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Found 67 results

  1. Let's chat Fyreslayers

    In a similar vein to the Let's chat Sylvaneth thread. I thought I would start a thread on the little dudes with the best hair - Fyreslayers. Here's a couple of general comments to get the ball rolling: Fyreslayers aren't a fully fleshed out faction the way Bonesplitterz and Sylvaneth are. Sadly, the Order artefacts and command traits do not provide a great deal to compensate for this. The only combo I've found so far is the Quicksilver potion on the Runesmiter on Magmadroth, which seems handy. Reckless (the go-to command trait for Order) duplicates a lot of the abilities in the Fyreslayer's toolbox. The reroll battleshock army trait also duplicates one of the command abilities. Thoughts on this? Like Ironjawz, Fyreslayers unlock additional Battleline Units from keeping allegiance and picking particular generals. The Runeson, Runeson on Magmadroth and Warrior Kinband seem really weak. The Magmadroth (like the Knight Heraldor) has a breath attack which is just an ability in the shooting phase, rather than a listed ranged attack - this means that it can run and still use this ability, which means that it has an effective range of 30.5. The whole army having the throwing axes attacks is nice. The fact that Vulkites are so much stronger as a unit of 20, 25 or especially 30 is quite restrictive. Ward saves are a big deal. There's a tension however between having ward saves on units; and really mediocre saves and no ward saves on the heroes. Volcano's call seems like an interesting ability against Sylvaneth. Overall the combat synergies are bad - marginally better than Sylvaneth - to me this says that Fyreslayers should rely on their tunneling mechanic and ward saves to win. Auric Hearthguard (Aurics) are pretty killy and have some decent synergies - however, their range is sub-Grot archer and they aren't doing a free move of up to 8 inches in the hero phase either. There's a potential combo of simply sitting 20-30 Vulkites with slingshields in front of your army, with a Battlesmith and just having the enemy bounce off their 5+ rerollable then 4+ ward save - I think many of us saw this in livestream at The Warlords. That said, this combo would make a lot more sense if Fyreslayers had some 24-30 inch range shooting in the army, but they don't. Here's a link to my first Battle Report using them: My current list, to be played next Wednesday is as follows: LeadersAuric Runesmiter on Magmadroth (220)- General- Latch axe & Fyresteel Throwing Axes- Trait: Master of Defense- Artefact: Quicksilver PotionAuric Runefather (100)- Artefact: Quicksilver PotionAuric Runemaster (80)Battlesmith (100)- Fyresteel Throwing AxesAuric Runesmiter (100)- Latch axe & Fyresteel Throwing AxesAuric Runesmiter (100)- Latch axe & Fyresteel Throwing AxesUnitsVulkite Berzerkers x 25 (400)- War Pick Slingshield & Throwing AxesAuric Hearthguard x 25 (500)- Magmapike & Throwing AxesAuric Hearthguard x 5 (100)- Magmapike & Throwing AxesHearthguard Berzerkers x 5 (100)- Throwing Axes & PoleaxeBehemothsWar MachinesBatallionsLords of the Lodge (160)Total: 1960/2000 The list is only 5 drops - the Lords of the Lodge is one drop, then the Magmadroth, then the 5 Aurics, then the Runesmiter with the Vulkites and lastly the Runesmiter with the Aurics. This should hopefully give me the choice, so i give my opponent turn one. Then I use the Lords of the Lodge ability to get a double turn reliably. The Vulkites and Aurics pop up and do their thing. The Magmadroth uses its once per game ability to buff them and runs forward 15.5, then the breath attack is 15 inches on top of that. If they charge the Magmadroth, then it does its potion and smacks them. Everything else moves forward. The Battlesmith tries to be in range of the Magmadroth.
  2. Magmadroth fire/ice base

    I used melted wax to create a flowing lava effect.
  3. "Papa-Het on Maggie"

    I made the little "fyre-spider" from Kurnoth hunter quiver bearers.
  4. WiP Awesomecast Radternals

    It's time to grind! Oh, wait let me back up. I'm currently basing my first AoS army (beastclaw in my other thread), and came across some headless stormcast on the cheap. What dynamic poses and great looking armor and details! The masks, while cool, rob them of some character though (I know that's the point, as a visual metaphor for losing their humanity during reforgings) and that's a fine choice, but My Dudes will be different. Gigantic, manly barbarians that worship Old Sigmar, the god of war, the uniter of tribes, the emperor who crushed nagash under the weight of his hammer. In short, they worship this guy: What they lack in religious etiquette they make up for in enthusiasm, and Current Sigmar, in his wisdom (and patience), reforges these mighty and misguided warriors anyway. So who's heads look sweet enough for barbarian lords sce? Fyreslayers! Huge beards, huge muscles, and huge mohawks - these stormcast feature me trying a bunch of conversions for the first time. So, back to the grind - I snuck my plastic army men into work and put them to the band saw and the bench grinder! Cutting a liberator prime and aspiring chaos champion in half, and grinding down collar, neck, and chest areas of 22 stormcast to make more room for the beards. I'm happy with how it turned out. Current progress: 10 Paladin Protectors, particularly happy with the protector-prime. The three currently handless heroes, from left to right: Lord Celestant, Lord Castellant, Knight-Heraldor. The celestant will have a retributor hammer casually laying over his shoulder like a woodsman's axe. I'm thinking of keeping the castellant bald I think it's a good look for him. The knight is an upper-half aspiring chaos champion with impaling spear and lower-half liberator prime with a ton of carving, greenstuff inside his body, and a belt from someone else. Yes, the toot horn will be held over his head like the mighty spear Up next: assemble the 10 liberators and get some stones for bcr bases and snow!
  5. Flowing Lava

    Flowing lava from the back of the base, with "fyre-fly".
  6. Runefather on Magmadroth

  7. [Cards] for Fyreslayers

    Edit: See the link for the printable format below. Page 10 has the smaller variants for the cards, ready to be printed and cut for regular card sleeves. Hi guys, A while ago I made some of the Allegiance related cards for Blades of Khorne and since I'm also a fan of the design and looks of the Fyreslayers I decided to do the same for fans of the same army. So without further ado the first batch are the wonderful Ur-gold Runes. Like before the Command Traits and Artefacts will follow and will also contain flavourful art for their representation. Hope you like the above set up. Eventually the rest will follow. The moment the whole set is complete I'll upload the cards in a printable version (for regular card size) and one with the orginal card size. As specific Artefact art might be difficult to find for the Fyreslayers any link to some awesome art is offcourse welcome. I'll likely be mixing Warhammer Fantasy Slayer art into it all aswell. Cheers! Link: http://docdro.id/WH11PRf
  8. I am planning on getting into the hobby in the next few months, so right now i am choosing an army for myself. From what i heard, fyreslayers very extremely expansive before, but with the new SC set i think they are pretty reasonable (well, GW's sense of reasonable) I love the models but i am not sure how can I paint the big lizard. I love the color scheme on GW's website: https://www.games-workshop.com/en-IE/Auric-Runesmiter-on-Magmadroth I think i can get the black effect with a abbadon black, eshin grey drybrush, but as for the fires i am completely lost. Also please do not suggest a air-brush, I just want to use regular brushes. Since i am worried about the size of the model, if anyone can give me the measurements of him that would be great. Thx!
  9. Mixed kit in units

    Hey I have a few questions: 1- can a unit (of Vulkite berserkers or anything else) have different kinds of equipment from one model to the next? Like, I have 10 right now that have the warpicks and shields. If I build the next 10 with twin axes, can they group together to get the defensive bonus they get in large groups? And if they can group, how would that work in the rules? Like, if the shields provide a defense bonus (and I'm not 100 percent sure that they do), how would you decide if the enemy is targeting a model with a shield or one without one? 2- what are the defensive bonuses (if any) that the shields give Vulkite berserkers?
  10. Hello there I have played Destruction for over a year now and i wanted to try out something new. I have tried out Bretonnia which i don't enjoy playing and i have tried Disopposeds which i love. I Have always liked the slayer vibe which the Fyreslayers have to i think i might check them out. However i have to questions 1. What "tier" are Fyreslayers in the current meta? 2. What are the current Fyreslayer Meta? 3. What are they great at? 4. What are they bad at? 5. Fyreslayers are really expensive on the GW site, is there someone who sells them cheaper? 6. Are they even worth playing? Thanks alot guys
  11. Hello folks. We are wondering in our club how to understand Legacy of the Lodge rule from Warrior Kindband battalion (fyre book) Any Unit of Berzerkers within 10" of runeson, or only models that are within 10" ?
  12. If any1 can give me next steps to building a 1k list from their box that would be great. I am completely new to wargaming so any painting tips would be more then welcome (but please do not list like a thousand not necessary paints like warhammertv, whos only use is to highlight one little part of the model) Thanks!
  13. I have posted a lot in the let’s chat fyreslayers thread discussing my fyreslayers list which I call the Auric alpha strike list. I have played it on and off for over a year but I thought it could be quite good now with the points reduction and new allegiance abilities. So I brought it to FANATIC a “large” tournament in Sweden with 32 players and quite competitive at least at the top. I want to write some short battle reports and post a few pictures and talk about about the overall strategy with the list and some good and bad with the list. The base of an Auric alpha strike list is this: 1 Auric Runesmiter on Magmadroth, General, Exemplar of the Ancestors, Ash-plume Sigil 200 1 Battlesmith 80 1 Auric Runesmiter 80 1 Auric Runesmiter 80 30 Vulkite Berserkers 330 30 Vulkite Berserkers 330 10 Vulkite Berserkers 120 30 Auric Hearthguard 480 I usually tunnel one unit of 30 Vulkites and my Aurics. Then you have 300pt to spend on something else I tried 9 Skywardens to get some long range shooting and some long range moving with 3 grappling hooks. 9 Skywardens 300 The tournament have a little bit different scoring system. You get 15pt major win,10pt for a minor win or a draw and 5pt for a major loss then the score is adusted up and down depending on the difference in destroyed unit points. It is a 20pt must system so the score can be for example 20-0, 16-4, 12-8 etc… I will post the battle report one by one below when I get the time for it.
  14. Actually, this has been buzzing around in my mind for quite a while. Don't you think they should be in the Destruction camp? They are mercenaries, quite wild and savage, and bent only on fighting and obtaining their precious ur-gold. I'd say they would look in Destruction way better. What do you say?
  15. So I've expanded my Fyreslayers with a new Start Collecting box and I built the 'droth as a Runesmiter (Country Mac) to go with the Runerfather (Frank) on his Magmadroth (Popkins). Since the Runesmiter's Magmadroth would presumably be of religious significance, I decided to really make her stand out. I've decided I want to try an albino color scheme. I've had some experience painting white on clothes before (for Freeguild) but never on a living creature. Normally I prime grey and basecoat with Celestra Grey. Then I use ever lighter layers of Ulthuan Grey and White Scar to build up white on the raised areas. I'm wondering how this will look though since albino creatures tend to be pinkish. Should I try a red wash at least for some areas (eyes, mouth) and highlight up to light pink? My concern is that the red wash will be rather too dark and, well, red. I've also not used a wash in the past when painting white. Also are the dry brush whites worth a look? I've never used them before. If anyone has experience and advice I'd greatly appreciate it
  16. Family picture

    © Groje

  17. The Runefather

    Folkvar looked down at the realmgate he had stepped through with the Black Wardens when he had first come to Aqshy. He watched as the fyreslayers changed guard with their brethren, allowing those that had stood sentinel over the portal to Shyish to take their respite for the night. The recently dismissed Auric Hearthguard eyed the foreign duardin suspiciously as the passed by with their magmapikes slung over their shoulders. 'They will never truly accept you.' Folkvar turned to see the Runemaster trudging down the stairs towards him. Ruadhar slung his staff over his shoulder in much the same way as his Aurics did. To him, it was a symbol of office and a weapon - he still carried himself with the vigour of a much younger duardin. 'Come to proselytise to me again, gnollengrom?' replied Folkvar with a weary grin. 'You are a warrior,' said Ruadhar as he sat himself down next to the young duardin. 'You have also led before. I see much of Grimnir within you, but I am zharrgrim. I see Grimnir where others do not.' 'You sound like you have the gold fever.' 'I'm being serious, flameling.' Folkvar bowed his head, embarrassed at his glib and disrespectful response to his elder. 'Forgive me.' Ruadhar waved his hand dismissively. 'They' - he said as he jabbed his staff at the fyreslayers guarding the realmgate - 'need a leader. You already have the undying loyalty of your Stormcast companions - who see you as some bloody prophet for all the sense they have. 'Our Runefather is dead. His sons - all two of them - are dead. Before long, the rest of us will scatter. Or that lunatic the Zangorm will harvest us all for ur-gold.' Folkvar snorted at the mention of the avaricious grimwrath of Ashenhold. 'Your coming here was foretold. I saw it in the flames, and I believe it. That same bitter refusal to die - to give up - brought you to this world. That same fury and stubbornness of Grimnir. So, if you really think about it, it is Grimnir that sent you here after all. 'Besides, what else are you going to do?' * Folkvar stood before the altar deep within the forge temple; Vulcatrix and Grimnir loomed above him, locked in an eternal struggle. Two Runesmiters stood at either side of him. He held up his arms and they stripped him of his armour and his garments, until he stood before the altar in naught but his loincloth, his bedraggled brown beard virtually all that was left to cover him. 'Who seeks the gift of Grimnir?' boomed the voice of Ruadhar. 'I do,' said Folkvar, his voice sounding weak and hoarse to himself. 'What is your name, lad?' 'I am Folkvar, son of Hroki of the Hrukvorn clan, called the Daemonbane and the Lord of Ashes.' 'Approach the anvil, Folkvar Hrokisson.' Folkvar slowly appraoched the anvil that Ruadhar was stood beside. To the Runemaster's left was an ancient stone table upon which lay various smithing tools. Behind him - directly below the likenesses of Grimnir and Vulcatrix - roared a great furnace. 'Kneel.' Folkvar knelt before the anvil. As he did so, the two Runesmiters approached and pressed his chest into the warm steel. Ruadhar drew a white-hot rune of ur-gold from the furnace with a pair of tongs, and took up a hammer from the stone table as he slowly made his way around until he stood behind Folkvar. 'Grimnir tests us with pain, and rewards us with fire,' boomed Ruadhar as he pressed the rune into Folkvar's back. Folkvar hissed and gritted his teeth, clutching at the anvil. 'Try to relax,' whispered one of the masked Runesmiters gripping his shoulders. 'Resisting makes the pain worse.' Folkvar's world span as Ruadhar's hammer struck, the pain intensifying ten times over. He gripped the anvil tighter, suddenly becoming aware of an agonising roar. The hammer struck again and again, heat surging through his entire body with every strike until he felt the heat and the pain suffuse with his very being. 'You will be reforged in the likeness of Grimnir,' intoned Ruadhar as he strode back over to the furnace, reaching in once more to pluck out another ur-gold rune. 'You will never be the same.'
  18. runeson explosive rage

    can you have multiple runesons using this ability on a unit? is it possible to get this angry at a group of enemies? please tell me yes.
  19. Even tho i am very new the hobby, seeing the new start collecting boxes gets me very hyped. Which one would you pick up if you had to choose from the three? Fyreslayers (hawt haw) Beastclaw (dang!!!!) or Daemons of Slaanesh (killer ladies )
  20. Fyreslayers + allies, what works?

    Hi! Later this week i will get the hold on alot of Fyreslayer units, pretty much all you need......but i like to mix my armies if possible. Any experienced players that tried mixing fyreslayers with other order factions, what worked and what did ot work? - i was thinking about 2x dwarf cannons with a cogsmith (for reroll to hit) to gain some range, and maybe a hurricanum would be good? for those mortal wounds and +1 hit to everything around them...thoughts? - as i said, any other order unit im missing that can be of great use for the fyreslayers? please share your ides!! Best regards, Kimbo
  21. Duardin thoughts

    I have been Super Excited (Rob Symes-esque) for the new release of the Duardin as many others have been. I wanted to write down a few initial thoughts and observations now that we have a first glimpse of the SkyPirates. Firstly I play Fyreslayers solo atm and the biggest restriction to the army in general is the 4" which is circumvented somewhat by a tunnelling unit but that's it, one unit whilst the rest of the force tend to have to run and then run and usually then run first 2-3 battlerounds. So with this in mind I'm really happy that the Duardin will have this predominately airborne, flying faction which I'm assuming will have good general mobility as this is clearly so key to successful AoS. @Mohojoe made the comment that they are a little bit OTT perhaps with the metal moustaches making them very tech heavy and quite a ways along the sci - fi spectrum and perhaps away from the fantasy realm. I agree that on first sight I thought maybe a touch overdone but they're lovely models and I'm looking forward to playing them. I like my dwarves to be non-magical, that's a cool trait I don't want them to lose from the old world dwarves (and Dwarves in general) so I hope the book doesn't overdo the flying ships needing to utilise alchemy/magical forces too much, id prefer them to function on good engineering - cogs, steam, ironmongery, blacksmithing etc but it sounds a little like they've taken a bit of a magical leap perhaps. I think my one wish with a new Duardin release was that it'd be the 'other half' to the Fyreslayer release, descendants of Grungni - which I think could've fit into a modernised steampunk engineering craftsmanship aesthetic and fluff base really well. It would have also allowed there to be a family feel to a dual fractioned Duardin race that could synergise easily and share artefacts etc. The wording on the release states that they are not the descendants of Grimnir or Grungni, and are basically another standalone faction which feels like a step away from synergising with Dispossessed and Fyreslayers which is a bit of a downer IMO. I cant wait to hear and see more from the book, and of course there may be a ton more in there that speaks of shared artefacts and traits among Duardin which I'm holding out for as the Order Alliance stuff in general isn't that great. Don't read this wrong, I really like the models and its a totally new concept within AoS which adds a lot of diversity and more depth to the game. They are going to be a real Bit%h to paint and build but I'm excited to get started.
  22. Slayers of the Realmgate

    So i've been a long time stormcast eternals player, but i'm starting a fyreslayers army, has anyone gotten any stories about playing with the wardens of the realmgate warscroll battalion? I use it a lot already for my mono stormcast army and its my favorite warscroll battalion i'm looking forward to using it for a grand alliance order army that is fyreslayers with stormcast. I just want to know if anyone has used it this way, and what kind of luck they have had. thanks!
  23. Running 4 Magmadroths

    Does this list have enough meat for a fyreslayers army? It's a relatively low model count to make up for the big magma lizards. All buff heroes to support my core units of hearthguard and berzerkers. List Summary Allegiance: Order Leaders Auric Runefather on Magmadroth (260) Auric Runesmiter on Magmadroth (200) - Latch axe Auric Runesmiter on Magmadroth (200) - Latch axe Auric Runesmiter on Magmadroth (200) - Latch axe Battlesmith (80) - None Battlesmith (80) - None Battleline 15 x Auric Hearthguard (240) - Magmapike - Fyreslayer Battleline (Runemaster General) 10 x Hearthguard Berzerkers (160) - Throwing Axes & Broadaxe - Fyreslayer Battleline (Runefather General) 30 x Vulkite Berzerkers (360) - Handaxe & Slingshield 10 x Hearthguard Berzerkers (160) - Throwing Axes & Broadaxe - Fyreslayer Battleline (Runefather General) 5 x Vulkite Berzerkers (60) - Handaxe & Slingshield Units Total: 2000/2000
  24. Pre-Event Warm-Up – Kenny Lull of Combat Phase podcast – Invasion of Ghyran [Table 1] I opened the event weekend on the night before the official event with a warm-up game with Kenny Lull of Combat Phase podcast fame. Kenny has been playing straight Fyreslayers since last year and was on track to get his 100th game of pure Fyreslayers during the weekend event. Kenny was also giving the new Fyreslayer points a test so I jumped at the opportunity to help him get to 100 games and try the new points out! We played on Table 1, which was the beautiful Invasion of Ghyran table with the stunning Tree of Life. Order was tasked with defending the Tree from my nurgly Horned Legion. The objective was to end the game with more models next to the tree at the end of turn 5 while there was a secondary objective of accumulating points from three grail objectives. The foot slog across the whole length of the table was a long walk for Nurgle. Luckily the siege was able to keep pressure on his force and continue to clear off the secondary grail objectives near him. He had two tunneling units of 25 Vulkites but I was running enough units that I was able to spread out and stop them from deploying anywhere behind my front lines. He wisely brought them up in turn three because I think I could have continued to spread my 30 man units out and potentially deny him the ability to bring either unit up at all. We had a pretty straight-forward clash right under the boughs of the tree but there wasn’t enough time to really widdle the Fyreslayers down enough, especially with 50+ battleshock-immune models with a ward save popping up late during turn 3. The game ended with a win for Kenny after a grueling fight. While I think some of the Fyreslayer point adjustments were needed, my suspicions about the new Vulkite costs were confirmed. I think 60 points is too low for 5 of those models. They should have stayed at 80 for 5, or only dropped to 70 for 5. While 70 would be unusual, Plaguemonks are at 70 points per unit for example. At 120 for 10, you would be getting the arguably best generic Battleline unit in the game with a potential 4+/4++ saves, 2 attacks per model, 4+/4+/-1/1, 5 mortal wounds on the charge, and the ability to deepstrike with a hero (for 80 points) that also grants wound rerolls. Oh, and they get to reroll one of their charge dice to land that 9-inch charge after dropping. Oh, and they have a short range ranged attack on all of this for a couple extra wounds per round. This is a discussion though for another post. The game was a blast and Kenny was a great opponent. I’m glad I was able to help him in his push to 100 games with pure Fyreslayers (right at almost the 1 year anniversary of the army nonetheless)! If these new points stick, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m heavily considering a FS army, or at least a meaty contingent for battleline.