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Found 316 results

  1. So i've edited this from a purely Wolves of Ghur PLOG (although i strayed from that quite early on) into a PLOG for all of my various AOS armies and related projects past and present and I want to keep this first post as contents section with links to the various armies: Wolves of Ghur (Khorne Bloodbound) - Pages 1 -3 (ongoing) Duardin - Page 1 (complete) Sylvaneth Page 2 (complete) Beastmen (Brayherd, Warherd, Daemons, Monsters of Chaos) Page 3 (complete...for now) Ogors and Gargants Page 3 (complete)
  2. Help Khorne vs Tzeentch 2000 points

    I've played Tzeentch twice before with Stormcast and both times been annihilated, mostly due to my list not being optimised to stop magic or mortal wounds. I have a 2000 points game on Sunday and thinking Khorne is my best chance for a proper anti magic / Tzeentch counter list. I'm thinking Gore Pilgrims with 3 x priests is key. The 36" range for the portal making my opponent re-roll successful spells should help burn through those destiny dice and limit mortal wound spam. The Bloodsecrator is therefore key so I'm thinking the Brazen Rune will help him survive the magic assault (plus the ability to auto-unbind one spell could prove crucial at the right time). Wraith of Khorne Bloodthirster (with immense power and deathdealer) is my go to general and with his +2 to unbind he fits the bill nicely. So with all that included plus 10 x Bloodreavers and 10 x Bloodwarriors to round out the battalion I'm at 1200 points. So how to spend the remaining 800? 10 x Flesh hounds get +1 to unbinding, plus speed for chasing down Sky-fires. I own 15 so could bring them all... Chaos Warriors/Knights have the runeshield for mortal wound protection so could be an option as well. Who should get the remaining hero slot? Normally Bloodstoker would be auto-include but perhaps there is a better option? Whats the best way to approach Tzeentch? Spam with chaff or bring elite/durable units? All tips and suggestions welcome!
  3. Hi, I have a question related to the sequence of application of a rule; in particular, if a Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut that has this weapon: Daemonic Axe: If the wound roll for an attack made with the Wrathforged Axe is 6 or more, the daemon bound within awakens and guides the strike. The attack inflicts 3 wounds rather than D3. and this artifact: Gorecleaver: Pick one of this HERO’s melee weapons to be a Gorecleaver. Attacks from Gorecleaver inflict an additional -1Rend (for example, a weapon with a Rend characteristic of -1becomes -2 instead). In addition, any wound rolls of 6 made with this weapon inflict a number of mortal wounds equal to the weapon’s Damage characteristic instead of being resolved normally. Which one has precedence? Meaning, if I roll a 6 (and not clear if a natural 6 or it can be affected by modifiers) what happen? The application of 3 damage instead of D3 damage comes first so the Mortal Wounds are exactly 3 or the second rule takes precedence meaning that the "pure" damage characteristic of the weapon is used meaning that I deal D3 mortal wounds? thanks
  4. Khorgoraths and Dragon Ogors help

    Im asking the communities help on something... does anyone happen to own a new plastic Dragon Ogor (preferably on oval base) and the Starter set Khorgorath? could you post a photo side by side or provide some details on if the bases are same or how is the height of each? I ask because I really love the Dragon Ogor models and dont care for their fluff. I also hate the look of the khorgorath and like the concept and rules as it fits into Blades of Khorne. Id like to convert the Ogors with Whips and arm blades and count them as Khorgorath. Thanks!
  5. Khorne Center Piece Model

    I have been hopelessly trying to decide which model I should purchase to be the center piece of my Khorne bloodbound army. My army is 95% mortal which is putting me off the Bloodthirsters as their command abilities will be wasted. That being said, the Wrath of Khorne Bloodthister still looks a solid choice, albeit expensive. The other options I am considering : Skarbrand: Expensive for points but packs a punch. No wasted abilities that only work for Daemons. Cool model. Slaughterbrute of Khorne: Relatively cheap (both points and money). Could have my Bloodsecretor as its 'master', he very rarely falls in combat. Does not fill the more precious 'Leader' slots. Other: Does anyone recommend another allied monster, or have reasons for me to include one of the other Bloodthirsters? I think I am leaning towards the Slaughterbrute but any opionions welcome. I have all Khorne heros so any synergies suggested should work. Thanks.
  6. How balanced is AoS now?

    After returning to AoS after a year's hiatus, I played my first game using the GHB2. I've heard that it has improved some of the armies that were previously struggling in the meta, however, after a very one-sided victory for Khorne against Ironjawz I started to question how balanced the factions are now? In terms of luck, I would say I rolled far worse than he did, which is the reason for us to question the balance. Is Khorne overpowered or maybe Ironjawz still overpriced? As background for the game, we only played 1000 points, which meant he couldn't use his Mawcrusher (would that make the difference in 2000pts perhaps?) His army: Orruk Megaboss, Weirdnob, 20 Ardboys, 5 Brutes, 3 GoreGruntas My army: See below What are the current strong/weak factions right now? 1000ptsKhorne.pdf
  7. Hey folks! So generally my chaos armies have been slaves to darkness with some Tzeentch mortals thrown in. Though recently I've been wanting to steer a bit more toward the archaon follower side and be able to really have some fun with mixing and matching things. I also quite like the thunderscorn dragon ogres so being able to include them in some lists would be great I like to change my lists around each time I play them for some fun but generally my main core will be Slaves to Darkness. My current ones are painted blue and silver though I do worry that will be seen a bit too tzeentch and as such may not fit too well for the undivided theme. As such I may repaint them to black using the really nice dark reaper over the top of that for highlights (and possibly thunderhawk blue for some bright edging details) Regardless I'd love to know good units from other gods I can chuck in and work well as I'd love to have lists featuring 2 or more god units within it. Usually I find my StD do really well defensively and units like Tzaangors I love for bringing a bit of punch with their flurry of attacks. I'm thinking demonettes could be great for getting some rend around and I've heard blightkings are a good nurgle unit that can fit into lists super easy. Khorne wise I've got the stuff from the AoS starters set so figured the khorgorath might prove nice to throw in for a mini monster or some blood reavers as a nice cheap objective holding unit (though they work so much better with a totem hero). I also have some good tzeentch casters such as the ogroid, curseling and gaunt summoner. So basically I'd love to know what sort of units folks think can work well either with StD synergies or without needing too many points sunk into synergies and the like. I have a warshrine which I can easily set to a mark or use as undivided to give abilities to everyone and I've also got sayl to teleport some knights or warriors around. I prefer mortals but I'm fine with adding some demons in (though not too big a fan of bloodletters or horrors really) Also I'd likely be looking at using the grand alliance allegiance with this (though the nice thing with primarily StD is being able to do any god allegiance for any games)
  8. Hi everyone, hope you are all well. I've currently got a fully painted 2000 point Skaven list, but I'm really struggle to make it work in age of Sigmar. It goes alright in against death, destruction and other chaos armies but once order is involved I get shot up horrendously. I have got about 1200 points of Khorne Bloodbound I would like to start painting and build into a competitive 2000 point list that will literally be indestructible against say an order army. What I'm looking for: - a wall of skullcrushers both with Khorne warriors and daemon riders - some bloodletters What I have currently: - 20 blood warriors - 20 blood reavers - 1 mighty lord of Khorne - 1 slaughterpriest - 1 khorgorath - 1 blood secrator - 1 blood stoker - 3 might skullcrushers can anyone help me achieve this list and anything else I might need to just create havoc for the enemy. Thankyou very much Brendan
  9. Quick question: Gorecleaver

    Hey, quick question: The Battletome Blades of Khorne says that a Goreclever causes Mortal Wounds on a 6. It specifically does not say on a 6 or more. So I watched a game at Las Vegas Open where I think they used the rule based on „6 or more“. Was there a FAQ? Or was that a mistake? Cheers Christian
  10. Brayherd / Khorne

    Hi everyone, I'm just starting to delve into Chaos (I've been playing Ironjawz and Death, mostly) and I've come up with something that is almost certainly terrible, but might be interesting. I'm sure it's not necessarily competitive, but I'd like it to at least be semi-functional in semi-serious matched play. Any thoughts? Allegiance: Chaos Leaders Beastlord (80) - General - Command Trait : Cunning Deceiver - Man-render Great Axe - Artefact : Chaos Talisman Great Bray Shaman (90) Bloodsecrator (120) Slaughterpriest (100) - Artefact : Chaos Runeblade - Blood Blessing : Bronzed Flesh Slaughterpriest (100) - Artefact : Chaos Runeblade - Blood Blessing : Killing Frenzy Units 10 x Bestigors (140) 10 x Bestigors (140) 10 x Gors (80) -Two Gor-Blades 10 x Gors (80) -Two Gor-Blades 10 x Gors (80) -Two Gor-Blades 10 x Ungor Raiders (100) 10 x Ungor Raiders (100) 10 x Ungor Raiders (100) 10 x Ungor Raiders (100) 10 x Bloodreavers (70) -Meatripper Axes 5 x Blood Warriors (100) -Goreaxes Battalions Wildstalker Brayherd (240) Gore Pilgrims (180) Total: 2000 / 2000
  11. I am looking to sell some units, boxes still on the sprue. I have the following: 2 boxes of dryads unopened (£15 each) (sold) 1 box of Sisters of Thorn unopened (£10) (sold) Khorne half of the AOS starter set (£30) I also have 3 Warhawk riders, that have been assembled and based with Mournfang Brown spray. One is missing a head. Can supply photos upon request. (£20) I am based in Stirling, Scotland. Collection is preferred but can post at your cost. Let me know if anything interests you. I would also look at trades for Death models, Stormcast Eternals (dracothian guard needed, maybe a lord relictor), Sylvaneth (not dryads ) Cheers, Craig
  12. Mighty Skullcrushers or Chaos Knights

    Hello All! I have a question. Yesterday I finally got my Khorne Lord on Juggernaut. I love this Model. But I have a question. I think only the Lord should have a Juggernaut (I Love themed armies, I like them more than maxed lists). After looking on the warscrolls I'm wondering if the Skullcrushers are better than the Chaos Knigts with Khorne mark. Knights are faster and push out I would say the on average the same amount of attacks plus the save against mortal wounds. So whats your thought? At the Moment I would pick the Knights over the Skullcrushers, which fits to my first thought about the Juggernaut only for the mighty Lord. Thank you in Advance!
  13. Help Competetive Khorne Demons

    Hi, Im thinking about a 1500 points competetive list for blades of khorne. The heart of the list should be murderhost battalion, since im focused on deamons and want to deploy the army in as few drops as possible. Heres my base lsit: Heroes: - Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster (330) General - Bloodmaster, Herald of Khorne (80) - Bloodsecrator (120) - Bloodstoker (80) Battleline - 30 x Bloodleteters (270) - 10 x Bloodletters (110) Troops - 3 x Bloodcrushers (160) - 3 x Bloodcrusher (160) Battalions - Murderhost (120) That would put me at 1430 point. I know that a Bloodsecrators buff is pretty good, but since all the demons would rush forward, they would be out of his skull portal reach from the first turn on. So I'm not sure about his effectiveness in this list. Maybe just from turn 2 on. The bloodstoker is pretty essential, because of his distance buff, helping me to crush in with the bloodletters in turn 1, also rerolling wounds. In total, that list would deploy in 4 drops. Do you have any ideas how i could minimize it further? Also, do you know the typical drop numbers to deploy other armies? Cheers
  14. Hi , I wanted to hear what you guys think of my 1000 pts list for blades of khorne. My focus is on demons with some mortal support units. Leaders Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster (330) -> general Bloodsecrator (120) Blood stoker (80) Battlelines 30 x Bloodletters (270) 10xBlood Warriors (200) I know, that the bloodthirster is pretty expensive for 1000 pts, but i just got him and want to play him. Should I maybe drop the secrator or the stoker? Since i got the feeling, that some more battleline troops would come in handy, but i really like the buffs. Im curios what you guys think and if you have some good tips for me.
  15. Hi all, I've started writing my own custom rules for some of the AoS miniatures I own that don't have anything for WHQ yet. Starting off with some of the basics for Skaven. I'd love to hear your feedback! EDITED https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0Bx8gylc9SlsBc1pNS0M5bDZTZEU?usp=sharing
  16. 1000 points of Khorne

    Hey! I am getting ready for a random team doubles tourney this weekend and need a little help making up my mind on a 1000 point list. My most current list is like this: Any input/ideas/help is most appreciated!
  17. Hey all, Haven't posted a WIP here before so be kind! Bit background before I dive in... I've been wargaming for most of my life, the heydey of which was 5-10 or so years ago where I, along with my mates from Pigmar, hit the tournament scene for Warhammer. While I never had much success on the tabletop I occasionally turned heads with my pig themed empire army, and always had great fun traipsing around the country, meeting people and playing warhammer! Since the advent of AoS I have moved away from warhammer and dug into Blood Bowl and Necromunda a lot but this is all about to change! I really want to get into AoS, and to get back out into the tournament scene. To this end I will need an army which I can take to tournaments, which means switching to round bases! While I love my empire army I an reluctant to re-base these a) because there are a shed load of models to work on and b) because I love the way it looks all ranked up, which needs square bases. My Khorne daemons however I have no such qualms about, hence this plog and the (hopefully) not too slow march to a round based army in time for the London GT in May next year... Enough waffle, time for models! Obviously in re-basing the army I have the opportunity to change the bases and to this end I have done a few quick scheme tests, which should hopefully be attached to this rambling post! There are three options; 1 - Brown earth, green water and grass flock - this is how I base pretty much everything so has the benefit that if I ever get round to making a board then the daemons will match 2 - Agrellan Earth with tufty stuff - Love this stuff and have used it a lot recently 3 - Grey earth / stones, pools of blood and snow flock - this is how the army was originally and I think it kinda works against the cooler reds on the models What do people think? Like any option in particular or has anyone got an alternative option I could try out?
  18. Allegiance Cards: Blades of Khorne

    Version 2.08.00


    All cards are available as print files with 3mm bleed and cutting marks, as a 'web' version (for viewing on smartphones/tablets), and DIN A4 printing sheet (if you use US letter format, you may have to scale them down - idk, just test it, because I didn't ;)) Overview and changes each set contains: cover / card backside, Battle Trait(s), Command Traits, Artefacts, the two core spells (Arcane Bolt, Mystic Shield) on a single card, sub-faction specific spells card size is 41x63mm (same as X-Wing upgrade cards) language: English I tried to keep the original wording, but sometimes I had to abbreviate it to fit on the card without scaling down the font size. The rule intentions should still be clear. 'Dice' was continuously replaced with D3 or D6, 'wound roll' with 'To-Wound roll' (same for hit), 'Mortal Wounds' sometimes with 'MW' each set can be stored in a faction specific card box, with contents listed on the back (instructions) If you find any errors or have suggestions, please let me know. I had fun creating these cards and hope people will find them useful and have fun using them in their games. All rules, artwork and the Age of Sigmar logo © Games Workshop PLC These cards are for personal use only and you should always keep your General's Handbook and/or Battletome nearby to solve any conflicts from bad wording on the cards. These cards are only a playing aid and never could nor should replace an official publication. Please let me know if I have used anything you would like to be removed.
  19. Khorne bloodbound list query

    Hi there I'm new to these forums so apologies if this has been answered previously or has been placed in the wrong area. I'm looking at building a Khorne Bloodbound army list using Skullcrushers as the basis of a Brass Stampede warscroll battalion. However, I wanted to ask the best/most effective way to include another type of unit in order to bolster the Skullcrushers' weaknesses, and also to make the army a little more interesting to paint. 7 units of juggernaut cavalry might become fairly stale, I'm not sure. Any recommendations are welcome, along with a suggestion for a good general to compliment this list. Thanks for your time. Jak.
  20. Halflings are back!! My apologies for not posting for a while, but college got the best of me. Still, last weekend I was fortunate enough to attend an event in Ohio hosted by "Rend 4" Club with my good friend Chuck Moore. You can check out his coverage of the event right here Anyway, the day before the event came and more than half of my army wasn't painted so I had to hold a 6-hour painting session after school to get three colors minimum on all my models (I'm sure some of you know the struggle). However, the task was accomplished and the Halfling "Free Peoples" force was ready to go. Going into event, I was not expecting to do too well since I brought a mediocre list (Steamtank, archers, and demigryph knights are not particularly overpowered), but I planned to have fun anyway. My first opponent was Michael representing Pittsburgh "Steel City Sigmar" club, and from what I've heard he was quite a good player and indeed he was! We played "Duality of Death" and boy I got crushed! His stardrake held one of the obejctives the whole game, while he promptly shot off anything that I tried to hold the second objective with. I've got a major loss that game, but I did score a secondary objective and Mike was a great sport and it was great chatting with him throughout the game! Getting crushed the first game didn't particularly get my hopes up going firther into the tournament but I still was in quite high spirits and even managed to get second in the Painting Comp with my "Ice Queen". Moving on to the second game I ended up playing Chuck's Khorne in "Battle for the Pass" as we both ended up with pretty much the same scores. So far, my Halflings had an undefeated record against his Khorne, and maybe someday he will get that hobbit blood, but today was not that day! Getting initiative pretty much every turn, and rolling incredibly well with my shooting I managed to score a major victory and a secondary objective for that game. Going into the last game, I played Dave Roke who is a part of "Rend 4" club, and I'm just now realizing that I played against all three clubs represented at the event, including my own. The scenario was "Starstrike" and Dave used a Seraphon army with Celestant Prime as an ally. It was my first time playing Seraphon and they are quite a formidable force, especially with Slann casting three spells per turn and blocking all my spells. The absolute MVP of that game was definetely my General on a Griffon holding out on his own against Celestant Prime and Saurus Guard with 1 wound left, and rolling 12 succesful save rolls of 3+. In the end, it was an extremely close game up until the last second of the last turn, where if Dave managed to kill one more model he would've won the major! But that was not the case, as I managed to snatch a major victory from right under the Lizard's claws, which put me at 4th overall and surprisingly 1st in Order! In the end of tha day, I got to play some amazing games of Age of Sigmar and meet some fantastic people passionate about the hobby! The event was a success and the T.O. (Neil Larocca) did a great job putting it all together! That's it from me this time! See you in probably like another month or so. Hope you like what I've got, Until next time!
  21. Battle Report; Khorne vs Stormcast

    3000 Point Battle Report; Khorne vs Stormcast We decided to have a go at the second siege scenario from GHB17 (slightly modified), then promptly forgot to apply the pre-battle siege rules! Oh well… A fairly traditional Stormcast force (lots of liberators, retributors, judicators, prosecutors, etc) led by Vandus Hammerhand attempted to defend a fortified ruin against my horde of Khorne (mix of Slaves to Darkness, Bloodbound and Daemonic troops). The scenario had about 1/3 of the Stormcast force in reserve (consisting of prosecutors, liberators and some heroes). Rather than come on with a 5+ role we allowed the Stormcast reserves to use Scions of the Storm to deploy instead. The Khorne force needed to secure both objectives in order to win, with the Stormcast winning a minor victory if they held one of the two objectives after 5 turns (major victory if they held both). The table was 6ft long but only 3ft wide with the battlefield set up as a narrow corridor so adaptation would be required to account for this. As you can see from the photos the Stormcast set up in two rows; a screen of liberators and retributors as close to the enemy territory as possible with a second line of Vandus, Judicators and Vanguard Raptors sitting in behind. The first objective was between the two lines with the second objective 9” off the back, in the middle of some large ruins. The Khorne horde used two screening units of bloodreavers on each flank with a block of 10 chaos knight in the centre, supported by a chaos lord on daemonic mount and bloodstoker. 30 Bloodletters sat on the left flank, supported by 5 Wrathmongers, a Bloodmaster, 2 Slaughterpriests, Bloodsecrator, Skullcannon and a Wraith of Khorne Bloodthirster. On the right flank sat 5 Skullreapers, 10 Bloodwarriors, a Khorgorath and 3 Bloodcrushers. 3 units of 5 flesh hounds were deployed at the rear to basically prevent any stormcast units dropping in behind and slowing the advance. TURN 1 Stormcast took the first turn, shot the skullcannon to bits (didn’t even get a chance to miss this game!) and then immediately charged with their front line. The bloodreavers on the right were wiped out but only about half of the reavers on the left. This suited me fine as it cleared the way for the bloodletters to charge the stormcast frontlines and ho boy were they vicious! Supported as they were they had 3 attacks each, hitting on 2’s (rerolling 1’s), mortal wounds and extra attacks on 4+… whatever they touched was deleted off the board and it was glorious. I also used a bloodtithe point so my chaos lord could use his command ability on the knights (reroll charge and +1 to hit) and with the bloodstoker wipping them the chaos knights plowed through the centre while the skullreapers and korgoraths became a bit stalled on the right flank. TURN 2 Devastatingly (for my opponent) I won the priority role and so the carnage continued. The bloodthirster's command ability to run & charge allowed the bloodletters to charge Vandus and that was the end of him, claiming the first objective in the process. The knights, skullreapers & Khorgorath mopped up the rest of the stormcast frontline, clearing the way for a 3rd turn charge. In reply the stormcast ranged troops pulled back to cover and started to thin out the bloodletters. The majority of stormcast reserves came down and formed a second line of defence on the flanks. TURN 3 I again won priority which resulted in the Khorne forces advancing further forward to engage the recently dropped reserve troops. Due to different movement speeds and narrowness of the battlefield the horde had started to spread out and momentum was stalling. The Bloodcrushers, Bloodwarriors and Wrathmongers found their path blocked by the advance units while the slaughter priests and flesh hounds had been left far behind. For the first time it was looking like I might run out of time to claim the last objective. In the stormcast turn I used bloodtithe to heal wounds across the board and rolled a series of 1’s.... standard... The bloodletters were shot off the board and the remaining combats were short and brutal as the stormcast reserves wilted under the onslaught, however their job of holding up the advance for a turn was done. TURN 4 Another priority won by Khorne but crucially the chaos knights did not have enough movement or physical space to get around the lone Lord Relictor blocking their path to the ruins. They charged and killed him but it meant there was only one turn left to try and reach the final objective. By now the skullreapers had made it most of the way there but had to scale the sides of the ruins and couldn’t get enough models into combat to threaten the defending retributors. The Bloodthirster had surged forward on the left flank and killed whatever was in front of him but was losing wounds (and therefore movement) in the process. The Stormcast shooting took the bloodthirster down and prepared themselves for the final push. TURN 5 Priority won again for Khorne and the chaos lord charged and wiped out the vanguard raptors. The chaos knights charged and killed the remaining unit of Judicators while the skullreapers continued to battle with the retributors. A couple of Stormcast heroes and retributors remained on the ruins securing the second objective and held out for the minor victory! Oh well… Khorne cares not! THOUGHTS & LEARNINGS Just one more turn! In all seriousness this was always going to be tough for the stormcast given the proximity at the start and the number of troops in reserve. I didn’t give enough thought to reaching that final objective by turn 5 and in hindsight should not have used my fastest troops, the flesh hounds, as backfield deployment negaters. Could also have been more tactical with bloodtithe instead of using it to heal back up I should have been using it to move units in the hero phase. Although he won the minor I think in hindsight my opponent might have set up a little further back to prevent a first turn charge and he will definitely focus fire on the bloodletters next time! A good reminder that AOS is foremost an objective based game and my opponent deserves credit for hanging in there after the carnage of the first 2 turns. Buffed up bloodletters are that good I’m scared GW will nurf them in the next round of Q&A. Until then let the blood flow! And I definitely need to get myself a 6’ x 4’ table!