x 2 (200)Orruk Brutes x 5 (180)Orruk Brutes x 5 (180)Orruk Brutes x 5 (180)BehemothsThundertusk Beastriders (320)War MachinesBatallionsIronfist (60)Total: 1940/2000
  22. Hi Guys, Just a quick shout out for some advise. My friend is getting a bit down beat about losing a lot with his wood elves army. He has most of the stuff in the compendium army pdf but is struggling to kill anything and gets destroyed trying to take objectives. Does anyone have a competitive army that would work i can suggest to him. We only play casually, but every game ends in him getting annoyed.
  23. So I am planning out what I need to add to my Flesh-Eater Courts to make a solid 2k point list (at which point I'll likely move to a different army) but I'm curious how everyone deals with the fact that, in Matched Play, you need to set aside points to summon. I find that I usually want to spend points on what I know I'll get, not what might show up, so as a result I find that my poor Ghoul King basically has no Command Ability because it's summon a new unit, so you need to put points aside for it. How do you deal with that? Are you content with the basic command ability from the 4-page rules, or is it worth it to consider points towards being able to summon? Or does he really not even need a command ability because he's so good at everything else he does?
  24. When Aos dropped last year the paint had just finished drying on the last model of a 2000pt Dark Elf Army I had been putting together. After 48 hours of confusion and disappointment I ordered the starter set and embraced AoS. Now I have the Generals handbook I have returned to the Dark Elves and it is no longer legal for matched play - it was Karond Kar themed with Corsairs and Lokhir Fellheart, and Corsairs are only battle line with Scourge Privateers. So here is what I have got and what I need to add and what I need to get rid of, for a fun competetive list. I'll bracket the needs and get rids. Any alternative suggestions would be welcome. Dread Lord on Black Dragon (need) Dread Lord on foot (get rid) Lokhir Fellheart Sorceress 10 Dark Shards 10 Dark Shards 10 Dark Shards (need) 30 Corsairs 10 Drakespawn Knights 1 War Hydra 1 Kharibdyss 1 Scourge Runner Chariot 5 Doomfire Warlocks (get rid) So if I get rid of the Warlocks and Dread Lord on foot (his abilities relate to the now reduntent exiles keyword) and add 10 more Dark Shards - to fill that last battle line slot - and add Dreadlord on Black Dragon I will have 1960 pt matched play army. Alternative suggestions welcome.
  25. Greetings On October 23rd I have an upcoming 1600 points tournament. Here is the list I plan to bring: Skyborne Slayers: - Lord-Celestant - 5 Liberators Hammer/Shield - 5 Liberators Hammer/Shield - 5 Judicators with bows - 5 Judicators with crossbows - 5 Decimators - 5 Protectors (1x Mace) - 5 Retributors - Knight-Vexillor Ratio: The only element that begins on board are the Retributors and the Knight-Vexillor. Between them and the Lord-Celestant with Reckless and the -1 Rend I can have a solid alpha strike. The list is an all-comers and it should hold its own against most armies as long as I play for the objective and don't expect to grind my foes in a war of attrition. Tactics: Identify the major threat. Send in the Retributors, support them with the Skyborne Slayers. Cap the objectives with Judicators. The objectives on my side of the board go to the bow Judicators, whilst those in midfield go to the crossbow Judicators. The Liberators and Protectors are my anvil. Now most of my adversaries will have some sort of block which is where my Decimators go. The Lord-Celestant is my loci since he allows rerolls for the charge which means he is the one which I place first and place my melee units around him for the bonus. My Retributors have one job only, kill the biggest baddest and nastiest thing on the board. I think they qualify for the job. My Knight-Vexillor will happily sit on an objective and wave his banner throughout the game, his job is to use the ability and this is this. Hopefully this list will have a chance against most of my adversaries. Problems: Grind. So far I have fielded the Thunderstrike formation and while it is viable I have found that it is threatened by unbreakable blocks of cheap infantry. Death lists, Bretonnian Peasant lists and Orruks can be a pain in my shiny sigmarite rear. Any advice on the matter? Please rate the list, tell me how I can improve it and please share your experience with similar lists. Thanks